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Littermates’ List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dog’s Race Name

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fyi  American and Australian dogs’ LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogs’ LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)



LE 19992 RE 53D

Kathy Ford WVA,FL (FL)

Big Hairy Deal (Harry) male DOB 5/13/03

NGA Owner: Warren Ford

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: PDQ Hike


Swing On female RE 53A

Amy's Special female RE 53B

Imperialism female RE 53C

Point Given male RE 53E (adopted NC)

LE 19965 RE 53?

Christine Golden FL (FL)
Bob Harley (HarleyBob) male DOB 5/27/03
(NGA Owner: Robert E Thorne)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Hotline Babe

Bev's Periwinkle female RE 53E (adopted living in VA)
Bill's Shoe In male RE 53A (adopted in FL)
Driving Miz Lucy female RE 53C (Lucy adopted in AR)
Magnificent Mike male (adopted in AR)
Whittonwhizkid male RE 53D

LE 19942 RE 82E

Jean Bell FL (NC)
LL Special Token (Ellie) female DOB 8/3/92 DOD 10/26/02
(NGA Owner: TW & Sally Langham)
Sire: Three Tokens and Dam: LL Adrian


LL Hopes Token female

LL Lucky Token female

LL Magic Token female

LL Penny Token female

LE 19892 RE 53H

Julie Cook CT (NH)
Rcee Sarah ( Sahara) female DOB 5/27/03

(NGA Owner: Twilight Kennels)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: RC's Dianes Best

Rcee Kyle male
Rcee Ken male

LE 19884 RE 53E
Susan Unkert (NJ) MA
Topaz Hojo (Topaz) male DOB 5/26/03
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Topas Joanie
Topaz Ek Millie female RE 53A
Topaz Gemini female RE 53B (Gemini adopted PA)
Topaz Jr’s Pup male RE 53C
Topaz La Roe female RE 53G
Topaz Mayday male RE 53H (Mayday adopted MA)
Topaz Triple H male RE 53D

LE 19882 RE 53?
Sandra Deakin MA (New Brunswick)
KT's Casey (Clancy) male DOB 5/15/03
(NGA Owner: Kenneth H Tootell)
Sire:  Craigie Whistler and Dam: Tamarind Ghost


Buzzin Bandit male

Candace female

Djt Express female RE 53B (Express adopted in MD)

High Winds female

Sara female RE 53E (Sara adopted by Ginny in Maple Shade NJ)

Tilly female

LE 19842 RE 53B

Jeff White IA,TX,RI,MA (ON)
PTL Jimmy Rae (Rufus) male DOB 5/21/03
(NGA Owner: John Steiner)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Family Roots*

PTL Eagle male
PTL First Son male
PTL Miss Smith female RE 53E
PTL Wonderdog male

LE 19840 RE 53C

Haley Leonard FL (NY)

Cagin Panhandler (Zoe Angel of the First Degree) female DOB 5/12/03

Sire: Dominator and Dam: Bohemian Cagin

(NGA Owner: Lee E Baker)


Cagin Hitchhiker male RE 53B (adopted)

Cagin Conartist female

Cagin Pickpocket male

LE 19802 RE 53D

Judi Kaufman FL (PA)
Dewey Goldenboy (Devon) male DOB 5/24/03
(NGA Owner: Carla Ann Patterson)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Gin & Ginger

Dewey Excellence female RE 53D (Amy adopted by Teresa Williams, Richmond VA)
Dewey Forfreedom female
Dewey Freeneasy female (adopted)
Dewey Rapidfire male
Dewey Security male
Dewey Strategy male (adopted)
Beyond Paradise female RE 53A

LE 19792 RE 53D

Jenny Horn AZ (AZ)
Tnj Ghost Rider (Ghost) male DOB 8/9/02
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Atd Judy


Tnj Chili Dog male

Tnj Frito male

Tnj Quasar male

LE 19791 RE 53D

Camille Allman MX (CA)
Rebel Donna (Petra) female DOB 5/21/03
(NGA Owner: Hubert York)
Sire: Nebraska Rebel and Dam: Bonnie Bluechips

Rebel Ava female
Rebel Bonnie female (adopted by Darcie Sparr?)
Rebel Crystal female
Rebel Elosie female
Rebel Gabby male
Rebel Hitchhiker male
Rebel Imposter male
Rebel Joe male
Rebel Redfeather male RE 53F (adopted in CA)

LE 19736 RE 53C
Amy Wolf (IN) FL
Cornell (Nell) female DOB 5/19/03
(NGA Owner: Melvin Langford)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Maker Me Best
Davidson State male RE 53D
Furman male RE 53F

Georgetown female RE 53G

LE 19700 RE 53A

Kendra Carson-Stewart MA (Nova Scotia)
Adore (Adora) female DOB 5/1/03
(NGA Owner: Mr O'Donnell)
Sire: Larking About* and Dam: Commanding Queen*

Bow Emerging male
Bow Firedup female
Bow Firepower female
Bow Macpower male
Bow Maroon female RE 53B (adopted)
Bow Overload male
Bow Revolution female
Bow Slider male
Megyn female

LE 19667 RE 72D
Gloria J Dorn (IN)
Shae Sloan Whelped 7/21/92
(NGA Owner: Robert Hardison)
Sire: Right Connection and Dam: Comanche Alba


Shenequa female

Ayalla female RE 72H

You The Man male

LE 19607 RE 53D?

Lisa Blechle (IA) WV, WI
Jr's Moody Man (Moody) male DOB 5/13/03
(NGA Owner: Harold L Miller)
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: HM's Moodswing

Jr's Moody Blues male
Jr's Moody Girl female
Jr's Moody Jack male
Jr's Moody Mike male
Jr's Moody Rita female

LE 19589 RE 53C

Sue Dery (Mendon MA)

Momoni Jeremy (Jeremy) male DOB 5/6/03

Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Momoni Krista


Momoni Chris female

Momini Casey male

LE 19555 RE 33E

Elizabeth Rodrigues MA (MA)
Frosty's O'Keefe (Nuala) female DOB 3/17/03
(NGA Owner: Julia Smith)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Rix Howya Doin

Frosty's O'Brien female
Frosty's O'Grady female
Frostys O'Leary male (adopted by Leonardo & Amanda Leite FL)
Frostys O'Reilly female

LE 19554 RE 62B

Laura Pike CT/NH/WV/FL (Buffalo, NY)
(Noisey) Noisy Best Whelped 6/23/92

Sire: Noisy Noise and Dam: Model Sally

(NGA Owner: Laura Pike)
Bundle of Noise female
Noisy Be Gone female
Noisy Fire   male
Noisy Gambler male (died)

Disco Noise male (Adopted by Diana Weiss)

Noisy Trumpet female (Adopted by Merelyn Mandel, FL)

LE 19549 RE 53A
Dian Welch (MA) FL
Shane's B Friend (Shane) male DOB 5/7/03
(NGA Owner: Russell G Wyse)
Sire: TalentedMrRipley and Dam: Crystal Moxie
Ct's Patriot male RE 53D
DW's Fast Angel male RE 53G
Hotrod Dave male RE 53B
Maui Babe female RE 53H
Snorkel Queen female RE 53E
Winter Harbor male RE 53C

LE 19545 RE 54G

Nina Howe FL (Calgary, Alberta)
Service Hound (Service) male DOB 5/4/03
(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)
Sire: San Tan Whammo and Dam: Scarlet

Can You Hear Me male
Captain's Dog male
Commander Whati male
I'm Up N Gone male
Moving Swift male (adopted)
Mystics Runner male

LE 19533 RE 53C

Gary Dunwell FL (NC)
Bathida Pride (Pride) male DOB 5/1/03
(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Merry Melissa

Mijaajan female
Rae's Red Rose female
Pathrala Prince male
Swift & Pretty female (adopted)

LE 19529 RE 53B

Nancy Achiepo WV (PA)

RKs Full Moon (Katie) female DOB 5/6/03

Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Ms Patch

(NGA Owner: R G Phillips)


RKs Daybreak male (Jumbo adopted)

RKs Sunshine female

LE 19525 RE

Tiffany Harden FL (FL)
Heather's Jerica (Lilly) female DOB 5/23/03
(NGA Owner: John Robinson)
Sire: Crawdaddy and Dam: Gr's Hot Heather

Heather's Alexis female
Heather's Blake male
Heather's Mandy female
Heather's Neal male
Heather's Shawna female

LE 19481 RE 53?

Kathryn Armstrong MA,FL,NH (Ottawa ON)
Iruska Clapton (Clay) male DOB 5/03
(NGA Owner: Riggin Racing)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Iruska Lacey

Iruska Banshee female RE 53A (Banshee adopted by Janis Wright IN)
Iruska Bono male
Iruska Boz male
Iruska Coltrane male
Iruska Dylan male RE 53F (Emerson adopted by Jeannine Colpritt ME)
Iruska Marley male (adopted)

LE 19453 RE 43D
Denise Levesque (MA) RI
First Edition (Eddie) male DOB 4/23/03
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Forced Absence
Close Inspection female RE 43B
Reliable Source male RE 43F (Petros adopted CA)
Restored Morale female RE 43A
Security Check male RE 43E
Touchy Subject male RE 43C

LE 19441 RE 62C

Laura Pike CT/NH/WV/FL (Buffalo, NY)

Airs Action Shot (Action) male Whelped 06/18/92 died

Sire: Sports Special and Dam: Wishin Again
Airs Little Sis female
Airs Show N Tell female
Airs Blow By (Elvis) male (Adopted by Doris Souza, MA)

Airs Me Again

LE 19406 RE 72D
Melissa Raney-Davidson (Canal Winchester, OH)
Task Dream Buns (Bunsy) Female DOB 7/1/92
(NGA Owner: Thomas A & Karen V Ferrell)
Sire:  Blendway and Dam:  Dutchess Girl
Task Dawn Breeze female
Task Delta Blend male
Task Devils Bay male
Task Dixie Belle female
Task Dizzy Babe female
Task Dooney Burk male
Task Double Bucs male
Task Dutches Way male

LE 19364 RE 43A

Beth & Gerald Harriman FL (ON)

Trap male (Trap) DOB 4/22/03

(NGA Owner: Doug Demers)

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: KC Sundrop


Adversity male

Ms. Carl female (Lainey adopted by Denise Ripko in Floral Park NY)

Winning Beauty female

Winning Reason female RE 43G (adopted by Joanne Gormley & Rebekah Mead FL)

Calling Home female

LE 19360 RE 43C

Courtney Coburn TX (TX)
Steven's Sazerac (Steven) male DOB 4/23/03
(NGA Owner: Ed Suchicki)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Secret Splendor

Secret Dart female
Secret Daytona female
Secret Stealth male
Secret Durango female
Steven's Secret male

LE 19291 RE 43B

Dana Jackson AL (SC)
Marias Pride (Pride) male DOB 4/15/03

Sire: System Blak Pelt and Dam: System O Sadie

Mana O Boy male
Mana O Sadie female (Shandie adopted)

Marias Hi Volume female
Marias Josie female
Marias Oh Sadie female
Marias Sadie female (Shelby adopted)

Marias Velvet male

LE 19283 RE 43E

Louise Lusignan WI (East Selkirk Manitoba)
Runduro (Runduro) male DOB 4/26/03
(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnell)
Sire: Banning and Dam: Makenz

Aughty male
Daintz female
Erasable male

Julitta female
Murky female
Ojeda female
Rehha female
Rostedt male
Zeev male

LE 19262 RE 23E

Tina Kalcevic CO (CO)
Kids Tippsee (Cricket) female DOB 2/25/03 DOD 6/23/08

Sire: MMC Moving On UP and Dam: Ejs Miscreant

(NGA Owner: Mark G Ryan)


Kids Moonshine male

Kids Cottonclub female

Kids Barker male

LE 19214 RE 43C

Shelley Lake RI,KS (Paola KS)
Craigie Sweetboy (Sweetboy) male DOB 4/20/03
(NGA Owner: Greg McLaughlin)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Craigie Gazelle

Craigie Sweetben male
Craigie Sweetee female
Craigie Sweetwon female 43B (adopted by ? Dennis Hart)

LE 19208 RE

Dan Watt

Kamikaze Gary (Gage) male DOB 4/25/03

Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kamakaze Bette

(NGA Owner: Dan Watt)


Kamikaze Maddy female

Kamikaze Max male

Kamikaze Tony male RE 43C (Tony adopted by Dan Watt)

LE 19113 RE 33D
Rheann Leech (KS) RI
BNS Jimbo Di (Jimmie) female DOB 3/8/03
(NGA Owner: Patricia G Stover)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: PS Nosey Posey
PS Nosey Agent male (Freeman adopted TX)
PS Nosey Becker male
PS Nosey Eden female

PS Nosey Katt female

LE 19111 RE 43G

Darlene Hedrick WI ( Dayton OH)
Shata Geelin (Brandy) female DOB 4/1/03
(NGA Owner: Clifford F Smith)
Sire: Coldwater Keelin and Dam: Dream Passage

Shata Dagger male
Shata Dawn female
Shata Diamond female
Shata Dream female
Shata Dynamo male
Shata Atom male
Shata Blast female
Shata Cracker female
Shata Detonate female
Shata Excite female
Shata Fasinate male

LE 19105 RE 43A
Cathy Munro (WA)
Ale Troy Boy (Radar) male DOB 4/10/03
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: My Miss Megan
Ale Miss Megan female RE 43B

LE 190662 RE 72G & RE 72K

Kay Krug WV (Shelbyville, KY)
WMS Revolution (Revolution) male DOB 7/4/92

Sire: Rudy Vallee and Dam: Lotsa Music


WMS Independence (Independence) male RE 72K (Adopted by Kay)

LE 19064 RE

Tonya Mackey WI (WA)
Sand Surfer (Surfer) male DOB 4/14/03

Sire: My Boots Bingham and Dam: Kacy Kenosha

(NGA Owner: Andrea Benedict)


Firststepflashin female (retired)

Iminnitowinnit male (retired)

K Town Girl female

Last Chance Gold male

Lifenthefastlane male

Kenosha s Goldie female

LE 19045 RE 43B

Tara VanMiddelkoop NH (ON)
Kup's Grandteton (Tyson) male DOB 4/9/03
(NGA Owner: R Kuper)
Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: Kup's Hydrogen

Kup's Denali male
Kup's Glacier male
Kup's Yosemite male
Kup's Yellow Pk female

LE 19014 RE

Mark RentschlerFL(FL)
Dox Slick Male DOB 7/4/92

Sire: He's My Man and Dam: OK Glamour

(NGA Owner: C Max Purdy)
A Saint I Ain't female
Dox Coyote female
Dox Pam female

Dox Rambo male

LE 19008 RE 43H
Elizabeth Rockwell (VA) WV
Zam Hanna (Hanna) female DOB 4/9/03
(NGA Owner: Michele S White)
Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: Run on Edie
Zam Boop female RE 43B
Zam Clara female RE 43C
Zam Danna female RE 43D
Zam Edie female RE 43E
Zam Fran female RE 43F
Zam Gail female RE 43G
Zam Ida female RE 43I

