Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermates’ List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dog’s Race Name

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fyi…  American and Australian dogs’ LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogs’ LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)


LE 49975 RE 75B

Marla Miriam Meislin (WA)

Ole Request female
Sire: Eagles Quest and Dam: Electric Tracks

(NGA Owner: Gregory S Wood)

LE 49967 RE 39G
Jennifer Lee (PA) FL
Irish Lass (Irish) male DOB 3/31/09
(NGA Owner: David Robinette)
Sire: Kiowa Mon Manny and Dam: Chill Chill
Adventurous male RE 39I (adopted in TX)
Bee Bop Chick female RE 39D
Genuisindisguise female RE 39B
Jump N Jive female RE 39E
Morebars male RE 39H
Pongo Wonga female RE 39A (adopted Chicago IL)
Priority Priss female RE 39F
Toad U Sew female RE 39C

LE 49966 RE 39C
Diane Keith (IL) FL,AL
Eunice Bloom (Twiggy) male DOB 2/27/09
(NGA Owner: Charles Dobesh-Lessee)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Iron Butterfly
Boondock Saint male RE 39E
Det Greenly male RE 39A
Macmanusbrother male RE 39D
Paul Smecker male RE 39F

Spiritus Sancti male RE 39B

LE 49955? RE 75H

Jessica Muzzarelli (MI)
(Lightning) DOB 7/1/95

Sire: Fine Timing and Dam: Tahoe Granni


Tahoe Tammy female

LE 4993 RE

Cheryl Powell IA

Pats Robin (Blue) female DOB 4/22/91

Sire: AJ’s Robin and Dam: Laurie Thunder

(NGA Owner: Arthur J Reith)


WI Gizmo female

Donnas Robin female

Tonys Robin female

Ritas Robin female

Mary Robin female

John’s Robin male

Maxie Robin female

Stacy’s Robin female

LE 49922 RE 39B
Tammy-Lynn Terry (VA) FL
Bohemian Brittany (Brittany) female DOB 3/21/09
(NGA Owner: Joseph Trudden)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Bohemian Lemures

Bohemian Abe male RE 39A
Bohemian Drew D male RE 39D
Bohemian Fran female RE 39F (adopted Atlanta GA)
Bohemian Hays male RE 39H
Dairylands Dixie female RE 39E

LE 49909 RE 75E

Martha Abissi (Cape Cod, MA)

Phlash Andy (Andy) male Whelped 7/15/95
Sire: Panama Leo and Dam: Panama Fay

(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)


Leo's Buzz male

Leo's Daisy female

Leo's Farmer male

Leo's Jake male

Leo's Lois female

Leo's Moon female

Leo’s Patton male

Leo's Smoke male

Leo's Zeke male

Phlash Lady female

LE 49908 RE 75D

Michelle Kroh  (Villa Rica, GA)

Jakes Brooke (Seven of Nine) female Whelped 7/15/95

Sire: Star Lake Jake and Dam: Panama Lazy

(NGA Owner: JK Poff)

Jakes Barbie

Jakes Colen

LE 49860 RE 39E
Holly Miller (NJ) AL,FL
MB Cayden (Rory) male DOB 3/12/09
(NGA Owner: Brian Lewis)
Sire: MB Romeo and Dam: Flyin Cottonelle
MB Diva Girl female RE 39C (adopted FL)
MB Fire Fly male RE 39G
MB Lava Girl female RE 39A
MB Leila female RE 39B
MB Ocean Wave female RE 39F (adopted CA)

LE 49854 RE 39D
TK Jenkins (NC) FL
No Inflation (Bronto) male DOB 3/14/09
(NGA Owner: Larry Arnsberg)
Sire: EA's Itzaboy and Dam: JJ Johnson
Location male RE 39C
Operation male RE 39B
Top Ranked male RE 39F
Tough Task male RE 39A (Toby adopted FL)

LE 49839 RE 75E

Anne Thimm (VA)
(possibly) Easy's Annie (Annie) female DOB 7/11/95
Sire: Farmer Wilson and Dam: Easy's Mercedes


Easy’s Adayi female

Easy’s Adhama female

Easy’s Akida male

Easy’s Akiniyi female

LE 49838 RE 75C 

Leslie Carr MX (Huntington Beach, CA)
Easy's Adhimisha (Koi) female Whelped 7/9/95 

Sire: Voyager Two and Dam: Xadia

(NGA Owner: Julie Yearling Jr)
Easy's Abiye Male
Voyager Agent Male

LE 49813 RE 39B
Shirley Stadler (WI) AL, FL
Valaree (Val) female DOB 3/15/09
(NGA Owner: James Durelle Jackson)
Sire: Deerfield Site and Dam: Santa Fe Pauline
Spicybloodymary female RE 39F
Slowginfizz female RE 39A
Likeitwithpeach male RE 39C
Hammeredtight male RE 39E
Gotyourgoodeye male RE 39D (Goodeye adopted FL)
Broncs male RE 39G (Broncs adopted FL)

LE 49810 RE 39F
Laurie Smallman (MI) WV
Rico's Claret (Miss Kitty) female DOB 3/13/09
(NGA Owner: Ricardo Pacheco)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Gable Vermillion
Rico's Burgundy female RE 39D (adopted MI)
Rico's Magenta female RE 39E (adopted MI)
Rico's Scarlet female RE 39A (adopted MI)
Rico's Vermillion female RE 39B (adopted MI)
Rico's Vintage male RE 39G

LE 49808 RE 75A

Amy Wanken ND (Columbus, OH)

Nodak Eternity  (Emmett) male Whelped 7/9/95

Sire: Braddy and Dam: Candy Changer

(NGA Owner: M. Opp)


Nodak Guess

LE 49807 RE 75E  

Dolly (PA)

Pas Painted Star (Star Sarah) female DOB 7/7/95

Sire: Keota Bojangles and Dam: Jilted

(NGA NGA Owners: Pierre Amestroy)


Black Flash

Dark Flash

LE 49807 RE 29E
Anne McMillen (OH) FL,IA
Brandon Marshall (Mars Rover) male DOB 2/24/09
(NGA Owner: James E Blanchard Or Tammy C Edgar)
Sire: Kiowa Cruzechamp and Dam: Barts a la Mode
Channing Crowder male RE 29D
Jts Flo Jo female RE 29A
Jts Shakira female RE 29C
Ronnie Brown male RE 29B

Usain Bolt male RE RE 29G

LE 49806 RE 29B
Ruth Curtis (OR)
Magic Frito (Bree) female DOB 2/23/09
(NGA Owner: Haber Kennels Inc)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Magic Lucky Lady
Magic Cheeto female RE 29A
Magic Dorito male RE 29D
Majic Kettle female RE 29E
Magic Pretzel female RE 29C

LE 49785 RE 75B

Kevin Parker FL (MD)
My Pisces (Bleu) male DOB 7/1/95
(NGA Owner: Andrew H Cobb)
Sire: Iron Rail* and Dam: Senior Out

Original Choice

LE 49784 RE 29G
Allyson Van Voris (AZ)
Big Iz Better (Odin) male DOB 2/14/09
(NGA Owner: Cochran Greyhoundz LLC)
Sire: Super Lee and Dam: Pig Tailz
Black On Blak female RE 29D
Big Bullwinkle male RE 29E
Caddyzahog female RE 29 B or? C
Kinky Tailz female RE 29A
Supah Clean male RE 29F

Supah Realla female RE 29 B or? C

LE 49779 RE 75A

Sarah Boudreau (Nahua, NH)

Russell Thomas male DOB 7/7/95

Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: Hotline Dusty


Ty Law

LE 49768

Patrick & Tonya Mackey AZ (WA)
Crystal Lorene (Derby) female DOB 4/25/95

Sire: Pit Boss Paul and Dam: Macc Cody

(NGA Owner: Douglas Taylor or V Spinka)


Casino Pat male

Lenny Z male

Shakey Jake male

Sunrise Cody male

Sunshine Cody male

Zingy male

LE 49766 RE 75K

Harry Gefen NH (Toronto, ON)
E's Camille (Camille) female Whelped 7/3/95

Sire: Circus Chopper and Dam: Buxom Blonde

E's Awesome Chevy Male
E's Buxom Bobbi Female
E's Buxom Lacey Female
E's Dandy Male
E's Demi Moore Female
E's Hot Summer Female
E's Simon Male
E's Skalawag Male (found)
E's Wild Joker Male
E's Chopper Male
E's Rusty Male

LE 49759 RE 65F

Sylvia Kivley (NH)

Coffee Maker (Coffee) Male Whelped 6/26/95

Sire: JK's Blue Cougar and Dam: Kathy's Coffee

(NGA NGA Owners: Haven D Williams & B J Hickman)

LE 49701 RE 75C

Sandy Adler (South FL)
Hydro Calvin (Calvin) DOB 7/8/95

Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Jolly Tamale
Hydro Aerial
Hydro Debra
Hydro Flash
Hydro Glen
Hydro Hondo
Hydro Racey (Racey adopted by June Fan)

LE 49675 75D

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
Sr's Music (Music) female DOB 7/95
Sire: HB's Prince Red and Dam: Black History

Precision Strike male
Sr's Duke male RE 75G (adopted David Wolfe (Penny)
Sr's Jana female
Sr's Juice
Sr's Richard

LE 49623 RE 29J
Elizabeth Jenner (MN)
O Ya Peaches (Peaches) female DOB 2/15/09
(NGA Owner: Gary W Reichert)
Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: O Ya Sky Rocket
O Ya Shayna female RE 29I (adopted MI)
O Ya Rowdy male RE 29E
O Ya Minnie female RE 29H
O Ya Mighty male RE 29B
O Ya Lonestar male RE 29F
O Ya Hard Rock male RE 29A
O Ya Hard Drive male RE 29D (Driver adopted FL)
O Ya First Klaes male RE 29C
O Ya Brock male RE 29D

LE 49596 RE 75C

Nanette McClary  (Hemlock, NY)
Sly Loyal Gibson 7/4/95

Sire: Me Sompin and Dam: Cheyenne Foxy

(NGA Owner: Gary L Scott)

LE 49565 RE 78C

Rick & Janet Kumpon (NY) WVA

LK's Clever Too (Mickey) male DOB 7/4/08

NGA Owner: Larry Clever

Sire: Brett's Tuby Boy and Dam: Quick Release


LK's Clever Boy male RE 78A

LK's Clever Won female RE 78D

LK's Clever Icon female RE 78E (retired)

LE 49506 RE 109A

Tuke Tukes (CO)

Jimbo Jumper (Jumper) female DOB 1/29/09

Sire: Flying Hydrogen and Dam: Jimbo Storm


Jimbo Lion female RE 109B

LE 49486 RE 19D
Karen Kidwell (CA) FL
P D Dark Express (Revy) male DOB 1/27/09
(NGA Owner: C Don Godby)
Sire: Deerfield Site* and Dam: QT
P D Dark Benjamin male RE 19C
P D Dark Dan male RE 19B
P D Dark Shelby female RE 19A
P D Dark Danger male RE 19E

LE 49480 RE 19F
Chelsea Ruzzo (CT) FL
HM's Burnin Red (Red) male DOB 1/12/09
(NGA Owner: Heather Morgan Currid)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: HM's Cherokee
HM's Obsession female RE 19E
HM's Rave On female RE 19D
HM's Red Velvet female RE 19C
HM's Scarlet Red female

HM’s Burnin Sam male

LE 49476 RE 19D
Jenny Alber (CA) FL
TK Ares (Ares) male DOB 1/16/09
(NGA Owner: Marty Tanner)
Sire: TK Quick Strike and Dam: KB's Bonita
Crs Bartz Man male RE 19G (adopted DE)
Crs Benny Bat male RE 19H
Crs Enclave male RE 19B
Crs Pickles female RE 19I (Wilma adopted IN)
TK Apollo male RE 19C (Apollo adopted MD,DE)
TK Hades male RE 19E
TK Hestia female RE 19F

LE 49445 RE 19D
Claude and Melissa Foley (AZ)
Gil male DOB 1/18/09
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Speedball Win

Manzanilla male RE 19B
Cerignola female RE 19H
Gaeta female RE 19A
Kalamata female RE 19I
Nicoise female RE 19F (Eva adopted Orlando FL)

Sicilian male RE 19E

LE 49426 RE 19B
Patricia Santanello (OH) FL
Mo's Hutch (Hutch) male DOB 1/7/09
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Runningboard
Beyonce female RE 120E (adopted FL)
Crockett male RE 120C (adopted FL)
Starski male RE 120A (adopted OH)
Mo’s Tibbs male RE 120D (adopted OH)

LE 49425 RE 19E
Bethany Wenger (TN) FL
SJ's Bella (Leela) female DOB 1/6/09
(NGA Owner: James Zawisa)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: M's Elizabeth
Ethel's Pick female RE 19K (Hope adopted FL)
SJ's Black I Gal female RE 19L
SJ's Bomber male RE 19B
SJ's Cruiser male RE 19D
SJ's Duster female RE 19H
SJ's Eagle male RE 19C (adopted AL)
SJ's Molly female RE 19I
SJ's Queenie female RE 19G
SJ's Redbone male RE 19A
SJ's Shadow female RE 19F
SJ's Tammy Girl female RE 19J

LE 49418 RE 65G  (KY)

Jennifer Watkins

Twilight Muppet (Nadia)

LE 49396 RE 19A
Marie Josee Bourdages (QC) FL
BB's Tia (Shenzi) female DOB 1/9/09
(NGA Owner: Bobby Joe Parker)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: BD's Ginger
BB's Tabatha female RE 19E
BB's Taffy female RE 19F (Maddie adopted MI)
BB's Tara female RE 19B (adopted MI)
BB's True Star female RE 19C
BB's Tut male RE 19D (adopted IL)

LE 49387 RE 65B

Anielia Eaden KS (MO)
JM Big Swiss (Sam) male DOB 6/22/95
(NGA Owner: Mary Howard)
Sire: Pecos Rattler and Dam: Elegant Savannah


ES Tune

JM Adventure male

JM Tootsie female

JM Toto

JM Twilite female

Sb Chantillylace female

LE 49373 RE

Meredith E Pickering (Cape Cod, MA)

Ico Dustin (Dustin) male Whelped 9/21/87

Sire: GHs Gator and Dam: Country Bargain

(NGA Owner: Bobby J Harlan)
Ico Miss female

LE 49370 RE 19G
Wendy Fortenberry  (AL) AL
Hercule Poirot (Dympsey) male DOB 1/22/09
(NGA Owner: Donald Grissom)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Bingo Gal
Hustle male RE 19F (adopted by Wendy Fortenberry AL)
College Girl female RE 19A
Dopey male RE 19D
Hilo male RE 19B
Molokai male RE 19E (Monokai adopted TN)
Passionate Pride female RE 19C (Elle adopted TN)

LE 49366 RE 65J

Roz D

Sports Empire (Chundo) male Whelped 6/22/95

Sire: Sports Showcase and Dam: Sports Cougar


Eye of The Tiger

Sports Concept

Spors Fever

Willed To Win

LE 49349 RE 19E
Joy Rogers (MA) FL
PMS Primadonna (Maddie) female DOB 1/8/09
(NGA Owner: Paula Balakas or Mary Sharo)
Sire: JB Junior B and Dam: Taps Lucky Brand
PMS Oh No male RE 19F (Apollo adopted NC)
PMS Princess female RE 19G (Princess adopted MI)
Pms Puffy female RE 19D
Pms Vic Tim male RE 19C (Rider adopted MI)

Pms Vic Tom male RE 19EA

LE 49343 RE 128G
Maria (MS) FL
My Zafira (Zafira) female DOB 12/26/08
(NGA Owner: Andres R Silveira)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: U Missed It
Champ By Design male RE 128A
Lovetorun male RE 128B
My Blue Sapphire male RE 128D
My Zenyatta female RE 128C (Zenyatta adopted LA)
Prince of Persia male RE 128E (adopted LA)

Solomon male RE 128F (retired)

LE 49333 RE 19E
Julie Wojcik (ON) FL
PD Dark Winonah (Wynonna) female DOB 1/7/09
Sire: Flying Hydrogen and Dam: Ringofame
PD Dark Bonnie female RE 19D (adopted FL)
PD Dark Cloud female RE 19A (Nimby adopted MA)
PD Dark Day female RE 19C
PD Dark Force male RE 19B
PD Dark Ivy female RE 19F
PD Dark Madelyn female RE 19G

LE 49329 RE 65B

June & Barrett Walker

Ultra Silver (Cleopatra) female DOB 6/22/95

(NGA Owner: Craig Reynolds)

Sire: EF’s RZ Man and Dam: Contessa's Day


Blue Malibu male RE 65C

Bookem Dan male RE 65A

LE 49268 RE 65F

Pauline  & Kevin Bernoski (NY)
P's Ban Tee (Ban Tee) male DOB 6/6/95 DOD 5/7/05
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Buzz By

P's Bay Star female
P's Banlea male (adopted)

P’s Ban Ray male
P's Bella female
P's Bobbi Bee female

LE 49255 RE 128B
Christine Saska-Cole (ON) AL
CTW Curb Service (Sally) female DOB 12/23/08
(NGA Owner: David R Peck)
Sire: CTW Time Table and Dam: CTW Upper Hand
CTW Cultureshock female RE 128D
CTW Curb Appeal female RE 128A (Appeal adopted ON)
CTW Curlicue female RE 128C (Riley adopted GA/FL)
CTW Custom Line female RE 128E

LE 49238 RE 65C

Jayne & Bill Baldwin (Hamilton, ON)
Kobay Richard (Richard) male DOB 6/14/95

Dam: Flying Wings and Sire: Terry Waite

(NGA Owners: Kobay Kennels)
Kobay Gary (adopted by Michelle & Vince Moore Buffalo, NY)
Kobay Gibson
Kobay Mary female RE 65G (Marley adopted by Emily Boling-Griffen Birmingham)

Kobay Mike
Kobay Tony
Kobay William

LE 49228 RE 128B
Norah Jones (NJ) WV
WV’s Twiggs (Twiggy) female DOB 12/19/08
Sire: Dodge by Design and Dam: Charming Blair
WV’s Talcott male RE 128F (Talcott adopted NJ)
WV’s Tally Ho female RE 128C (Tallly adopted NJ)
WV’s Thacker male RE 128D male (Thacker adopted NJ)
WV’s Tipton male RE 128A (Tipton adopted NJ)
WV’s Triplett male RE 128E (Triplett adopted NJ)

LE 49225 LE 128G
Melissa Richards (NS) FL
Leverage (Chumley) male DOB 12/9/08
(NGA Owner: D Burk Jr or Gene Butler)
Sire: Maryville Rumble* and Dam: Cabriole
Acquisition male RE 128C
Admiral male RE 128E
Bureaucrat male RE 128I
Clout female RE 128F
Gossip female RE 128A
Overlord male RE 128J (adopted MI)
Rumor female RE 128H
Whirl female RE 128B (Spiffy adopted TX)

LE 49217 RE 65D

Heather Powers CT (MS)
QV Cassie Jo (Cassie) female DOB 6/95
Sire: Greenane Slippy and Dam: Joey D Flity?

Penrose Celenia RE 65C (Weenie adopted by Heather Powers)

Penrose Quentin ?

Rds Flyer ?

