Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermates List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dogs Race Name

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fyi American and Australian dogs LE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)& RE Tattoos will be 2 to 3 numbers and 1 letter

UK (Overseas) dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)


LE 39981 RE 64D

Cathryn Campbell

Kinta Bev (Beverly) female Whelped 6/3/94

Sire: Calico Salad and Dam: NF Chiller

(NGA Owner: Jack Slater or Kinta Kennel)

LE 39973 RE 106F

Tina Kalcevic (CO)
Phantom (Maya) female DOB 10/06
(NGA Owner: Weber Kennel Inc)
Sire: Fuzzys Cannon and Dam: Seville Rose

Topoftheclass male

LE 39971 RE 64C

Leslie Csokasy AZ (WA)
MR's Jude (Jude) male DOB 6/15/94
(NGA Owner: Marilyn Roden)
Sire: MR's Stormy and Dam: TMJ's Sharon

MR's Jade male

WRs Stormy male

Bretts Leghorn female

Sharaons Oliver male

MRs Weather male

Rs Darwin male

LE 39927 RE 106C
Shelley Hall (CA) MX
Cajun Tiki female DOB 10/15/06
(NGA Owner: Daryl Brumage)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Q T
Cajun Tootsie female RE 106A (Tootsie adopted living in Bakersfield CA)
Cute Tabby female RE 106D (Rosie adopted living in La Mesa CA with Cathy)
Tullies Wish female RE 106E
Whistlin Ty male RE 106B

LE 39896 RE 106F

Donna Boardman FL (MD)
Testifly (Casey) female DOB 10/2/06
(NGA Owner: Cahill & O'Connor Kennel Inc)
Sire: Fuzzys Cannon and Dam: Maryville Comet

Fancy Vee I Pea female
Frogg Toggs female
Half Lit male
Marys Cannonball male

Maryville Sammy male

LE 39866 RE 96E

Lorna Hooley WVA (ONT)
Gable Rasputin (Raz) male DOB 9/20/06
(NGA Owner: Harlyn or Janna Goebel)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: DGF OK Angel


Gable Anya female

Gable Dimitri male

Gable Duchess female

Gable Paris female

Gable Vladamir male

LE 39831 RE 64F

Sharon Diebel (Phoenix, AZ)

San Tan Control (Chloe) female Whelped 6/5/94

Sire: Ion Pay Dirt and Dam Wigwam Zig

(NGA Owner: Janet & Kenny Allen)

LE 39827 RE 64F

Karen & Chris Klimecko WV (NY)
WW Langerhan (Chase) male DOB 6/13/94
(NGA Owner: David H Skinner)
Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: PR Scarletstreak

WW Lenny Lumina female
RN's Sweet Lucy female

DS Rollinthunder male

DS Stormy Monday male

DSs Blossom female

Cloud Of Smoke male

Ninty Four Chevy male

WW Lil Red Chevy female

LE 39823 RE 96F

Vicky Gates & Vivian Wright (FL)

Miss Black Mac (Missy) female DOB 9/25/06

Sire: Ebony River* and Dam: Char Jimmy Pop

(NGA Owner: Charter Kennel Inc)


Bills Are Due female RE 96C (Billie adopted in MI)

Go Mac Go male

HH Hankerod male

PRs Jimmy John male RE 96G (Jimmy John adopted Ft Myers FL)

Silver Baron male RE 96B (Baron adopted in TX)

Silver Signal female

Yippa River Lady female

LE 39816 RE 106C

Jen Atanasio WVA (ONT)
Bachelor Bill (Chaos) male DOB 10/08/06
(NGA Owner: James B Jackson)
Sire: Trojan Cruze and Dam: Kiowa Beti Bell

Splendid View female (adopted PA)
Shylock male (Shylock available Canada)
Poker Fever male
Easy Traveler male
Call of Duty male (Duty available Canada)

Military Girl female (Betty available Canada)

