Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermates’ List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dog’s Race Name

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fyi…  American and Australian dogs’ LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogs’ LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)


OOPs Litter
Joanne Johnson (SC)
Miles Per Hour (Miles) male DOB 1/6/10
Sire: Call Ahead and Dam: Sarandon
Kohle male
Ottobahn male

Piper female

OOPs Litter

Kathy Rakestraw (GA)
Crone's Blazing Sunshine (Blaze) male DOB 1/8/08
(NGA Owner: Jack Hills)
Sire: Shadow Earth (adopted) and Dam: Trego (adopted Ocala FL)

Crone’s Freckles male (adopted)
Crone’s Sammy male (adopted)
Crone’s Moose female (adopted)

LE RE 23

Annette Mattson WV (IL)
Cab's Peg Bundy (Scarlett) female DOB 2/93

LE  RE 49F

Kellie Snider (TX)

Bravo ? (Bravo) female DOB 4/99


Cindy Evans

Katina (Megan) female DOB 8/5/91

Sire: Vaporize and Dam: Finessed

LE    RE 50

Bill & Leigh DeBall AL (AL)
Meda’s Bayou Boy male DOB 5/1/90

Sire: Odd Spotliter and Dam: Incredulous

(NGA Owner: Meda Boyette)
Gary male
Desert Saudi female

LE  RE 128

Rachel Hopple FL (Tiffin OH)
High Definition (Boomer) male DOB 12/12/88

Sire: Flak's Tiger and Dam: Washington Whiz
Armbro Tiger male
Fast Contessa female
NY After Hours male
NY Icecapades male

NY Damascus male


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