LE 19005 RE 43E

Abigail Capper WI (WI)
Hb's Little Hoss (Stewie) male DOB 4/03
(NGA Owner: Harold L Miller)
Sire: Bart's E Mail and Dam: Buella's Reward

Hb's Litter Bug female
Hb's Little Barb female
Hb's Little Bart male
Hb's Little Bit female
Hb's Little Bud male
Hb's Little Joe male
Hb's Little Mola female

LE 19000 RE 33G

Veronica Crowley (IN) TX,WI
JP GILLIGAN (Gilligan) male DOB 3/3/03
(NGA Owner: Joy Martin)
Sire: Crucial Descision and Dam: Legs Gafny


JP Boogie female RE 33B

Jp Dark Angel female RE 33D

JP Eclipse female RE 33E (Caise adopted Chicago IL)

JP Fast Lane male RE 33F (adopted London ON)

LE 18967 RE 43A
Joanne Diefenbach (CA ) KS,CO
D's Beam Me Up (Beamer) male DOB 4/10/03
Sire: WS Ash's Austin and Dam: Passion Plan
D’s Cascade Lock female (adopted in Alberta)
D’s Cherry Ho female (Cherrie adopted by Anne Feiler)
D’s Galaxy male RE 43F
D’s Molly May female (adopted)
D’s Regal Robin female RE 43B
D’s Sassy Fraz female (adopted by Missy & Tony Rusin, WA)

LE 18958 RE 43B

Andy Grooms NH (MD)
ICU Code Blue (Chellie) female DOB 4/7/03
(NGA Owner: Joe Fusaro)
Sire: Seegold Excell and Dam22: ICU Candy Cane

ICU Mandy female (adopted living in Canada)
ICU Mia female RE 43C (Mia adopted by Nancy in Melville, NY)
ICU Moose male
ICU Morgan male

LE 18940 RE 43C
Taryn Zucco (MA)
Sendahl Gladly (Daisy Lou) female DOB 4/10/03
(NGA Owner: Stuart J Grendahl)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Vanity
Sendahl Gail female RE 43B
Sendahl Greg male RE 43E

LE 18868 RE 43C

Paul & Liza Downey AL,AR (TN)
BB's Bugs By U (Bugs) female DOB 4/4/03
(NGA Owner: Bussmann Balakas)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: BB's Love Bug

BB's Balisticbob male
BB's Cruzin male
BB's Lady Grace female RE 43A
BB's Prioritypal male
BB's Whereismary female

LE 18841 RE 43?

Lauren & Scott Graham TX (AZ)
Rapido Ramrod (Major) male DOB 4/1/03
(NGA Owner: Lynda Marshall)
Sire: Iruska Excalibur and Dam: Kacy Marque


Rapido Radin male

Rapido Reach female

Rapido Rochelle female

Rapido Roger male

Rapido Ruler male

LE 18817 RE

Lynne Peters

Ric's Cindy (Cindy) Whelped 6/7/92
Sire: Alyce R's Loulu and Dam: Bleu Star

(NGA Owner: Activ-8 Kennels)


Rics Amy female
Rics Buster male
Rics Dick male
Rics Dondi male
Rics Jarrett male
Rics Lee male
Rics Molly female
Rics Patty female
Rics Paula female

LE 18773 RE 33D
Pat Lineback (IN) FL
Tapmar Waterfall (Waterfall) female DOB 3/14/03
(NGA Owner: Charles Marriott)
Sire: Fying Waterford and Dam: Seaborn Legend
Spooky Legend female RE 33B
Tapmar Watergate male RE 33E
Tapmar Waterloo male RE 33A

Tapmar Waterway female

LE 18772 RE 33E

Jenn Kratzer (WI)

MNs Crusin Paul male DOB 3/0

Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Kiowa Klamath


Mns Crystalstar female

Mns Free Will male

Mns Tango Ten male

Mns Ocean Jewel female (Jewel adopted in OH)

LE 18741 RE 43I
Morgan Haley (AB) OK
KL Cool Collette (Callie) female DOB 4/2/03
(NGA Owner: Robert L Jewell)
Sire: Red Hills Rambo and Dam: KL Boomer's Girl

KL Go Go Girl female RE 43G
Kl Ida Mae female
Kl Jessie James male RE 43B
KL JoJo Starbuck female RE 43E (Daisy adopted living in Millville, NJ)
Kl Josh By Gosh male RE 43C
Kl Ole Sparky male RE 43D
KL Rambo's Girl female RE 43H (Regal Miss Rachel died 4/9/11)
KL Rambo's Jo Jo male RE 43A

LE 18694 RE 62D
Halise & Martha
Katsu Paula (Kate) DOB 6/25/92

Dam: Sapororestaurant and Sire: On Wisconsin
Katsu Giddo

LE 18659 RE

Susan Dowling MA,CT

Lets Make Music female DOB 3/27/03

Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Storm A Rising

(NGA Owner: Sharon Williams)


Ian The Run male RE 33B (adopted)

Neelie female RE 33A

Pictureperfect female

Pool Little Fool male RE 33D

Say That Again female

Skully Girl female

LE 18631 RE 62A

Kay Krug AZ (Shelbyville, KY)

Male DOB 6/92

Sire: Skimar Breens and Dam: Pride Of Janie

(NGA Owner: Ricky K Davis)


RTD Billy O male

RTD Brutus male

RTD Libby Girl female

RTD Lil Princess female

RTD Scarlet O female

RTD Sherman male

LE 18543 RE 33C

Carol Rakoczy FL (OH)
HDM Jayden (Jayden) male DOB 3/21/03
(NGA Owner: Sammie Lee Jay)
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: HDM Sisce

HDM Janet female
HDM Jasa female
HDM Jay male
HDM Jayce male
HDM Jayde female
HDM, Jaylee female
HDM Jolyna female
HDM Josephinia female

LE 18519 RE 33C

Eliza Willis CT (CT)
WJS Lucky Charm (Bailey) female DOB 3/11/03
(NGA Owner: William J Schwietzer)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Cee Bar Snow

WJS Destiny female
WJS Lil Snowie female (adopted)
WJS Snowman male
WJS Mysterious female
WJS Snow Lad male
WJS Vigilant male

LE 18507 RE 33J

Dolores Howlett FL (Manahawkin, NJ)
Larks Belair (Bella) female DOB 3/24/03
(NGA Owner: Jeff L Cole)
Sire: Larking About* and Dam: Prima Honey Bee


Larks Bronx female

Larks Dalcash female RE 33E (retired)

Larks Flashy female

Larks Fox female

Larks Jo female

Larks Rhythm female

Larks Shelbourne female RE 33D

Larks Westmead male

Larks Whisper male

LE 18463 RE

Marcia Herman Iowa (CT)
Sparkle female DOB 6/21/92

Sire: Rocket's Ride and Dam: Treynor Rose

LE 18458 RE 33D

Marsha O'Neil MA,FL,RI (MA)
Itsa Knight (Ike) male DOB 3/19/03

Sire: Be My Bubba and Dam: Itsa Puddy Tat

(NGA Owner: Mavis M Olsen)


Glass Spider female

Itsa First female

Itsa Friend female RE 33E (adopted)

Itsa Goo Goo female

Itsa Jester male

Itsa Lou female

LE 18416 RE 62C

Jackie Wright-Minogue (NJ)
Aunt Penny (Sierra) DOB 6/23/92

Sire: Kail and Dam: Sunday Buffet


Mr. McKay

Reggie McKay

Sarah McKay (Olivia found Jackie)

Cool Down

LE 18413 RE 33C

Relaena Sindelar (WA)
Golden's Sunset (Holly) female DOB 3/5/03
(NGA Owner: Golden Acres Kennel)


Molly (adopted Sandpoint Idaho)

LE 18370 RE 33B

Gloria Ford (Somerset County NJ)

Actriz (Ghana) DOB 3/12/03

Sire: Token Prince and Dam: Fashty

(NGA Owner: WH ODonnell)


Infawn male

LE 18318 RE 72H

Donna Logsdon IA (KY)

RJs Minnow (Minny) male DOB 7/11/02

(NGA Owner: Randy J Schaben)

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Sandhill Jill


RJ Thurston male (adopted)

RJ Mrs Howell female

RJ Gillian male

RJ Ginger female

RJ Professor male

RJ Skipper male (adopted Canton OH)

RJ Maryann female

LE 18309 RE 33I

Kali Randall WI (WI)
Movin Earthquake (Quaker) male DOB 3/14/03
(NGA Owner: Edward Trow)
Sire: Gable Chevy and Dam: Moons Get Movin

Movin Avenue female
Movin Cutter male
Movin Dusty male
Movin Hardcastle male
Movin Paris female
Movin Spuds male
Movin Timber male

LE 18305 RE 33I

Debbie Mosier WI (MI)
Damar Irene (Chloe) female DOB 3/16/03
(NGA Owner: David Lee Corran)
Sire: Grenade and Dam: GreysGold Star


Damar Bailee female (retired)

Damar Bodypierce male RE 33B (Bp adopted in WV)

Damar Diamond female

Damar Fast Eddy male (Eddy adopted)

Damar Harleyeal male

Damar Frizbee male RE 33F (retired)

Damar Harleyearl male RE 33H (Harley adopted)

Damar Smitty Gal female RE 33C (adopted in MI)

Damar Smudge Pot male

LE 18300 RE 33E

Elizabeth Sachs CT (KY)
Shannon Ease (Shannon) female DOB 3/11/03
Sire: Talentedmrripley and Dam: Shannon Fire
Shannon Blonde female
Shannon Acre male
Shannon Final female
Shannon Hermit male
Shannon Charmer female
Shannon Concorde male

LE 18278 RE
Jean Kane (NH) RI
Sire: Head Honcho and Dam Wise Talent*
Flying Fortitude (Reggie) male DOB 3/1/03
Flying Chastity female (Patsy adopted by Bill S Downs?)
Flying Endurance male
Flying Knowledge male (adopted NH)
Flying Wisdom male (Wisdom/Rudy adopted Tampa Fl)

Flying Prudence female

LE 18077 RE 33I

Shelley Lake WI (Paola KS)
Scary Girl (Carrie) female DOB 3/8/03
(NGA Owner: Kevin Gresham)

Sire: Oneco Cufflink and Dam: Twilite Selena

Broom Jockey female RE 33G
Ghost Party male
Nappy Go Bye Bye female
Oh That Jonas male
Paint Burner male (adopted)
Twilite Whiteout male RE 33D (Whiteout adopted by Shelley Lake)
Sticker Shock female
Twilite Mike male

LE 17993 RE 23D

K White MX (CA)
Wagtail Earth (Katie) female DOB 2/24/03
(NGA Owner: Loretta Maupin)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Teen Angel

Wagtail Venus female
Wagtail Pluto female

Wagtail Jupiter male

Wagtail Mars male

Wagtail Mercury female

Wagtail Neptune female

Wagtail Saturn female

LE 17981 RE 23C

Jason Hancock MA,RI,FL (Winston-Salem, NC)
Overtime Toby (Toby) male DOB 2/23/03
(NGA Owner: Richard L Carbone)
Sire: Quiet Traveler and Dam: Meika

General Market male
Little Meika female RE 23A (adopted living in New Hope PA)

Spirit of Ivy female

LE 17941 RE 52F

Eileen Saks
Kem's Haven (Polka)

Sire: Belafonte and Dam: Gloetta Proud
Cliff Haven
Dakota Haven
Pav Angle
Pav Longranger
Pav Texas
Pav TXtalking
Pav Thunderspot

LE 17898 RE

Connie Kruzan KS,AZ (CA)
Sunsands Carl (Carl) male DOB 2/25/03
(NGA Owner: Harland Olson)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Renee Walker

Sunsands Doodles female (Claire adopted by Connie Kruzan CA)
Sunsands Ebony male
Sunsands Petsie female
Sunsands Tru Blu female

LE 17885 RE 23C

Lori Erlacher RI,FL (FL)
Beat The Chances (Chancee) female DOB 2/23/03
Sire: Flawless Start and Dam: CD Strike Back

(NGA Owner: Fredericks Kennel)

Lethal Larry male
Panic Factor female RE 23E (Lucy adopted in CO)
Play Master female RE 23A

LE 17786 RE 23G

Sami Abate AL,FL (Elmer, NJ)
WV's Gypsy (Gypsy Lulu) female DOB 2/19/03
(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennel)
Sire: N Big Ed and Dam: Fuzzy's Predator

WV's Galloway male (adopted by Kathy Vineland, NJ)

Wvs Gallagher male (adopted MD)

Wvs Gem female

Wvs Ghent male

Wvs Gilboa male

Wvs Glen Ferris male

Wvs Glady female

Wvs Glendon male (Glendon adopted by Brian & Mindy Dicken, Cumberland MD)

LE 17764 RE

Kate Shue

Rk's Fireblue Male Whelped 5/92
Sire: JJ Rookie and Dam: Status Queen
(NGA Owner: Robert V Rider)


Rk's Hot Line Be Male
Rk's Nickie Female
Rk's Paperdoll Female
Rk's Ribbon Female
Rk's Slick Male

LE 17756 RE

Barbara & Edward Lefebre (FL)
Brown Blur (Bee Bee) female DOB 5/1/92 DOD 8/3/05
(NGA Owner: Richard D Wyatt)

Sire: Aubrey Grey and Dam: Sophies Choice


Aint Much male

Attigator male

Bandit Ranger male

Bashful Mike male

Delashmit male

Fiesty Molly female

Greyside male

Sophies Boy male

LE 17728 RE 23C

Jill Touchette AZ (AZ)
Wild Cherry Wine (Cherry) female DOB 2/24/03
(NGA Owner: Mrytle Erwin)

Sire: Gable Chevy and Dam: Itsa Wild One


Wily Windbreaker male

Vinnie Boom Bah female

Wild Dixie Dew female

LE 17675 RE 23?