LE 49215 RE 128B
Lorna Hooley (ON) AL
Poppops Gina (Gina) female DOB 12/24/08
(NGA Owner: Bandwaggin Racing LLC)
Sire: Hallo West Acre and Dam: S Go Racey Rumor
Poppops My Boss male RE 128A

Poppops Pickles female RE 128C

LE 49211 RE 128A
Tracey Parfect (ON) WV
Mohican Trey Tot (Aspen) female DOB 12/20/08
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kiowa Applejuice
Mohican Trey Tee female RE 128D (adopted NY/PA )
Mohican Trey Tel female RE 128B
Mohican Trey Tom male RE 128H
Mohican Trey Tim male RE 128G
Mohican Trey Toy female RE 128E
Mohican Trey Tri female RE 128C (adopted NY/PA)
Mohican Treytrey male RE 128F

LE 49209 RE 128B
Donna McGonagle (PA) FL
Big Head Mike (Mickey) male DOB 12/12/08
(NGA Owner: Haber Kennels)
Sire: Flying Hydrogen and Dam: Magic Tearemup
Freddy Krueger female RE 128A
Little Einstein male RE 128E
Mr Hot Pepper male RE 128D (Pepper adopted MO)
Snap a Heel female RE 128C

LE 49189 RE 65D

Cynthia Wilber MA (MD)
Aljo Garnett (Monty) male DOB 6/14/95
Sire: M's Jake's Light and Dam: Patty Benjamin

(NGA Owner: Aljo Kennel)

Aljo Been Jammin male RE 65F
Aljo Ginger female RE 65C
Aljo Highlighter female RE 65B
Aljo Patty Jake female RE 65A

LE 49176 RE 128D
Kate Hathaway (MA) FL
Rovers Backlash (Ashley) female DOB 12/19/08
(NGA Owner: Tony Roventini)
Sire: Boone's Fishnkid and Dam: Bohemian Shindig
Krusen Bye female RE 128C
Left Turn Holly female RE 128H
Rovers Atlantis female RE 128F (adopted)

LE 49168 RE 128H
Debra DeNearing (PA)
Smoo’s Heady (Xing xing) male DOB 12/6/08
Sire: Heart Rumble* and Dam: JNB Romy
Iola Alena female RE 128F
Iola Lupita female RE 128C
Smoo’s Arthurash male RE 128A
Smoo’s Beacon female RE 128B (adopted PA)
Smoo’s Ditto male RE 128D
Smoo’s Edition male RE 128E
Smoo’s Gazelle male RE 128G

LE 49163 RE

Kim  (Belmont, MA)

TJ Zorabell 

Sire: Outtacontrol Cat and Dam Speed Jet
Tj Benjamin
Tj Megan Rose
Tj Scott Jarvis
Tj Scottwilldoit
Tj Septembereddi

LE 49161 RE 65B & RE 65A

Andy Terveer WI

Flying Spades (Spades) male DOB 6/9/95

Sire: Flying Viper and Dam: Greenwood Ace

(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)


Flying Clubs female RE 65A (Clubbie dopted by Andy Terveer)

Flying Hearts female

LE 49160 RE 128F
Jill Mazzei (CA) AZ
Lk's Dallas (Dahlia) female DOB 12/16/08
(NGA Owner: William Lockhart)
Sire: Clappin Thunder* and Dam: Sooner Redeemer
Lk’s Buffalo male RE 128G
Lk’s Charlotte female RE 128B
Lk’s Cincinnati female RE 128A
Lk’s Minneapolis female RE 128E
Lk’s Pittsburgh female RE 128D

Lk’s Seattle female RE 128C

LE 49127 RE 65E

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield MI)
Good Luck Jimmy (Wile) male 6/11/95

Sire: WestPark Dive On* and Dam: Nasty News
Brazen Brook male
Codey's Hurcules male
Legends Stich female
Mr Mojo Risin male
Mr T Bear male
Shania's Legend female
Smidge Is It female
Wild Springs female
Your Chance male

LE 49101 RE

John & Beth Bertram (Portland, OR)
MPS Patches male DOB 6/1/95

Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: MPS Roxeann
(NGA Owner: Myrtle I Piper)
MPS Justjessie female

LE 49095 RE 128D
Michael Velesz (VA) FL
CL Beautifulflow (Caoimhe) female DOB 12/6/08
(NGA Owner: Fred Byron Currid)
Sire: Flying Hydrogen and Dam: Schofiled Breeze*
Cl Beautifuldawn female RE 128I
Cl Executivelady female RE 128E (Lady adopted VA)
Cl Rock Copper male RE 128B
Cl Special Gal female RE 128A
Cl Star Prize female RE 128G

LE 49068 RE 128A
M.A. Joseph (ON) FL
CL Nite Star (Azi) female DOB 12/1/08
(NGA Owner: Charles Lusco)
Sire: Flying Hydrogen and Dam: WW’s Countintime
CL Double Punch male RE 128B
CL Power Punch male RE 128E

LE 49052 RE 118E
Kara Robinson (OR) FL
Red Mt Mania (Red) male DOB 11/30/08
(NGA Owner: David Robinette)
Sire: Iruska All Star and Dam: Reaching My Peak
Horton Who male RE 118G (deceased)
Below Deck female RE 118B
Never Backs Down female RE 118D
Pivot Point male RE 118I
Sagebrush Savy female RE 118A
Side Tracked male RE 118F
Sno Patrol female RE 118C
What Fore male RE 118H

LE 49042 RE 65B
Jason Wolfe
PJ's Peppy Gal (Peppy) female 6/17/95

(NGA Owner: Paul J Margritis)
Sire: Greenane Slippy* and Dam: PJ's Blazing Gal

PJ's Slippy Gal female

LE 49037 RE 799?

Mary Beauvais WI (WI)

Hasty Tasty (Sassy) male DOB 6/19/05

(NGA Owner: Roger T Barr)

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Tupelo Image


Beach Ball female

Midnight Radio Female

Wurlitzer Won male

Driving Force female

Mallalieu Barbie female

LE 49019 RE 118I
Felicia Fuller (WV) WV
Rico's Benharper (Tut) male DOB 11/24/08
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Myokie Flame
Rico's Abbey female RE 118E
Rico's By A Nose female RE 118A
Rico's Flame female RE 118B
Rico's Flathead male RE 118H (adopted VA)
Rico's Penske male RE 118D (Penske adopted Witchita, KS)
Rico's Sarkin It female RE 118F
Rico's Bob Marley male RE 118C

Rico's Tignanello female RE 118G

LE 48999 RE 65A

Patricia Bufano WV,FL (PA)
Cyber Rocket (Rocket) male DOB 6/5/95

(NGA Owner: Horton’s Greyhounds)
Sire: DLB'S John Taylr and Dam: Little Firefly

Cyber Cycle male RE 65C

Cyber Czar male RE 65D

Cyber Optic male RE 65F

Cyper Scanner male RE 65E

Old Bailey male RE 65B

LE 48994 RE 65B

Cheryl & Stan Rybolt FL (Pekin IL)

Mr. Chevy Blazer (Blazer) male DOB 6/12/95

(NGA Owner: RJ Ward or R Dion)

Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: Terri Terrific


Black Ferrari female

Cherokee Gal female

Dodge Dakota male

Geo Storm male

Miss Aires female

Miss Harley female

Sunny Eclipse female

LE 48969 RE 118F
Lawrence Weinberger (PA)
Wv's Ramage (Carbon) female DOB 11/10/08
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Kelsos Ladyastor
Wv's Radcuff male RE 118D (adopted NJ)
Wv's Rand male RE 118B (adopted NJ)
Wv's Ranson male RE 118A (Jelcic Family of Massapequa Park, NY)
Wv's Redjacket female RE 118E (adopted NJ)
Wv's Reedyville female RE 118C (adopted NJ)

LE 48944 RE 118B
Lisa Blechle (IA) FL
Kiowa Dragonfire (Dragon) male DOB 11/13/08
(NGA Owner: B Dalton or P O'Donnell)
Sire: Dragon Fire and Dam: Kay V Tafoya
Kiowa Dragon Dan male (adopted  IN)
Kiowa Dragon Kay female
Kiowa Dragon Boy male

LE 48907 RE 65A

Sarah Peak FL
Spirit O Bratman (Eliot) Male Whelped 6/10/95

Sire: Bowman Harry Dam: Vamoose Kid (Brat adopted by Glory Jacumin)

(NGA Owner: Charron M Hatfield)
Spirit O Bingo Female
Spirit O Patch Female

LE 48886 RE65?

Lisa Swartz

Pam’s Dacia female DOB 6/95

Sire: Purchase Rule and Dam: Buck River Maria


Black Virgil male

Count Stichy male

Major Rule male

LE 48860 RE 117G
Lynn Bierhaus (IL) IA,FL
Jax Rein Dance (Rainy) female DOB 11/18/07
(NGA Owner: Michael A Jackson)
Sire: Cragie Whistler and Dam: Brother's Buzz
Jax Badboyboogie male RE 117C
Jax Licky Licky female RE 117H (retired)
Jax Pennypinchin female
Jax Razzietazzie female

Jax Scooteralong (Jax adopted IL)

LE 48854 RE 88F
Nancy Murphy (MA) FL
Bohemian D Frank (Frank) male DOB 8/26/08
(NGA Owner: Bradley J Holomek)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Bohemian Samba
Bohemian D Dan male RE 88D
Bohemian D Eve female RE 88E
Bohemian D Gail, female RE 88G
Bohemian D Howie male RE 88H
Bohemian Dcarlos male RE 88C
Curlylue female RE 88B (Curlylue adoped FL)

LE 48853 RE 108C
Cathren Stewart (TX)
Jit Cool Breeze male RE 108C
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Jit Aero Design
Jit Lightening female RE 108A (Lightening adopted TX)
Jit Thunder male RE 108B (Thunder adopted TX)

LE 48822 RE 55A

Kelly Lotze FL (MI)
Forbes Avalon (Avalon) female DOB 5/27/95
(NGA Owner: Forbes Kennel Inc)
Sire: Velvet Dutchman and Dam: Vogue Cameo

Forbes Beaumont  male
Forbes Boluxi  male
Forbes Kittyhawk female
Forbes Nogales female
Forbes Phoenix female
Forbes San Diego female
Forbes Tortuga  female

LE 48812 RE

Kate Shue
Iruska Aquarius female Whelped 6/5/95
Sire: Kayak Kez and Dam: Iruska Spirit

Iruska Aries

LE 48801 RE 108B
Rachael Parrow (IN) AL
Poppops Isabella (Isabella) female DOB 10/5/08
(NGA Owner: Bandwaggin Racing llc)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: KB's Red Lady
Southern Cody male RE 108C (Cody adopted MI)
Southern Deter male RE 108D
Southern Ely male RE 108E
Southern Flame male RE 108F (Flame adopted LA/MS)
Southern Gallo male RE 108G

LE 48763 RE 108C
Pam Peyton (KY) AR
T's Sloppy Joe (Sloppy Joe) male DOB 10/26/08
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Our Sammi
Flying Sammi female RE 108F
T's Senorita female RE 108A (adopted FL)
T's Shockwave female RE 108E
T's Slim Shady male RE 108D (adopted KY/IN)
T's Slug Gun female RE 108B

LE 48742 RE 108C
Judy O'Data (PA) IA,WV
Pascal My Boy (Pascal) male DOB 10/21/08
(NGA Owner: David Robinette)
Sire: Flying Hydrogen and Dam: Simply Pure
Code Runner female RE 108E
Perry Winkle male RE 108D
Point To Ponder male RE 108A (Stan adopted  MI)
Prominent Posey male RE 108B (JD aka John Doe adopted ON)
Pure Delight female RE 108F

LE 48739 RE

Julia Sayre AZ
Jagr Bear (Baran) male DOB 5/21/95

Sire: King Kev and Dam:  Miss Kristie Lee

Cheetah Lee Female
Bo Black Male
Tom Tom Lehman Male

LE 48705 RE 35C

Meredith & Jess Holderbaum MA (MA)

Rancho Stretch (Stretch) male DOB 3/21/95

(NGA Owner: Andrew Powell)

Sire: Rancho Chip and Dam: Free Falon


Rancho Denaro

Rancho Quickstop female?

Rancho Shabazz female?

Rancho Shooter female?

LE 48692 RE 65E

Therese Skinner KS (MO)
Whispering Beaut (Jackie) female Whelped 6/6/95

Sire: Come Home Jackie and Dam: DP's Lily Cannon


Getum Black Onyx male

Getum Dan Turner male

Getum MaxineMax female

Getum Miss Eva female

Getum Our Erma female

Getum Sue Ellen female

LE 48688 RE 108C
Lana Brammann (WA) TX
Jean's Comet (Comet) male DOB 10/8/07
(NGA Owner: Heather Weir)
Sire: RA Blazer and Dam: Whoop De Doo
Jean’s Cheeky female RE 108B
Jean’s Rambo male RE 108A
Jean’s Rusty male RE 108G

Jean’s Soul female RE 108D

48660 RE 108D
Leslie Kanfer (FL)
WW Big Madeline (Brooklyn) female DOB 10/1/08
(NGA Owner: Julia Ward)
Sire: Viewer's Guide and Dam: WW's Pina Colada
WW's Big Mojo male RE 108B
WW’s Monique female RE 108A
WW’s Monkey male RE 108E

WW’s Monsoon male RE 108C

LE 48646 RE 88B
Deidre Witkowski (MA) FL
Cry Marion (Marion) female DOB 8/23/08
Sire: Gable Oscar and Dam: Keeper Closer
Cry Adrian female RE 88C
Cry Brian male RE 88G
Cry Chester male RE 88E
Cry Felix male RE 88F
Cry Rudi female RE 88D
Cry Ryane female RE 88A

LE 48625 RE

Lynne Peters

Smoo's Bobbit Whelped 5/24/95

Sire Smoo's Mr. Tibbs and Dam JSR Trak Hooker


Smoo’s Apache male

Smoo’s Comanche male

Smoo’s Lisa female (Lisa adopted by Elaine Irwin)

Smoo’s Manthis male

Smoo’s Shoshone male RE 55D (adopted Penny)

Smoos Wild Thing female RE 55E (adopted Penny)

LE 48550 RE 65C

Nancy & Scott Lassiter (Anderson, SC)
Mo Tivator male DOB 7/5/95

Sire: Tj's badtothebone and Dam: Jd's Darlin

(NGA Owner: Tara S Bush)
Mo's Renegade (Zoey adopted by Bess Erhardt)
Mo Fo Me Mo Fo U female
Mo Prophecy male
Mo's Admonition male
Mo's Benevolent male
Mo's Dustin male
Mo's Unlimited female

LE 48531 RE 108D
Jason Hancock (NC) AL,FL
Doitformerita (Rita) female DOB 10/1/08
(NGA Owner: Lewis & Ryder Racing LLC)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Gotcha Bobbi Jo
Doitformechucky male RE 108C (Chucky adopted by Jason Hancock, NC)
Doitformeabby female RE 108A (adopted FL)

LE 48488 RE 98F
Allyson Van Voris (AZ) AR
Koyote Truck (Jasper) male DOB 9/25/08
(NGA Owner: Bobby Whitehead)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Lil Dancing Doll
Koyote Tractor male RE 98D
Koyote Terri female RE 98C
Koyote Tess female RE 98E

Koyote Tina female RE 98A

LE 48412 RE 98F
Pam Young (CA) MX
Holland Lydia (Lydia) female DOB 9/13/08
(NGA Owner: Rick Bartley)
Sire: Deerfield Site* and Dam: Holland Huntress
Holland Lacey female RE 98A (Lacey adopted CA)
Holland Louise female RE 98G

LE 48377 RE 98G
Melanie Thomas (FL) AR
Itsa Sweet Thing (Sweetie) female DOB 9/14/08
(NGA Owner: Mavis Olsen)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Rocking Jade
Crying Jade female RE 98H
Drifting Dora female RE 98F
Itsa Cry Baby female RE 98E
Itsa Cryin Shame male RE 98B
Joslyns Rocking female RE 98D
Lonesome Brad male RE 98C
Lonesome Wine female RE 98I
Rocking Cry female RE 98A

LE 48305 RE 98C
Jodie Ishihara (ON) AL
Astar Royalsport (Sport) male DOB 9/4/08
(NGA Owner: John E Or Gail A Shook)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Greys Royal Maid
Astar Royalstorm female RE 98I (Storm adopted by Jodie Ishihara, ON)
Astar Royalview female RE 98J
Astar Royalblast male RE 98D
Astar Royalchamp male RE 98B (Champ adopted Chicago, IL)
Astar Royalchase female RE 98G
Astar Royaldevil male RE 98A (Royal adopted Nashville, TN)
Astar Royaldream female RE 98E
Astar Royallover female RE 98H (Star adopted NC or SC)

Astar Royalmover female RE 98F

LE 48238 RE 55A

Candy Beck CO & WI (Albuquerque, NM)
Doc Blue (Doc Blue) male DOB 5/14/95

Sire: Doc Blakey and Dam: Petty Patty

(NGA Owner: Douglas Fickett)


Sak Irish RE 55I (adopted Joanne Hurd)

LE 48225 RE 55D
Joni Guldenpfennig
Pa's Samtex (Ace) 5/19/95

Sire: Shindig Sam and Dam: Gumtex

LE 48222 RE 88F

Marissa Page WVA (ONT)

Rico's Angie (Angie) female DOB 8/30/08

(NGA Owner: Ricardo Pacheco)

Sire: Flying Stanley* and Dam: Flying Mona Bale


Rico's Wanda female

Rico's Bob Nash male RE 88G

Rico's Phillip male RE 88B

Rico's Sandra female

Rico's Whitwell male

LE 48211 RE 88C
Cathy Munro (WA)
Wayne's Scooter (Scooter) female DOB 8/25/08
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Expert Advice
Wayne’s Blob male RE 88D
Wayne’s Show male RE 88B
Wayne’s Sportie female RE 88A
Wayne’s Spottie male RE 88F
Wayne’s Tornadao male RE 88G
Wayne’s Windup male RE 88E

LE 48210 RE 55B

Christine Larsson (BC)
TJ's Rio (Rio) female DOB 5/14/95
(NGA Owner: J Fischer, T Hollar, T Scroggins?)
Sire: Joe's Rule and Dam: Iowa Betty


TJ’s Flamingo female

TJ’s Luxor male

TJ’s Mirage male

TJ’s Riviera female

TJ’s Showboat male

TJ’s Excaliber female

TJ’s Stardust male

TJ’s Tropicana female

LE 48188 RE 88D
Brittany Burnett (PA) IA,FL
Rooftop Gold (Auggie) male DOB 8/24/08
(NGA Owner: James L Potter)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Rooftop Lila
Rooftop Bronze female RE 88E (Mia adopted MI)
Rooftop Copper male RE 88C
Rooftop Nickel female RE 88B (Nikki adopted GA)
Rooftop Silver male RE 88A

LE 48172 RE 55B

Tonya Smith FL (IN)
OJ Vendetta (Vinnie) male Whelped 5/11/95

Sire: Mi Designer (died) and Dam: OJ Kickin Bird
(NGA Owner: Dick Figurilli or Ronald J Sack)

OJ Azz Izz male
OJ Chaos Control male (Adopted in Fort Wayne, IN)
OJ Dataway to go male
OJ Ono Jo    female
OJ Smokin Gun male
OJ Traituer female
OJ Unleashed male
OJ Wong Play male

LE 48064 RE 78D
Elise Portale (CA) AZ
Mohican Mink Mix (Mink) female DOB 7/6/08
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Heart Rumble* and Dam: Kiowa Mysticmink
Mohican Mink Mae female RE 78A
Mohican Mink Mel male RE 78G
Mohican Mink MM male RE 78F
Mohican Minkmink female RE 78C
Mohican Minkmost female RE 78B

Mohican Mink Man male RE 78E

LE 48032 RE 88C
Darlene Wilson (QC) FL
KM Mannypacquiao (Albert) male DOB 8/12/08
(NGA Owner: Jimmy L King Or Brandon E Mo)
Sire: Kiowa Mon Manny and Dam: Yo My Cavutogirl
Km Manny Annie RE 88F (Annie adopted OH,IN, KY)
Km Manny Fanny RE 88A
Km Manny Kannon RE 88D (Manny adopted IN)
Km Manny Ramirez RE 88G (Manny adopted PA)

LE 48003 RE 55G

Shannon Gael (Cameo) female DOB 5/13/95

Sire: Blendway and Dam: Oshkosh Quake

(NGA Owner: Patrick Guerin)
Celtic Beauty female RE 55E (adopted Penny)
Shannon Award male
Shannon Cash male RE 55C (adopted Lisa Losardo (Penny)
Shannon Daryl male
Shannon Harold male
Shannon Jacko male

LE 47954 RE 78E
Bill & Nancy Wladyka (NC) FL
Rosey Riley (Riley) male DOB 7/26/08
(NGA Owner: Currier Kennels)
Sire: Dodgem by Design and Dam: M's Rosy Rosebud
Kiowa Ak Alanmo male
Rosey Dodgem male RE 78C
Rosey Rambler male RE 78D
Rosey Red male RE 78B
Rosey Rio male RE 78G
Rosey Rockford male RE 78F (adopted  MD)
Rosey Rosita female RE 78I (adopted NC)
Rosey Star male RE 78H
Rosey Razorback male RE 78A (adopted FL)

LE 47942 RE 88G
Heidi Mattson (SD) IA
Kay T's Bea (Ella) female DOB 8/8/08
Sire: Dragon Fire and Dam: T's Poy Zen Ivy
Kay T's Best male RE 88I
Kay T's Bet female RE 88C
Kay T's Bill male RE 88D
Kay T's Blace female RE 88H

Kay T's Bob male RE 88E

LE 47939 RE 88I
Margery Nagel (CA) AZ
Adjust Fire (Bullet) male DOB 8/3/08
(NGA Owner: Aaron P Dubrouillet)
Sire: Super Lee and Dam: Dice Slider
King of Battle male RE 88D
Keep Up the Fire male RE 88H
Its Cold N Havre male RE 88F
Goarmy Beat Navy male RE 88A
Goarmy Sink Navy male RE 88C
French Canadian female RE 88E
Fire Mission female RE 88B (adopted AZ)
Fire for Effect male RE 88J
Check Your Fire male RE 88G

LE 47882 RE

Mary Casey
Devie's Holloween male DOB 5/1/95

Sire: Hey Vern and Dam: Via Ablaze

(NGA Owner: Devie Kennel Partnership)
Devie's Dakota male
Devie's Goblin male
Devie's Pumpkin female
Devie's Wonder male

LE 47866 RE 78C
Patricia Lanius (Katy TX)
Phoenix Shake (Otis) male DOB 5/10/05
Sire: Dave The Dog and Dam: Phoenix Force
Hey Curious Jorg male RE 78E
Phoenix Chomper female RE 78B
Phoenix Clumsy male RE 78A (Jethro adopted LA)
Phoenix Juju female RE 78D (Juju adopted  LA,MS)

LE 47832 RE 46G

Shelley Lake KS (Paola KS)
Get In My Belly (Puck) male DOB 4/1/06
(NGA Owner: Jim P Martin)

Sire: WW Apple Jax and Dam: Boones Candibar

Doctor Elliott female
Flying Jax Candy female
Noah's Pretty Gal female
Bonesy male
Pedro male
Porkchop Express male

LE 47813 RE 55A

Therese Skinner KS (MO)

DG's Heisman (Heisman) male DOB 5/7/95

Sire: Mi Designer and Dam: DG's Nikki

(NGA Owners: Gloria Dorsey or Keith Putnam)
DG's Bronco
DG's Jayhawk
DG's Predator
DG's Stanley Cup

LE 47786 RE 58A
Mary Bowers

Task Geisha Girl (Geisha) female DOB 5/15/98
Sire: Be Complete and Dam: Task Hugs Galore

(NGA Owner: Karen V Ferrell)


Task Good Glory male

Task Great Gala female

Task Golden Gern female

LE 47761 RE 45K

Rosemary Budzis FL

Rwb Count Racey male DOB 4/22/95

Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Denny’s Dream

(NGA Owners: Randoph Beharry, Weyer, Black)


Rwb Delta Queen (Delta) female (Adopted by Rosemary) RE 45L

Rwb Evening Song female

R(B?)wb Eveningpress (Apollo) male RE 45A (adopted  by  Mary Bowers)

Rwb Ivory Coast male

Rwb Lendme Anear female

Rwb Majic Jack male

Rwb Ocean Drive male

Rwb Racey Rosie female

Rwb Tinkerbell female

Rwb Tumble Weed male

Bwb Twilite Zone male

LE 47756 RE 78H

Eileen Saks (PA) AL

J's Texas (Tex) male DOB 7/6/08

(NGA Owner: Johnston Racing)

Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Cry Texan


J's Tajas male RE 78I (adopted NY)

J's Treasure female RE 78E

J's Trouble female RE 78D

J's Texie female RE 78A

J's Texican male RE 78F

J's Texana female RE 78C

J's Texan male RE 78G

J's Tex male RE 78B

LE 47720 RE 45E

Carol Macherey RI (TN)
Lorrie On Tour (Lorrie) female DOB 4/21/95
Sire: Ace Performer and Dam: Marion's Luck

Agent Matt Helm male RE 45F
Jim B Acesforluk female RE 45A
Jim B Aceshigh male RE 45B
Jim B Aceswild female RE 45G
Tamarik male RE 45C

LE 47716 RE 78F
Debra Flora (FL) FL
Benny the Bull (Beny) male DOB 7/18/08
NGA Owner: William F. Murphy
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: BB Bemine

BB's Bashful female
BB's Red Raider female
BB's Red Ruffle female RE 78A (Roxy adopted Mark & Lily Hopp OH)
BB Barbie female RE 78G
Mine By Design female RE 78J
Bessarabian female RE 78E
Day Breeze female RE 78D
Designed by BB female RE 78H

LE 47705 RE 78C
Sherrie Routier (CA) AZ
AC Galaxy Nitro (Nitro) male DOB 7/21/08
(NGA Owner: Angelo & Christine Tedeschi)
Sire: My John Q and Dam: AC Galaxy Glory
AC Galaxy Narnia female RE 78A
AC Galaxy Nebula female RE 78B (Nebula adopted Southern CA)
AC Galaxy Nemo male RE 78G (Nemo adopted Southern CA)
AC Galaxy Nike male RE 78F
AC Galaxy Nimitz male RE 78D (Nimitz adopted Southern CA)
AC Galaxy Nova female RE 78E

LE 47703 RE 78G
Mindy Stivers (CA) IA
Super C Gem (Jaina) female DOB 7/16/08
(NGA Owner: Jeff L Cole)
Sire: WW Grey's Drifter and Dam: Clarity
Super C Bronson male RE 78B
Super C Avis female RE 78A
Super C Evie female RE 78E
Super C Farley male RE 78F
Super C Hustler male RE 78H

Super C Inez female RE 78I

LE 47669 RE 35E

Dale Barretto NH (Toronto ON)

Go On Boop (Agra) female DOB 3/19/95
(NGA Owner: Thomas Carey & Ronald Viera)
Sire: Donna's Heart and Dam: Betty Boop Boop


Boston Brewer male

Edsel F male

Nervous Norma female

Chickys Canine male

Tom’s Girl female

Tom’s Place male

LE 47636 RE 78F
Janine Kressler (NJ) FL
Chapel Royal (Royal) female DOB 7/9/08
(NGA Owner: S Lester Raines)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Laveranues
Ali's Turtle male RE 78D (adopted)
Apple Man male RE 78C
Fire Slam female RE 78E
Moon Dust female RE 78A

Pure Performance female RE 78B

LE 47565 RE 68C

Dane & Joanne Hollinger (PA) FL
M's Krazy Daisy (Daisy) female DOB 6/15/08 DOD12/15
(NGA Owner: M G Porter)
Sire: Joe Hearns and Dam: M's Krazy Korner


M’s Krazy Dance female

M's Krazy Guy male ( Guy adopted by Dane & Joanne PA, DOD 1/16)

M's Krazy Joe male (Joey adopted by Ilene Sauertieg, Harrisburg, PA)

M's Krazy Kid male

LE 47512 RE

Cindy L Beck & Jim Jamieson AZ (Bonsall, CA)

Cleverty (Kersey Loye) female DOB 4/23/95

Sire: JK Tito and Dam: Flaxen Flame

(NGA Owners: Tenorio, Walker & Guerrero)


Ballroom Blitz female

Boleto male

Dust in Cody female

Flame Strider male

Judy Jane female

Rexster male

Shan The Man male

LE 47488 RE 45A

Terri Onorato
AOK Patty (Patty) 4/12/95

Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: AOK Blueprint

Aok Big John RE 45G(Adopted by Wally Moore NS)
Aok Dar Dar
Aok General RE 45C (Adopted in Canada)
Aok Midnight
Aok Nenny
Aok Speed Racer

LE 47435 RE 68?

Sue Schrock (NJ)
Skippy male DOB 6/18/08

Sire: Kiowa Mon Manny and Dam: Kiowa Burma Beal


Oakland Crusade female

Oakland Crystal female

Oakland Treasure female

Raider Dr Jones male

Raider Holygrail male

Raider Indy male

Raider Lost Ark male

Raider Ravenwood male

Raider Skull male

Raidertempledoom male

LE 47423 RE 68C
Michael & Judi Bird (MI) FL
WTD Lights Out (Greta) female DOB 6/5/08
(NGA Owner: William T Davidson)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: WTD Sandy
WTD Black Ice female RE 68I
WTD Buddy Boy male RE 68E
WTD Cowboy male RE 68D
WTD Get Ready female RE 68H
WTD Sandy Lee female RE 68A
WTD Watch Me female RE 68B

LE 47397 RE 68E
Marie Josee Bourdages (QC) FL
Hedlite (Othello) male DOB 6/20/08
Sire: Talbon and Dam: Nylajo
Azzawa male RE 68F (adopted TX)
Briacliff female RE 68G
Ceeyah female RE 68D
Jaric male RE 68C
Senko female RE 68A (adopted MA)
Wyred female RE 68B (adopted FL)

LE 47383 RE 45B

Jennifer Watkins  (KY)

Hay Tan’s Britney (Abigail)

LE 47363 RE 68G
Amy Stuart (MA) FL
U Betcha Tess (Tess) female DOB 6/23/08
(NGA Owner: Gary L Heinzle DVM)
Sire: Gable Tabasco and Dam: Bee Bee
U Betcha Charlie male RE 68D
U Betcha Daisy female RE 68H
U Betcha Eddie male RE 68B
U Betcha Molly female RE 68F (adopted SC)
U Betcha Richie male RE 68C
U Betcha Snert male RE 68A

U Betcha Trudy female RE 68E (Trudy adopted PA)

LE 47362 RE

Irene Ullmann
Smoo's Gale Wind Female 4/1/95

Sire: Smoo's Northwind and Dam: Smoo's Whitenose

(NGA Owner: Robert L Smoots)
Smoo's Centaur male
Smoo's Centipede male
Smoo's Red Swan female
Smoo's She Devil female

LE 47345 RE 45F

Laura Webb Thomas RI (MD)
Jahda Fable (Fable) male DOB 4/15/95
(NGA Owner: Terri Kraft)
Sire:   Epic Prince and Dam:  Frosty Day

Epic Beauty female
Jahda Falcoln male
Jadha Fire male
Jahda Flame female
Jahda Flash male
Jahda Force male
Jahda Fox female

47327 RE 68A

Margaret Kiel (MA)WV

SE's Sparkler (Sparky)male DOB 6/24/08

Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: SE's Sparkaheart


Se’s Blackheart male RE 68F

Se’s Drinkawater female RE 68E (Fresca adopted Chicago IL)

Se’s Lonelyheart female RE 68G

Se’s Sparkaspot male RE 68H

LE 47269 RE 45C

Evader (ReRun) male DOB 4/18/95 DOD 4/19/07 hear tumor

(NGA Owner: Richard Walters)

Sire: Braddy and Dam: Discordance


Bloomer female RE 45F

Branding male RE 45E

Extending male RE 45A

Planet Finder male RE 45D

Raved female RE 45G

Trancer male RE 45B

LE 47265 RE 45A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Cookie Break (Cookie) female DOB 4/10/95

Sire: Kud Low and Dam: Vicky Vian

LE 47239 RE 68C
Laura Hawkins (CA) AZ
Embellish (Belle) female DOB 6/10/08
(NGA Owner: Monte Hoopes)
Sire: Jukebox Hero and Dam: Rare Footage
Exasperate female RE 68I
Mesmerized male RE 68H
Oil female RE 68A
On Air female RE 68D
Outsource male RE 68B
Prognostic female RE 68G
Rumor Monger male RE 68E

Saint Roch male RE 68F

LE 47224 RE 68B
Julie  Riesenweber  (KY) WV
CTW Cash Deposit (Elyas) male DOB 6/13/08
(NGA Owner: David Peck)
Sire: Flying Stanley* and Dam: CTW Tiki Carol
CTW Cash Crop male RE 68C
CTW Cash Vault male RE 68D
CTW Cashier female RE 68I (Cashier adopted ON)
CTW Cashmere female RE 68F (adopted TN)
CTW Hidden Cash female RE 68H
CTW Johnny Cash male RE 68E (adopted AZ)
CTW Need Cash female  RE 68G (Suzie adopted VT)
CTW Quick Cash male RE 68A (Cashew adopted TX)

LE 47216 RE

Keefer's Kelly male 4/4/95

Sire: Keefer and Dam: Coldwater Lilly

(NGA Owner Anna Mary Weber)
Eunice Jane female
Keefer's Garth male
Keefer's John male
Keefer' Kody male
Winning Winny female

LE 47214 RE 68E
Beth Frechette (WI) IA
Superior Dillard (Dillard) male DOB 6/13/08
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Superior Moment
Superior Dancer female RE 68A
Superior Date female RE 68G (dam to a litter June 2012)
Superior Day female RE 68C
Superior Dazzle female RE 68B (Dazzle adopted FL)
Superior Drama female RE 68H (Drama adopted SC)
Superior Dutch male RE 68F

LE 47205 RE 68I
Tracy Hynes (Johnstown PA)
Its Gino Rose (Gino) male Dob 6/14/08
Sire: WW Apple Jax and Dam: Its Rose I Know
Its Della Rose female RE 68E
Its Orozco Rose male RE 68B (Roscoe adopted DE)
Its Picasso male RE 68A
Its Reni Rose female RE 68G (Reni Rose adopted CA)
Its Tomayo male RE 68D
Its Tura Rose female RE 68C

Its Veronese female RE 68F

LE 47202 RE 45C

Jason Waggoner (Mesa, AZ)
Ole Southside (Blueberry) male 4/11/95

Sire: Ivory Thunder and Dam: JK's Penny Ante

(NGA Owner: Gregory S Wood)
Ole Onecent
Ole Your Treat

LE 47165 RE 68C
Karen Riggs (VA) FL
Mighty Maryjane (Janey) female DOB 6/12/08
(NGA Owner: Anthony Napolitano Jr)
Sire: Flying Hydrogen and Dam: Gable Unique
Billy Goin Long male RE 68F
Ella M female RE 68J
Gamblin Jinnie female RE 68B (Versa adopted MD)
Late Late Larry male RE 68H (Larry adopted MI)
Late Late Leslie female RE 68D
Long Gone Spidey male RE 68I
Phil Leonard male RE 68G
Slot Machine Sue female RE 68A

LE 47122 RE 45C

Brian Geaughan MA (MA)
Ima Bright Son (Chase) male DOB 4/95
Sire: Bartie and Dam: Swift Rumor

Ima Classy Chick female
Ima Royal Son male RE 45B (adopted)

LE 47105 RE 68F
Nancy Bowden (NY) FL
What's Smokin (Smoke) male DOB 6/1/08
(NGA Owner: Janice Ditto)
Sire: Clappin Thunder* and Dam: Dalcash Carley
Cuda Shuda Been male RE 68E
Never the Same male RE 68D
Hatful of Tricks male RE 68C (adopted)
Rule of Thumb female RE 68B

LE 4709  RE 51E
Chris Mitchell ( Kansas City , MO )

Cleopatra Bahama (Cleo) female DOB 5/23/91
Sire: Dutch Bahama and Dam: Cebo Calculate
(NGA Owner: Otto H McClure Ronald Gaffigan?)


Chantilly Bahama female

Blakisuze Bahama female

Moonlight Bahama male

Sundance Bahama male

Rosemont Bahama female

Katarina Bahama female

Dutchette Bahama female

Angelica Bahama female

Raincloud Bahama male

LE 47070 RE 45C

Sigrun Grabowski (VT)
El's Lotsawampum (Benny) DOB 4/10/95

Sire: El's Top Dog and Dam: TH Abby

(NGA Owner: Eddie Mandrell)
EL's Blaster male
EL's Cream Puff female
EL's Miss Tops Female
EL's Whirlwind female

LE 47069 RE 68C
Jennifer Saker (MA) FL
Ansberry (Raspberry) female DOB 6/2/08
(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnel)
Sire: Hayvril and Dam: Aziza
Airmada male RE 68D (Airmada adopted KS)
Arturo male RE 68G
Azeera male RE 68A
Berlitz female RE 68H
Egzackly female RE 68B (Gretel adopted in Nova Scotia)
Karrah female RE 68F
Nigel male RE 68E (Haiku adopted Ottawa ON)
Nyckel male RE 68I

LE 47063 RE 58B
Monica Horne (VA) FL
Iruska Abner (Murphy) male DOB 5/30/08
(NGA Owner: Riggin Racing Inc)
Sire: Iruska All Star and Dam: Iruska Ada
Iruska Aberdeen female RE 58A
Iruska Abney female RE 58C (Abney adopted MD/VA)
Iruska Adaland female RE 58D (Ada adopted Pittsburgh PA)
Iruska Adonis male RE 58G
Iruska Adrian female RE 58E
Iruska Alicia female RE 58H

Iruska Ashton female RE 58F

LE 47046 RE 58B
Shelley Hall (CA) MX
Cookie Cuddles (Cookie) female DOB 5/2/08
(NGA Owner: Roy A Cook)
Sire: RA Blazer and Dam: Punkinwoofer
Cookie Calais female RE 58C
Cookie Caress female RE 58A
Cookie Chick female RE 58ED
Cookie Clarice female RE 58

LE 47037 RE 35D
Kandi Norrell
Lotta Balata (Balata) male DOB 3/28/95
Sire: Groovy Durango and Dam: Illgotten Gaines
(NGA Owner: Sorrento Kennels)
Finah Dinah female
Mary B's Jet male
Cymonize male
Cf's Groovy Suzy female
Groovy Warrior male
Gotten Groovy female

LE 47013 RE 58C
Alisa Euler (NY) FL
KB's Big Deal (Sonny) male DOB 5/25/08
(NGA Owner: Kenneth Biehle)
Sire: Heart Rumble* and Dam: KB's Heatitup
KB's Kaskey female RE 58B
KB's Goin Wild female RE 58D (Sally adopted LA/MS)
KB's Bobber male RE 58A
KB's Best Abby female RE 58E

LE 46969 RE 58I
Cathy Forte (PA) FL
DB’s Survivor (Dexter) male DOB 5/6/08
Sire: Elway Drive and Dam: Afleet Shari
(NGA Owners: Richard Powell/Tony Mills)
Barberry Boots male RE 58D
Barberry Budz male RE 58H (adopted FL)
Cherry Shari female RE 58E
DB’s Twilight male RE 58B (adopted living in Saratoga County NY)
Driven to Dream male RE 58A
Milkaholic female RE 58G (Lumen adopted by Cathy Forte PA)
Replacing Pappy male RE 58J (Jake adopted by the Feller family)
Simbalabomba female RE 58F
Wedding Crasher male RE 58C (Tiger adopted MI)

LE 46959 RE 58E
Deb Berkebile (PA) FL
Super Bloom (Rosey) female DOB 5/8/08
(NGA Owner: J Melillo & Sue Boatright)
Sire: Super Lee and Dam: Buds N Blooms
Super Boost male RE 58B (Boost adopted VA)
Super Brave male RE 58D
Super Bud male RE 58C

LE 46949 RE 45D

Peter Bullock FL (OH)

JD's Willie B (Willie) male DOB 4/95

Sire: Pupeniron Chip and Dam: JD’s Peggy Lynn
(NGA Owner: John D Clark)
JD's Michel John male
JD's Ora Lee female
JD's Sandy W female
JD's Sweetevelyn female
JD's Certified US male
JD's Herbie male
JD's John Rush male
JD's Thomas Cee male

LE 46947 RE 58D
Lynn Bierhaus (IL) AL
AMF Big Show (Falcon) male DOB 5/7/08
(NGA Owner: Thomas A Ferris)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Greys Paperdance
AMF Big Blue female RE 58G
AMF Big Bluffer male RE 58B (Poker adopted IL)
AMF Big Dance female RE 58F (adopted MD,VA)
AMF Big Girl female RE 58I (BG adopted MA)
AMF Big Man male RE 58C (George adopted TN,KY)
AMF Big Wheel female RE 58H (Gracie adopted OH,KY,IN)
Frank male RE 58A (adopted OH,KY,IN)

LE 46944 RE 15B
Carol Zimmerman

Jimbo Look (Gem) female Whelped 4/2/95
Sire: Lookoutlittleman and Dam: Anna's Hustler
(NGA Owner: Harold Fisher)

Jimbo Gent male

Jimbo Little female

Jimbo Small female

LE 46939 RE 48A
Joannie Foster (IA)
GV Fred (Fred) male DOB 4/29/08 DOD 4/12/14
Sire: EM’s Mac Attack and Dam: KL’s Rita
(NGA Owner: Michael Montoya)
GV Caitlin female RE 48C
GV Mariah Girl female RE 48E
GV Phaser male RE 48B
GV Snackles female RE 48D
Hear You Me female RE 48F

LE 46875 RE 58D
Andrew Welch (MD) FL
BD's Skipp (Skipp) male DOB 5/14/08
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: DB’s Cindy

BD's Sancho male RE 58A
BD's Sean male RE 58C
BD's Sheba female RE 58E (adopted TN)
BD's Sierra female RE 58F
BD's Skynyrd male RE 58B

LE 46835 RE 58C
Deborah Heberling (IA) IA
Superior Wonder (Wonder) female DOB 5/17/08 DOD 10/21/14
(NGA Owner: Alan Hill/Brian Smith
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Cannon Ball
Superior Wiggles female
Superior Wilbur male
Superior Willow female

LE 46824 RE 15A

Noreen & Michael Marshall FL (Orchard Park, NY)

CR's Sabatini (Misty) female Whelped 1/26/95 DOD 12/10/08

(NGA Owner: Christopher Palmieri Jr)

Sire: Bob's Tray and Dam: Shneed

LE 46823 RE 58H
Christi Reagan (TN)
Braska Sally (Sally) female DOB 5/12/08
(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliott)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Express Ruckus
Braska Sable female RE 58E
Braska Sandy female RE 58I
Braska Scrapiron male RE 58A
Braska Shaggy male RE 58B
Braska Shizzle female RE 58G
Huska Snicker male RE 58D

LE 46811 RE 35E

Felicity Hollister CO (TX)

RJ Exceptional (Miss E) female DOB 3/26/95

Sire: Brave Step and Dam: WC Cool Sandy

(NGA Owner: Joy Martin)


RJ Brave Chief male
RJ Cloud Runner male
RJ Fire Flash male
Diabolique male

RJ Ginny Ann female
Holly Darling female

Amplified male

LE 46806 RE 58D
Gillian Lee (ONT) WV
RJ's Theadore (Teddy) male DOB 5/10/08
(NGA Owner: Gillian Lee)
Sire: Gable Tabasco and Dam: RJ's H Dog

RJ's Tabatha female
RJ's Tobius male (Toby adopted FL)

LE 46801 RE 58C
Jeanne and Douglas Johnson (NY) FL
Tammy Adair (Gracie) female DOB 05/09/08
(NGA Owner: Brindle Kennel)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: PS Katie's Dotty

Cotton Frank male
Frank Millington male
Jackie Adair female
Jennifer Styres female
Neil Millington male
Ron Archer male

LE 46796 RE 35G

Bonnie Baron Mexico (LA, CA)

(Rebel) Telegram Man DOB 3/25/95 

Sire: Dawn's Droopy and Dam: Keen Interest
(NGA Owner/breeder: Sherry Braam)
Crimson Stride
Droopy Whoopy
Rio Grande
Angels Interest
Grumpy Ole Dog
My Minimum Wage

LE 46780 RE 35F
Christina Nihira (Dallas, TX)

Bob's Lebrock (Monti/Mongomery) female DOB 3/1/95

Sire: Hb's Prince Red and Dam: Bob's Network
(NGA Owner: Beverly or Gary Knox)

Bob's Dub male

Bob's Roar male

Bobs Levine male

Bobs Lewis

Bobs Maybe

Bobs Remy female

LE 46771 RE 58A
Janet Harvey (CA) AZ
CDC Tara (Tara) female DOB 5/8/08
(NGA Owner: Janet Harvey)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Jenna
CDC Estellana female RE 58C
CDC Skeeter female RE 58B ( CeeCee adopted by Gary, AZ)
CDC Scooter female RE 58D (Sophia adopted by Gary, AZ)
CDC Shilo female RE 58G (Shilo adopted by Janet Harvey)
CDC Goldie female RE 58F (Georgia adopted by Janet Harvey)

CDC Bertha female RE 58H

LE 46770 RE 25B

Wilma Kirk KS (KS)
Wildcat Adell (Adell) female DOB 2/25/95
(NGA Owner: Bobby Hibbs)
Sire: Y Knot Lad and Dam: Y Knot Belinda

Wildcat Amanda female
Wildcat Anita female
Wildcat Arnie male
Wildcat Andie female
Wildcat Alan male
Wildcat Angle female
Wildcat Ann female

LE 46765 RE 58D
Belinda Maier (NS) FL
Starz Ease Away (Easy) male Dob 5/8/08
(NGA Owner: N J Sherck)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Oneco Emme
Starz Earlyflash female RE 58G (Flash adopted FL)
Starz Easy Going male RE 58F(Eg adopted FL)
Starz el Dorado male RE 58C
Starz Elita female RE 58B
Starz Emily female RE 58H
Starz Energy male RE 58A
Starz Entice female RE 58I
Starz Ez Money female RE 58J