LE 39810 RE 54B
Chanda Williams FL,WI (WI)
Richard Schwartz (Eyes) male 5/26/94
Sire: Bob's Mr. Davis and Dam: K's Chandra
(NGA Owner: Chanda Williams or Thomas Hanson)
Joe Andrea male  
John Ryba male
Glenn Grothman female
Dean Kaufert male

LE 39715 RE

Doreen A Peterzak (PA)
Char Speedy Sis Whelped 6/4/94

Sire: Amazin Haven and Dam: Sallisaw Freedom
Char Amazin Czar

LE 39709 RE 64A

Sharon Diebel (Phoenix, AZ)

Akins Country  (Country) male Whelped 6/10/94

Sire: Ion Pay Dirt and Dam: Glinting Sun

(NGA Owner: Donald R Payne)


Akins Golden Sun female

Akins Native Sun male

Akins Sun N Dew male

Akins Sun Shadow male

Akins Sun Tea female

Akins Unique Sun male

Akinsbreaknheart male

LE 39610 RE

Barbara Zino TX (MA)
Coho male DOB 5/31/94

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Finessed
(NGA Owner: Richard Walters)

Bombarding male
Pearl Black
Frosting female
Compra (Lindy adopted by Diane Musser in PA)
Overtake female
Frosted female
Frosty River female

LE 39609 RE 96G
Linda Cornman (PA) FL
KTs Tralee (Ginger) female DOB 9/11/06
(NGA Owner: Keith Thomson)
Sire: Ebony River* and Dam: Craigie J Bird
KTs Mullinger male RE 96D
KTs Shelbourne male RE 96E (adopted Jacksonville, FL)

KTs Thurles male RE 96F (adopted by Jeff Mullen & Hilda Taylor, Olive Branch MS)

LE 39606 RE 64B

Lisa Packard (MA)
Gemini Leader (Gemi) female DOB 6/8/94
(NGA Owner: Gemini Kennel)
Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: Oshkosh Arlene

Takeoff Zeeebra female
We Nine male

Chitown Commando male

Effusive female

Egocentric male

Lady Jilana female

Lovely GJ female

Protraction male

LE 39599 RE 96F
Cindy Tahil (CT) FL
Brimming Idea (Hazel) female DOB 9/6/06
(NGA Owner: Janice George)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Splendid Marie
Filigree male RE 96G (Specs adopted TN)
Latest Craze female RE 96D
Newyork Minute male RE 96A
Splendid Idea female RE 96C
Splendid Sun male RE 96B
Windancer male RE 96F

LE 39580 RE 54D

Jennifer Gomez FL (NY)

Mr. Noah (Zephyr) male DOB 5/30/94 DOD 6/22/02

Sire: Nova Express and Dam: Lucky Chris

(NGA Owner: Pat Louis Murdock)


Golo Ghost male

LE 39463 RE 44A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Boos Fargo (Alice) DOB 8/1/90

LE 39440 RE 96A
Margery Nagel (CA) AZ
BW’s Madison (Madison) female DOB 9/7/06
Sire: Quiet Traveler and Dam: Toby’s Audry
(NGA Owner: Brian Werner)
BW’s Maniac male
BW’s Meredith male
Bw’s Maxim female
BW’s Mc Cagg female
BW’s Millenium female RE 96E (Millie adopted by Star St Claire & Pat McCarthy, CA)

BW’s Miracle female

LE 39424 RE 86I
Julie Dixon (TX)
EYC Thewayiroll (Rollin') male DOB 8/26/06
Sire: BW's Get Down and Dam:  Ecstasy Runner
EYC Cobaltrunner female RE 86A
EYC Dejavu male RE 86J
EYC Double Edge female RE 86B
EYC Forest Fire female RE 86E
EYC Harley Smoo female RE 86D
EYC Party Foul male RE 86F (Frasier adopted TX)
EYC Smiley Miley female RE 86C
EYC Talkin To Ya male RE 86G
EYC Yourkillinme male RE 86H

LE 39394 RE 54C

Lee Minardi MX (Las Vegas NV)
Burmar Whityford male (Astro) DOB 5/28/94 DOD 4/2/06