Kat Smith WI,WV (WI)
Tali Fallon (Fallon) male DOB 2/10/03
(NGA Owner: Penny Wick)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Little B Bop

Tali Cher female
Tali Seela female
Tali Shannon male

LE 17665 RE 23

Deb Alexander IA,FL (FL)
Js Justin Tyme male DOB 2/5/03
(NGA Owner: John Henry Jr)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Somebodys Honey

J's Summer Breeze female
JS IM  Seein Red male
Js Its Tee Tyme male
Js Photo Finish male
Js Techno Scout female
Js Willie B fast male
Js Win Or Gohome male

LE 17646 RE 23A

Ben Faircloth AL (AL)
M's Woman (Isis) female DOB 2/2/03
(NGA Owner: M G Porter)
Sire: Jim B Buzz and Dam: Legs Pretty


Ms Benn Buzz male

Ms Buzz Around male

Ms Buzzie Bee female

Ms Lacy Legs female

Ms Long Legs female

Ms Pretty Jane female

Ms Pretty Lady female

LE 17636 RE 13A

Colleen Schearer NH (PA)
Schnoze Sisters (Daisy) female DOB 1/19/03
(NGA Owner: Fredericks Kennel LLC)
Sire: Abita Simon and Dam: Mischief Diem
Paul Pot male

LE 17504 RE 13F

Margaret Johnson (CO)
Ne's Partyanimal (Darrell) male DOB 1/30/03
(NGA Owner: Janet L Thomas Or Gary T Kut)
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Magnificent Lady

Ne's Borntobwild male
Ne's Jabber Jaws female RE 13E (Gabby adopted)
Ne's Neon Moon male
Ne's Nurdreams female
Ne's Waitaminute female

LE 17394 RE 122B
Tammy Trivelpiece (PA) WV
BD’s Watson (Moose) male DOB 12/24/02
(NGA Owner: William S Denton)
Sire: Fortifed Power and Dam: BD Wanda
BD’s Wagner male RE 122A
BD’s Wendy female RE 122C (was a dam)
BD’s Wingo male RE 122G (Wingo adopted IN)
BD’s Winkler male RE 122F
BD’s Woodrow male RE 122H
BD’s Wesley male RE 122D (was a sire)

BD’s Wheeler male RE 122E

LE 17391 RE 13C

Shirley Trusky KS (OH)
RN'S Slayer (Sinbad) male DOB 1/8/03
(NGA Owner: Robert Nelson)
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Too Tall Sue

RN's Boot Scootin male
RN's Simone female
RN's Stingray female

LE 17386 RE 52F

Jamie Johnson
We Wally Win It male DOB 5/23/92

Sire: My Unicorn and Dam: We Aggressive

(NGA Owner: Conrad Wallace)


We Assertive female

We Speed Trap male

We Win Again male

LE 17358 RE 52B

Steven Phillips AL,FL,OR (IL)

Okie Kimba (Kimba) female DOB 5/15/92

Sire: Hang On To Win and Dam: Double Yur Dough

(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)


Okie Horizonhaze male

Okie Lady Kelsey female

Okie Vixen male

LE 17358 RE 13F

Hope Shultz WV (VA)
Okie Doke (Curly) male DOB 1/20/03
(NGA Owner: Richard Pierce)
Sire: Jimbo Okie and Dam: Ab Jimbo Ginger

Okie's My Dad male (Shorty adopted in PA)
Okie's Pup male
R and L Angel female
R and L's Star female
RL Oakie Ginger female
RL Oakie Girl  female (Sage adopted by Delma in VT)
RL Sunshine  female

LE 17340 RE 13I

Melissa Hardesty (IL) IA
Noble Hood (Ivy) female DOB 1/20/03
(NGA Owner: Daniel Langfield)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Crazy Susie

Noble Jackson (Cliff) male RE 13C (adopted by Melissa Hardesty IL)

Barbarian male RE 13F

Dujo’s Bluebucks female RE 13D (adopted)

Giles T male

Noble Grant female RE 13H

Noble Johnston male RE 13E

Noble Sherman male RE 13G

Susie Dodge female RE 13A (Susie adopted Oswego NY)

LE 17296 RE 122D

Donna Cousin (MAN)
Yopon Duke (Stanley) male DOB 12/17/02
(NGA Owner: Lee Morton)
Sire: Gable Luke and Dam: Racey Angie

Yopon Dale male
Yopon Franny female

LE 17294 RE 13D

Mary Ann Dituro (FL)

Dancin Petunia (Lily) female DOB 1/11/03

(NGA Owner: Peter Limmer)

Sire: Stan's Boy Flyer and Dam: Oneco Cinderella


Dancin Pandora female

Dancin Patton male

Dancin Pearl female (adopted)

Dancin Pheonix male

Dancin Playboy male

Oneco Rose female (adopted)

LE 17279 RE 13F

Bobbi Lloyd NH (Virginia Beach, VA)
Greys Polar Cat (Bella) female DOB 1/9/03
(NGA Owner: Ermest K Butler)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Greys Outrage

Greys Arctic Cat male RE 13D (Artie adopted)
Greys Baltic Cat male (Baltic Cat adopted)
Greys Storm Cat male (Storm Cat adopted)
Greys Tiger Cat female (Tiger Cat adopted)
Greys Tuna Cat male (Tuna Cat adopted)
Greys Yukon Cat male (Yukon Cat adopted)

LE 17254 RE 122E

Jan Lingle  (NY) WV
Robin Ronin female DOB 12/23/02
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Asti Drama


Gorgeous Ronin female RE 122B

Katy Ronin female RE 122D

Racey Ronin male RE 122F

Red Ronin male RE 122C (Bentley was adopted CA)

Ruby Ronin female RE 122G

Sally Ronin female RE 122A (adopted by Stan & Susan Burke, Philadelphia)

LE 17252 RE 13E

Sherrie Kent (TX)
Flying Kendra (Kendra) female DOB 1/13/03
(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)
Sire: Fling Train and Dam: La Killy


Flying Angela female (adopted by Marvin Mendenhall)

Flying Jacki female

Flying Jenn West female

Flying Jill S female

Flying Kristy female

Flying Richelle female

LE 17232 RE

Nicole Bentivegna KS (CA)
Mana Tiko (Tiko) male DOB 1/8/03
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)
Sire: System Carl and Dam: System Ruby Tiki

Mana Princessjaz female (adopted)
Mana Big Brother male

LE 17219 RE 13B

Tessa Pope CO (CO)
Poco Zucca (Zucca) female DOB 1/2/03
(NGAOwner: David M Di Croce)
Sire: Armedanddeadly and Dam: Poco Emma

Poco Cielo female (adopted)
Poco Dominique female (adopted)
Poco Pozza female
Poco Toasty male
Poco Trucco male (adopted)
Poco Zarina female
Poco Zeal male

LE 17210 RE

Ashley Materi (Alberta)
Kickapoo Kara (Sadie) female DOB 12/19/02
(NGA Owner: James Lovely)
Sire: Iruska Zederiah and Dam: Cruisin Blueberry

Little Mouse male
Kate Thunder female
Zederiah Blue male

LE 17196 RE 13C

Kellye Shaw FL (FL)
Why Tell Corbin (BobbyCorbin) male DOB 1/9/03
(NGA Owner: A D Quinney)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Why Tell Caldwell

Why Tell Button female
Why Tell Crash male
Why Tell Eileen female
Why Tell Eula female
Why Tell Jayson male
Why Tell Kelso female
Why Tell Pearson male (adopted)
Why Tell Snap male
Why Tell Sunset female

LE 17129 RE 122F

Jill Touchette AZ (AZ)
Sun Carmela S (Carmella) female DOB 12/19/02
(NGA Owner: Arivada Kennel or Plum Creek)

Sire: P's Skidway and Dam: Cold As Ice


Sun Aj Soprano male

Sun Bobby Bacala male (Blaise adopted by Tonya R James)

Sun C Moltisanti male

Sun Dr Melfi female

Sun Furio Giunta male

Sun Meadow S female

Sun Paulywalnuts male

Sun Silvio Dante male

Sun Svetlana female

Sun Uncle Junior male

LE 17117 RE 122D
Jean Kane (NH) NH
Concrete Jungle (Connie) female DOB 12/8/02
(NGA Owner: Stephen Collett)
Sire: Kid Sayonara and Dam: Honey Frosted
Lazy Afternoon female RE 122C
Takin A Bath female RE 122 (Taylor adopted Fredriksen family Glen Ridge NJ)

Things Fallapart female RE 122A

LE 17087 RE 122E

Jan Williams MA (CT)

Arno 's Full Moon (Luna) female DOB 12/27/02
(NGA Owner: Julie Yearling)
Sire: Arno's Lexus and Dam: Greys Full Moon

Arno 's Jens Moon female (adopted)

Arno s Blue Moon female

Arno s Fas Lexus male

Arnos Hot Lexus male
Arno s Jet Lexus male

Arno s Lexus Too male

Arnos Red Lexus female RE 122G (adopted in Ontario)

LE 17077 RE

Joan & Ralph DiMondo (PA)

Ms Angelena female DOB 12/02

Sire: Oneco Littlefoot and Dam: Blazin Bess


Ms Wildfire male RE 122G (adopted by Craig & Kim Shide PA)

Gonetotheparty female

Gonna Bust Out male

Ms Blue Angel female (Angel adopted living in FL)

Ms Gabriella female

Ms Miss Marvel female

My Whiskey Girl female

Mybestfriendpete male RE 122F (Pete adopted living in FL)

Slow Down Some male

LE 17053 RE 122A

Wendy Harrison ( Poway CA)
Taos Cambria (Libby) female DOB 12/22/02
(NGA Owner: Old West Kennels)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Taos Bisbee

Path to Glory male
Taos el Mirage male

LE 17036 RE 122A

Matthew Dickey (Concord NC)
D's Island Cool (Bacon) male DOB 12/22/02
(NGA Owner: Dianna C Or Joseph A Douglas)
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Cobex

Natural Balance female
Getinthegroove male
D's Spring Act female

D's Paper Route male
D's Offthe Bench male
D's Call of Duty male

LE 17014 RE 122C

Cynthia Mercer FL,AL,AR (OH)
Odd Whiz (Izzy) male DOB 12/27/02
(NGA Owner22: Charter Kennels)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Odd Ashley

Odd Cheetah female
Odd Grace female
Odd Margo female
Odd Martini female
Odd Rupert male
Odd Tyler male
Odd Whistler male

LE 16997 RE 122B

Hope Kollath WI, TX, AR (WI)
Devie Blackstar (Star) female DOB 12/14/02
(NGA Owner: Mary Mackey)
Sire: Brett Lee and Dam: Brazo Black Star

Brett Leah female RE 122C
Capturethemoment male RE 122H
Choice Words male RE 122A
Genuine Stroke male RE 122F
Never Spoken male RE 122I
Ripple Effect male RE 122D
Veejay Sarah Lee female 122G

LE 16922 RE 122E

Dawnmarie Zakowicz FL,NH (NY)
KB's Lucky Hawk (Willow) female DOB 12/6/02
(NGA Owner: John P Lelas III)
Sire: Iruska Zederiah and Dam: KB's Flying Miss

KB's Ace High male RE 112A
KB's Fawn Lass female RE 112C
KB's Passin' Gear male RE 112F

LE 1690 RE 21A

Peggie O'Brien (PA)
Ididerod Mac female (DeeDee) Whelped 2/1/91

Sire: X's Call Me Sir and Dam: Olly's Sparkle

LE 16880 RE 122B
Rebecca Errahimi (PA) FL
Db's Gweneth (Gweneth) female DOB 12/10/02
(NGA Owner: Mildred Cook or Dave Hepler)
Sire: San Tan Savage and Dam: JCK Frisky Faith
Db's Aladdin male RE 122A (retired)
Db's Cassie female RE 122D
Db's Santandante male RE 122E (adopted MI)

Db's Santansassy female RE 122C
Db's Sundance male RE 122F

LE 16874 RE 122C

Lara Evans OK (WA)
San Tan Cootie (Cookie) female DOB 12/17/02
Sire: Cragie Mo Town and Dam: San Tan Cooter


San Tan Conga female

San Tan Corker female

San Tan Cut Up female

San Tan Czar male

San Tan Creampuff female

LE 16866 RE

Morgan AL (FL)
Dimitr (Dimitr) male DOB 5/92

(NGA Owner: Mike Castellani Inc)

Sire: Mac Leroy and Dam: Broken Date


Get a Lift male

Klop male

Lorena female

LE 16848 RE 122E

Robert Miller MA (Montvale NJ)

Cb's Jennie (Jennie) female DOB 12/18/02

(NGA Owner: Carolyn Thompson)

Sire: Cajun Deception and Dam: Tx's Impression


Cb's Candy female

Cb's Jerrysgone male

Cb's Lucky Me male

Cb's Sissey female

LE 16841 RE 122B
Sharon Horvat (IL) WI
Emerald Iams (Iams) female DOB 12/14/02
(NGA Owner: Emerald Kennel)
Sire: Grenade and Dam: T S Terri
Emerald Benefull male RE 122A (adopted Ontario, Canada)

Nakia RE 122C (never raced, adopted as a puppy!)

LE 16752 RE 122C
Maryellen Sailors (WA) KS
PA's Busta Rime (Shane) male DOB 12/10/02
(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy Jr)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Pernessa

PA's Rime Withme male RE 122A (Adopted Missouri)
PA's See Me Rime male RE 122B

LE 16736 RE 112B

Jenna CT (FL)
Tillie Ww Lawn (Kekiki Leilani) female DOB 11/28/02
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Ww Kiowa Tillie

Tillie Ww Bush male
Tillie Ww Grass female
Tillie Ww Rock female
Tillie Ww Wheat female
Tillie Ww Dirt male
Tillie Ww Hill male

LE 16728 RE 122E

Diane Grimes NH (VA)
IRS Patty (Snowie) female DOB 12/9/02
(NGA Owner: Paul Savoie)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Flying Teton

Boo Boo The Fool male
Chet Karbowski male
Hittheroadbutch male
Pc's Jimmy Stone male RE 122F (adopted)
Slimshadyvento female (adopted Alberta)
Wallace Peckham male
Zee Best female

LE 16700 RE 122D

Katarzyna Gilewska

Adsica (Maddy) female DOB 12/9/02

(NGA Owner: WH ODonnell)

Sire: Tuffolo and Dam: Skiya


Melita female

Seeber female

Suto male

LE 16689 RE 122B

Alan Rosenbaum MA,RI,AL (MA)
Worldclass Dash (Dash) male DOB 12/6/02
(NGA Owner: Paul A Conti)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Worldclass Dalia

Worldclass Adell female
Worldclass Daisy female
Worldclass Dani male RE 122E (retired)
Worldclass Dawn female
Worldclass Demi female
Worldclass Deva female
Worldclass Drea female (adopted)
Worldclass Ella female (adopted)
Worldclass Ozzy male

LE 16639 RE 112B

Lisa Blechle IA (IA)
Possible Betsy (Sweetie) female DOB 11/2/02
(NGA Owner: Clayton J Black)
Sire: Impossible Dream and Dam: USS Frightning

Anamosa male
Im Anamosa female (Anamosa adopted Fort Lauderdale FL)
Possible Champ female
Possible Edna female RE 112E (Spicy adopted by Lisa Blechle IA)
Possible Fast female (adopted Fort Lauderdale FL)
Shes Anamosa female

LE 16637 RE 62G

Pat Grunwald (St. Louis, MO)

VHS Rocketeer (Rocky) male DOB 6/2/92

Sire: Proud Thoughts and Dam: Cebo Catty Ann

(NGA Owner: Virgil Hobbs)