LE 46760 RE 58F
Ray Mason (MA) FL
Aljo Beyonce (Penny) female DOB 5/5/08
(NGA Owner: Aljo Kennel)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Queens Full
Aljo Biggie Smalz male RE 58H
Aljo Dark Knight male RE 58G
Aljo Lil Wayne male RE 58D
Aljo Rev Run male RE 58I
Aljo Rihanna female RE 58A
Aljo Rocket Man male RE 58E

Aljo Shakira female RE 58C

LE 46703 RE 65B

Michelle Kroh (Villa Rica, GA)

Festiva Diva (Hermine Bolla) female Whelped 6/3/95

Sire: Faster Gun and Dam: Talk's Cheap

(NGA Owner: Lowell Rieger)


Junior Gun male

Grizzly Gun male

LE 46691 RE 25B

Kathy Keads  AZ (Fillmore CA)
Pick Up Paladin (Paladin) male DOB 2/26/95
(NGA Owner: Lois C Roth)
Sire: Farmer Wilson* and Dam: Amarillo Mary

Pick Up Perfect female
Pick Up Petey male
Pick Up Petunia female

Pick Up Petunia female
Pick Up Power male
Pick Up Pride male
Pick Up Prince male
Pick Up Princess female

LE 46625 RE
Lynne Peters

Smoo's Bobbit (Gracie) female Whelped 5/24/95
Sire: Smoo's Mr. Tibbs and Dam: JSR Trak Hooker


Smoo’s Apache male
Smoo’s Comanche male
Smoo’s Lisa female
Smoo’s Manthis male
Smoo’s Shoshone male

Smoos Wild Thing female

LE 46622 RE 35E

Jacqueline Morgan Sharkey IW (PA)
Marv's Jane (Janey Bug) female DOB 3/16/95
(NGA Owner: Joe Lent & Earl Rettenmeier)
Sire: Chrisse's Twelve and Dam: Cautious Cleo

Allmyrowdyfriend female
Coach Eddie male
Miss Kristin female
Shy and Sly female
Sweet Kathleen female

LE 46608 RE 35B

Dayle Kelloway & Wayne Baldwin FL (Jacksonville, FL)

Starlight Erma (Maya) female Whelped 3/17/95

Sire: Hb Commander and Dam: Starlight Maria

(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)


Phlash Brooks male

Starlight Kemp female

LE 46603 RE15E

Terri Lamm (Burlington, NC)

SMA’s TexasBrass female whelped 1/26/95

Sire: Texas Bounty and Dam: Brassy Lassie


Shers Ashley

Shers Baron

Shers Caspar

Sma’s Bounty

Sma’s Lonestar

Sma’s TexasLass

LE 46587 RE 35D 

Jodi Leahey
P's Firehawk (Hawk) 1995

Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: P's Link
Littermates (same year, same Sire & Dam):
Gem E Able
Gem E Adam
Gem E Amber
P's Fire Flight
P's Fireside
P's Longliner
P's Lyn Lea male
P's Real Sharp
P's Real Soon
P's Real Thing
P's Sunfire

LE 46526 RE 48B
Lisa Roitman (CT) FL
Flying Hopeful (Hope) female DOB 4/21/08
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: RR Junkndatrunk
CG's Agentarliss male RE 48C (Barney adopted QC)
CG's Carly female RE 48D
CG's Charlotte female RE 48A (Charlotte adopted AR)
CG's Prez Obama male RE 48E (Obama adopted MA)

LE 46519 RE 25H

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

C’s Dreamdancer (Kami) DOB 2/20/95

Sire: Beckham Pay Day and Dam: C’s Bit O Honey


C’s Windspirit (Kandy) RE 25C (Adopted)

C’s Black Gold male??

C’s Black Jack (Jack) male RE 66B LE 58304 (Adopted)

LE 46474 RE

Jon & Carrie Overfield WV (OH)
J's Black Bart (Bart) male DOB 3/10/95
Sire: Birror and Dam: J's Wichita

LE 46456 RE 35G

Pat Parsons KS (MO)

Odd Marcello (Marcello) male DOB 3/9/95
(NGA Owner: Jack Jones)
Sire: Odd Economy and Dam: Kali


Odd Kick

Odd Namath male

Odd Valentine

Odd Al male

Odd Drive male

LE 46443 RE 48D
Tammy-Lynn Terry (VA) FL
Gabe Tamallie (Becca) female DOB 4/10/08
(NGA Owner: Dianna C Douglas)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Red Hot
Gabe Chili Dog male RE 48F (adopted)
Gabe Hot Summer female RE 48H (Lois adopted by Karen Riggs VA)
Gabe Jalapeno female RE 48C

Gabe Red Hot female RE 48B
Gabe Red Pepper male RE 48A (Gabe adopted by Karen Riggs VA)
Gabe Red Rocket male RE 48E
Gabe Speed Demon male RE 48G (Spam adopted PA)
Gabe Taco female RE 48I (Judy adopted PA,DE,NJ)

LE 46433 RE 77D

Nancy Hanrahan (NJ)
BA's Corby (Corby) male DOB 7/2/87 DOD 7/6/01
(NGA Owner: William W Morris)
Sire: Corbin and Dam: Drs Miss Mirage

BAs One Way male

LE 46429 RE 25D

Jan Tamanini CO (Harrisburg, PA)

Pa's Priz (Gypsy Rose) female Whelped 2/5/95

Sire: Oshkosh Racey Dam: Y Knot Poptart 6/21/87-9/1/01


Pa's Pinell

LE 46429 RE 48A
Kym Norris (VA) FL
Hush Tidal Wave (Hush) female DOB 4/8/08
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Sobe A Star
Hush Blizzard male RE 48H (adopted PA)
Hush Bolt male RE 48F
Hush Hurricane male RE 48E
Hush Lightning male RE 48C
Hush Storm male RE 48D (adopted PA)
Hush Thunder female RE 48B (adopted IN)
Hush Tornado female RE 48G

LE 46408 RE 25C
Nanette McClary (Hemlock, NY)
High Plains Rheo (Max) 2/23/95

Sire: Comanche Sport and Dam: High Plains Foxx
(NGA Owner: Sierra Fox Kennels)
High Plains Ebony
High Plains Molly
High Plains Raven

LE 46338 RE 48F
Claude and Melissa Foley (WA)
Ahk Laughoutloud (Ace) male DOB 4/5/08
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Merry Mile*
Ahk Chuckles male RE 49C
Ahk Im Gigglin female RE 49E
Ahk Im Grinnin female
Ahk Makemesmile female

Ahk Tee Hee Hee female RE 49D

LE 46329 RE

Paula Brown (Monroe, MI)
JW Gillette (BocaChica) male DOB 2/14/95

Sire: Say It Better and Dam: Kiowa Germany

(NGA Owner: Dr Robert Gillette)
Jackal Warning male
First Class Act male
First Class Lad male
First Class Lady female
First Class Pro male
First Class Star female

LE 46308 RE 48C
Malori Baker (IL) FL,AL
Jitney Jingle (Jovie) female DIB 4/1/08
Sire: Tulin Bomber and Dam: San Tan Fang
Big Bad Bill male RE 48E
Down Home Dixie female RE 48A
Jukin Joe male RE 48G (Joe adopted FL)
San Tan Bullwhip male RE 48F (Bull adopted FL)
San Tan Kissthis female RE 48B

SanTan Blackrock male RE 48D

LE 46283 RE 38G
Darla Dean (AL)
(Princess Punkin) female DOB 3/18/08
(NGA Owner: William Denton)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: BD's Monica
BD's P Diddy male
BD's Paris female
D's Patton male
BD's Peaches female RE 38F
BD's Phish male
BD's Piazza male
BD's Pierce male (Pierce adopted LA)
BD's Pixie female
BD's Pooka male (adopted)
BD's Precious male

BD's Preston male

LE 46201 RE 107G
Donna Logsdon (KY)
PC Gilly Boy-iu (Gilly Boy) male DOB 10/8/07
(NGA Owner: Paul Chouinard)
Sire: Addis Boy and Dam: Media Frenzy*
PC Charly Boy-iu male RE 107C
PC DaedausBoy-iu male RE 107D (Daddy adopted Louisville, KY)
PC Eurus Boy-iu male RE 107E (Euros adopted Tampa, Fl)
PC Freddy Boy-iu male RE 197F
PC FrenzyLexy-iu female RE 107A
PC  FrenzyPatty-iu female RE 107B
PC Herode Boy-iu male RE 107H (Io adopted Montreal, Quebec)

PC Icarus Boy-iu male RE 107I

LE 46179 RE 38D

Christina Shell  AZ (WA)
Glo's Garfield (O'Siris) male DOB 3/4/08
(NGA Owner: Greyhound Gregg LLC)
Sire: Super Lee and Dam: Blazing Blanch

Clearance Puppy female (Lisa in Indiana)

Glo's Eisenhower male

Glo's Kennedy male
Glo's Lincoln male
Glo's Roosevelt male
Glo's Truman male
Glo's Washington female

LE 46167 RE 38E
Laranne Remling (NV) MX
Primed AZ Eaves (Evan) male DOB 3/25/08
Sire: DK'S Prime Time and Dam: Cool AZ Alicia
(NGA Owner: Lonnie E or Jamie A Boyle)
Primed AZ Bouchy male RE 38B (Luke adopted Southern CA)
Primed AZ Calais male RE 83C
Primed AZ Jaelen male RE 38A (JJ adopted Southern CA)
Primed AZ Mailie female RE 38G
Primed AZ Modano male RE 38D(adopted NW Canada)
Primed AZ Oslo male RE 38F
Primed AZ Penny female RE 38I (Penny adopted Southern CA)

LE 46146 RE 38G
Jacki Johnson (FL) FL
Kwik Trip Drive (Winnie) female DOB 3/20/08
(NGA Owner: Tony Mills)
Sire: Kiowa Mon Manny and Dam: Essie Ecks Drive
Kalamity Drive female RE 38F
K Nine Drive male RE 38C (adopted FL)
Karma Drive male RE 38E
Killometer Drive male RE 38A
Krimson Drive male RE 38B
Krypto Drive male RE 38D

LE 46108 RE 35B

Amber (MD)

Rancho CutnDry female DOB 3/23/95 DOD 5/30/02

Sire:  Dutch Shannon and Dam: Uncanny Karen
(NGA Owner: Andrew T Powell)


Rancho Booter male
Rancho Kingpin male
Rancho Scruffy male

LE 46095 RE 38C

Jenna Feuerhake FL (FL)
Viv's Twelve (Sabrina) female DOB 3/11/08
(NGA Owner: George Petropoulos)
Sire: Coldwater Konow and Dam: USS Westbrook

Lucky Twelve female RE 38B
George's Twelve male RE 38A
Kiki's Twelve female  RE 38D

LE 46080 RE

Linda Traylor FL (IN)
HTB Lets Rumble (Rumble) male DOB 1/31/95
(NGA Owner: Holly Trello)
Sire: Bartie and Dam: Bahama Flip


Ode To Billy Joe male

HTB Chances Are male

HTB Cool Jerk male

HTB Pretty Woman female

LE 46070 RE 38C
Monireh Kazemzadeh (CA) AZ
Bella Bahrain (Gryphon) male DOB 3/13/08
(NGA Owner: David Blair)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Ranco Eliminator

Bella Big Boi male RE 38F
Bella Megan Fox female (Megan adopted by Nicole in San Diego, CA)
Bella Julianna female
Bella Carribee female RE 38B
Bella Hilfiger male
Bella Ok Withit male

LE 46065 RE 38F
Shannon Green (MD) FL
Stanley's Yoder (BlackJack) male DOB 3/19/08
(NGA Owner: Scott Haber)
Sire: Flying Stanley* and Dam: Penske's Girl
Ross' Skoochy male RE 38E (Kepler adopted)
Blessed Art Thou male RE 38J
Icktapoo female RE 38B
Kidd Stanley male RE 38K
Pooperdabooboo female RE 38C (adopted SC)
Proapp female RE 38I (adopted VA)
Seabass male RE 38D
SS Haber female RE 38A (adopted PA)
Trips male RE 38H
Yea Me female RE 38G (adopted NC)

LE 46062 RE 38E
Sara Sanner (NY)
Braska Gambler (Pepper) male DOB 3/18/08
(NGA Owner: Sara Sannet)
Sire: Bobo Lee and Dam: JR's Super Bee
Braska Geronimo male RE 38C (Waffle adopted GA)
Braska Gigi female RE 38A (Remi adopted PA)
Braska Google female RE 38D
Huska Gia female RE 38F
Braska Gwen female RE 38B

LE 46059 RE 28A
Susan Ortiz (NY) WVA
Bella Vuitton (Booker) male DOB 2/21/08
(NGA Owner: David T Blair)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Bella Rhapsody
Bella Basil female RE 28C
Bella Cameyway female 28E
Bella Habana male RE 28F
Bella Tigerland male RE 28B

Bella Yangtze male RE 28D

LE 46044 RE 25E

Lois Mauk AR,FL (IN)
CB Ectasy (Ecstasy) female DOB 2/20/95
(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
Sire: Dutch Bahama and Dam: Cee Bee

Cb Alexin male
Cb Bach male
Cb Cachet female
Cb Deposit male
Cb Gala female

LE 45975 RE 28C
AnnMarie Bothwell (AZ) AZ
Duke Temple (Roscoe) male DOB 2/5/08
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Teamster and Dam: RR Balancing Act
Bull Hurley male
Clubber Lang male RE 28A
Endowment female RE 28B
Ivan Drago male RE 28D (Ivan adopted WA DOD 3/6/14)
Last Chance Act female RE 28H
Neek female RE 28E (adopted Casa de Lorenz, Mesa AZ)
Val E Date female RE 28F

LE 45974 RE 25E

Candy CO, WI (Albuquerque, NM)
Flirting (Isis) female DOB 2/1/95

Sire: Trouper Zeke and Dam: Bet Anything

(NGA Owner: Douglas Fickett)
Charity Legend female
Letsgetcozy female
Street Zeke male
Ginger Janet female
City Gal female
Fudge Delight female
Magic Bet male

LE 45964 RE 28H
Rhonda-Sue Newnham (PA) WVA
Mulberry Sonic (Drake) male DOB 2/20/08
(NGA Owner: Mick Massa)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Jr's Prestige
Mulberry Sage female
Mulberry Sarg male (Sarg adopted AR)
Mulberry Sargent male (Sarg adopted OH)
Mulberry Satin female
Mulberry Shana female
Mulberry Shark male
Mulberry Sonar male RE 28F (Barry adopted by Ryan Duffield)
Mulberry Spice female

LE 45937 RE 38C
Wendi Miller (FL) FL
Katscratch Fever (Kat) female DOB 3/2/08
(NGA Owner: George P Cahill)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Rooftop Sara
Doctor Shady female RE 38D (adopted FL)
Jacks Are Back female RE 38F (adopted Hamburg PA)
Maggaleh female RE 38E (adopted FL)
Shannon Montana female RE 38A
Sweet Babboo female RE 38B

LE 45925 RE RE 25B

Daniel Randall NH (NH)
Easy's IRV Dee (Dee) female DOB 2/15/95
(NGA Owner: Albert J Capachietti)
Sire: Farmer Wilson* and Dam: Easy's Variance

Easy's IRV Jet female

Easy’s Jus Brown male

Easy’s Quick Irv male

LE 45866 RE 25C

Felicity Hollister FL (TX)
Wit O Honey (Honey) female DOB 2/4/95
(NGA Owner:  Felicity Hollister)
Sire: Whiper Wit* and Dam:  TR's Banker


Ruff Wit male

HJS Blue Sage male

HJS Midas Touch male

Lackey Wit male

Wits Ring male

LE 45863 RE 25?

Kit Von Lettow-Vorbeck (Toronto, ON)

Sizzling Sara female DOB 2/3/95

Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: Pink Fancy


Sizzling Speed male RE 25E

Sizzling Sue female

LE 45847 RE 25E

Millicent Smith

(Skye) male

Sire: OT’s Banana Roll and Dam: Gopher Norine

(NGA Owner: H William Dorow Jr)


OT's Curly Q

Parkside Beth

LE 45782 RE 28B
Denise Levesque (MA) FL
Braska Imus (Buster) male DOB 2/08/08
Sire: Inspecda Deck and Dam: Ideal Ruckus
Braska Ian male RE 28C (adopted LA)
Braska Icing female RE 28D
Braska Igor male RE 28F
Braska Ivan male RE 28G

LE 45759 RE 25D

Sarah Jones (FL)

Fabulous Bo (Bo) dob 2/95

Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: Driving Passion


Don L’s Chuchi

Don L’s Harry C

LE 45733 RE 25B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Sand And Sable (Thunder)

LE 45731 RE 28B

Cathy Prince  FL (NJ)
Swinger Lee (Lily) female DOB 2/11/08
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: CTW Motor Mouth

Hot Senorita female RE 28C

LE 45730 RE 28H
Tammy-Lynn Terry (VA) FL
Simple Lee (Liam) male DOB 2/11/08
(NGA Owner: Gregory Gahrs or Chris Snow)
Sire: Super Lee and Dam: Dreamy Babe
All Out of Lies female RE 28G
Gypsy Shiver male RE 28A
Kyky Magz male RE 28J (adopted)
Lukey Wagz male RE 28B
Nefarious Jaha male RE 28F
Scooter Wagz male RE 28C

LE 45723 RE 25A

Cheryl Johnson WI (IN)
CC Sues Choice (Oreo) female DOB 2/10/95
(NGA Owner: Joyce M Collier)
Sire: MD Kromer and Dam: CC Kayjecka


CC Kellys Girl female

CC Mikes Best male

CC Sugar Foot female

CC Toms Boy male

LE 45722 RE

Jill Nogle
Fawnless (Faye) DOB 2/5/95

Sire: Oshkosh Schemer and Dam: Bee for Bonnie
(NGA Owner: George W Michalet?)

Bonlass female
Just Win It male
Scheming male
Tough Dino male
C is for Cookie?

LE 45673 RE 18D
Mason McCuddin (WA)
Rising Phoenix (Phoenix) male DOB 1/29/08
Sire: Dauntless and Dam: Instant Vintage
Comedrinkwithme male RE 18G
Dontcomeknocking male
Get Him Back female RE 18H
Instant Verify female RE 18E (adopted)
Light It Up male RE 18F
Mercy Walking female RE 18A (adopted)
Trulymadlydeeply male RE 18C

LE 45659 RE 15C

Jim & Cindy Jamieson TX (CA)
New Years Party (Isis) female 1/1/95
Sire: Mr's Ranger and Dam: Ethyl Jean

Wrs Worldly Guy male

LE 45620 RE 18G
Valerie Harvey (SC) IA
Astarroyalheaven (Ember) female DOB 1/23/08
(NGA Owner: John E Shook)
Sire: Dodgem by Design and Dam: ICU Gidget
Astarroyalcupid female RE 18H
Astarroyaldragon male RE 18A
Astarroyalghost male RE 18C
Astarroyaljaguar male RE 18D
Astarroyalnsassy female RE 18F
Astarroyalnsweet female RE 18E
Astarroyalprince male RE 18B

LE 45613 RE 18B
Robyn Sebastian (CA) MX
Pep In Ur Step (Pony) male DOB 1/25/08
(NGA Owner: David Robinette)
Sire: Gable Oscar and Dam: B's Royal Try
Hitchinurgiddyup female RE 18A
On Top male RE 18A (adopted)

Optimism male RE 18C

LE 45565 RE 15I

Amanda Jane Elliott (Decatur, GA)
RL Dixie female DOB 1/19/95

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Rl Donna
Rl Elena Female
Rl Fast Tar Male (Tar adopted by Christina Delaney)
Rl Go Lady Female
Rl Hi Pro Male
Rl Hi Tar Male
Rl Kerry Jane Female
Rl War Eagle Male

LE 45536 RE 18G
Diane Krall (OH) WV
PC's Dolly Sods (Brenna) female DOB 1/19/08
(NGA Owner: Patrick & Colleen Bever)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Burnt
PC's Blackwater male RE 18A
PC's Canaan male RE 18B
PC's Coopersrock male RE 18C
PC's Seneca Rock female RE 18E
PC's Smoke Hole male RE 18D

PC's Snowshoe female RE 18F

LE 45524 RE 18B
Patricia Lanius (Katy TX) TX
Sir Talkalot (Tucker) male DOB 1/27/08
Sire: Shadow Of A Doubt and Dam: Fissby
(NGA Owner: Ronald Bond)
Lady Gingersnap female RE 18A (Ginger adopted FL)

Madame Oreo female RE 18C (Oreo adopted FL)

LE 45514 RE 18A

Sussan Ehlert (WI)

Wild Oscar (Oscar) male DOB 1/16/08

(NGA Owner: Seastrom Kennels)

Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Outplay


Wild Ollie female

Wild Olivia female

PW’s Oslo female

PW’s Olive female

PW’s Curt male

LE 45490 RE

Anne Greene
Katsu Lady (Cali) female DOB 1/17/95

Sire: Calico Salad and Dam: Shogunrestaurant
(NGA Owner: N Katsuzaki or C Grisham)

Katsu By Twelve male
Katsu Delivery male
Katsu Elaine female
Katsu Jazz female
Katsu Lady female
Katsu Traveler male
Katsufascination female

LE 45460 RE
Rich Amann (NY) FL
Starz Lee Splash (Splash) female DOB 1/15/08
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Sol Shade
Starz Lee Secret female (Starz adopted PA)
Starz Lee Shyboy male
Starz Lee Spirit female (adopted through FL)
Starz Lee Steel male
Starz Lee Super male

LE 45439 RE 117B
Pat Middleton (OH) WV
Tam Baxter Eye (Baxter) male DOB 11/18/07
(NGA Owner: James O'Donnell Jr)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Primco Gator Eye
Tam Alvin Eye male RE 117A (retired)
Tam Claudia Eye female RE 117C
Tam Darla Eye female RE 117D (Marisol adopted NY)
Tam Ellie Eye female RE 117E (Ellie adopted NY/CT)
Tam Fleet Eye female RE 117F
Tam Greedy Eye male RE 117G
Tam Hootie Eye male RE 117H (Hootie adopted NE OH)
Tam Inez Eye female RE 117