Sire: Jevi Dorcus and Dam: Burmar Lulu


Boot Powell male RE 54E

Burmar Cf Hunter male RE 54D

Burmar Honolulu female RE 54H

Burmar Telluride female RE 54A

Burmar Tugmcgraw male RE 54F

Don Drysdale male RE 54B

Mr Calivito male RE 54G (Bela adopted in CO)

LE 39394 RE 86C
Heather Graff (PA) FL
Flying Sidekick (Sunshine) female DOB 8/11/06
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Nenagh
Flyin Understudy female
Flying Assistant female
Flying Associate male
Flying Buddy male
Flying Intern female (adopted SC)

LE 39393 RE 86K
Kim Klueg (KY) FL
Tangledup N Blue (Dylan) male DOB 8/8/06
(NGA Owner: Stacie Strickland or Raymond Thurber)
Sire: Such A Fibber and Dam: AMF Troublemaker
Forever Autumn female RE 86B (Autumn adopted IN,KY)
St. Eve femaleRE 86E (adopted IN,KY)
Come Dancing female RE 86D (Dancing adopted IN,KY)
Hello Goodbye female RE 86A (adopted IN,KY)
Vixen Nicks Lace female RE 86C (adopted IN,KY)
Sun King male RE 86H (adopted IN, KY)
Goodbye Stranger male RE 86I (adopted PA)
Blues Power male RE 86J (adopted Ft Lauderdale FL)

Rapid Roy male RE 86G

LE 39390 RE 86C
Dawnmarie Zakowicz (NY) WI
Trading Profits (Fallon) female DOB 8/29/06
Sire: Be My Bubba and Dam: It's All Right

Cravin Cottage female

LE 39372 RE 86G
Trina Gross
TK Remington male DOB 8/23/06
Sire:Courageous Nicky and Dam: Victoria Dream*
Crs Kim female RE 86B
Crs Sue female RE 86C (adopted NC)
Crs Tiger male RE 86E
TK Beretta female RE 86F
TK Bernelli female RE 86I

TK Ithaca male RE 86A

LE 39310  RE 54C
Michele Rockwell AZ
DJ's Matt (Matt) male 5/12/94

Sire: Brice and Dam: TV Dottie
(NGA Owner: Ellery M Hanst (deceased)

DJ's Blue Dream female

DJ's Tami female

LE 39277 RE 86E

Steph Horgan Smith (ONT)
Iruska Zona (Desi) female DOB 8/22/06

Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Iruska Nutmeg


Iruska Happyfeet male

Iruska Mendocino male

Iruska Nut Trey male

Iruska Sweet Meg female

Iruska Wildchild female

Iruska Zale female (retired in FL)

LE 39266 RE 86B

Kristin Bee (ONT)
Nokomis Nettie (Ruby) female DOB 8/18/06
(NGA Owner: Wayne M Enerson)
Sire: Fuzzys Cannon and Dam: HH Plover Pearl

Nokomis Natalie female
Nokomis Nicker male
Nokomis Nina female (Bryanna adopted in MA)

LE 39221 RE 86H

V Due AZ,MX (CA)
RD's Kiper (Kipper) male DOB 8/28/06
(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)
Sire: RD's Ditka and Dam: Cactus Jolly

RD's Kendra female
RD's Ken male
RD's Karlo male
RD's Kent male

RD's Kevin male
RD's Ketch male

RDs Kazzie female

RDs Kip male

LE 39181 RE 54G

Wayne & Mary Jo Jome WI (WI)
Unsinkable (Devin) female DOB 5/23/94
(NGA Owner:  Roger Horning)
Sire: Stormy Voyage and Dam: C Note Chipeeta
Hombre Fred Male
Job Safety Male
Perpetual Female
Tristan Travels Male
Troxey Female
Weela Female

LE 39173 RE 54B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Kees Dinah Mo (Dynamo) DOB 5/28/94

Sire: Joey Flint and Dam: Walkin Sis


Jack Fleming male

LE 39147 RE 54C

Pat Nelson (Madison, CT)