Cebo Katmandu male

LE 16637 RE 112C

Melissa Stang (GA)
Amf Costar (Coaster) female DOB 11/8/02
(NGA Owner: Thomas Ferris)
Sire: Jb Ticket Stub and Dam: Amf All Star

Amf Guest Star female
Bb's Please male
Amf Headliner male (Cody adopted by Melissa & Bob Phillips Dowington PA)
Amf Star Hostess female RE 112D (adopted by Richard & Jill Auslander)
Amf Star Actress female (adopted)

LE 16619 RE 112D & 112F

Amy Beard (Montvale NJ)

Hidden Glory (Frankie) male DOB 11/29/02

(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)

Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: Party Giver


Can't Be Beat male

Cool To Be Afool male

Party Lover (Leo) male (adopted by Roccias family Cinnaminson NJ)

Stylish N Smart (Smartee) female RE 112F (adopted by Amy Beard)

LE 16604 RE 92G

Geri Lemoine (NY)
Mystery Queen (Sassy) female DOB 9/17/02
Sire: Split the Bill* and Dam: Burnpark Mystery*

Ditto Artist female
Ditto Be Cool female
Ditto Drummer male
Ditto Escort female
Mystery King male
Mystery Man male
Mystery Miss female

LE 16514 RE 112D

Lisa Lauman (AZ)
Kid's Snipper (Minerva) female DOB 11/8/02
(NGA Owner: Mark G Ryan)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Bels Margarita

Kid's Acton male
Kid's Amara female
Kid's Holt male
Kid's Oliver male
Kid's Paige female
Kid's Parker male
Kid's Ranger male
Kid's Sugi female

LE 16477 RE 1102C

Tracy Vannoy FL (PA)
Cosey Phoebe (Phoebe) female DOB 11/23/02
(NGA Owner: Cosey Farms)
Sire: Extreme Heat and Dam: Ramons Snowbunny

Cosey Tigress female

LE 16431 RE 112E

Cynthia Wilber NH (MD)
UMR Damsel (Dannie) female DOB 11/14/02
(NGA Owner: Mud River Greyhounds)
Sire: SKE's Dixie Nick and Dam: Accelerator Ann

UMR Dakota male RE 112C (Dakota adopted)
UMR Big Dummy male RE 112A
UMR Darling Dee RE 112D female
UMR Dead Eye male RE 112F
UMR Determinator male RE 112B
UMR Ms Dauphin female RE 112G

LE 16365 RE 112A

Theresa Nicholson (PA)
CF's Monster Man (Manny) male DOB 11/10/02
(NGA Owner: Charles F Franklin)
Sire: Village Beethoven and Dam: Husker Fran

CF's Call Me Al male
CF's Cousin Eddy male
CF's Darby Shaw male
CF's Mandy female

LE 16280 RE 112D

Leah Walters AL (SC)
Rushing On Home (Rush) male DOB 11/16/02
(NGA Owner: Kevin Fish)
Sire: Flying Train Dam: Student Princess*

Brea Bee female
Follow Me female RE 112F
Princesschoochoo female RE 112B (adopted)
Radiant Energy female
Run You Ragged male RE 112E (adopted)

LE 16229 RE 42E

Sue Blair

Ms Blue Baby (Sophie) female DOB 4/13/92

Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: Ms Wispofblue


Ms Blue Fawn female??

LE 16212 RE

Deborah Williams WI (Plymouth, PA)

Washita Daquiri (Bolton) male DOB 4/14/92 DOD 5/00

Sire: Killer Diller and Dam: Fancy Boss

(NGA Owner: Carrie R Banks)


Washita Fantasy female

( Washita?) Sarannie female

Washita Bluestar

LE 16184 RE

Maryann Protz (Carteret, NJ)

Flying Tamborine (Tammy) DOB 5/2/92

Sire Percieve and Dam: Bahama Gal

(NGA Owner: Joe Birch)


Flying Fiddle

Flying Banjo

LE 16060 RE 102A

Julia Scholbrock CO (CO)
Talk The Talk (Jumbo) male DOB 10/30/02

Sire: Iruska Zederiah and Dam: EMs Tania Can
(NGA Owner: Mike Muhlbauer)


Kls Kalib Can male RE 102C (retired)

Leavnwithasmile male

LE 16054 RE 112I

Darell & Brenda DeWaele (IL)

Bocs Iris (Iris) female DOB 11/3/02

Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Barts Floppydisk


Bocs Arion female

Bocs Hercules male

Bocs Hades female

Bocs Odysseus female (adopted)

Bocs Pegasus female

Bocs Poseidon male

Bocs Zeus male (adopted)

Bocs Nike female

LE 16033 RE

Kristin Trevisan FL (ONT)
Sol Reward (Soul) female DOB 10/17/02
(NGA Owner: N J Sherck)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Kiowa Run Juliet

Sol Raindrop female (Rainy adopted in AR)
Sol Respect female
Sol Revolution male RE 102A (adopted in FL)
Sol Revenge female

LE 16019 RE 102H

Mary Woloski NH (PA)
Ethereal Policy (Handsome) male DOB 10/20/02
Sire: Design Time and Dam: Itsrpolicy

Ethereal Design male RE 102B
Ethereal Fashion female RE 102F
Ethereal Miracle female RE 102D
Ethereal Pattern female RE 102A
Ethereal Time male RE 102G (adopted by Kim Chasteen)
Ethereal Wonder male RE 102C

LE 16011 RE 102E

Michelle Norton FL (OH)
Gale WW Calvin (Thor) male DOB 10/30/02
(NGA Owner: Julia Ward/Gale Hunt)
Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: Kiowa WW Iris

Gale WW Caney male RE 102F
Gale WW Chouteau female RE 102A
Gale WW Clinton female RE 102B
Gale WW Concho female RE 102D
Gale WW Coweta female RE 102C

Gale WW Cromwell male RE 102G

LE 15986 RE 102F

Tracy Maniccia FL,CT (CT)
Db's Excalibur (Lance/Sir Lancelot) male DOB 10/23/02
(NGA Owner: Christopher J Palmieri Jr or David Bearse)
Sire: Kelso's Causeway and Dam: Reko Tara

Db's Saxon Pride male
Queen Otheline female (adopted)
Wans Whirlaway male (adopted)
Wcs Anna's Abby female
Wcs The Skipper male

LE 15900? RE

Ajay Zutshi

Greys Red Pepper (Gracie) female DOB 4/12/92

Sire: Poker Player and Dam: Christmas Wishes

(NGA Owner: Ernest J Butler)


Greys Candyapple female

Greys Marmalade female

Greys Nutmeg female

Greys Sunflower female

LE 15820 RE 42J

Jean TX

Inky Flake (Molly) female Whelped 4/1/92

Sire: Flake and Dam: Aubrey Mercedes


Ruble N Go male

Pulse Action male

Only Me female

Shooter Special?

LE 15797 RE 102D

Steven Burt AZ (CA)
Coastal Levi (Levi) male DOB 10/19/02
(NGA Owner: Claude Edward Norman)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Nodak Willy Wam

Coastal Dominic male
Coastal Jadie female
Coastal Janessa female
Coastal Jonna female RE 102I (Ester adopted by Athens in Huntington Beach CA)
Coastal Marty male
Coastal Raven female

LE 15752 RE 102B

Pamela Monigold WI (IL)
Rock N Junior (Junior) male DOB 10/15/02
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Racey

Rock N Park male
Rock N Kenseth female
Rock  N Harvickmale
Rock N Newman male
Rock N MacMurry female
Flying Race Day female

LE 15743 RE 42A

Kay McNelis (Altoona, PA)

(Rummy) Task Gin Rummy Whelped 4/13/92

Sire: Hello Higsbee and Dam: Meda's Gloria
Task Gabardine female
Task Gee Haw To male
Task Gino To male
Task Gizmo To female
Task Groovy To female

LE 15692 RE 102B

Therese Skinner (MO)

Solitary Lou (Lou or LuLu) female DOB 10/14/02
Sire:  Solitary Runner  and Dam:  Bow Munchkin
(NGA Owner:  N.J. (Jack) Sherck)
Solitary Blend male

LE 15656 RE 102E

Deb Alverson AZ (CO)
Kid's Marisa (Marissa) female DOB 10/13/02
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Kid's Rita

Kid's Arowen female RE 102A (Laika adopted in CO)
Kid's We On Fire male RE 103F (Apollo adopted in CO)
Kid's Balameer male
Kid's Gelya female
Kid's Imala female
Kid's Legolos male
Kid's Pappion female RE 102C (Chica adopted by Carol Turner CO)
Kid's Vincent male

LE 15598 RE

Jessica Walter MA (NY)
Driven By Blade (Tucker) male DOB 10/11/02
(NGA Owner: Driven Racing Inc)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Baby Spice


Driven By Alyssa female

Driven By Baby female (adopted FL)

Driven By Bingo male (adopted by Ron & Lisa Letourneau)

Driven By Bud male

Driven By Buster male

LE 15592 RE 102B

Sherry Hester AR (MO)

Bbs Sierra Mist (female) DOB 10/02

Sir: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Bbs Hangingtadd

(NGA Owner: Bussmann-Balakas Llc)


Bb's Neigh High female

Bb's Sprite female

Bb's Sunkist female

Bb's Yoo Hoo female

Bb's Jon Coffy male

Bb's Pepsi male (Duke adopted by Mandy Cabill, AR)

Bb's Spritzer female

LE 15579 RE 102D

Amy Hampton NH (MD)
Ditto Robin (Gertie) female DOB 10/7/02
(NGA Owner: Dave Ditto)
Sire:  Mankatoand Dam: Tailored Look

Ditto Bonanza male (Tyrone adopted by Amy Hampton)
Ditto Justice male
Ditto Informer male

LE 15555 RE 42B

Sharon Diebel (Phoenix, AZ)

Dea's Dynamo (Dynamo) male Whelped 4/4/92

Sire: SC Death Stalker and Dam: Dancing Ace

(NGA Owner: Eldon Hughes)


Dea's Cowboy male

Dea's Pretty Eyes female

Dea's Red Magic female

Dea's Red Sonya female

Dea's Show Girl female

LE 15520 RE 22C

Ellen Ganopoulos FL (NJ)
JD Call The Feds (Orville) male DOB 2/02
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Chambra


Jd Midnight Ride female

Jd Rock On By male (Rocky adopted by the Fitzgeralds NE Phily PA)

Jd Send My Love female

LE 15503 RE 102A

Sarah Hankins OR,CT,AZ (OR)

PGs King Tut (Roo) male DOB 10/3/02

Sire: Pekelo and Dam: Whos In Charge

(NGA Owner: Paul J Guimond Sr)


Ronni Rum female

Village Caboose female

LE 15487 RE 92?

Jane Troyer (CO)
Ogallala Warrior (Candy) female DOB 9/16/02
(NGA Owner: Clark Anderson)

Sire: Pikes Grand Slam and Dam: Ogallala Bones


Ogallala Fox female

LE 15459 RE 92A

Amanda Hanna FL (FL)
WW State of Grace (Grace) female DOB 9/24/02
(NGA Owner: Julia Ward)
Sire: State of the Art and Dam: KW's Extra Fast

WW Fast Fusion male
Ww State of Bein female
WW State of Mind male

LE 15381 RE 101C

Margee Wheeler IA,KS (MO)
Cassie K (Cassie) female DOB 10/01/02
(NGA Owner: Seastrom Kennels)
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Subtle Control

Candy Store female RE 102A (adopted)
Catwalk female

LE 15379 RE

Melinda C Capers (OH)
Lars Shygirlmike (Shygirl) female DOB 4/1/92

Sire: Emerald Blaze and Dam: Dark Eyed Girl (found)

(NGA Owner: Lars Dee or F Kreft)
Lars Girl Tammy female
Lars Roccos Baby female
Lars Runawaynina female
Lars Sundaynawty (Nawty) male (found)
Lars Dumbojim (Tyler) male (found)
Lars ConnieT female (found)

LE 15318 RE 42D

Ady Cerreta (Atlanta, GA)

Brides Maid (Brandy) female DOB 4/5/92

Sire: Tipp Lad* and Dam: Pretty Bird
Like Lightning female
Mountain Train male
Good Lucy female

LE 15276 RE 92I

Carrie Pyle MA (TX)
Fuzzys Warhawk (Hawk) male DOB 9/21/02
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Greys Freebird

(NGA Owner: Joseph M Frenette)

Fuzzys Cardinal male
Fuzzys Chicadee female
Fuzzys Firebird male

Fuzzys Hawkeye male

Fuzzys Humminbird female

Fuzzys Railbird male

Fuzzys Raven female

Fuzzys Roadruner female

Fuzzys Seahawk female

Fuzzys Sunbird female

LE 15273 RE 92E

LeAnn & Sam Williams KS (San Diego CA)
Nimby Angel Eyes (Jada) female DOB 9/25/02
(NGA Owner: John Stafos)
Sire: JB Pistolero and Dam: Radiant Affair

Nimby Areyouhot female
Nimby Gemstone female
Nimby Pistol male
Nimby Power Puff female
Nimby Sunsetheat male
Trey O'Shea male

LE 15254 RE 92D

Stacey Kolarik WV (MI)
Jealousy Is Ugly (Popcorn) male DOB 9/19/02
(NGA Owner: Harvey Maupin)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: J's Chizzler

Honest & True female RE 92E (retired, deceased)
Justice At Last male
Law Abiding male
Non Deceiver female
Revenge Is Near female RE 92G (retired)

LE 15242 RE 92A

Mindy Tanaka KS (WA)
SkunkyToadLips (Quincy) male DOB 9/23/01
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: GNC Royal Charm

Brutus Maximus male
Hoof Hearted male RE 92E (Hoof adopted by Sara Gill, Stevensville MT)
Radek-Cole female
RhiAnnie female RE 92D (adopted)
Sweet Tsunami female

LE 15131 RE 92B

April Joyce AL (AL)
ICU Nevada (Nevada) male COB 9/11/02
(NGA Owner: Bradley J Sholtz)
Sire: BD's Phillip and Dam: T Zekes Treasure

Icu Nasty male
Icu Naughty female

ICU Neverland female
ICU New York female
ICU Newton male (retired)
ICU Nickelodeon male
ICU Norseman male

LE 15126 RE

Carole Wilson FL (Myrtle Beach SC)
Letas Untouched (Symba) male DOB 9/15/02
(NGA Owner: Michael Cassidy)
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Letas Smoke

Letas Amazon female
Letas Atlantis male

Letas Zipper female

LE 15088 RE 92C
Jeannine Emerson (WA) FL
She's On Fire (Coby) female DOB 9/12/02
Sire: Black Jack and Dam: Miriam
Callingallangles male RE 92B
Shadowcast female RE 92A (Abney adopted OR)

LE 14998 RE 82A

Cathy Wallish (PA) FL
Lee Hidalgo (Finn) male DOB 8/26/02
(NGA Owner: Gene Gurley)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Osceola Nicole

Lee Hotshot female RE 82D (adopted in PA)
Lee Hustler male RE 82B

LE 14921 RE

Scarlett Seabaugh
Camel Joe (Niles) male Whelped 3/25/92 

Sire: Oshkosh Domino and Dam: Rich Miss
(NGA Owner: Edward Trow)

Domino Ann female
Miss Rich Dee female
Miss Rich Flo female
Sue Clampett female

LE 14918 RE 82C

Jenny Horn AZ (AZ)
Tnj Baby Oscar (Oscar) male DOB 8/26/02
Sire: Gable Oscar and Dam: Dream Walkin


Tnj Baby Cakes male RE 82D

Tnj Bull Red male RE 82B

Tnj Dream Girl female RE 82F

Tnj Mivida Loca female RE 82E

Tnj Peach Brandi female RE 82A

Tnj Voo Doo male RE 82G (adopted by Chris Harper)

LE 14897 RE 84B ?