LE 45428 RE 18B
Jennifer Lane (CA) TX
DLT Bad Habit (Epic) male DOB 1/13/08
(NGA Owner: David L Tate)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Owl Sally*
DLT Dominator female RE 18C
DLT Dragonslayer female RE 18D (Andie adopted TX)
DLT Mutant Ninja Female RE 18A

LE 45420 RE 18E
Deb Mattingly (ON) AL
RWC Run Dan (Boaz) male DOB 1/3/08
(NGA Owner: Rondis Cavender)
Sire: Coldwater Konow and Dam: Gable Zinfandel
RWC Run Cleo female RE 18F
RWC Run Garnet male RE 18G
RWC Run Lola female RE 18A (Lola adopted MD)
RWC Run Mollie female RE 18D
RWC Run Ott male RE 18C

RWC Run Richard male RE 18B

LE 45417 RE 67K

Robin Norton
Slicks Jackey (Jack) male DOB 06/07/87 DOD 11/22/98

Sire: Bob's Dash and Dam: Pretty Inez
Slicks Alison female
Slicks Azul male
Slicks Brand X male
Slicks Cassius male
Slicks Cates male
Slicks Clayton male
Slicks Cooper male
Slicks O'Brien male
Slicks Robert male
Slicks Woodrow male

LE 45409 RE 18B
Sharon Penston (WA) WA
Anita Girl (Anita) female DOB 1/7/08
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Anita Hug

Anita Boy male RE 18A
Anita Do female RE 18D (adopted GA)
Nita Break female RE 18C (adopted SC)

LE 45394 RE 15D

Rich & Kathy Hoynes WI (IL)
Honkers Fritz (Winston) male DOB 1/13/95

Sire: Mulleninem and Dam: Honkers Longshot

(NGA Owner: R Connell or M Christensen)
Little Honker female
Barney Beagle male

LE 45364 RE 18G
Lawrence Weinberger (PA) FL
Stanley Roper (Stan Lee) male DOB 1/1/08
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Jimbo Tisha
Cindy Snow female RE 18I
Helen Roper female RE 18K
Iron Mike Sharpe male RE 18H (Mike adopted NY/CT)
Iron Sheik male RE 18J (adopted MD)
Jack Tripper male (Jack adopted Marco Is, FL)
Janet Wood female RE 18B
Lana Shields female RE 18E (Winnie adopted NC)
Larry Dallas male RE 18C
Ralph Furley male RE 18F
Terri Alden female RE 18D

LE 45363 RE 15D

Debbie & Ed Lipartito WI/FL/NH (Gwynedd Valley, PA)

Dabney Ritz (Dabney) female DOB 1/22/95

Sire: Senator Lee and Dam: Dabney Rae

(NGA Owner: Phyllis K Ehnle)


Re's Boxtowire

Elaine Rae

Carla Rae

Amanda Rae

LE 45354 RE 114C 

Patricia Hall
(Toby) (did not race) male DOB 11/10/94

Sire: Chauklet Thunder and Dam: Tanis Marie

(NGA Owner: Antonio Castro) None registered, none raced 3 males/1 female

LE 45353 RE 127F
Bonnie Irish (CT) FL
Bankwit (Bankwit) male DOB 12/24/07
Sire: Talbon and Dam: Kihara
Anarel female RE127H
Burfee male RE 127A
Dybala female RE127I (adopted PA,NY)
Klass male RE 127C (Klass adopted VT)
Storij female RE 127G
Sumwyse male RE 127B
Tryit male RE 127E
Vershun male RE 127D

LE 45311 RE 127G
Elizabeth Mork (IN) WV
EF Anna Blizzard (Anna) female DOB 12/27/07
(NGA Owner: Tomblin Kennel Inc)
Sire: WZ Blizzard Ice and Dam: EF Centipede
EF Cris Blizzard male RE 127F (Cris adopted IN)
EF Fast Blizzard male RE 127D
EF Jet Blizzard male RE 127C
EF John Blizzard male RE 127A
EF Lee Blizzard male RE 127E (Blizzard adopted NC)
EF Rose Blizzard female RE 127H

EF SuperBlizzard male RE 127B

LE 45310 RE 15F

Jan Halliday CO (WA)
Figs Power Boy (Mr Biggs) male DOB 1/23/95
(NGA Owner: Dick Figurilli)
Sire: MI Designer and Dam: Figs Flower Power

Figs Cute Design female
Figs Doll Design female
Figs Flower Man male
Figs Miss Design female

LE 45289 RE 127A
Sandra and Michael Flood (NJ) AL
Kiowa Sun Beam (Kai) female DOB 12/28/09
(NGA Owner: Kay Smith)
Sire: Flying Stanley* and Dam: Fuzzys Sunbird
Kiowa Sun Bird female
Kiowa Sun Break male (Breaker adopted AR)
Kiowa Sun N Moon male
Kiowa Sun Set female
Kiowas Sun Shady male
Kiowa Sun Stripe male

LE 45264 RE 127D

Emily Hummel (OK)
VJ I Can Do It (Calvin) male DOB 12/23/07
(NGA Owner: James Lovely)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Franchize Evie

VJ Daddy's Girl female RE 127E (Lucy adopted by Emily OK)
VJ Blue's Clues male RE 127G
VJ Gummy Worm male RE 127B
VJ I'm a Dog male RE 127H
VJ I'm an Angel female RE 127F
Vj Ima Cowboyfan male RE 127I
VJ Me Can Run male RE 127C (Hobbes adopted OK)

Vj Nae Nae male RE 127J
Vj Whiner male RE 127A

LE 45261 RE 15C

Susan Mamakos (Laurel, MD)
Sorento Chet (Dave)

Sire: Groovy Durago and Dam: Just Joan
DT's White Flash
Fiery Robin
Flak's Back
Flame Lady
Groovy Dorothy
Mary B's Hope
Sam's Alice

LE 45258 RE 127F
Lauri Pearson (RI)
Tyra (female) DOB 12/2/07
Sire: Verde Mountain and Dam: EA's Roberta
Regall Blue Hill male RE 127E
Regall Screwball female RE 127D
Regall Sherden male RE 127H
Regalltimeturner male RE 127A

LE 45243 RE 127E
Sara Tidmore (FL)
Nimby Rapid Roxy (Aggie) female DOB 12/22/07
(NGA Owner: John Stafos)
Sire: USS Raceway and Dam: Our Saucey
Nimby Dollyrocks female RE 127F
Nimby Redhotcody male RE 127B (Cody adopted DC)
Nimby Sadie Gogo female RE 127C (Sadie adopted PA)
Nimby Sam I Am male RE 127A

Nimby Stella female RE 127D

LE 45235 RE 127A

Leslie Levine (NY) FL
Ultra Wynn (Ajax) male DOB 12/20/07
(NGA Owner: Charter Kennel Inc)
Sire: Team Record* and Dam: She Hazz It

 Anxious Ishky male RE 127D

Disability male RE 127C

JCB Lesley female RE 127E

Oh Yeah Baby female RE 127B

LE 45231 RE 127D
Nona Halvorsen (WA) FL
Just Another Bob (J A Bob) male DOB 12/23/07
(NGA Owner: Harland V Olson)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Susands Fran
Come N Get It male RE 127G
Insta Gator male RE 127E (adopted DE)
Mister Poge male RE 127B (Oliver adopted OH)
Mister Ralphie male
Tori Girl female RE 127C

Travin Edna female RE 127F

LE 45215 RE

Nina Rhudy

Margaretmeg Mutt female DOB 3/14/95

Sire: BG's Omega Mutt and Dam: Unpaidcollection


Cahaba Lighting RE 15C male (Nestle adopted by Nancy Smith)

Cahaba Girl Mutt

Cahaba Blazer

LE 45156 RE

Steven Phillips WI (Chicago IL)
TS Terri (Terri) female DOB 1/1/95
(NGA Owner: Emerald Kennels)
Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Red Aunt

TS Tack female
TS Tommy male
TS Trish female

LE 45135 RE 15B

Pam West CO, AZ, WV (Columbus, OH)

Nodak Bob (Bob) male DOB 1/4/95

Sire: Hey Vern and Dam: Pardon Me Guys (Goys?)

(NGA Owner: Marvin Opp)


Nodak Bobbie female

Paxton Hey Fever (Willy) male

Paxton Tootsie female

Paxton Tiger Lil female (Lilly adopted by Kristi Zwicker)

LE 45129 RE 15E

Pam West FL/AZ (Columbus, OH)

CFD’s Tiffany (Tiffany) female DOB 1/10/95

Sire: Frims Whim and Dam: Electrometer

LE 45121 RE 127C
Morgan  Haley (AB) FL
Spitfire (Spitfire) male DOB 12/11/07
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Elway Drive and Dam: Ladylove

After Today female RE 127A
Erupt male RE 127B
Harmless female RE 127E
Messenger male RE 127D

LE 45116 RE 127A

Tara Fuhrman IA (WI)
True That (Trudy) female DOB 12/11/07

(NGA Owner: Robert Hardison)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Gable Hiphop

True Hat female

LE 45102 RE 15D

Laura Pike CT, NH, WV, FL (Buffalo, NY)

Cape Cod Niblet male Whelped 1/3/95

Sire: Leading Escort* and Dam: Lady Nettie
Cape Cod Native Male
Cape Cod Nellie Female
Cape Cod Neon Male
Cod Nettie Female RE 15F (Kelly adopted by Karen & Angel Quinones in MD)
Cape Cod Nibbles Female (Abbey Adopted by Claire Hunter in NJ)
Cape Cod Nic Nac Male
Cape Cod Nugget Female
Cod Nutmeg Female

LE 45089 RE 127D
Julia Slocik (IL) FL
Tfn Fran (Jetta) female DOB 12/6/07
NGA Owner: Norman L Rader or Tony Villella Jr)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: USA Molly

Tfn Ally female RE 127F (Ally adopted NC)
Tfn Hannah female RE 127B (Hannah adopted Orlando. FL)
Tfn Jesper male RE 127C
Tfn Kiki female RE 127H (Kiki adopted by Aucoin family Orlando, FL)
Tfn Little Brian male RE 127A
Tfn McKenzie female RE 127G (McKenzie adopted by Aucoin family Orlando, FL)

LE 45085 RE 15A

Kate Shue KS,WV (WV)
Craigie Alan (Blarney) male DOB 1/1/95
(NGA Owner: John Boyd)
Sire: Keota Flash and Dam: Whosupyonner


Craigie Hi Kim female

Craigie Keynote male

Craigie Two Bob male

LE 45066 RE 117E
Julie Price (WA) FL
Deco Early Rum (Rum) male DOB 11/18/07
(NGA Owner: David L Hays)
Sire: Maryville Rumble* and Dam: Deco Cocktail
Deco Alota Rum female RE 117A (Lota adopted Roanoke, VA)
Deco Bull Rum male RE 117B
Deco Cool Rum male RE 117C (Rumble adopted Oak Ridge, NC)
Deco Dark Rum female RE 117D
Deco Fire Rum male RE 117F

Deco Golden Rum male RE 117G

LE 45061 RE 117A
Kathy Dawson (CO) AZ
RC Lanie (Lanie) female DOB 11/28/07
(NGA Owner: E P Rush)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Blow Your Mind
Clever Ashley female RE 117C
Clever Barney male RE 117F
Clever Shelley female RE 117B
Drinkability male RE 117G
Zoomn Lisa female RE 117D (adopted FL)

Zoomndanpatch male RE 117E

LE 45052 RE 15A
Marcy Sally
Flying Cleopatra Female Whelped 1/1/95
Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Flying Juliet
(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)
Flying King Tut Male

LE 45005 RE 117F
Kari Sugihara (BC) FL
M's Motown Rock (Siegfried) male DOB 11/24/07
(NGA Owner: M G Porter)
Sire: Craigie Mo Town and Dam: M's Rusty Girl
M’s Mo Town Mama female (Bella adopted Eastern PA)
M’s Motown Beat male (adopted)
M’s Motown Boy male
M’s Motown Brown male
M’s Motown Ike male
M’s Motown Mojo male
M’s Motown Power male (adopted)
M’s Motown Rock male
M’s Motown Tina female (retired)

LE 44988 RE 117C
Caitie Witherspoon (NC) WV
AMF Yourself (Yancy) male DOB 11/18/07
(NGA Owner: Thomas Ferris)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: WMS Wiskaway
AMF Herself female RE 117D (Sword adopted MO)
AMF Myself male RE 117B
AMF Himself male RE 117A

LE 44973 RE 117A
Rini King (IN) MA
Fanatic Angela (Angela) female DOB 11/19/07
(NGA Owner: Francis J Bogus)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Fanatic Sole
Fanatic Buxom female RE 117B (adopted FL)
Fanatic Cadence female RE 117C
Fanatic Dazzle male RE 117D (Dazzle adopted KY)
Fanatic Phil male RE 117E

LE 44964 RE 124B

Kristy and Tom Walker FL

Napanee female DOB 12/1/94

(NGA Owner: Paul C Scheele)

Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Little Movement


Kewana female

Keyser Davenport male

Literfords male

K Man Burke male

Wooster male

Play Place male RE 124F

LE 44940 RE 15A

Nancy Madigan AZ/Mexico

WD’s Liam (Viking) male DOB 1/1/95

Sire: WD’s Santiago and Dam: Wigwam Zady


WD’s Lady Bug female

WD’s Octavia

LE 44921 RE 124A

Janet Shaffer FL (Ont)
I'ma Foxy Dawg (Foxy) female DOB 12/6/94
(NGA Owner: Arlene DeFino)
Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: Prides Pixie
I'ma Bounty Dawg male
I'ma Classy Dawg female
I'ma Dixie Dawg female
I'ma Macho Dawg male
I'ma Rodeo Dawg male
I'ma Smokin Dawg male

LE 44817 RE 117B
Anna D'Aguanno (ON) AL
Met Tower (M) male DOB 11/04/07 male
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: ICU Hot Tamale
Anemograph male RE 117A
Wind Money female RE 117E
Wind Sheer male RE 117C
Wind Sleeve female RE 117D (Tiger Lily adopted SC)
Windblaster male RE 117F

LE 44813 RE

Kate Shue FL

Greg’s Redwing (Tony the Tiger) male Whelped 11/29/94
Sire: About Sure and Dam: Lacy Red
(NGA Owner: Outlaw Racing Team)

Outlaw Clare female
Outlaw Yorkie female

Outlaw Heather female

Brenda’s Outlaw male

Angie’s Outlaw male

Outlaw Lonnie male

Calamity Helen female

LE 44801 RE 107G
Jen Beck (NJ) FL,AL
Cry Kohlton (Cole) male DOB 10/26/07
Sire: Cry Gilbert and Dam: Jenny Luckett
Cry Kaidence female RE 107C
Cry Kaizen male RE 107H (Kaizen adopted TN,KY)
Cry Kamdyn male RE 107F
Cry Kane male RE 107A (Kane adopted TN,KY)
Cry Karson, male RE 107B (Karson adopted Toronto, ON)
Cry Kayla, female RE 107E
Cry Kieko, male RE 107D

LE 44772 RE 124C

Joanne Steffen NH,CT (CT)
Sport's Cyclone (Phoenix) male DOB 12/21/94 DOD 8/22/05
(NGA Owner: Joanne Steffen)
Sire: HB's Prince Red and Dam: Boutique Lace

LE 44756 RE 123F

Shelley Lake KS (Paola KS)
Broken Link (Winky) female DOB 12/18/94 DOD 2/25/09
(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)
Sire: By Tar and Dam: Buzzer Ringer

Bana female RE 124G
Bark Avenue male RE 124A
Bentley Turbo male RE 124D
Boot Outlet male RE 24B
Buttoneer male RE 124C

LE 44701 RE 124I

Janet Arnold

Streak Of Black (Beau) male DOB 12/21/94

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Okie Michell

(NGA Owner: Thomas A or Karen V Ferrell)
Genuine Genius female
Hearts Aflame
Ice Princess female (Adopted by Nora & Jeff Rutter Bolingbrook IL)
Little Cheeser female (9/14/02 DOD)
Queen Ofthe Turf female
Rebel Pride male (Adopted by Vicki Strykowski IL)
To Hot Tenille
Untouchable Guy male
Easy Flyer male
Tiny Advenger female

LE 44693 RE 107A
Rebecca Errahimi (PA) WV
Bob's Zapper (Bob) male DOB 10/23/07
(NGA Owner: Robert R Stokes)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Bob's Littlelena

Bob's Deb female RE 107F
Bob's Dominator male RE 107G (Obi adopted Pittsburg, PA)
Bob's Eden female RE 107I
Bob's Fritz female RE 107B
Bob's Lily female RE 107H
Bob's Mag female RE 107D
Bob's Tina female RE 107C (Nina adopted Folsom, LA)
Bob's Tivis female RE 107E

LE 44670 RE 1294E

Laura Hayek TX

Rodeo Delight (Delight) female DOB 12/22/94

Sire: Givemefive Eric and Dam: Rodeo Star


Rodeo Dolly female died

Rodeo Jean female

Rodeo Keystone female

LE 44665 RE 107C
Lara Hicks (ON) AL
Slapstick Drive (Slappy) male DOB 10/28/07
(NGA Owner: Tony Mills)
Sire: Elway Drive and Dam: Noah's Smelldog
Stargate Drive male RE 107A
Stimulus Drive male RE 107B
Southpark Drive male RE 107D
Shanghai Drive female RE 107F (adopted PA)
Stylus Drive female RE 107G

Sangria Drive female RE 107H

LE 44629 RE 107B
Tracey Davila (CT) FL
NK Esther (Esther) female DOB 10/29/07
(NGA Owner: Norbert Kaiser)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Champagne Lake
NK Brad male RE 107D
NK Charlie female RE 107F (adopted GA)
NK Katie female RE 107C (adopted VA)
NK Lady female RE 107A (adopted SC)
NK Louise female RE 107G
NK Mickie female RE 107I (adopted IL)
NK Paige female RE 107E

LE 44612 RE 107E
Patricia Lanius (Katy TX)
Under Pressure (Edgar) male DOB 10/9/07
(NGA Owner: Bryon Legg)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Hiccup Attack
Best Day Ever male RE 107B
Call Me Breezy female RE 107F
Lovesneakinuponu RE 55H
Oh Good Grief male RE 55C
Poplockndripit female RE 55I
Smillikeumeanit female RE 55G
Timelovesahero male RE 55D

Truestoryimadeup male RE 55A

LE 44608 RE 124A

Denise Grossman WI (OH)
Rainier Rowanda (Wanda) female DOB 12/14/94

Sire: AU Ready Freddy* and Dam: Rainier Rita
(NGA Owner: Joseph J. Sullivan)


Rainier Reaction

LE 44592 RE 107F
Cindy Gingrich (MA) MA,RI
Kiowa Class Girl (Molly) female DOB 10/23/07
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Kiowa Classylady
Kiowa Class Boy male RE 107J
Kiowa Class King male RE 107I
Kiowa Class Pen female RE 107H (Renny adopted Orlando, FL)
Kiowa Class Run female RE 107E
Kiowa Class Tori female RE 107G
Kiowa Classchick female RE 107C
Kiowa Classcrown female RE 107B
Kiowa Classgrade female RE 107D
Kiowa Classqueen female RE 107A

LE 44534 RE 107F
Denise Shirk (PA) AL
Royal Passion (Passion) female DOB 10/16/07
(NGA Owner: Donald Grissom)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Greys Royaltrust
Royal Challenge male RE 107E (adopted LA)
Royal Desire female RE 107A
Royal Palace female RE 107B
Royal Pursuit male RE 107D
Royal Sky Line male RE 107C (Sky adopted IL)

LE 44530 RE 97D
Laura Buchanan (OH)
Jason Bay male DOB 9/27/07 DOD 5/8/16
Sire: Dodgem by Design and Dam: Fuzzys Liberty
Blazin Madison female RE 97A (adopted MD)
Blazin Mia female RE 97E
Swacker male RE 97C (adopted ON)

LE 44518 RE 114I

Maria Leger NJ (Woodstock, ON)

Cbar Gena (Callie) female Whelped 11/10/94

Sire: K’s Broadway and Dam: Chalas Bonus

(NGA Owner: Carolyn Hodge)


Cbar Muffie

Cbar Sarah female (Sarah adopted by Gale Wood)

Cbar Annie female RE 114C (adopted Penny)

LE 44499 RE


Sire: Irish Sir and Dam: Miss Regis

(NGA Owner: Sharon K Feise)


Sir Richie male

Swanee's Irish male

Run Midnight Run male

Irish Lust male

Honey Do Right fe

LE 44494 RE

Wendy Swearman (Bel Air, MD)
Texoma Sara (Aja) female 12/94

(NGA Owner: B&T Kennels Inc)

Sire: Dg’s Dealer and Dam: Cle’s Sandy

Lahoma Doll

LE 44475 RE 124E

Sandra & Dave Wolven (Caistor Center, ON)

WP's Scanner (Scanner) male 12/8/94

Dam: Oshkosh Aurora and Sire: King Kev

(NGA Owner: Wesley L Parvin)
Wp's Chiller Male
Wp's Hawk Male
Wp's Phantom Male
Wp's Purplesage Female

LE 44458 RE 107B
Alena Baldwin-Brown (NJ) FL,AL
Perfectly Okay (Kay) female DOB 10/10/07
(NGA Owner: Peter Sarin)
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Perfectly Tough
Perfectly Frank male RE 107A
Perfectly Noted female RE 107D
Perfectly Real male RE 107B (adopted)

LE 44456 RE

Jennifer Cook AL (NC)
Doncat (Kah) male DOB 12/4/94
(NGA Owner: Donald B Bruns)
Sire: Daring Don and Dam: You'll Be Sorry


Au Revoir Boss male (Boss adopted by Hope Shultz VA)

Au Revoir Ivan male

Au Revoir Sweets female (contact Jackie Emard BC)

Kah male

LE 44422 RE 107A
Maureen Piotrowicz (NJ) AL
Cinderelly (Ellie) female DOB 11/14/07
Sire: Coldwater Keelin and Dam: Liberated

LE 44416 RE 124C

Shirley Trusky
Mohican Inkblot Whelped 12/4/94

Sire: Fling Bubba and Dam: Flying Sissy
Mohican Copy
Mohican Paper
Mohican Letter
Mohican Postit
Mohican Printer
Mohican Tabloid RE 124A (adopted?)