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

SC Unbelievable (Peanut) ?

LE 14846 RE 92E

Tamara & Jim Horne (VA) FL
Solitary Diablo (Diablo) male DOB 9/2/02
(NGA Owner: NJ Sherck)
Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Declared Leader

Solitary David male (Anubis adopted DC,WVA)
Solitary Declare female
Solitary Donald male
Solitary Doug male
Solitary Design male
Solitary Dust male

LE 14827 RE 32A

Sheila (Bridgeport CT)

Ardon Sally (Sally) Whelped 3/18/92

Sire: Delta Boy and Dam: Lady Fortune
Ardon Sitka Female
Ardon Sybil Female

LE 14745 RE 82E

Jill Henry CO (Alberta)
Tom S Caramel (Mel) female DOB 8/25/02
(NGA Owner: Tom Sugihara)
Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: Tom S Ten Carat

Tom S Big Kahuna male RE 82D
Tom S Carnation female RE 82A
Tom S Casino male RE 82F
Tom S Crackle female RE 82C
Tom S Dazzler female RE 82B
Tom S Flurry female RE 82G (adopted Shantel Seemann)
Tom S Gumdrop female RE 82I (Gumdrop adopted CO)
Tom S Hickory male RE 82H (adopted)

LE 14718 RE

Mark Rentschler FL (FL)

Kana Jewel Female DOB 3/1/92

Sire: Kd's Nat Sevens and Dam: Kiwi Prancer
(NGA Owner: Hiram N or Mary Simmons)

Cater male
Hac male
Plus female
Bunkie Prancer male
Scuff male

LE 14651 RE

Jennifer Costa
Igor (Dasher) male DOB 2/23/92

Sire: Allegis and Dam: Royal Marci

(NGA Owner: Mike Castellani)
Forewarn male

LE 14620 RE 82A

JoShannan Kimpel FL (IL)

Moon Mt Kong male DOB 8/15/02

Sire: Rock Steady Eddie and Dam: Pros Chaka Khan

(NGA Owner: Jerry L Kates)


Moon Mt Chaka female RE 82C (Chaka adopted by K Gorsky MI)

Moon Mt Rock male RE 82B (Rocky adopted)

LE 14612 RE 82D
Lorraine Kline (OH) FL
Streakin Lil Sis (Emma) female DOB 8/13/02
Sire: Grenade and Dam: Call Dana
I Drink Alone male RE 82G (Andy adopted MD)
Boot Scootinbaby female RE 82A
Call Me Kit female RE 82A (Paprika adopted  MD)
Dana's Dynomite female RE 82E (adopted MD)
Im a Hell Raiser male RE 82C ( Catfish IN)
Keep It Country female RE 82B
Kiss Me If Youcan female RE 82F (Celery adopted MD)

LE 14593 RE 82A

Sandy Paugh WV (WV)
WV's Caretta (Caretta) female DOB 8/9/02

(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennel Inc)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Snow Bunny


Wvs Cameron male

Wvs Cannelton male

Wvs Chloe female

Wvs Clendenin female

Wvs Corinne female

Wvs Creston male

LE 14577 RE 82D

J N Embry (TX)

(Ruby) female DOB 8/17/02

Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Shenzi Episode


Bronty Episode male (DOD 2006)

Rex Episode male (adopted)

LE 14575 RE 82C

Lisa Packard MA (MA)
Tinderwella (Gypsy) female DOB 8/19/02
(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnell)
Sire:  Galenaand Dam: Maggie Gratiano

Awmos female
Krooshall male

LE 14540 RE 82D

Sue Schrock RI (NJ)

One Per Cent male (Patch) DOB 8/16/02

Sire: Million Per Cent* and Dam: Quantum Set

(NGA Owner: Symbioum Farms)


Quantum Percent female RE 82A

Set Percent male RE 82C

LE 14512 RE 82

Lightning Chris male RE 82D DOB 8/02


Sire: Diminator and Dam: Enchanted Liz


Bag Dad Bob male RE 82A (adopted by Amanda Power)

Gopherstategogo male RE 82F (adopted by Julie Dearmin)

Hailey Brooke female RE 82C (Hailey adopted by BJ & Greg Rymarwicz)

Lizonator female RE 82B (Lizzy adopted by Amanda Power)

Wishful Thinkin male RE 82E (Wish adopted by Jennifer & Jason Cuthbert)

LE 14508 RE 82E

Cherie Jones Tijuana MX (CA)
Coldwater Trivia (Camden) female DOB 8/13/02
(NGA Owner: Oscar  Henderson Or Georgia Medis)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Coldwater Nonna)

Coldwater Osram male
Coldwater Yvette female (adopted)
Coldwater Coral male
Coldwater Cordel male
Coldwater Kismin female
Coldwater Lodene female
Coldwater Romano male
Coldwater Sierra female

LE 14502 RE 82A

Renette Muise CT (Nova Scotia)
Gabbys Candy (Jack) male DOB 8/14/02
(NGA Owner: Paul Hardwell)
Sire: Kiowa WW Dean and Dam: Cactus Lass

Express Me In male
No More Tears male
PDH Goin Broke male
PDH Pretty Suzy female
Suzy Dinomite female

Suzgonpostal female

LE 14453 RE 82G

Susanna Zwernemann TX (TX)
Ol's Lightfoot (Greycie) female DOB 8/10/02
(NGA Owner: OL Speck)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Jr's Tenderalice


Ols Cammis Pick male

Ols Charlie male

Ols Gypsy Rose female

Ols Screamer male

Ols Travelinman male

LE 14336 RE
Lynne Peters

Midnight Mickey (Mickey) Whelped 3/13/92
Sire: Bushnell Mickey and Dam: Pyrmid Midnight


Black Eyed Finn male
Char Gold Medal male
Char Hot Motor male
Char Crunch female

LE 14321 RE 32A

Laura Hawkins (CA)
Mary Who (Mary) female DOB 3/3/92 DOD 10/29/05
Sire: Char Czar and Dam: Sickem Whisper

Julie Who female RE 32C
Miracle Boy male RE 32B
Whisper Mary female RE 32D

LE 14307 RE 32C

Linda Brown (Tacoma, WA)

Squebo male Whelped 3/1/92

Sire: Oshkosh Keeper and Dam: Homspun Andee

(NGA Owner: Bobby W Davis or John Seastrom)


Half Track male

John Boy Spencer male

Hillary Keeper female

Homspun Cheesie female

Homspun Poohbear male

Ace's Sad Sack male

LE 14292 RE 72A

Patricia Maxwell WI (IL)
Rd's Samie (Blueberry) female DOB 7/16/02
(NGA Owner: Randy Toler)
Sire: Wd's Santiago and Dam: Rd'sTaylor

Rd's Surprise female
Rd's Skynard male
Rd's Sgt Major male RE 72E (adopted)
Rd's Outlaw male (Sam adopted by Scott & Julie ON)
Rd's Lester male
Rd's Justin male
Rd's Arlene female RE 72B (adopted)

LE 14283 RE 82B

Nina Howe KS (Calgary, Alberta)
We Hard Drive (Driver) male DOB 8/5/02
(NGA Owner: William E Ekstrom Or Ed Prige)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Franks Dazzle

We Askingtoomuch female
We Free Will male
We Just Asking male (Butch adopted by the Lloyds Virginia Beach VA)
We Kerri On female
We Oddzare female
We Onanupswing female (Patches adopted)
We Skiptomylove female

LE 14263 RE 82D

Bob Haynes KS,CO (CO)

Jennifer Griffin (Isis) female DOB 8/1/02

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Need A Smile

(NGA Owner: Clinton I Blair)


John Kasich male RE 82A

Anne Coulter female RE 82B

Donald Rumsfeld male RE 82C

Liz Weihl female RE 82E

LE 14208 RE 43C

Daniel & Diane Watt WI (Gurnee IL)
Kamikaze Tony  (Tony) male DOB 4/25/03 
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kamikaze Bette
Kamikaze Gary (Gage) male RE 43G (adopted by Dan & Diane)
Kamikaze Max male
Kamikaze Maddy female RE 43H

LE 14190 RE 82C

Faith Smith CO (CO)
Pinkerton (Cass) female DOB 8/2/02
(NGA Owner: Clinton E Blair)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Too Deep Zone


Juliet Huddy female RE 82F

Mort Kondracke male RE 82A

R Lee Ermey male RE 82D

Rita Cosby female RE82E

Steve Doo male RE 82B

LE 14182 RE 32D

Amy Sheneman NH (Cazenovia, NY)

Sweet Tooth female DOB 3/2/92

Sire: Johnnie's Choice and Dam: AJ's Ann

(NGA Owner: John Stanton)


Big Noisy male

Papas Sweetie female

Stylish Victim female

LE 14156 RE 72C

Gregory Karas FL (MI)
Mc's Lazarus (Lazarus) male DOB 7/18/02
(NGA Owner: Mildred D Cook)
Sire: Iruska Zederiah and Dam: SMA's Murphy


Mcs Adriene female RE 72F

Mcs Bluebayou female RE 72E (adopted Cindy & Glen Snyder)

Mcs Clancy male RE 72A (adopted)

Mcs Golden Sun female RE 72D

Mcs Jitterbug female RE 72G

Mcs Maxwell male RE 72B

LE 14147 RE 72B

Martha Pate (Kansas)

Beside The Point (The Princess Miss Point) female DOB 7/25/02

Sire: Almin By Design and Dam: Trouper Kim

(NGA Owner: Charles R Canapp)


Epic Sweep male RE 72D (Epic adopted by Nicole Paque)

Girl Next Door female RE 72C

Verg male RE 72A (adopted by Schmahl)

LE 13901 RE

Tiffany Harden FL (FL)
M's LeRoy (LeRoy) male DOB 7/5/02
(NGA Owner: Lawson J Christy Or M G Porter)
Sire: Seegold Big Red and Dam: M's Gladys Night

Doc Pittsburgh male
Iron City Dame female
Kiss Me Chris male
Mr Dino male (adopted)
Norm male
Pittsburgh Lady female
Pittsburgh Magic female
Pittsburgh Peake male (adopted SC)
Steel City Star male

Steelcity Sweety female (adopted NY)

LE 13879 RE 62C

Joanne Johnson FL (SC)
My Easy Street (Streak) male DOB 6/29/02
Sire: LZ's Mr Quick A and Dam: My Daylilly

My Colby Joe male RE 62B (Colbyjoe adopted SC)
My Don Juan male RE 62A (adopted OH)

LE 13828 RE 72E
Gary Shapiro (CO)
Redline Design (Lily) female DOB 7/10/02
(NGA Owner: Kristopher Colombo)
Sire: Aimin By Design and Dam: Flying Swoopes
Redline Bizmark female RE 72B
Redline Chity female RE 72A
Redline Drifter male RE 72D

Redline Raider female RE 72C

LE 13825 RE 22B

Liz Ardell
SGS Hudson Hawk male DOB 2/92

Dam: HHS Sincerely and Sire: JJ Lucky Streak
JJ Doc Richard male

LE 13822 RE 72C

Rebecca Provost (ON)

Gilmore Girl (Nina) female DOB 7/11/02

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Greys Penny Lane


Beige Leaf female RE 72D (adopted)

Carbon Leaf female RE 72A

Peace Rules male RE 72B (Boomer adopted living in Ontario)

LE 13772 RE 22B

Lee Freshour WI

NXS EdenRoc Male DOB 2/25/92

Frances Moffat

Sire: Can You Dig It and Dam: Jazz Reel

(NGA Owner: Frances Moffat)


NXS Tquilla Worm female

NXS Tquiila Worm female

LE 13752 RE 22B

Donna Klein (Holly MI)

M's Pathfinder (Finder) male DOB 2/13/92

Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: M's Eyelighter
Ms Emmy?
Ms Light Fawn?
Mis Valentine

LE 13748 RE 72C

Bryan Pearson (Oklahoma City)
Legs Bogie (Bogie) male DOB 7/4/02
Sire: Everybodys Pride and Dam: Legs Gunilla

Legs Beecham male
Legs Bo Peep female

LE 13747 RE

Cindy L Beck & Jim Jamieson AZ (Bonsall, CA)

Skidrow Dog (Rio) male DOB 2/28/92

Sire: Sunset Swale and Dam: How To Know


Skidrow Hazel Female
Skidrow Rusty Male
Sunset Spirit Female
Sunset Survivor Male

LE 13738 RE

Shelly Werth
Sprinkled (Spider) male Whelped 2/14/92

Sire: Name Brand and Dam: Repeat It
(NGA Owner: William F Muth)

Brewed male
Win Me Over female

LE 13721 RE 72B

Shannon Lorenz AZ (AZ)
Skiddy Newsman (Flash) male DOB 7/4/02
(NGA Owner: Larry Stillwell)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Rimrock Sister


Skiddy Neighbor male

Skiddy Network female (adopted Richmond VA)

Skiddy Nomad male (adopted Richmond VA)

Skiddy Nook female RE 72D

LE 13682 RE

Lisa (West Palm Beach, FL)

Pa's Elliot (Bigwig) DOB 2/14/92 DOD 2/12/01

Sire: Kiowa Bargain and Dam: Kiowa Eufala
Pa's Eddy
Pa's Emerald
Pa's Emmit
Pa's Empire
Pa's Emporia
Pa's Eva

LE 13594 RE 62C

Bill & Judi Kaufman MA (PA)
Freeride Pear (Pere) male DOB 6/28/02
(NGA Owner: Mud River Kennel)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: P's Landing

Freeride Apple male RE 62B (adopted PA)
Freeride Banana male
Freeride Cherry male RE 62A (adopted KS)
Freeride Grape female
Freeride Mango male RE 62H (adopted in MD)
Freeride Orange male
Freeride Plum female
Freeride Prune female RE 62I (adopted in MD)
Freeride Tangelo male (adopted)

LE 13593 RE 62F

Sabrina Butkera NH (DE)
Freerideplatinum (Max) male DOB 6/28/02
(NGA Owner: Peggy Ann Caldwell)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Lazy Day