LE 44379 RE

Jill Nogle
Brazo Cornerback (Roux) male DOB 12/6/94

Sire: Yesterday's Wish and Dam: Joppa
(NGA Owner: John T Brown)

Brazo Fullback male
Brazo Halfback male
Brazo Majorette female
Brazo Tailback male

LE 44356 RE

Evelyn Gilleland TX

Snowcloud (Pasha) female Whelped 11/94

Sire: Black Aztec and Dam: High Projection

(NGA Owner: David L LeDoux)


LE 44342 RE 124B

Russ & Nancy Passage FL (Melbourne FL)

Elegant Brianne (Sundace) male Whelped 12/2/94

Sire: Ion Pay Dirt and Dam: Elegant Look

(NGA Owner: Anita L Fuiginiti)


Elegant Andrea (Meadow) female (Adopted by Ilaria Borghese NJ)

Elegant Celeste female

LE 44337 RE 25B

Doroty & Warrick Squires (Mississauga, ON)
CP Rocky Red (Rocky) Male Whelped 2/19/95

Sire: Birror and Dam: Sports Fling

LE 44333 RE 97G
Laura Comiskey (OR) MX
HK Mandy (Mandy Mae) female DOB 9/15/07
(NGA Owner: Keith Blankenhorn or Jacki Ross)
Sire: EM's Mac Attack and Dam: Taking Names
HK Bubba male RE97E
HK Dot female RE 97H
HK Julie female RE 97C (Lily adopted CA)
HK Lance male RE 97D
HK Popeye male RE 97B
HK Rosco male RE 97A
HK Tanner male RE 97F

LE 44330 RE 97C
Theresa Hoffman (NE) IA
Nutmegs Ground (Nutmeg) female DOB 9/26/07
Sire: Fuzzys Cannon and Dam: Makenas Gold
Chiffon Glaze female RE 97J
Hot Butterscotch female RE 97D
Just Ginger female RE 97F
Sugar Glaze female RE 97G

LE 44289 RE 114D

Rebecca Doersam KS (Utah)
Sharp Command (Byron) male DOB 11/94
(NGA Owner: Robert Dondlinger or John Melillo)
Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: Oshkosh Karma

Karmamia female
Karmarella female
Karmatic female
Karmatize female
Silent Command male
Royal Command male

LE 44280 RE 116F

Maureen Brunetti (Houston TX)
Roundaboutepisode (Magic) Whelped 11/27/96 male

Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Jordan Episode

(NGA Owner: Anne Tater)


Bye Bye Episode female

Comeandgoepisode male

In Andoutepisode female

On An On Episode male

To An Froepisode female

LE 44267 RE 97E
Kara Ryder (NY) WV
Strong Feeling (Alfred) male DOB 9/18/07
(NGA Owner: Robert Goodman)
Sire: Larking About* and Dam: Futuristic Idea
Critical Issue female RE 87D (Hallie adopted LA)
Fateful Choice female RE 87F (adopted VA,DC,MD)
Foreign Policy male RE 87A
Internal Tension female RE 87G
Major Conflict male RE 87C (adopted VA,DC,MD)

LE 44250 RE 97C
Michael & Judi Bird (MI) FL
Nicole Swan (Nikki) female DOB 9/22/07
(NGA Owner: Randle Blair)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Bow Moneybags
Ayn Rand female RE 97D (Egypt adopted IL)
Belle Boyd female RE 97B
Crazy Bet male RE 97J
Nadia Comaneci female RE 97H (adopted SC)
Nicky Tricks female RE 97A (adopted VA)
North Ember female RE 97G
Who Knew male RE 97E
Zebulon Pike male RE 97F

LE 44249 RE 114D

Marina Greene FL (NH)
DV's Butch (Butch) male DOB 11/94

Sire: Booter Jim and Dam: Nulife Gogo Lucy
(NGA Owner: David Harris)


Dv’s Elway male

Dv’s Pauline female

Dv’s Wanda female

Dv’s Oliver

Where’s Thelma female

Where’s Thomas male

Where’s Tiffany female

Where’s Tobie male

Where’s Trinity female

Where’s Tucker male

Where’s Tyrell male

LE 44217 RE 97F

Tina Kalcevic (CO)

Penrose Lacey (Juno) female DOB 9/19/07

Sire: Fuzzys Cannon and Dam: Penrose Excel


Penrose Blake male RE 97B

Penrose Brent male RE 97E

Penrose Bryce male RE 97C

Penrose Maggie female RE 97A

Penrose Megan female RE 97D

Penrose Melanie female RE 97G

LE 44203 RE 97E
Peggy Voakes (CA) AL
KB Busted (Betty) female DOB 9/18/07
(NGA Owner: Michael A Montoya)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: KB Dirty Trick
KB Aceinthehole male RE 97A
KB Aces Wild female RE 97B
KB Deuces Wild female RE 97D
KB Diamond Ruff male RE 97C
KB Flip the Ace female RE 97H
KB Roll the Dice male RE 97F
KB Splitten Tens female RE 97G

LE 44153 RE

Gail McConnell

Oshkosh Torrent (Tori) female DOB 11/21/94

Dam: Oshkosh Tease and Sire: Oshkosh Discount
(NGA Owner: Wm F or Larry Pollard)

Oshkosh Taffy female
Oshkosh Teena female
Oshkosh Thorne male
Oshkosh Ticket female
Oshkosh Tomboy female
Oshkosh Gun male
Oshkosh Trophy female

LE 44137 RE 97B
Krysten Burch (KY) AL
Billy Bogz (Sheldon) male DOB 9/14/07
(NGA Owner: Marc Randal)
Sire: Tempo Petrocelli and Dam: Ladara
Blickity male RE 97A
Hapax male RE 97D
Tacana female RE 97E
Quanetta female RE 97F

Top Button female RE 97G

LE 44134 RE

Pam & Bill (IL)
Baby's Baby (Baby) female 5/1/87
(NGA Owner: William Kelley)
Sire: Profit's Andy and Dam: Millionaire Baby

Baby's Classic female
Kelly's Kelley female
Mister Shamu male

LE 44075 RE 114B

Mark & Debbie Hope

Mel's Monster (Saber) male DOB 11/16/94
Sire: Pecos Rattler and Dam: Lb's Abby Gale

(NGA Owner: Melvin Gossard)


Mel's Marie female

Mel's Marvin male

Mel's Melinda female

Mel's Michael male

LE 44015 RE 114C

Gina Mieczkowski NH (CT)
Kickers Dream (Sadie) female DOB 11/19/94
Sire: Che Mar Tiffy and Dam: Mo Kick

Watch the Kick (Kelsey) female RE 114G (adopted by George Giunta Jr)

Bare Footed Kick female RE 114H

Che Mar Top Kick male RE 114K (adopted by Jennifer Seigler (Penny)

Chemar Powerkick male RE 114A

Chemar Quickkick male RE 114I

Chemar Speedkick male RE 114E

Chemar Swiftkick female RE 114D

Chemarladykicker female RE 114F

Chemaronsidekick female RE 114B

Three Point Kick female RE 114J

LE 43900 RE 114B

Anielia Eaden KS (MO)
Goinoutobidness (Brooke) female DOB 11/8/94
(NGA Owner: Carol R Starr)
Sire: LB's Music Man and Dam: Kiowa Tyler Dori


Lg’s Callie female

Lg’s Lawman female

Lg’s Lee female

LE 43877 RE 87C
Patricia King (CA) FL
Pat C Drove (Memphis) male DOB 8/26/07
(NGA Owner: Pat Collins)
Sire: Elway Drive and Dam: Pat C Pondarosa
Pat C Driver male
Pat C Exceed female
Pat C Ponerous female
Pat C Pongee female

LE 43861 RE 104C

Cathy Hanratty FL,WV (VA)
JD's Tiny Gal (Tasha) female DOB 10/26/94
(NGA Owner: John D Clark)
Sire: JDs Rooster and Dam: Sabobs Patches

JD's Black Gold female
Bl's Pretty Miss female
Bl's Regal Son male
JD's Blacklight male
JDs Leisa’s Gal female
JDs Megaflash male
JDs Valor male

LE 43851 RE 87C
Shelley Johnson (Alberta) TX
DLT Salty Cat (Bosley) male DOB 8/3/07
(NGA Owner: David L Tate)
Sire: Maryville Rumble* and Dam: DLT Fast Assault
DLT Outlaw male RE 87A
DLT Show Stopper female
DLT Sling Shot female
DLT Sponge Bob male
JIT Movin On female RE 87F (Princess MoMo adopted TX)

LE 43795 RE 114C

Rhonda Hudson OR (Tacoma, WA)

Stormy Trip female Whelped 11/3/94

Sire: On Wisconsin and Dam: John’s Joy

(NGA Owner: Dick Andrews or Kimberly R Floyd)


Mark Graham male

Dwight Schwab male

Rawlin’s Dawg male

Rosemary’s Dream female

Tom Orth male

Jessica Ebert female

LE 43716 RE 114E & 114D

Cathy Riopko FL (NC)

Dia's Volunteer (Tigger) male DOB 11/1/94
(NGA Owner: Steve Younce)
Sire: By Tar and Dam: Odd Heartbeat

Dia’s Red Tar female RE 114D (Red Tar Lady adopted by Cathy Riopko)

Rambling Dixie
Rambling Tar
Mother Ocean
Yes Iam A Pirate

LE 43683 RE 87B
Leslie Kanfer (FL) WVA
Owatadogiam (Philly) male DOB 7/18/07
(NGA Owner: Wesley J Goodale)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Penthouse Josey
Bella Rue female (Bella adopted LA)
Cherokee Runner male
Ebony female RE 87C
Tennessee Rue female RE 87F

Tropical Prince male RE 87E

LE 43681 RE 77H
Becky Nienhuis (ONT) AL
Natural Red Head (Teague) male DOB 7/28/07
(NGA Owner: Champions Racing Team Inc)
Sire: WW Apple Jax and Dam: Miz Karla
Cool Oscar male RE 77G
Deal With It Now male RE 77B (adopted)
Draw My Dog male RE 77F
Glass Passenger female RE 77A
Karla's Girl female RE 77C
Lastdance Please male RE 77E

Long Ride Home male RE 77D

LE 43671 RE 114G

Jan Tamanini CO (Harrisburg, PA)

Nodak Madness (Laura Heather) female Whelped 11/6/94 

Sire: HB's Prince Red and Dam: Candy Changer


Nodak Angry male

Nodak Rage female

LE 43661 RE 87B
Christi Reagan (TN)
TNJ Cujo (JoJo) male DOB 8/6/07
(NGA Owner2 James T Dietez)
Sire: Gable Oscar and Dam: ATD Cleopatra
TNJ Frisco male RE 87A
TNJ Kasa Kid female RE 87E
TNJ Moneymaker male RE 87D
TNJ Nutmeg female RE 87C

LE 43633 RE 77E
Diane Keith (IL) FL,IA
Fire Out Electra (Tric) male DOB 7/4/07
(NGA Owner: David C Sullivan)
Sire: Dragon Fire and Dam: Odd Report
Fire Out Alcina female RE 77A
Fire Out Bambi female RE 77B (Bambi adopted FL)
 Fire Out Coco female RE 77C
Fire Out Dakota male RE 77D
Fire Out Hard male RE 77H
Fire Out Indy male RE 77I (adopted IL)
Fire Out N Fly male RE 77F

Fire Out N Go male RE 77G

LE 43610 RE 87E
Daniel Leone (MA) FL
Pat C Trendy (Bella)female DOB 3/8/07
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Pat C Aida
Pat C Aid RE 87G female
Pat C Helpful RE 87H female
Pat C Tremor RE 87C male
Pat C Trench RE 87B male
Pat C Trend RE 87D male

Pat C Trenton RE 87F male

LE 43591 RE 77B

Christine Flammer (Ont)
Nina's White Tip (Whitey (now Nike) male DOB 7/26/07
(NGA Owner: Nina McKay)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: C Ya Movada

A's Aladdin male
C Ya Goldfinger male RE 77C
C Ya  Hell Yeah male RE 77D
C Ya Hocus Pocus male RE 77F
Nina's Wagster male

RE 43589 RE 77C
Taryn Zucco (MA)
Tmc's Babby (Babby) female DOB 7/26/07
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Tmc's Rallie
Tmc’s Lingo female RE 77E
Tmc’s Miley female RE 77H
Tmc’s Strutts male RE 77G
Tmc’s Sultan male RE 77J
Tmc’s Super Star female RE 77A
Tmc’s Wonderlust male RE 77F
Tmc's Delight female RE 77B
Tmc's Honey Bee female RE 77I
Tmc’s Kaboom female RE 77D (Kaboom adopted FL)

LE 43578 RE 104B

Patty Tustin TX/CT (NJ)

Abdo’s Land (Murphy) male DOB 10/30/94

(NGA Owner: Abraham Shagoury)

Sire: Mt’s Tally Finn and Dam: Jetta Jewel


Abdo’s Chris male

Pentium Chip male

Red Lucia female

LE 43554 RE 104I

Jennifer Watkins (KY)


LE 43497 RE 77H
Emily Katcher (WA) FL
Dog Aflying (Sweeper) male DOB 7/24/07
(NGA Owner: Sharon Williams)
Sire: Clappin Thunder* and Dam: Let’s Run To Win
Ask Me Way female RE 77K
Bearcat Ruckus male RE 77G (Septum adopted WA)
Here’s Lookn male RE 77J (Cleaner adopted CAN)
Hoochee Girl female RE 77I
Like a Charm female RE 77F (Lila adopted CAN)
Make a Move female RE 77C
Motel Rendezvous female RE 77D
Numbers Runner male RE 77B
Red Cadillac male RE 77A (adopted)
Storm Cloud male RE 77E

LE 43471 RE 77A
Julie Price (WA) FL
Pat C Tad (Tad) male DOB 7/20/07
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Tally Ho
Pat C Take Down male
Pat C Takeover male
Pat C Tootsie female

Pat C Tricia female

LE 43469 RE 77A
Alisa Euler (NY) FL,AL
Playing By Rules (Ginger) female DOB 7/19/07
(NGA Owner: David Robinette)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Here's the Thing
Pursuit of Moola male RE 77H (Moo-Moo adopted MI)
New Time Zone male RE 77E
Luxurious Lady female RE 77C
King of Thisgame male RE 77G
Howdoyoulikethat male RE 77I (Howie adopted FL)
Going It Alone male RE 77F (GoGo adopted IL)
Dashin for Cash female RE 77B
Challenge Taker male RE 77D

LE 43460 RE 84I

Jennifer Watkins

Saffa Gofer (Sassy)

Sire: B Irror and Dam: Jolly News

LE 43428 RE 77A
Kim Chasteen (VA) FL
Diamond Vintage (Diamond) female DOB 7/15/07
(NGA Owner: Tina M William)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Instant Vintage
Bleachy Boy male RE 77H
Deluxe Vintage female RE 77B
Luna Vintage female RE 77E
Ruby Vintage female RE 77G
Sapphire Vintage female RE 77D
Rainer RE 77C (adopted Canada)

LE 43423 RE 77G
Theresa Hoffman (NE) IA
Shack Daniels (Dan) male DOB 7/13/07
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Goodbye Lauri
Crazy Character male RE 77C (Racy adopted FL)
Disco Diva female RE 77B (Diva adopted  IL)
Electric Ace female RE 77H
Key Lime Kid male RE 77D
Motor City Mama female RE 77E (adopted IL)

LE 43408 RE 84H

Barbara Darling CT/NH/FL (PA)
Gamblin Lou (Lancey) male Whelped 10/18/94

Sire: Cash for Chris and Dam: Surefire Gail
Blue Shoes male
Frank Can Boogie male
GC Janesse female
Mike's Fast Track male RE 84F (adopted Penny)
Precious Mindy female
Sure Cash Flow female
Urban Beat female

LE 43328 RE 77A

Karen Ingraffea AL (NY)
Red Badge (Badger) male DOB 7/14/07
(NGA Owner: Bernie Collette)
Sire: Be My Bubba and Dam: Drew Barry

Blue Patent male
Iron Shot male
Keltie female
Memphis Badge male
Sabra female
Super Mario male RE 77E

Yamamoto male RE 77H

LE 43243 RE 104F

Kathleen Walsh
Shilo Sailor (Phoenix) male 10/10/94

Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: Shilo MagicTouch
Shilo Peewee female
Shilo Scooter
Shilo Sierra

LE 43242 RE 77E
Debby Gifford (FL) FL
Jack Cody (Jack) male DOB 7/11/07
Sire: Fuzzy's Cannon and Dam: RKs Tankini Gal
Carla Cannon female RE 77B
Cora Cannon female RE 77I
Mika Allen male RE 77D
RK’s Cracking Up female RE 77A
RK’s Hilarious female RE 77C (Fran adopted NJ)
RK’s Laffin Loud male RE 77F
Talltale female RE 77H

LE 43187 RE 74H

Valerie DeLisle CT (DE)
Penrose Waggle (Cleo) female DOB 7/1/94
Sire: Farmer Wilson* and Dam: OB Ginger


Easy’s Lampoon male

Easy’s Letmeatem male

LE 43142 RE 77B
Shelley Hall (CA) MX
Savvy Ridge (Arrow) male DOB 7/2/07
(NGA Owner: Gregory S Wood)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Savvy Beauty
Savvy Fonseca male RE 77D
Savvy Loma male RE 77C
Savvy Softy female RE 77A

LE 43123 RE 104A

Helene Drinkhouse NH (NJ)
Adam B (Adam) male DOB 10/15/94
Sire: Ari and Dam: Jolly Cassie


Evona female RE 104E (adopted Penny)

LE 43121 RE 104I

Dean & Barbara Dalpe (NH)
Ima Gazer (Whitty) female Whelped 10/15/94

Sire: Ari and Dam: Expert Clown

(NGA Owner: Cryer Kennels)


Ali Alcott Male
Bishop's Gaze Male
Cruce Male (adopted?)
Di's Star Female
Expert Gaze Female RE 104E (Maggie adopted by Karen & Chris Klimecko NY)
Fox Glove Female
Gazing Hart Female
Have A Hart Female

LE 4312 RE 61D

Amy Sheneman NH (Cazenovia, NY)

Indy Black female DOB 6/91

LE 43085 RE

Heather L Epperly OR?
Village Cruiser Male 09/29/94

Sire: Village Spike and Dam: Pele
(NGA Owner: Paul J Guimond Sr)

Village Letmein Female
Village Pele Female
Village Spikette Female
Village Stubby Female

LE 43059 RE 67C
Beryl Powers (PA)
Smooth Cole male DOB 6/27/07
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Forever Nanc
Scatillac Bling female RE 67A (adopted MN)
Scatillac Sequin female RE 67D
Smooth Frank male RE 67F
Smooth Greg male RE 67G
Smooth Tony male RE 67B (adopted PA)

LE 43044 RE 67C
Gretchen Preiman (CT) WV
KL Calvin Penske (Calvin) male DOB 6/27/07
(NGA Owner: Judy K Jewell)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Flyin Grace Park
KL Allen Penske male RE 67A
KL Buster Brown male  RE 67B (Buster adopted AR)
KL Dusk to Dawn female RE 67D
KL Elaborate Eva female RE 67E
KL Flynn female RE 67F (adopted Randleman NC)
KL Heart N Soul female RE 67H
KL Ima Good RE 67I (Indy adopted SC)

LE 43033 RE 67I
Janet Harvey (CA) FL/AZ
Deerfield Kay (Kay) female DOB 6/30/07
(NGA Owner: Pauline O'Donnell)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Kansas Misty
Cailin Deas female RE 67G (Dee adopted CA)
Deerfield Cathy female RE 67F
Deerfield Chris female RE 67B
Dearfield Dream female RE 67H (adopted Knoxville, TN)
Deerfield Gent male RE 67A
Deerfield Hanna female RE 67E
Deerfield Ivana female RE 67D
Jointheque male RE 67C (William adopted in Quebec, Died Lymphoma 6/12)

LE 43000 RE 67E
Nancy Calabria (NC)
Gabe Eric (Eric) male DOB 6/19/07
(NGA Owner: Joseph Douglas)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Home Town Charm
Gabe Abbott male RE 67A
Gabe Barney male RE 67B
Gabe Candice female RE 67C
Gabe Darla female RE 67D (adoptable 7/15 MA,DC,VA)

LE 42984 RE 67D

Donna Taro CO (CA)
Al E Firefly (Abbey) female DOB 6/5/07
(NGA Owner: Al C Earl)
Sire: Be Discrete and Dam: Al E Eagle Flame


Al E Arrowhead female

Al E Spirit male

Al E Starfire female

Al E Wishit male

LE 42961 RE 67I
Elise Portale (CA) AZ
Mississippi Mule (Nyte) male DOB 6/15/07
(NGA Owner: Robert L Clark)
Sire: Jukebox Hero and Dam: Dilly Race
Disco Lady female RE 67A (Lady adopted CA)
American Pie female RE 67B
Boy George male RE 67G?
Judy In Disguise female RE 67E
Kick My Heels Up female RE 67C
King Elvis male RE 67F
Livin On A Pray female RE 67D

Wichita Lineman male RE 67H

LE 42948 RE 104C

Jean Bell FL (NC)
Char Dirt Racer (Racer) male DOB 10/9/94
(NGA Owner:  Gerald Brown)
Sire: Kail and Dam: Dutch Yvonne

Char Hooters female
Char White Star male
Golden Earing male RE 104D (adopted by Donna Logsdon IN

LE 42946 RE 94G

Richard Hancock (FL) FL
Santa Fe Abe (Gabe) male DOB 9/22/94
(NGA Owner: Steve Nelson)
Sire: Kail and Dam: Santa Fe Wimpy


Santa Fe Forrest male RE 94F

Santa Fe Jake male RE 94C

Santa Fe Jiggs male RE 94A

Santa Fe Lil Bea female RE 94E

Santa Fe Spats male RE 94D

Santa Fe Squirt male RE 94B

LE 42931 RE 67A

Shelby Theodorovich (IN) WI
Ub Sue Ellen (Elle) female DOB 6/18/07
(NGA Owner: Cheyanne Criswell)
Sire: Galena and Dam: Original Profit

Ub Bobby Ewing male RE 67G (Bobby adopted in Chicago IL)
Ub Cliff Barnes male RE 67F
Ub Johnrossewing male RE 67E
Ub Miss Ellie female RE 67C

Ub Jock Ewing male RE 67H (Jock adopted in Chicago IL)

Ub Ray Krebbs male RE 67C

LE 42895 RE 67A
Debbie Hunseder (AZ)
Mary Contrary female DOB 6/18/07
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Its Not My Fault (Bee adopted by Debbie Hunseder)

Faithful Me female RE 67B

LE 42840 RE 67D
Saskia Schneikart (SC) FL
John Locke (Jay Jay) male DOB 6/13/07
(NGA Owner: C Don Godby)
Sire: Air Ball and Dam: EJ's Karma
Becky Ball female RE 67C
Bella Ball female RE 67A
Betty Ball female RE 67F
Benjy female RE 67H
Brandy Ball female RE 67G
Buffy Express female RE 67B (Buffy adopted  DC/VA)
Incredible Ben male RE 67E

LE 42912 RE 104D

Shirley Trusky FL (OH)
Nodak Vegus (Vegas /lil Girl) female DOB 10/4/94    
Sire: Flanagan and Dam: Not Forgotten

LE 42840 RE 94H
Gwen Blumenauer WV (OH)
Primary Payoff (Sadie) female DOB 9/28/94
(NGA Owner: Marilyn J Anderson)
Sire: Spiral Step and Dam: By Surprise Beck


Z’ CD Senator (Batman adopted by Tammy McCarty)

LE 42835 RE 67C
Janine Kressler (NJ) FL
Tapco Halo (Halo) female DOB 6/11/07
(NGA Owner: Tom G Taplin or Brant T Tapl)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Hanalei
None Better female RE 67G (Noni adopted AR)
Spider's Trap male RE 67E (adopted FL)
Tapco Habanero male RE 67B
Tapco Hobo male RE 67D
Tapco Hondo male RE 67H

Tapco Hocus female RE 67A (adopted Clearwater, FL)

LE 42821 RE 67F
Laurie Little (MD) FL
HKF Blazett (Blazett) female DOB 6/3/07
(NGA Owner: Laurie Little)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: HKF Lacey
Gusto Rosa female RE 67A (Rosa adopted MI)
HKF Blazen Fast female RE 67E (adopted PA)
HKF Blazen Out female RE 67B (adopted GA)
HKF Blazen Quick female RE 67I
HKF Blazer male RE 67C
HKF Haley female RE 67H (adopted NC)
TDS Angel female RE 67D
TDS Ellie female RE 67G

LE 42818 RE 57F

Shelby Theodorovich (IN) WI
AHK Seven Eleven (Seven) male DOB 5/24/07
(NGA Owner: James Durelle Jackson)
Sire: Maryville Rumble* and Dam: Fuzzys Nevada

AHK Babygotnews female RE 57D (Baby adopted TX)
AHK Big Heart male RE 57H
AHK Box Cars male RE 57C
AHK Cooler female RE 57F (Kahlua adopted MO)
AHK Lucky Lady female
AHK Crapshooter male RE 57B

Fuzzys Buddy male

LE 42803 RE 67F
Kim Klueg (KY) FL
Julie Newmar (Cat) female DOB 6/4/07
(NGA Owner: Anthony Napolitano Jr)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Fraulein Tina
Cadillac Elvis male RE 67C
Frau Pieper female RE 67G
Crazy Karen female RE 67A (Kiran adopted Atlanta GA)
Paul Kersey male RE 67D
Psycho Stephanie female RE 67B (Stephanie adopted PA)
Rhoda Zimmerman female RE 67H
Sensational Sela female RE 67E (adopted Chicago IL)
Shufflin Eddie male RE 67I

LE 42776 RE 94B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Rob Roy (Shiner)

Sire: Mi Designer and Dam: B’s Miss Maggie


B’s Red Ranger male (Jason adopted by Jean Varble)

LE 42728 RE 57E

Jenna Feuerhake FL (FL)
Tebow (Floyd) male DOB 5/24/07
(NGA Owner: Wayne Strong)
Sire: Iruska All Star and Dam: Iruska Comet


Bryan Star male RE 57A

First Down male RE 57C (Grissom adopted TN)

Hand Full female RE 57B (Olive Oil adopted St Louis MO)

Sugar female (Sugar adopted St Louis MO)

LE 42719 RE 67E
HKs Sinton (Oliver) male DOB 6/2/07
(NGA Owner: Jacob Kushner)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Kansas Fallout
Starzfallforyou female RE 67B (Starz adopted KS/MO)
HKs Falling female RE 67A
HKs Icecold female RE 67C
HKs Paul male RE 67F (Rory adopted TX)
HKs Subject female RE 67D (Lucy adopted)

HKs Wolf male RE 67G

LE 42705 RE 57F
Laura Schultz (VA) FL
Boc's Duchess (Luna) female DOB 5/30/07
(NGA Owner: Brad Boeckenstedt Or Shelly R)
Sire: Fuzzys Cannon and Dam: Blazin Lisa
Boc's Bamm Bamm male RE 57C (Bam Bam adopted OH)
Boc's Big Chief male RE 57D
Boc's Bitsy female RE 57G
Boc's Iggie female RE 57H (adopted)
Boc's Kibbles female RE 57A (Kibbles adopted VA)
Boc's Lil Duke male RE 57E
Boc's Sergeant male RE 57B

LE 42704 RE 67E
Diane Freundel (PA) FL
Solitary Shy (Rain) female DOB 6/2/07
(NGA Owner: N J Sherck)
Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Sol Special
Solitary Selena female RE 67J
Solitary Shanti female RE 67D
Solitary Shocker male RE 67B
Solitary Shotgun male RE 67F
Solitary Stony male RE 67G
Solitary Sultan male RE 67K
Solitary Sundrop female RE 67I

Solitary Spoiled female RE 67H

LE 42641 RE 57B
Matthew Bailey (NC) FL,WV
Everett (Everett) male DOB 5/27/07
(NGA Owner: Robert Hume)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Star of Cain
Dee Dee Destiny female RE 57D
Hardwick male RE 57E
I'm Desserai female RE 57C (adopted  FL)
Wefanie female RE 57A

LE 42623 RE 57F
Penn Fuller (GA) FL
Pat C Lamar (Mac) male DOB 5/27/07
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)
Sire: Larking About* and Dam: Pat C Runner Up
Pat C Larking male
Pat C Latricia female
Pat C Lorene female (adopted ONT)

Pat C Lorita female (adopted Eastern Michigan)

LE 42566 RE 57E
Jennifer Christianson (ON) WVA
Lightning Lobo (Lobo) male DOB 5/16/07
(NGA Owner: Thomas Salem)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Silent Angel
Let Loose Lexi female RE 57D
Lonesome Louie male RE57B (Louie adopted NY,CT)
Quick Gigi female RE 57F
Run Mickey Run female RE 57C
Toe Tappin Tammy female RE 57A

LE 42556 RE 94D

Meg Chrislip KS (OH)
Crystal Daisy (Daisy) female DOB 9/22/94
(NGA Owner: Gary Bauer or Robert Childs)
Sire: Bartie and Dam: Estate Bottled


Crystal Ash female

Crystal Bad Bart male

Crystal Big Ben male

Crystal Fanny female

Crystal Lily female

LE 42514 RE 94F

Patti Trakney FL (FL)
AC MC Lucky (Lucky) male DOB 9/12/94
(NGA Owner: James R Evans Sr)

Sire: Jj Lucky Streak and Dam: Tj Mc Henry


Tj Oakmont male

Ac Bonnie Blair female

Ac Pekabo Streak female

LE 42511 RE 57E
Pam Peyton (KY) FL
Does Sam I AM (Samantha) female DOB 5/25/07
(NGA Owner: Ep's Kennel Llc)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Country Katie
Doe's Corky Girl female RE 57D (adopted Arab AL)
Doe's Double Dee male RE 57C (adopted KY)
Doe's Make Adeal male RE 57B

LE 42481 RE 57E
Nancy Istvanek (WI) AL
Crafty Moyer (Jimmy) male DOB 5/3/07
(NGA Owner: Gregory E Gahrs)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Dreamy Babe
Flyin Victorina female
Steal By Rollins male RE 57D
Ryans Blast female RE 57F
Phillies In Ten female RE 57A
Mvp Hamels male RE 57C
Lights Out Lidge male RE 57B

Harry the K male RE 57G

LE 42470 RE 84F

Louis CO,AZ (CO)

Gear Grabber (Brandon) male DOB 8/94 DOD 12/13/03

(NGA Owner: Karen Legg)

Sire: Handy Andy Dam: Dog Gone Pity and Dam:


Action Shad male

Float N Fly male

LE 42441 RE 84H

Jill MCBeath (Surrey, BC)

Pat C Hammertime DOB 8/1/94 DOD 10/9/02

(NGA  Owner: Pat Collins)

Sire:  X's Pio and Dam: Tupelo Dolly


Pat C Can Work female

Pat C Doll Up female RE 84B (adopted Penny)

Pat C Russet male

LE 42334 RE 57H
Hilary Cable (CA) AZ
So Much Trouble (Hailey "Bubba" Rose) female DOB 5/10/07
(NGA Owner: George Fune)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Midnight Meeting
Always in Style Female RE 57D
Bullseye Boy Male RE 57J
Chili Burger Male RE 57C
Dibs on Denny Male RE 57G (Denny adopted in Las Vegas, NV)
Out Past Curfew Female RE 57I
Soft Spoken Female RE 57E
Whata Smuck Male RE 57B
Yeah Yeah Yeah Female RE 57F

LE 42326 RE 94E

Carolyn Simcsak (NJ)
Delilah's Power (Tobeigh) female DOB 9/5/94 DOD 8/25/08
Sire: Bartie and Dam: Samson's Delilah


Delilah’s Pride female RE 94B

Delilah’s Secret female RE 94C

Delilah’s Storm female RE 94D

LE 42314 RE 57A
Kathy Wagner (Cherry Hill, NJ)
FF Tequila (Tequila) female DOB 5/2/07
(NGA Owner: Joe Fusaro)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: ICU Evette
FF Tic Tac female RE 57C
FF Typhoon female RE 57D
FF Turn The Tide female RE 57B (Wave adopted PA)
FF Twister female RE 57E (adopted)

FF T Bone Tony male RE 57F (Tony adopted by Williams family Media, PA)

LE 42308 RE 47D
Jenny Challis (ON)
Debra Gayle (Dodger) female DOB 4/19/07
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Ignitaz
Army Junk RE 47A (Ajay adopted NY)
Beazers Baby female RE 47F (Baby adopted ON)
Cherry Dip female (Abby adopted W VA)
Laid back Style male RE 47I (Style adopted PA)
Mobile Device male RE 47G
Mydime Mytime male RE 47H
Redshoes Dancin female
Snooky Haha female RE 47B (Snooky adopted ON)
Sunny Late female RE 47C (Sunny adopted ON)

LE 42299 RE 94D

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield MI)
Mocan Shoot (Shoot) male 9/9/94

Sire: HB'S Prince Red and Dam: Classy Conection
Mocan Connection female
Mocan Dance female

LE 4220 RE

Nancy McKendree Smith
Guy's Hustler (Harry) male Whelped 5/18/91

Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: Star Kist
(NGA Owner: Muriel F Denton)

Guy's Art male
Guy's Baby female
Guy's Chuck male
Guy's Doll female
Guy's Emanuel male
Guy's Frisky One male
Guy's Ginger female

LE 42184 RE 94E 

Carol Gleason (Pembroke Pines, FL)

Brindled Blue (Mocha Latte) male DOB 9/5/94

Sire: P's EZ Strider and Dam: Jet's Delight

(NGA Owners: J L Harris & Patricia Young)


Ambrose male

Let Em Talk male

Blue Enticer male

Upin Over male

Dressed in Blue male

LE 42181 RE 47C
Karen Marmon (NY) FL
Adultsupervision (Super) male DOB 4/25/07
(NGA Owner: Tina M Williams)
Sire: EM's Mac Attack and Dam: Brinks Vennesso
Blind By Thirst male RE 47F
Burn Vegas Burn male RE 47D
Crazyxgirlfriend female RE 47G
Exit Forty male RE 47J
Kool Kathy female RE 47A
Raise You Fifty male RE 47B (Fifty adopted FL)
Risk Vs Reward male RE 47H
Tailwagon female RE 47E (Tailwagon adopted FL)
Toetotoe Letsgo male RE 47I

LE 42138 RE 47D
John Gehr (FL) FL
(Casio) male DOB 4/18/07
(NGA Owner: Haber Kennels)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Kelley Dunn
Lonesome Trixie female RE 47B
Forest L Wood male RE 47A
Magic Superman male
Magic Sweet Kiss female

LE 42129 RE 37H
Tracey Davila (CT) FL
CF UCONN Grad (Hippo) male DOB 3/31/07
(NGA Owner: Paul J Guimond Sr)
Sire: Be My Bubba and Dam: Kelso's Cortizone
CF Bubba Boy male RE 37C
CF Count On Me male RE 37F
CF Donna female RE 37D
CF Hasty Puddin female RE 37B
Cherry Hill female RE 37A
Rose's Cantina female RE 37G
Village Diamond female RE 37E

LE 42125 RE 47A
Miriam Leslie (London, ON) TX,AL
Roc A By Isabel (Izzie) female DOB 4/11/07
(NGA Owner: Miriam Leslie)
Sire: Maryville Rumble* and Dam: HM's Lady N Red
Roc A By Maleman male RE 47G (Hank adopted Chicago, IL)
Roc A By G Wiz male RE 47E (Planck adopted by Sarah Osborne, NS)
Roc A By Lover female RE 47B (Lovely adopted Chicago, IL)
Roc A By Boomer male RE 47C
Roc A By Smurf male RE 47F (adopted Chicago, IL)
Roc A By Gym Bo male RE 47D

Roc A By Tin Cup male RE 47H

LE 42069 LE 47D
Beth Evrard (KY) AR
G Man Monday (Quinn) male DOB 4/23/07
(NGA Owner: Wayne Strong)
Sire: Big Monday and Dam: Noah' Pollywog
Big Bad Monday male RE 47C (Duke adopted AR)
Girls Day Monday female RE 47B (Katie adopted by Cindy)
Red Monday male RE 47G (G-Man adopted MO)
Sunny Monday male RE 47E
Big Blue Monday RE 47F

LE 42066 RE 84E

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield, MI)
Kelso's Busy Body (BeBe) 8/25/94

Sire: Hey Vern and Dam: Coolagh Kate*
Case History male

LE 42031 RE 47C
Pat Lineback (IN) FL
Wheres My Lad (Lad) male DOB 4/16/07
(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: JT Hyper Jax
Topaz Ayann female RE 47B
Topaz Hyper Roo female RE 47F (died 6/28/10)
Topaz Nicole female RE 47A
TopWaz Sallyhay female RE 47G
Wheres My Boy male RE 47D

Wheres My Son male RE 47E

LE 42027 RE

Sylvia Kivley NH (NH)
Jettin Inga (Inga) female DOB 8/28/94
(NGA Owner: Robert Everidge)
Sire: Givemefive Eric and Dam: Jet Lady

Blue Angel male
Kit Can Jet male
Freta Bell female
Jettin Duke male
Jettin Sadie female

LE 41976 RE 84G

Kati Morneau CO (San Diego, CA)
Belle Mere (Baxter) Whelped 8/27/94

Sire: Bacardi Breezer and Dam: Curbelo
Beau (found Angela)

LE 41974 RE 47G
John D Bryant (VA) FL
MTN Lakes Lucy (Lucy) female DOB 4/10/07
(NGA Owner: James J Roche)
Sire: Tempo Petrocelli and Dam: Itz Kisses

Darling Dolly female
Hoppin Hattie female
Jersey Judy female
Legal Lena female
Mtn Lakes Bill male
Mtn Lakes Frank & Male
Nancy Lee female
Seattle Skip male

LE 41954 RE 47C
Kelly McIntyre (ON) WI
Ale Roaring Wind (Winslow) male DOB 4/13/07
(NGA Owner: Rick L Decker)
Sire: Flying Stanley* and Dam: Ale Out Foraride
Ale Bear Track male RE 47E
Ale Big Storm male RE 47D
Ale Brutal Heart female RE 47H
Ale Dream Vision female RE 47F (Dream adopted MI)
Ale Dry Humor female RE 47B
Ale Enchantesky male RE 47A
Ale Wind Swept female (adopted Calgary AB)

LE 41933 RE 84G

Deb Chadbourne (CA)
Street Voyager (Rex) male DOB 8/19/94
Sire: Stormy Voyage * and Dam: Street Manner

Driving Machine male
English Squire male
Gate Watcher female

LE 41926 RE 47E

Lauren Ricciardella WV (PA)
WJS Wacky Jacky (Jack) male DOB 4/10/07
(NGA Owner: William J Schweizer)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Kiowa Sweetbetty


WJS Artisan male RE 47B

WJS Godiva female RE 47A

WJS Goodnplenty male RE 47C

WJS Hershey Kiss female RE 47D

WJS Lemon Drop female RE 47G (adopted in SC)

WJS Twizzler male RE 47F

LE 41912 RE 84F

Ronda & Jim Corey (WA)

Rapido Kandoo (Kanny) male DOB 8/94

Sire: Our Keeter and Dam: Rapido Debbie


Rapido Kizer

Rapido Kazam

Rapido Kick

Rapido Kinsel

Rapido Kozel

Rapido Kruze

Rapido Kewanee (aopted by Karin Kruesel?)

LE 41901 RE 64D

Jennifer Watkins (KY)


LE 41854 RE 37G
Jo Salisbury (NC) WVA
Pc’s Beach Bum (Dasher) male DOB 3/30/07
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: ICU Brat
Pc’s Pina Colada female RE 37A
Pc’s Sand Dollar male RE 37H (Dollar adopted NC)
Pc’s Scuba Diver male RE 37I (adopted Atlanta, GA)
Pc’s Sea Shell female RE 37E
Pc’s Star Fish female RE 37F (Patches adopted by the Vest family KY)
Pc’s Sun Tan female RE 37B

LE 41843 RE 47B
Kathy Fowler (GA) FL
Flying Clemenza (Clem) male DOB 4/5/07
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Flying Myrna
Flying Barzini female (adopted Canada)
Flying Brasi female
Flying Puzo female
Flying Rizzi female RE 47A (Darla adopted MI)
Flying Tessio female
Flying Corleone male

LE 41836 RE 84E

Dan Watt WI (IL)
KC Eagle (Eagle) male DOB 8/22/94
(NGA Owner: Kenneth Cornell)
Sire: Dutch Dugan and Dam: LHH Miss Katie

KC DoIt Best male
KC Dig It male
KC Bestess female
KC Fonzie male

LE 41808 RE 84F

Anielia Eaden NS (MO)
Winor Miss (Missy) female DOB 8/14/94
(NGA Owner: BH Cole)
Sire: Bartie and Dam: Sports Sparkle


High Gold

Oakies Marina female

LE 41806 RE 84A
Paula Camp (PA)
Pazzo Helen Crump (Zoe) female DOB 8/21/94
(NGA Owner: Clifton H Toenges)
Sire: Bartie and Dam: Mohican Dappy
Pazzo Aunt Bea female RE 84B
Pazzo Opie male RE 84D
Pazzo Charlene female RE 84E
Pazzo Ernest T male RE 84G
Pazzo Thelma Lou female RE 84F

LE 41701 RE 74E

Kim Silverman (FL)
Night Stride (Strider) male DOB 7/28/94

Sire: My Unruly Dan and Dam: Alabar


LE 41639 RE 37E
Sherrie Routier (CA) AZ
Its Up To Me (Meme) female DOB 3/14/07
(NGA Owner: Plums Creek)
Sire: Gable Oscar and Dam: B’s Royal Try

I Got Style female RE 37D
Imaginary Talent male RE 37C
Lets Finish This male RE 37B
Wizard Man male RE 37A

LE 41613 RE 37E
Nancy Calabria (NC)
Carolina Omen (Omen) male DOB 3/16/07
(NGA Owner: Charles Rink)
Sire: Maryville Rumble* and Dam: Carolina Ruby
Carolina Cowboy male RE 37A
Carolina Emblem female RE 37D
Carolina Signal male RE 37C
Carolina Symbol female RE 37G
Carolina Token male RE 37F

LE 41584 RE 37B
Leslie Kanfer (FL)
Js Jet X Press (D.C.) male DOB 3/12/07
(NGA Owner: John Henry Jr)
Sire: Rejection Form and Dam: J's Summer Breeze
Js Barroom Kate female RE 37F (Kate adopted by Anna Bacisin, OH)
Js Bullseye Bob male RE 37H
Js Custom Chrome male RE 37E
Js Poke R Chip male
Js Rox Mi World female RE 37A (Roxy adopted by Nancy Boylan, OH)
Js Ryck O Shay male

Js Sport N Style male

LE 41571 RE 84C

Dennis & Kris Danner (Sherman, IL)

Legs Shifty male DOB 8/12/94
Sire: Legs Maverick and Dam: Ojb Zelda

(NGA Owner: Patsy L Green)


Legs Marina female (Adopted living in Cape Cod)

Pal Snooty female

LE 41567 RE 84B

Karen & Steven McComas (NC)
JJ Special Agent (Oliver) male DOB 8/94

Sire: Char Banyan and Dam: Bitsy R

(NGA Owner: Yolanda Johnson or Deirdre Jones)


JJ B More Run female

LE 4153 RE 51A

Pat Crowley (MO)

Pa's Gail (Gail) female DOB 5/10/91
Sire: Abilene George and Dam: Skid Row Gertie

Pa's Einstien male

LE 41509 RE 84D

Bryon & Melissa Schwartz  (Frederick, MD)
Texoma Workout (Horus) male DOB 8/94

Sire: Briggs Stratton and Dam: Hotline Sheeba

(NGA Owner: B & T Kennels Inc)


Texoma Briggs male

Texoma Headline female

Texoma Stratton male

Briggs Snapper

LE 41505 RE 37A
Gretchen Preiman (CT) TX
Flaming Lips  (Heidi) female DOB 3/3/07
(NGA Owner: Mitch L Lingle)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Rebels red Sonya
Flaming Kiss female RE 37B
Lavender Chips female RE 37D

LE 41497 RE

Virginia Aker

A’s Gypsy (Amber) female DOB 8/1/94

Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Dutch Anita

(NGA Owner: Llano Estacado Kennel)


A’s Nancy female

Buzz Away male

Buzzin Anita female

LE 41495 RE 37I
Ben French (MA) MA
Matchbox (Matchbox) male DOB 3/7/07
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Solitary Cool
Cailin Mor female RE 37G
Deerfield Cool female RE 37H
Deerfield Ellen female RE 37B (adopted Ithaca, NY)
Deerfield Jane female RE 37A (adopted MD)
Deerfield Jenny female RE 37F
Deerfield Trix male RE 37C (Trix adopted MA)
Fond of Adrop male RE 37D

Deerfield Anita female RE 37E (Anita adopted FL)

LE 41398 RE
Cindy Snyder (FL) FL
Flying Pizzaro (Bolt) male DOB 3/2/07
(NGA Owner: Vince Berland)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Barchetta
Flying Columbus male
Flying Coronado male

Flying Magellan male (adopted Pittsburgh PA)

LE 41388 RE 8/4G

Patricia Packman

Freeride Alice female (Lacey Lane)

Sire: Saxy Kane and Dam: Freeride Ethel

(NGA Owner: Peggy Ann Caldwell)


Freeride Doit

Freeride Douwana

Freeride Eddie male

Freeride Gottago

Freeride Haley

Freeride Jack

Freeride Runt

LE 41383 RE 84?