Freeride Diamond female RE 62B
Freeride Emerald female RE 62H
Freeride Jade female RE 62C
Freeride Onyx female RE 62A
Freeride Pearl female RE 62G (Pearl adopted by Emily & David in Quakertown PA)
Freeride Saphire female RE 62D
Freeride Topaz female RE 62E (adopted in New England)

LE 13586 RE 72B

Cyndi Wilkins AR (NC)
UR Dusted (Dusty) female DOB 7/2/02
(NGA Owner: Dirty Dog Racing)
Sire: Pa's Samson and Dam: ICU Bold Elda

FH Scobby Doo female
Gabby's Revenge female RE 72A (retired)
JF Nonnemacher female RE 72D (retired)
Night Cindy Lo female RE 72F (retired)
Poetic Passion female (retired)
Red Hot Krissi female (retired)
Smokin Rose female

LE 13569 RE 52B

Shannon Moody FL,NH (VT)
Wild Becky (Nellie) female DOB 5/8/02
(NGA Owner: Philip Pruett)
Sire: Deuce's Wild and Dam: Sabine

Wild Sis female RE 52A

LE 13556

Julie Rubin NH (MD)
Mac's Legolas (Mr B) male DOB 7/3/06
(NGA Owner: Mjp Kennel Inc Or R E McMillon)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Macs Betty Lou

Mac's Arwyn female
Mac's Aragorn male

13551 RE 72H

Julia Strub MA (ON)
Golli Lowell B (Scotty) male DOB 7/3/02

Sire: Grenade and Dam: TDs Norma Ray

(NGA Owner: Pamela J Gollihur)


Golli G O Me male

Golli Lil Roid female

Golli Miss P female

Golli Newt male

Golli Squeegie male

Golli Tex male

LE 13519 RE 62H

Karen Waterbury MX (CA)

Olde Dustbuster (Aysa) male DOB 6/16/02

(NGA Owner: Don or Lori Mumma)

Sire: Savage Man and Dam: Nevada Diane


Olde Whisper female RE 62B

Olde Rascal male RE 62C

Olde Mystic male RE 62G

Olde Frontline male RE 62D (adopted)

Olde Firelight male RE 62E

Olde Daydreamer male RE 62F

Olde Celebrate female RE 62A

LE 13497 RE 72E

Jen Gildee TX,FL (VA)
Cosey Annie O (Annie) female DOB 7/1/02
(NGA Owner: Cosey Farm LLC)
Sire: Extreme Heat and Dam: Ramons Snow Fly

Cosey Heat female (adopted by Jen)
Cosey Cozmo male
Cosey Extreme male
Cosey Fly female
Cosey Gizmo female (adopted by Carol Mekker, FL)
Cosey Nemesis male

LE 13491 RE 62E

Laurie Christian CO (CO)
Byline Tweety (Tweety) female DOB 6/27/02
(NGA Owner: BG Pachello or JD Priest)
Sire: EM's I'm Trying and Dam: Rocket Red Flair

Beyond Mr Magic male
Byline Minnie Me female

Byline Shy female

Byline Spring female

Engage Rocket female RE 62B

LE 13399 RE 52A??

Terri Jacobson (OR)
Skirvee male DOB 5/17/02
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Village Jill

Village Airborne male RE 52B
Village Jillian female RE 52C
Village Kimosabe male RE 52E
Village Slinky female RE 52D
Village St. Pat female RE 52G
Village Tonto male RE 52F

LE 13384 RE 62E

Erin Rooney FL (OH)
Philly Phanatic (Philly) male DOB 6/15/02
(NGA Owner: Norman Rader)
Sire: Rage of Fury and Dam: Road Traffic

Joe Pa female RE 62B
Red Knight male RE 62C

LE 13380 RE 32F

Tina Kalcevic CO (CO)

Runtodaborder (Border) female DOB 3/26/02

Sire: Beams Full Moon and Dam: Stinging Betsy


Biloxi Moon male RE 32E

Da Bourbonator male RE 32C

HI Lunareclipse female RE 32B

Todamoon Alice female RE 32A (adopted)

LE 13368 RE 22D

Marsha Williams RI (OH)

Ypsilanti (Ritchie) male 2/92

Sire: Countach and Dam: Minisin
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)


Rasper male

Isante male

McLassie male

LE 13354 RE

Laura Matthews AR (TN)
Myokie Coco (Coco) female DOB 6/26/02
Sire: Grenade and Dam: Blue Bonnett

(NGA Owner: Twila L Dewald)


Myokie Abe male

Sydney Bristow female

Myokie Philip male

Myokie Danele female

Myokie Brandi female

Myokie Emma female

Myokie Ginger female

Myokie Gotti male

Myokie Hank male

Myokie Lorenzo male

Myokie Mike male

LE 13339 RE 62B

Jenny Horn AZ (AZ)
Maze Brenda (Brenda) female DOB 6/26/02
Sire: Drake Blitz and Dam: Century Cricket


Maze Amigo male RE 62A

Maze Charo male RE 62C

Maze Dare female RE 62D

Maze Ellen female RE 62E

Maze Frankie male RE 62F

LE 13193 RE 62D

Heather Grant MA,RI (ON)
Pinstriper (Daunte) male DOB 6/12/02
(NGA Owner: Driven Racing Inc)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Mysterious Queen

Mysterious Marie female
Mysterious Missy female

LE 13150 RE 62A

Twila Liggett KS (KS)
SeeGold Robroy (RobRoy) male DOB 6/24/02

Sir: Gable Dodge and Dam: Ezee Aim

(NGA Owner: Jack Seeley)


Seegold Goza male

Seegold Johnpaul male

Seegold Ezee female

Seegold Sam Bass male

Seegold Security male

LE 13090 RE 62D
Lorraine Kline (OH) FL
Flying Hotrod (Hotrod) male DOB 6/11/02
(NGA Owner: Flying Eagle Kennel)
Sire: Flying Gordon* and Dam: Kiowa Red Kim
Flying Ramrod male RE 62E (Ramrod adopted AR)
Kiowa Kim King female RE 62B (Kim adopted AR)
Kiowa Keil female RE 62C
Kiowa Katie female RE 62A

LE 13084 RE 62C

Kathleen Pearson AZ (Denver, CO)
TV Chelsea (Chelsea) female DOB 6/14/02
(NGA Owner: Maxine Willis)
Sire: RD's Sonny and Dam: TV Lucy Mae

TV Amare male RE 62A
TV Bayli female RE 62B
TV Jocelyn female RE 62E
TV Leanna Deanna female RE 62D (adopted AZ)

LE 13013 RE 52G

Kathleen DeNigris AR,AL,FL (PA)
Whytell Ash (Zoey) female DOB 5/28/02
(NGA Owner: AD Quinney)

Sire: Whytell Gomarkgo and Dam: Whytell Caldwell

Whytell Callison female
Whytell Dezi male
Whytell Elm female
Whytell Extra male
Whytell Harley male
Whytell Highboy male
Whytell Panda female
Whytell Pecan female
Whytell Reno female
Whytell Rugged male

LE 12958 RE 62A

Debbie Wade NH (ON
CND Credit Card (Card) male DOB 6/4/02
(NGA Owner: Cynthia L Payne)
Sire: BB's Credit Pot and Dam: Akins Golden Sun

Cnd Priceless female
Cnd Will Bonnie male

LE 12894 RE 62I

Heather Babcock NH (NY)
Iris Green (Tami) female DOB 6/3/02
(NGA Owner: Michael Green)
Sire: Beams Full Moon and Dam: NvFloJo

Anicho Green male
Bertha Green male
Cassie Green female RE 62C (adopted by Michael, Ann & Emily Doyon, Biddeford ME)
Dora Green female
Emmie Green female
Gabby Green female
Go Green Go female (Pogo adopted by Victoria & Elliott Rogers)
Hay Green male
Jed Green male
Katie Green female (adopted Kjell & Karen Eriksson PA)

LE 12879 RE 52A
Sue Moore (ON) FL
Leftfeelsright (Lefty) male DOB 5/4/02
Sire: Gable Oscar and Dam: Flower Power
Bubba Power male RE 52C
Fingertight male RE 52F
Hillside male RE 52G
Lovewaseasy female RE 52B
Springbreaktatto female RE 52E
Whiskey Girl female RE 52D

LE 12829 RE 52E

Cass Reagan NH (ME)
CR'S Hound (Oisin) male DOB 5/27/02
(NGA Owner: Carl Ralph Edge)
Sire: Visions of Money and Dam: BB Queen Jordan


Crs BeBe female RE 52I

Crs Bloodhound male RE 52H

Crs Breeny female RE 52B

Crs Jordan female RE 52F (Jordan adopted by Kevin & Diane Dupont)

Crs Mask male RE 52G (retired)

Crs Molatar male RE 52C

Crs Pyro female RE 52A

Crs Runtie female RE 52D (Gretchen adopted)

LE 12792 RE 52E

Sara Hinze NH (NJ)
Miss Ernestine (Tina) female DOB 5/22/02
(NGA Owner: Stonestreet)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Precious Stone

Mining a Gem (Duke adopted) male
Damsel in Peril female
Precious and Few male
Sir Slammer male
Stone Strike male
Stone's Legacy male
Sugar Plum Lady female
Top Knight male

LE 12788 RE 52A

Kim Sparacio CT (Long Island NY)
JD Strut Along (JD Lady) female DOB 5/17/02
(NGA Owner: M G Porter)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Roomful of Blues

JD Rush Along female (adopted)

LE 12784 RE 52C

Erica Mueller (MA)
Manuel Wonder (Spottacus or Gus) male DOD 5/19/02

Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Ceettooit

(NGA Owner: Philip Pruett)


Baldo Wonder male

Jesse Wonder male

Jimmy Wonder male RE 52A (adopted)

Marianno Wonder male RE 52F

Marta Rent female RE 52G (adopted by Neal & Jodi)

Matilde Rent female RE 52B

LE 12758 RE 52E

Jennifer Aluni (MN)
Bocs Liberty (London) male DOB 5/26/05
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Prime Choice


Bocs Freedom male RE 52A

Bocs Spirit female RE 52C

Rms Angel Baby RE 52D

Rms Firstchoice male RE 52B

Rms Zeke Man male RE 52F

LE 12734 RE 12D

Jennifer Watkins

Cys Kid Tinker (Tinker) female DOB 1/3/92

Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: Vera Rita

(NGA Owner: Gerald R Kennicker)


Cys Kid Chanta female

Cys Kid Hawk male

Cys Kid Taz male

Cys Kid Tyler male

Cys Kid Dylan male

Cys Kid Hook male

Mad Madison female

LE 12721 RE 52F

Arby Robinson FL (NY)
Okie Rushmore (Okie) male DOB 5/27/02
(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)
Sire: Mule Power and Dam: Fusion Episode


Okie Bea female

Okie Golfer male RE 52A

Okie Kathy female

Okie Kingpin male

LE 12684 RE 122B

Tonya Smith KS (IN)

My One Chance (Rex) male Whelped 12/26/91 died?

Sire: Mi Sompin and Dam: Ale Tammy Town
(NGA Owner: Ralph N Preuss)

Bdk's Black Jack Male
Bdk's Candy Female
Bdk's Long Shot Female
Bdk's Super Cash Female
Bdk's Wild Card Female

LE 12669 RE 52E

Cindy Montgomery CO (Alberta)
Our Mariah (Mariah) female DOB 5/13/02
(NGA Owner: Torri Morris)
Sire: LR Almond Toffee and Dam: Macs Aunt AJ

Macsquarterflash female
Murphys Memory female (adopted in CO)
Our Dz Rascal male
Our Honkeytonk female RE 52F

Our No Nos male RE 52C
Our Scooter Ira male RE 52D (adopted in CO)

LE 12626 RE 52C

Gene Dickey FL (SC)
Kid Ripley (Ripley) male DOB 8/5/02
(NGA Owner: D Roban)
Sire: Talentedmrripley and Dam: Izz Our Josie

Femme Sirius female
Izz Our Cruiser female
Izz Our Prowler male
Josie Izz Magis female
Live Brave female
Ripley's Girl female
Shush male RE 52E
Veni Vidi Vici female RE 52H

LE 12621 RE 52F

John Sicklick
Stand Back (Pearl) female DOB 5/23/02
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Sincerely Me

At First Glance female RE 52C
Cosmic Force female RE 52D
Forty Licks female RE 52A
Guitar Zeus male RE 52B
Hittin the Mark male RE 52I
Hittin the Note female RE 52E
Laid Back Jack male RE 52G (adopted)
Rubber Soul female RE 52H

LE 12614 RE 52B
Brent Ivey (SC) FL
Magic Miranda (Miranda) female DOB 5/18/02
(NGA Owner: Haber Kennels)
Sire: Magic Relax and Dam: Press Release
Magic Awesome male RE 52E (adopted Sunrise, FL)
Magic Buttercup female RE 52F (adopted in Alabama)
Magic Jealousy female RE 52A
Magic Raccoon male RE 52G
Magic Rocky male RE 52D
Magic Wynona female RE 52H

Nebo Razor male RE 52C

LE 12590 RE 121C

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield MI)
Answerto Heather (Heather) DOB 12/12/91

Sire: Nebraska Stud and Dam: MT's Mischief
Answer To Hank female
Answer To Heidi female
Answer To Hipp female
Answer To Holly female
Answer To Hoss male
Mt's Big Nick male

LE 12552 RE 52D

Andy Grooms NH (MD)
Absolutely Hot (Hotshot) male DOB 5/22/02
(NGA Owner: Everytime Enterprises)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Blazing Diamond

All a Blaze male
Diamond's Dream female
Diamond's Glow female

LE 12547 RE 52B

Amy Hampton FL (MD)
Karen Twist (Lucy) female DOB 5/19/02
(NGA Owner: Phillip M Pruett)
Sire: Dot's Tweety and Dam: Jelly Roll Twist

Darby Roll female
David Roll male (adopted Barbara Redmond)
Larry Roll male
Phil Roll male (adopted)
Polli Twist female
Prudys Pride female

LE 12513 RE 121C

Andrea Long CT (Fishkill, NY)

Charlie Hustle (Charlie) male DOB 12/7/91 DOD 10/7/99

Sire: Ethan Wayne and Dam: ES Bose

LE 12497 RE 52A

Joanne & Dane Hollinger (Washington Boro PA)

Sandbox Jake (Shayne) male DOB 5/11/02

Sire: Oswald Copperpot and Dam: Screamin Sugar B

(NGA Owner: Lewis & Ryder Racing Inc)


Sandbox Buster male RE 52B

Sandbox Cal male RE 52E

Sandbox Jackie female RE 52F

Tiger B Miss female RE 52C

LE 12482? RE 12C

Sharon Smith

JG Turbo (Connor) MA

Sire: W CountyBarnand Dam: Stell Hustler


JG Barn Burner

JG Maximum

JG Medicine Girl

JG Mountain Gold

JG Mountain Mist

JG Sweepstakes

LE 12472 RE

Stephanie MicucciFrazier FL (MA)
MPS Glens Rocket (Crater) male DOB 5/9/02
(NGA Owner: Myrtle Piper)
Sire: Craigie Glen and Dam: MPS Helga