Kevin & Kelly McKiney (MO)
Flying Ringneck (Mimi) female DOB 8/3/04
Sire: Terror Trevor and Dam: Win Jet

Flying Bob White female
Flying Chucker female
Flying Lesser male
Krissy's Kiss female
Terrible T male

LE 41363 RE 27A
Ann-Marie Brown (FL) AL
WJS Jollyrancher (Bacon) male DOB 2/19/07
(NGA Owner: William J Schacter)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Kiowa Sweet Baby
WJS Baby Ruth female RE 27G (adopted AL)
WJS Bubble Yum female RE 27G (Chi Chi DOD 8/16 Osteosarcoma)
WJS Bunchacrunch male RE 27D
WJS Licorice male RE 27E (Licorice adopted ON)
WJS Musketeer male RE 27F
WJS Payday male RE 27H
WJS Rolo male RE 27C

LE 41352 RE 27D

Vicky Gates & Vivian Wright (FL)

Backwoods Cash (Cash) male DOB 2/16/07

Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Ellie Mae

(NGA Owner: Hugo Hartsfield Jr)


Backwoods Country male

Backwood Cowboy male

Backwood Hombre male

Backwood Lecture male

Backwood Terri female

Backwood Whiskey male (Whiskey adopted in CT)

LE 41349 RE

Holly Priestley
DM Moonbeam Female 7/30/94

Sire: TJ Roy's Joker and Dam: Dm Lizzy Jane

(NGA Owner: Donna M Van Vleet)
DM Mckenize Female
DM Newt Getrich Male
DM Pia Patsy Female
DM Rush Limbo Male
DM Willie Wonka Male

LE 41308 RE 84A

Linda Bauman

Big Blue Diamond (Acey) female Whelped 8/1/94

Sire: Vv County Barn and Dam: IceFolly

(NGA Owner: Chris L Goode)


Wyco Cindy female

Wyco Penny female

Wyco Winder male

LE 41295 RE 84J

Maureen Brunetti (Houston TX)

GGK Mis Demeanor (Missy) female DOB 8/4/94

Sire: Costly Approval* and Dam: GG's Sassy Lady

(NGA Owner: DL or Beverly Fuqua)


Doug's Approval male

Galvez Robynn female

Galvez Santa Fay female

Galvez Starr female

Galvez Stormy female

Galvez Tar female

GGK Whisper Jet male

LE 41258 RE 84D

Relaena Sindelar AZ (WA)
Chaotic Addict (Patrick) male DOB 8/1/94
(NGA Owner: Troy Palmer)
Sire: Aubrey Gray and Dam: Checkered Mint

Chaotic Abbot female
Chaotic Acrid female
Chaotic Aesop male
Chaotic Agent female
Chaotic Ahoy female

Chaotic Aiken

LE 41239 RE 116?

Lesley Tierney FL (LA)
Amf Gozer (Porsche) female DOB 11/7/06
(NGA Owner: Thomas A Ferris)
Sire: Cayman Went and Dam: Greys Tollkeeper

Amf Louis Tully male RE 116D (retired in TN)
Amf Venkman male RE 116C (adopted FL)
Amf Zuul female male (adopted MN)

LE 41223 RE 27C
Elisabeth Taylor (CT)
Ze's Checkitout (Paladin) male DOB 2/8/07
(NGA Owner: Green Smith)
Sire: Coldwater Keelin and Dam: ZE's Checkin
ZE's Chana female RE 27E (ZeeZee adopted PA)
ZE's Chayo female RE 27B (Chayo adopted FL)
Ze's Chucho male RE 27F
ZE's Chuy male RE 27A (Chuy adopted MD,DC,VA)
ZE's Cricket male RE 27D

ZEs Coloradogold male RE 27G

LE 41217 RE

Barb Fields
Starlight Vajo (Vajo)

Sire: Bara Toney and Dam: Panama Tracy (Dam also to Panama Dusty)

(Possible NGA Owner: J K Poff or James E O'Donnell Jr)
Panama Bolivar (Laura Pike)
Starlight Brasil
Starlight Charo
Starlight Nepal
Panama Dalila
Starlight Agata
Starlight Dalys
Starlight Via

LE 41155 RE

Kiowa Whistle (Kissy) female DOB 7/26/94 

Sire: Braddy and Dam: Sound Out
Flying Miter female
Flying Wrench female

Flying Hammer male
Kiowa Scream female
Kiowa Shriek male
Kiowa Whisper male

LE 41114 RE 74B

Barb Zercher CT (PA)
Bush Buddy (Buddy) male DOB 7/24/94

(NGA Owner: Calvin Kugler)

Sire: Stouke Whisper and Dam: Time Princess


Dancin Hoochi female

Tuffies Up female

LE 41103 RE 17D
Janet Psik (CA) AZ
PJ's Fast Sprint (Eli) male DOB 1/20/07
(NGA Owner: Paul Bitterman)
Sire: MI Designer and Dam: Jetta Lexus
PJ’s Box Breaker female RE 17G (Breaker adopted WA)
PJ’s Designer male RE 17F (PJ adopted VA)
PJ’s Kinte female RE 17B (adopted AZ)
PJ’s Lexus female RE 17A
PJ’s Pop The Lid female RE 17E (Sadie adopted CA)

LE 41026 RE 17B
Carrie McCauley (CO) TX
PB's Berta (Bertie) female DOB 1/23/07
(NGA Owner: Carolyn Faye Slaven)
Sire: EM's Mac Attack and Dam: PB's Vivica
PB's Fly Bye female RE 17E
PB's Hi Point male RE 17D (adopted)
PB's Man Up male RE 17G (Gordy adopted AR)
PB's Peacha female RE 17F
PB's Primo male RE 17C
PB's Quando male rE 17A (Adopted OK Marcia Greer and Jim Amos RIP 6/18/2015 Bone Cancer)
PB's True Mac female RE 17H (adopted)

LE 41010 RE 74B

Cathy Wallish

Unnamed "Dumpty?" (Mario) male Whelped 7/22/94

Sire: Pecps Rattler and Dam: Fuel's Moonlight

(NGA Owner: John Taylor)


Stat US Bango Female

Stat US Bongo Female

Stat US Bozzman Male

Stat US Humpty Male

Stat US Limbo Female

US Morning Wood Male

LE 4106 RE 51A

Sharon Smith NH

Pyrmid Gadget (Duncan)

Sire: Pyrmid Gizsmo and Dam: Pyrmid Jewel


Pyrmid Gidget

Pyrmid Lear Jet male?

LE 40997 RE 74A

Beth Hyres FL

Circus Autumn (Autumn)

Sire: Bartie and Dam: Circus Daisy

(NGA Owner: Abernathy Kennels)


Circus Bartie male

Circus Charmer male

Circus Moo Moo female

Circus Ernie

LE 4092 RE

Sikora Patrice
Peaceful Meadows (Maggie) DOB 5/19/91

Sire: Home Charge and Dam: Oriental Awesome
Lapo Oreo Cookie
Lapo Fig Newton
TM's Goodbye Gal
TM's Oriental
TM's Rocket
TM's Victory

LE 40913 RE 74J

Halise & Martha

Spent The Rent (JJ) DOB 7/19/94

Dam: Oakwood and Sire: VV County Barn
Helen Knows Best
Radar Mario
Two Track Tony

LE 40863 RE 74B

Meredith & Jess Holderbaum FL/MA/RI (MA)

Klassic Gordy (Geordie) male DOB 7/30/94

(NGA Owner: Jim VanWinkle)

Sire: Right Connection and Dam: Coastal Sunset*


Klassic Dewey male

Sassy Lady female

Ee’s Speed Canon female

Ee’s Speedthurst female

LE 40855 RE 89?

Lilith McKee (CT)
Rc Asian Eyes (Ciara) female DOB 8/9/06
Sire: Shadow Earth and Dam: Katla


Crone’s Bronwen female RE 86G (Winnie in FL)

Crone’s Gracie female RE 86I (Gracie adopted by Michelle & Darren Browner MD)

RC Big Boy male (Big Boy adopted in KS)

RC Bashful RE 86A

RC Mean female RE 86D

LE 40845 RE 17B

Tim Allison (VA) FL
Idolizer (Idol) male DOB 1/7/07
(NGA Owner: Jacobs Racing Kennel Inc)
Sire: Grenade and Dam: Fraulein Lili

Blast Past male

Caution female RE 17C
Graffiti male RE 17A
Groovy Concept female RE 17J (adopted in Canada)

Henry Steele male RE 17D
Mandinka female RE 17K (adopted in Georgia)

Nipntuck female RE 17F
Same Difference female RE 17I
Spin Rate female RE 17G
Translucent female RE 17E

LE 40842 RE 127B
Carla Roycroft (MD) FL
Officer Slim (Slim) male DOB 12/23/06
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Revenge is Mine
Bobby's Blanket female
Dani's Revenge female
Puppet Master female RE 127A
Tapped Out Tony female

Twiggy Taylor female RE 127D

LE 40835 RE

Janet Ansert

Dlb's Curt (Jasper) male Whelped 7/1/94

Sire: Auctioneer and Dam: Atta Gal Liz

(NGA Owner: Lynn Biddy)


Dlb’s Bet female

Dlb's Bid female

Dlb's Cade male

Dlb's Dee female

Dlb's Dottie female

Dlb's Jamea female

Dlb's Monika female

Dlb’s Kyle male

LE 40834 RE 116G
Gloria Ramierz (TX) FL
MRL Race Nite (Gracie) female DOB 11/26/16
Sire: USS Raceway and Dam: Fuzzys Flagwaver
MRL Dover male RE 116A
MRL Indy male RE 116F
MRL Race Lady female RE 116I (Emmie adopted by Sarah & Todd Baker OH)
USS Race About female RE 116H (Abbie adopted NJ)
USS Race Air male RE 116E (adopted MI)
USS Race Cadet male RE 116D (adopted FL)
USS Race Day male RE 116C (Zebo adopted FL/GA)
USS Race Off male RE 116B

LE 40819 RE 94E

Terry Hertleins

C Playful Paul male Whelped 5/4/94

Sire: R U Red I and Dam: C Glo Go

(NGA Owner: Batsel)

LE 40811 RE 17E

Renee Prosser FL (NJ)
Jock Mahoney (Jocko) male DOB 1/3/07
(NGA Owner: Ryan Farms)
Sire: Torrey Pines and Dam: Jade Treasure

Dictator male
Janda Jade female
Jaffa Kree female
Jeweler's Row female

LE 40795 RE 126D
Carol Hankins (NC) FL
Taylor Swift (Taylor) female DOB 12/25/06
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Mesa Cyndi
Mesa Airline female RE 126A (adopted NC)
Mesa Businessgal female RE 126B (adopted IL)
Mesa Clifton male RE 126C (adopted)
Mesa Explanation female RE 126E (adopted Atlanta GA)
Mesa Freedom female RE 126F (Mesa adopted St Louis, MO)

Santa's Helper male

LE 40785 RE 17E
Cindy Snyder (FL) FL
Farino (Dash) male DOB 1/4/07
(NGA Owner: Jacobs Racing Kennel Inc)
Sire: Fuzzy's Cannon and Dam: Gable Pops
Forteasimo male (adopted Atlanta GA)
Muscadet male RE 17F
Navare male RE 17B (adopted FL)
Play Be Ear female RE 17C

Seclusion female RE 17D

LE 40753 RE 17B
Karen Kidwell (CA) IA
Miss Deelish (Freya) female DOB 1/2/07
(NGA Owner: Blankenhorn)
Sire: EM's Mac Attack and Dam: TZ Bell E Button
KT Dottie (Danni) female RE 17F (adopted by Karen Kidwell CA)
KT Miss Sara female RE 17D
KT Miss Hip Hop female RE 17C
Miss Jill female RE 17E
Mr. Stallman male RE 17G

LE 40749 RE 17A
Maureen Piotrowicz (NJ) is looking for Odie
Odie male DOB 1/1/07
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Liberated

LE 40654 RE 126B
Deanna Minkler (IL)
Alkay Kiowa Jane (Calle) female DOB 12/20/06
(NGA Owner: A Leo Ertl, S Dunigan Or Smit)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Kroger
Alkay Kiowa Dan male RE 126E
Alkay Kiowa Gale female RE 126G (adopted VA)
Alkay Kiowa Jim male RE 126H (Jimmy adopted IL,WI)
Alkay Kiowa Joe male RE 126A (adopted)
Alkay Kiowa John RE 126C

Alkay Kiowa Lynn female RE 126F

LE 40609 RE 64A

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
Boligee Fir (Fir) female DOB 6/26/94
(NGA Owner: Graydon O Robtoy)


Boligee Ash male

Boligee Cedar male

Boligee Elm female

Boligee Magnolia female

Boligee Maple female

Boligee Oak male

LE 40600 RE 126G
Joanne Johnson (SC) FL
Kickin Kevin (Moose) male DOB 12/13/06
(NGA Owner: Margaret Roban Bridges)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Vaughn
Cracker Barrel female RE 126D (Barrel adopted SC)
Easy N Free male RE 126F
Shift Work female RE 126E
Shotgun Charlie male RE 126B

Swift Lightning female RE 126C

LE 40579 RE 74B

Barbara Darling CT/NH/FL (PA)
Abigail's Rainbow (Friar) male Whelped 7/94

Sire: King Kev and Dam: Spider woman
Mack's Grey Ace male
Ron n Charlie male
Roni is Better male
Slower N Slower female
Ted's Toluca male
Tricia's Anchor female
Ultra Gray male

LE 40533 RE 74?

Barbara Lefebre FL (FL)

Samsula John (Jimmy) male DOB 7/2/94

Sire: Booter Jim and Dam: Cathy Lou

(NGA Owner: Harold R Michaels)


Samsula Cathy

Samsula Fonda female

Samsula Karly female

Samsula Lori female

LE 40505 RE 126H
Karen Kaizer (CT) FL
TFN Justin (Sailor) male DOB 12/5/06
(NGA Owner: Tony Villella Jr)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: USA Molly
Tfn Anthony male RE 126G
Tfn Betty female RE 126D
Tfn Louise female RE 126C
Tfn Ryan male RE 126A
Tfn Sammy male RE 126B
Tfn Zack male RE 126E

LE 40491 RE 116B
Alena Baldwin-Brown (NJ)
Calah (Nina) female DOB 11/25/06
(NGA Owner: Kenny Ryan)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Solwest
Abner male RE 116B
Adria female RE 116A
Amara female RE 116I (Nora adopted PA)
Arklow female RE 116E
Fresh Wind female (Neila adopted AR)
Garros male RE 116G (Nevin adopted FL)
Sweeney male RE 116H (adopted)

LE 40417 RE

Cindy Evans
Flying Sheriff (Linus) Whelped 6/1/94

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Whitney Waco

(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennels)
Flying Officer Male
Flying Patrolman Male
Flying Policeman Male
Flying Trooper Male

LE 40384 RE 74I

Lisa Packard (MA)
Courtesy (Chrissie) female DOB 7/4/94
(NGA Owner: W F Swafford)
Sire: Standingapplause and Dam: Katsu Top Speed

Easy Fun female

Inaspot female

Just Who female

Klear male

Read male

Shore Drive male

To Clear female

Untied male

LE 40338 RE 106A
Renee Leslie (MI)
Rock N Dorcee (Dorcee) female DOB 10/26/06
Sire: Fuzzys Cannon and Dam: ICU Darlin Dog
Rock N Dacen male RE 106G
Rock N Dass female RE 106E
Rock N Decker male RE 106B
Rock N Demma female RE 106D
Rock N Dokken male RE 106F

LE 40317  RE 64I 

Ronda & Jim Corey (WA)

Teton Irma (Emma) female DOB 6/28/94

Sire: VV Country Barn and Dam: River Spar


Teton Willy male (Willy adopted by Norma Morgan)

Teton Cash male

Teton Dipsy female

Teton Spar male

Teton Tara female

Teton Zoom male

LE 40275 RE 116C

Nancy Istvanek (WI) AL
SL Oneco Star (Star) female DOB 11/10/06
(NGA Owner: Lewis L Walker)
Sire: Dodgem by Design and Dam: Oneco Susan

SL Shooten Star male RE 116E
SL Freedom Star male RE 116D
SL Double Star male RE 116B
SL Dodgem Star male RE 116F

SL Design Star male RE 116A

LE 40270 RE 116A
Annie Roca (IL) FL
Pat C Amory J (Romeo) male DOB 11/11/06
(NGA Owner: Joe Recker Or Patrick Collins)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Modest Miss*
Pat C Decorus J female RE 116D
Pat C Meek J female RE 116B
Pat C Modestly J RE 116C

LE 40249 RE 116I
Scott Garrick (SC)
Swing On A Star (Socket) male DOB 11/8/06
(NGA Owner: Rick Logan)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Haunted House
All About Ashton female RE 116G (Ashley adopted PA)
Boxa Choklits male RE 116B (Choklit adopted St Louis, MO)
Cinnamon Bay female RE 116F
Halloween Cruise female (adopted)
Knockin Rocks male RE 116D (Rocky adopted LA)
Pryor On Fire male RE 116E (Pryor adopted DE)

Too Cool Cathi female RE 116H

LE 40231 RE 116B
Tumeria Langlois (MA) NH
Rosey Rosette (Isis) female DOB 11/16/06
(NGA Owner: Currier Kennels)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: M's Rosy Elinor
Rosey Rogue male RE 116C (adopted NC)
Rosey Romance female RE 116D (adopted PA)
Rosie Rookie male RE 116F
Rosey Rouge female RE 116E
Roseys Rival male RE 116A (Devo adopted MD)

LE 40156 RE 64E
Patty Luter MX (MO)
Hard To Believe (Norman) male DOB 6/23/94
Sire: WigWam Wag and Dam: Canna Can
(NGA Owner: Charlie Pevehouse)


Gafond male RE 64C

Hard To Forget male RE 64A

Hard To Forgive male RE 64B

Hard To Get female RE 64D

LE 40075 RE 106F
Kate Beck (MN) IA
High Wire Flyer (Grace) female DOB 10/28/06
(NGA Owner: Michael A Jackson)
Sire: Flying Hydrogen and Dam: San Tan Sedona
Carnival Caper male RE 106B
Jo John Boy male RE 106C
Lil Runaway Sue female RE 106E
Norma Jean female RE 106G
Party Cove male RE 106A
Sundance Kid male RE 106D

LE 40040 RE 106H
Anne Restino (MA) FL
Irish Memory (Kelsey) female DOB 10/13/06
(NGA Owner: Randy Finegan)
Sire: Maryville Rumble* and Dam: Wheelie Cool
Are You Kidding male RE 106C (adopted)
Beautiful N Red female RE 106E
Big Expectations male RE 106J
Cynthia Smoot female RE 106I
Irish Angel female RE 106B
Racingin Myheart female RE 106A
Snap Out of It female RE 106D
Standmanprinston male RE 106F
Wanna Rumble female RE 106G

LE 40029 RE 106E
Tracey White (ME) NH
PPZ Easy Glide (Wall-e) male DOB 10/20/06
(NGA Owner: Alicia Unruh)
Sire: Ace A Matic and Dam: Whistle Dixiedoo

PPZ Buzzin Bee female RE 106B (adopted PA)
PPZ Girl Friend female RE 106F (adopted MD)
PPZ Sunny Glen male RE 106G
Sweetest Image female RE 106C

LE 40025 RE 76B
Susan Rogers (NJ) MA
Inkloz (Ricky) male DOB 7/21/06
(NGA Owner: O'Donnell)
Sire: Dawburt and Dam: Elysee
Edonya female RE 76F
Ilash female RE 76C (adopted NB)
Pikchur female RE 76E (Sophie adopted VT)
Tayla male RE 76A
Vtah female RE 76D

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