Mps Big Quest male

Mps Just As I Am male

Mps Laser Fast male

Mps Lucky Lady female

Mps Make My Day male

Mps Reigningbear male

Mps Sunspot male

Mps Waltzwithme female

LE 12457 RE 42D

Joan & Ralph DiMondo (PA)

Sonic Blast male DOB 4/02

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Oshkosh Wanda


Bold As Brass male RE 42E (adopted in LA)

Eldo male RE 42A (adopted in LA)

Lindas Passion female RE 42B

Sybil Rose female RE 42C (Rose adopted in KY)

LE 12418 RE 121C

John & Barb Bradley IA (Lansing, MI)

Halfofanegg (Maggie) female DOB 12/27/91

Sire: Char Cruiser and Dam: Dexters Delight
(NGA Owner: Tim Waller)

Havens Warrior male

Kahulua Kruiser male

Law's CD male

Oil Broker male

Youbetyourwife female

She had pups with Fmc's Wake Up, they were born 2/16/98 and are Happy B Good male, Lone Star Hound male and Taecwondo Girl female

LE 12343 RE 52A

Susan A Allen KS, CO (Colorado Springs, CO)
System Rss Savoy (Morgan MacGreygor) male DOB 5/10/02
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: So Long Sadie

System RssSatan male RE 52D (adopted by Susan Allen CO)

System Rss Sadie female RE 52H

System Rss Sally female

System Rss Solon female

System Rss Sooky female

LE 12228 RE 111I

Sandra Hall & Jeff Wilkinson FL/MA/NH (Georgetown, ON)

Early Light (Roxanne) female DOB 11/11/91

Sire: Allegis and Dam: Useful

(NGA Owner: Mike Castillani)

LE 12202 RE 52C
Laurie Wlaz (PA) WV
Iruska Hialeah (Hiya) female DOB 5/2/02
(NGA Owner: Riggins Racing Inc)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Asti Ester
Iruska Aquaduct female RE 52G (Duck adopted Chicago, IL)
Iruska Keenland male RE 52H (retired)
Iruska La Mesa female RE 52B
Iruska Oaklawn female RE 52D
Iruska Pimlico male RE 53E (Connor adopted Pittsburgh, PA)
Iruska Santa Fe female RE 52I (Fe adopted Pittsburgh, PA)
Iruska Saratoga male RE 52F (adopted Allentown, PA)

Iruska Solana female RE 52A

LE 12177 RE 52A

Amy Martin (NC)
Doobiesaurus (Madaket) female DOB 5/5/02
Sire: GR's Apollo and Dam: Gr's Olivia


Blondisaurus female RE 52C

Fergysaurus female RE 52E

Johnasaurus male RE 52D (Polo adopted living in PA)

Mollysaurus female RE 52B (adopted)

Veggiesaurus male RE 52G

LE 12169 RE 42G

Elisabeth Weinerman (AZ)

Onyx Star male DOB4/28/02

Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam Cimaron Star


Creed Star male RE 42C

Jagger Star male RE 42F (adopted)

Lucy Lue Star female RE 42A

Scooby Do Star female RE 42D (adopted)

LE 12109 RE 42E
Yumi Burnett (WA) KS,AZ
GM's Katie (Katie) female DOB 4/21/02
(NGA Owner: Gary Willis)
Sire: TV Chris Again and Dam: Yagottahaveheart
G's Dizzy male RE 42D
G's Mario male RE 42F
G's Mark male RE 42G (Mark adopted CO)
G’s Santo male RE 42A
G's Stitch female RE 42B (Stitch adopted AZ)
G's Swordfish male RE 42H

G's Wiggles female RE 42C (adopted CO)

LE 12107 RE 42C

Mary Ann Gallo MA, NH (MA)
Task Pure Panic (Brandi) female DOB 4/27/02
(NGA Owner: John Lelas III or Sharon C)
Sire: Task Williams To and Dam: Task Planepretty

Task Peace Plan female
Task Power Point female

LE 12091 RE 42F
Steven (Stavros) Phillips WI (Chicago IL)
Emerald Cents (Cents) female DOB 4/26/02
(NGA Owner: Emerald Kennels)
Sire: Gable Chevy and Dam: TS Terri
Buttermilk Terri female (adopted)
Emerald Dime female RE 42C (Dime adopted by Steven)
Emerald Dollar male
Emerald Nickel female (adopted)
Emerald Penny female
Emerald Quarter female

LE 12076 RE 121E

Susan Schrock FL/AL (NJ)
Legend Focus (Klaire) DOB 12/16/91

Sire: Seeinandbeinseen and Dam: Lovely Whisper

LE 12073 RE 42C

Kathy Claycomb (NY)
Chikage (Minimi) female DOB 4/23/02
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Keedra

Farshur female RE 42D
Jahm male RE 42B
Terst male RE 42A

LE 12057 RE 42A

Kelly Murphy AZ ( San DiegoCA)
Mocan Preview (Tessa Roo) female DOB 4/22/02
(NGA Owner: Rosemarie Nelson)
Sire: Mi Designer and Dam: Dreamin Again

Mocan Commander male
Mocan Cry Baby female
Mocan Della female
Mocan Hunter male RE 42C (retired)
Mocan Olympus female
Mocan Power male

LE 12051 RE 52D

Anne Pfaff CT (NC)
Bad Tisiphone (Penny) female DOB 5/1/02
(NGA Owner: Charles & Anne Pfaff)
Sire: Rage Of Fury and Dam: Bad Pokka Dottie


Bad Megaera female RE 52C

Crimsonwithfury female RE 52F

Flamesfurybrings female RE 52A

Fullofsoundnfury female RE 52G

Rageofthefuries male RE 52B (adopted living in ON)

Scourges Of Fury RE 52E

LE 12042 RE 42A

Janet Shaffer FL (ON)
System CS Buddy (Jet) male DOB 4/28/02
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)
Sire: System Carl and Dam: System Stellar

System CS Jasper male (adopted living in PA)
System Stel Hal male RE 42C (Hershey adopted by Curtis, Terri & Kaitlynn Lamm in Chappels, SC)
System Stel May

LE 11985 RE 42F

Terilyn Bradbury CO (WA)

Cents To Go (Penny) female DOB 4/15/02

Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Read Set Go

(NGA Owner: Helen Godby)


Casting A Spell male RE 42E (adopted by Munson family UT)

Go Go Pepe male RE 42A

Lets Go Blue male RE 42D

Kentucky Sweetie female RE 42G (adopted)

Ready Set Go Guy male RE 42C (adopted by Baker family UT)

Red Set Go male RE 42

LE 11909 RE 42C

Aaron Hicks AZ,MX (AZ)

Maze Cocodrillo (Coco) male DOB 4/23/02
(NGA Owner: Bill Rice or Kathleen Y Colli)
Sire: P's Skidway and Dam: Ole Ready Letsgo

Maze Benji male
Maze Delicada female
Maze Elephant male
Maze Foca female

LE 11865 RE 42C

Matt & Lisa Byczek WI (WI)
Styled Princess (Gracie) female DOB 4/21/02
(NGA Owner: John M Melillo or Kevin J Gresham)
Sire: Aimin By Design and Dam: Cool Cocktail

Greedy Grunt male
Hogans Ghost male
Zippin Adell female (Dell was adopted in OH, died 1/22/07)

LE 11862 RE 42A
Laurie Wlaz (PA) WV
Iruska Carpidiem (Carpe) female DOB 4/21/02
(NGA Owner: Riggins Racing Inc)
Sire: JB Junior B and Dam: Cee Bar Star
Iruska Done Deal male RE 42F
Iruska Get Back male RE 42B
Iruska Heatitup male RE 42C
Iruska Makemyday male RE 42G
Iruska Right On male RE 42E
Iruska Win Some male RE 42D (adopted)

Iruska You Bet male RE 42H

LE 11842 RE 42D

Debbie Willis (OH)
WV's Aurora (Aurora) female DOB 4/20/02
(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennel)
Sire: WV's Big Tyler and Dam: Fuzzys Predator


WVs Amma female

WVs Ansted male (retired)

WVs Asbury female RE 42E (adopted to M Albertson) DOD 5/6/06

WVs Ashton male

WVs Athens female (retired)

LE 11719 RE 42E

Cindy Christi FL (PA)
JC'S Red Storm (Storm) male DOB 4/7/02
(NGA Owner: Gulf and Bay Kennel)
Sire: Goldie's Henry and Dam: Rgs Hiawatha


Jcs Moon Spot male

Jcs Straw Boy male

Jcs Sun Blaze male

Jcs White Cloud female

Jcs Wind Rider female

LE 11649 RE 121E

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Ripley Lizzie Lou (Lizzie) DOB 12/2/91

Sire: Get Away Clean and Dam: Justa Love Pat

LE 11587 RE 42F

Gary Dunwell FL (NC)
Abita Ribbon (Gracie) female DOB 4/5/02
(NGA Owner: John J Bladen)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Abita Tasha

Abita Bows female RE 42A
Abita Guv male RE 42G
Abita Hacksaw male RE 42C
Abita Hummer male RE 42B (Hunter adopted in Kernersville NC)
Abita Tut male RE 42D (adopted in CT)
Abita Zoe female RE 42E

LE 11559 RE 42D

Wendie Johnson (WI)
Unnamed (Joe) male DOB 4/1/02
(NGA Owner: Lonny Geier & Jim Floyd)
Sire: GF's Davey and Dam: Make It Awesome

LG's Abbot male
LGs Adam male

LE 11528 RE 42G

Carol Macherey FL,AL (TN)
LNL Triple (Triple) female DOB 4/3/02
(NGA Owner: Ann Bollens)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Starshipexpress*

Lnl Double Play female RE 42D(Play adopted FL)
Lnl Grand Slam male RE 42E (Elvis adopted TN)
Lnl Hit and Run female RE 42F
Lnl Home Run female RE 42B
Lnl Lead Off male RE 42H

LE 11509 RE 32B

Trinity Smith (San Diego CA)

Notorious Polo (Polo) female DOB 3/2/02

Sire: Wds Secretariat and Dam: Wds Shantel


Notorious Busta male RE 32C (adopted)

Notorious Flexin male

LE 11474 RE 32B

Donna Supinger KS (CO)
Centanni (Bullet) male DOB 3/31/02
(NGA Owner: Clinton Blair)
Sire: Aclevercatch and Dam: Wrondoing

Available Bob male RE 32E (adopted CO)
Consider male RE 32D (adopted CO)
E D Hill female RE 32C (adopted)
Harrigan male RE 32F (Shadow adopted by David Greeno CO)
Lori Dhue female RE 32A

LE 11472 RE 32A

Melissa (foster mom) (IN)

VJG Que Tip (Que Tip) female DOB 3/24/02

(NGA Owner: Jason Gallagher)

Sire: Greys Frostbite and Dam: Cj Sassy Sis


VJG Kady Can female RE 32C (retired)

VJG Frosty Sis female RE 32B (retired)

LE 11446 RE 32C

Judy Wood CO (CO)
Ww Get Me a Visa (Pixie) female DOB 3/28/02
Sire: Banker's Express and Dam: Kiowa Day War

Ww Charge Card female RE 32D
Ww Express Card female RE 32A
Ww Wave Goodbye female RE 32F
Ww's Credit Card male RE 32G
Ww's Debit Card male RE 32E
Ww's Phone Card female RE 32B (Phoney adopted in MI)
Ww's Wild Card male RE 32H

LE 11417 RE 32A

Steven Finch MA, RI (NS)
PA's Talib (Shelby) male DOB 3/31/02
(NGA Owner: George Benjamin)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: PA's Bella

PA's Brad Faxon male
PA's Hanka male
PA's Mikenerica female
PA's Mumbles male
Pa's Tadan
Pa's Tali female
Pa'sTamor female

LE 11380 RE 32B
Debbie Hunseder (AZ) AZ
Its Not My Fault (Bee) female DOB 2/10/02
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Notwithstood
Available Credit female RE 32F (adopted)
Gone In a Wink female RE 32C (adopted)
Head Fake male RE 32E
Preacher Bob male RE 32A
Wayne's Choice female RE 32D

Willie Got Game male RE 32G

LE 11352 RE 32B

Carol Macherey FL (TN)
Dig This (Digger) male DOB 3/12/02
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Final Decision

(NGA Owner: Diane R or Paul Paulk)

High Return male RE 32D
Honest Touch female RE 32A
Never Been Alone male RE 32C
On the Beat male RE 32E
Wave of Emotion female RE 32F

LE 11336 RE 32C

Sarah Garrison AZ (San Diego CA)
Duckels (Legend) male DOB 3/24/02
(NGA Owner: Joseph M Bayus)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: J's Noid

Johnny Bay male
Tb Red Devil

LE 11304 RE 32H

Mike Yakimchuk IA (MAN)
Pk's Duke Master (Duke) male DOB 3/26/02
(NGA Owner: David Petzold)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: P's White Boots

Pk's Amazing male RE 32D
Pk's Bobbin Head male RE 32F
Pk's Complicated male RE 32B
Pk's Dilema male RE 32G
Pk's Dutchess female RE 32E
Pk's Try Again female RE 32C
Pk's U Can Do It male RE 32A

LE 11289 RE 22D

Vicky Gates FL (ON/FL)

Duke Mantee (Montee) male DOB 2/25/02 DOD 12/18/10

Sire: Colson Blue and Dam: Mammy Yokum

(NGA Owner: Bruce L Caldwell)


Akissisjustakiss female RE 22C

Key Largo King male RE 22E (Keylo adopted by Emily Meier, Atlanta GA)

Likebogienbacall male RE 22A

Onlymaninmylife female RE 22B

LE 11262 RE 32B

Madeline Stephenson KS (CO)
GS Safari (Safari) female DOB 3/17/02
(NGA Owner: Gary M or S L Willis)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Mary Galle

GS Molly female RE 32A

LE 11246 RE 32D

Dawn Aucoin FL (FL)
TD Gable Lola (Lola) female DOB 3/19/02
(NGA Owner: Patricia McGhee)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: SMA's Cullman

MC Razzle Dazzle female RE 32B (adopted living in Highland Park IL)
MC Union Jack male RE 32J
PM Dodge Chili female RE 32H
RC I'm Dodge female RE 32E
RC Just a Dodge male RE 32C
RP Dodge Cajun male RE 32F
TD Gable Isabell female RE 32G
TD Gable Oregano male RE 32A
Winnie Dodger female RE 32I (adopted by Friedman family?)

LE 11213 RE 32H
Erica Mueller (MA) MA

Kelso's Starship (Dinah) female DOB 3/15/02
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Kinsale Countess

(NGA Owner: O'Donnell)


Kelsos Andy Capp male RE 32E

Kelsos Apollo male RE 32C (Apollo adopted by Kyle Quandel Washington DC)

Kelsos Cintex male RE 32G (Logan adopted by Jason & Tonya Canada)

Kelsos Jellin female RE 32A

Kelsos Nicatnite female RE 32D

Kelsos Recourse female RE 32F

Kelsos Spacer female RE 32B

LE 11162 RE 32C

Kathy Dawson CO (CO)
Buds Quincyquick (Bud) male DOB 3/5/02
(NGA Owner: Huy Duong)
Sire: Pat C Dublin and Dam: Lr Lil Mink

Moosehead Brisco male RE 32D (retired)
Nicho male RE 32A (Nicho adopted)
Sitlollie female RE 32E (retired)

LE 11100 RE 111A

Arthur & Sharon Stefanski (Chesterton, IN)
Boxcarr Josie (Josie) male Whelped 11/15/91 DOD 1/9/00

Sire: Uncle Albert and Dam: PC's Bucky

(NGA Owner: Margaret Car)


Boxcarr Yankee female
Boxcarr Jake male (Adopted by the Stacy family in IN)
Boxcarr Jessy (Jessie DOD 8/16/01)

LE 11095 RE 32E

Liz Cohen FL (WarringtonPA)
Twilite Mary Fay (Shayna) female DOB 3/7/02
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Maryville Fay
Geant Me Ellie female (adopted)
Hoosier Daug male
Hoosier Daisy female

Twilite Autocrate male

LE 11062 RE 32A
Jackie Peckham (OH) WI
Shata Smokem (Random) male DOB 3/12/02
(NGA Owner: Clifford Smith)
Sire: San Tan Savage and Dam: Shata Nordic
Shata Savage male RE 32C
Shata Sultry female RE 32B

LE 11056 RE

Liz Bailey AZ
KKs Rocco? Male DOB 5/02

Sire: Grenade and Dam: KKs Gena

(NGA Owner: Kenneth or Kathleen Swetman)


KKs Don Jose male (white brindle)

KKs Dutchess female

KKs Garth male

KKs Karyn female

KKs Luke male (white brindle)

KKs Oneeye Jack male (white brindle)

KKs Rocco?? male RE 52D (adopted by Frank & Patti Caso CA)

LE 11010 RE

Kathy Malewicki (MA)
Blazing Eclipse (Macy) female DOB 3/7/02
(NGA Owner: Charles H Sabarty)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Blazing Intrigue


Blazing Courage male

Blazing Devonmale

Blazing Justin male

Blazing Libertymale

Blazing Rachel female

LE 10942 RE 32B

Harley and Judy Hazzard FL,AL (TN)
Greene Turtle (Turtle) male DOB 3/5/02
(NGA Owner: David K Cottle)
Sire: Oshkosh USA and Dam: CTW Quick Lee

Bruce's Tour female RE 32H
Huc's Miss USA female RE 32E
Huc's US Male male RE 32F
Pappoaintbruce female RE 32G
Pompous Josh male RE 32A
Tarheel Pride female RE 32C
USA's Quick Lee female RE 32D

LE 10918 RE 32E

Kate Eglseder NH (MD)
AKA Earl Green (Earl) male DOB 3/3/02
(NGA Owner: Michael Green)
Sire: Its Aclevercatch and Dam: Mind Reader

Aka Apache Green male RE 32A
Aka Boss Hogg female RE 32B
Aka Clint Green male RE 32C
Aka Don Green male RE 32D
Aka Green Grady male RE 32G
Aka Green Hoss male RE 32H
Aka Green Love female RE 32F

LE 10904 RE 111B

Sandra & Dave Wolven (Caistor Center, ON)

Hourglass Figure female DOB 11/11/91

(NGA Owner: Alvin Rink)

Sire: Kelsos Hot Rod and Dam: Knine Ambush

LE 10885 RE 32A

Ady Cerreta IA (FL)
Franchize Baxter (Baxter) male DOB 3/3/02
(NGA Owner: James Lovely)
Sire: Betty N Ed and Dam: Blue Tar

Franchize Bessie female
Franchize Billie female
Franchize Blue male
Franchize Bob male

LE 10861 RE 22C

Karin Blue FL (IN)
Rainbow Angel (Angel) female DOB 2/23/02
(NGA Owner: Ardis Reed)
Sire: Deuce's Wild and Dam: Moral Queen*

Browneyedqueenie female RE 22F (Curt & Tina Lamb)
Jim B Cardshark male RE 22E
Jim B King male RE 22B
Show Off Gil male RE 22G (Gil adopted in Yardley PA)

LE 10853 RE 22C

Steve Wasion FL (IL)
Wacky Patty (Patti) female DOB 2/27/02

(NGA Owner: S Lester Raines)

Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Oneco Smooch


Ivanavinlot male RE 22B (adopted)

Man From Wicklow male RE 22E (adopted in MI)

LE 10796 RE 22C

Kimberly Morgan TX (PA)

Ramons Armani (Armani) male DOB 2/27/02
(NGA Owner: Jose R Blanco Jr)
Sire: Fa Dell and Dam: Ramons Snowing

Ramons Chanel female
Ramons Fendi male
Ramons Gucci male
Ramons Lauren female
Ramons Valentino male
Ramons Prada male
Ramons Versaci male (adopted)

LE 10655 RE 22A

Terri Lee Tabasso KS (NJ)
Santa Fe Ramsey (Ramsey) male DOB 2/16/02
(NGA Owner: Steve D Nelson)
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Crown N Water


Snta Fe Ram Rod male

Santa Fe Fairy female

Santa Fe Finski female

Santa Fe Frosty female

Santa Fe Rodney male

LE 10636 RE 22E

Lori and Andrew Farr AZ,AR,AL (Chesterfield MI)
Gimme Threesteps (Gretchen) female DOB 2/13/02
(NGA Owner: Henry-Spillane Llc)
Sire: Extreme Heat and Dam: Tb Grant

And Yourpoint Is male RE 22A
Bringon The Heat male RE 22B (adopted in Nashville)
Everpresent female RE 22C
Happenin Now female RE 22D
Twentyfourkarat female RE 22F

LE 10619 RE 22D

Denise Moll RI,MA (VA)
Just Show Up (Tye) male DOB 2/2/02
Sire: Light Of Fire and Dam: Oneco Persnickty

Oneco Bikenstoc female
Oneco Jimmy Choo female RE 22A (adopted by Barbara Hollingsworth)
Oneco Oxfordmale

LE 10521 RE 81C

Erin Rooney FL (OH)
Sol Mia (Mia) female DOB 8/25/01
(NGA Owner: NJ Sherck)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Blazing Frontier

Blazin Bobby male RE 81B

LE 10513 RE 22B

DiAnne Bindl WI ( VeronaWI)
Cals Bingo (Bing) male DOB 2/7/02
(NGA Owner: Joseph E Calabro)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Cals Crackerjack

Cals Baccarat female RE 22B? (adopted in MI)
Cals Blackjack male
Cals Draw Poker male
Cals Keno King male
Cals Let It Ride female
Cals Roulette female

LE 10503 RE 22B

Sue Dery WV,FL (Hopkinton MA)

Kansas Whisk (Abby) female DOB 2/9/02

Sire: Flaming Glory and Dam: Kansas Tears


Kansas Way male RE 22A (adopted)

Kansas Whirlwind female RE 22F

Kansas Wicked female RE 22C

Kansas Wildfire male RE 22D

Kansas Windfall male RE 22E (adopted in KS)

LE 10431 RE 22D

Corey Sellers AL (AL)
When Will I Win (Jewel) female DOB 2/2/02

(NGA Owner: William L Lockhart or Christi)

Sir: Castor Troy and Dam: Time To Speed


Aloha Hawaii male RE 22B

I Have Issues female RE 22C

Its All About Me male

LE 10373 RE 22F

Shelley MacWhirter FL (ON)
Amazeme Kasco (Kasco) male DOB 2/3/02
(NGA Owner: Michael Jackson & Mickey L Hasty)
Sire: Mocan Speed and Dam: Skimar Giggles

Amazeme Dede female RE 22B
Amazeme Dena female RE 22E
Amazeme Elsie female RE 22G
Amazeme Haley female RE 22A
Amazeme Kitty female RE 22H
Amazeme Lou male RE 22D
Amazeme Moco male RE 22C
Amazeme Sally female RE 22I

LE 10370 RE 12D

Marie Richard (NH) MA
Go Stone Go (Flint) male DOB 1/13/02
(NGA Owner: Marie Richard)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Mark of Esteem

Mabel's Dream female RE 12G
Mable's Mark male RE 12E
On the Bean male RE 12C
Our Mabel D female RE 12A

LE 10355 RE 12C

Vicki Strykowski WI (IL)
Party's Over (Party) male DOB 1/26/02
(NGA Owner: Thomas Ferris)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Solar Bear

Cannon Ball female RE 12E
Dolly Madison female (adopted by Julie Dearmin NC)
Great Escapade female RE 12A
Legal Command male RE 12D (Haymaker adopted in Roanake VA)
Sexy as Ever female RE 12G (Sexy adopted MN)
She's Terrifying female RE 12B

LE 10350 RE 22B

Robin Wittner WI (MI)
Milo Stanley (Milo) male DOB male 2/4/02
(NGA Owner: Michael D Sutter)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Milo Cambri

Milo Rooster male
Milo Mr Ogle male

LE 10327 RE

Danyelle Ravell CT (NFLD)
Kelsos Aspen female (Denali) DOB 11/16/01
(NGA Owner: William O'Donnell Jr)
Sire: Kelsos Laird and Dam: Kelsos Kimmy

Kelsos Logo female
Kelsos Nualla female
Kelsos Phone Tap Female
Kelsos Whitey male
Kelsos Wilma female (Kelsey adopted by the Watts in Fredericton, NB)

LE 10293 RE 12E

Thomas Pantle (WY)
Evoni Mercedes (Sophie) female DOB 1/20/02
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Ab Jimbo Judy

Dada's Chucky male RE 12F
Keely Mc Kee female RE 12C
Nixons Benz male RE 12D (Buddy adopted in CO)

WD Willie Dean male RE 12A

LE 10283 RE 22B

Christopher Ward AL (NC)
Mongs Go Charge (Andretti) male DOB 2/1/02
(NGA Owner: Tim E Mong)
Sire: Arjo Pentree and Dam: Arjo Molly Spunk

Mongs Go Molly female RE22A
Mongs Go Fast male RE 22C

LE 10251 RE 12H

Chad Ward IA (CO)
Zinky (Cassidy) female DOB 1/23/02
(NGA Owner: Lawrence B Hamilton)
Sire: Big Zee and Dam: JB Sally Wag

Cadillac Zak male RE 12B
Chevrolet Zay male RE 12C
Zebber male RE 12D
Zeffer Zee male RE 12G
Zelta Zawn female RE 12E (adopted)
Zodiak Zeke male RE 12A
Zola Canola female RE 12F

LE 10215 RE 101F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

RPs Sallyfinn (Valentina) female DOB 10/1/91

Sire: Bushnell Mickey and Dam: Rogue River


RPs Hondofinn male

She Drops Bombs female

Tjs Hercules male

Volatile Stu male

Bushnella female

LE 10172 RE 12G

Carol Macherey MA,FL,AL (TN)
TJ's Horseshoe (Horseshoe) male DOB 1/22/02
(NGA Owner: Troy Wylie)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: TJ's Sweetpeach

Tj's Alladin male RE 12A
Tj's Bellagio male RE 12B
Tj's Binion male RE 12F
Tj's Circus female RE 12C
Tj's Mandalay male RE 12D
Tj's Venetian male RE 12E

LE 10167 RE 12E
Barbara Massa-Biroc (Toms River, NJ)
Purrforma (Riley) male DOB 1/20/02
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Gwynedd
Enders RE 12A male
Nachara RE 12G female
Nadira RE 12D female
Nycz RE 12F male

Kendrick RE 12C male

LE 10138 RE 12D

Jennifer Zanella CO (CO)
GS Dewey's Hogan (Hogan) male DOB 1/24/02
(NGA Owner: Gary or Sharon Willis)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: GS Jewel's Gem

GM's Early Foot female RE 12E
GS Allie female RE 12A
GS Briana female RE 12B
GS Chasity female RE 12C

LE 10127 RE91B

Becky Waldmann WI (WI)
Catmandoo Legend (Cat) male DOB 9/26/91
Sire: Oshkosh Weep and Dam: Lynndane

(NGA Owner: Sam Mitchell)


Cat N Around female
Cat Scratch female
Cat Tracks female
Fast Cat Hero male

LE 10123 RE 12A

Carrie & Matt Noar FL (IL)
Reward Terry (Blueberry) female DOB 1/20/02
(NGA Owner: Carl Ward)
Sire: My Mr Peabody and Dam: WW Line

Reward Peabodymale (adopted)
Reward Line female

LE 10072 RE 12C

Monica & Jim Pope CO (CO)
Nugget Natt (Niki) female DOB 1/12/02
(NGA Owner: R Feathers or Chester)
Sire: Bomb Threat and Dam: CB Sports Babe

Aint Got Jack female
Go Goetz Em female (adopted)
Kiki Is Mellow female
Mellow Carmello male
Proud Mustand male

LE 10058 RE 12E

Kelley Campbell NH (DE)
Mac's Olivia (Sarah) female DOB 1/14/02
(NGA Owner: MJP Kennel Inc)
Sire: SKE's Dixie Nick and Dam: Snow Bunny

Mac's Benny male RE 12D
Mac's Boyo male RE 12C
Mac's Helen female RE 12B

LE 10049 RE 12B

Susan Rogers IA (Clifton NJ)
Fresh N Sassy (Sasha) female DOB 2/7/02
(NGA Owner: Allyn L Shaw)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Chigger


Inspiron male RE 12A

Liquidator male RE 12F (adopted by Allison Corrigan)

Loaded For Bear male RE 12D (adopted by Susana Barrett, Boonsboro MD)

Pooches Gracias female RE 12E?

Shes On Her Toes female RE 12C

Youre Bluffin male RE 12G (adopted Boonsboro MD)

LE 10036 RE ?

Tonya James AZ (AZ)

Zillion Spots (Jaxon) male DOB 1/6/02

(NGA Owner: Joetta Vaughn)

Sire: Lord Dempsey and Dam: Anita G


Georgia Queen female

Milelong male

Bruno The Great male

Katrina Queen female

Patches male

J Fancy Pants female

Inkjets Black female

LE 02502 RE

Sue Groh (CO)
Chances R (Nelly) DOB 7/19/87 DOD 3/15/98

Sire: Neff Jones and Dam: Balanced Power

(NGA Owner: Robert Feathers)
Honest Jones
Balancing Act
Fine Adjustment
Iza Daffy
Iza Taffy
Stacked Deck
Wake Up Call
Who Got It


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