Pa's Lady Ann Female DOB 5/17/94
Sire: Boligee Boss and Dam: Swift Ruth

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)
Pa's Anne Mary Female
Pa's Mary Anne Female
Pa's Swift Ann Female (Bonnie adopted by Marion Boylan)
Pa's Swift Boss Mal

Pa's Topbosslady Female

LE 39133 RE 54E

Martha Abissi (Cape Cod, MA)

Starlight Iveth (Bethie) female Whelped 5/27/94
Sire: MD Kromer and Dam: Panama Bumblebea
(NGA Owner: J K Poff)


Panama Zoila female

Starlight Chile male

Starlight Elvira female

Starlight Mexico male (adopted in Rochester, NY)

LE 39116 RE 54E

Marylynne & David FL (KY)

Derivative (Diva) female DOB 5/15/94

Sire: Booter Jim and Dam: Requels Dream

(NGA Owner: Crowe Kennel or Mike Adkinson)


Snowballs Chance female

Dancing Heather female RE 54F (Dancer adopted by Frank Whetsell & Alison Keane MD)

T Note Andy male

Dean Wormer male

Fawn Liebowitz female

LE 39100 RE 43F

Karen Young (Harrisburg, PA)
PS Shania female Whelped 5/4/94?3

Sire: Self Conch US and Dam: EC Bree

LE 39077 RE

Tracy Eyre (NC)
Right Model Zeno (Zeno) male DOB 5/14/94
(NGA Owner: StoneCraig Kennel)
Sire: Right Connection and Dam: Bahama Model

Sc's Connector
Sc's Lady Jane
Sc's Miss Right
Sc's Navajo
Sc's Odessey
Sc's Photofinish

LE 39064 RE 44B

Richard Hancock  (FL) FL

Paws Vanilla (Vanilla) female DOB 4/15/94

(NGA Owner: S. Pawlinski)

Sire: Captain Ahab and Dam: Flaxen August


Daring David male RE 44H

Paul's Flax female RE 44E

Paws Crude Oil male RE 44A

Paws E Mail male RE 44C

Paws On Target female RE 44F

Paws Socrates male RE 44G

Paws Troopship male RE 44D

LE 39040 RE 54E

Elizabeth Augustyn NJ/CT (Livonia, MI)

Fast Impact (Satin) female Whelped 5/94

Sire: Bomber Gleeson and Dam: Key Dancer

(NGA Owner: HMS)


Bean Stalker male

Dazzle Penty female

Ice Station male

Miss Landy female

Red Torb male

Texace male

White Hunter male

LE 39030 RE

Dell Hagan

RJ's Parsberg female Whelped 5/1/94

Sire: Keota Dan and Dam: Bokoshe Deamon
(NGA Owner: Duane H Schaben)

RJ's Landensberg male
RJ's Velburg female

RJs Burgau female

RJs Gottweng male

RJs Rofinger male

RJs Rosshaupten female

LE 39004 RE 54I

Jessica Roberts OR (Vancouver, BC)

Leslie Lynch (Daisy) female DOB 5/12/94

(NGA Owner: Donna L Journigan)

Sire: Beesley and Dam: Autumn Lynx


Karen Ketner female

My Marvel male

Passion Peters female

Phillip Pagel male

Rachel Redmon female

Sting Scott male

LE 38988 RE 86C
Tracy Diamond (WI) WV,AL,FL
Hays Can Do (Cane) male DOB 8/2/06
(NGA Owner: William Hays)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Mondial
Hays Amazement male RE 86A
Hays Bravo male RE 86B (First  Pet Owner Carla N Benoist passed away 12/3/2012. Her daughter, Meri Brady, now has Bravo)
Hays Dillinger male RE 86D (River adopted by Gene & Debbie Lewis OH)

LE 38925 RE 56C
Nicole Ledoux (MA) WV
UMR Pamela (Leia, Princess of Norgate) female DOB 7/27/06
(NGA Owner: Mud River Greyhounds)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Freeride Cindy
UMR Priscilla female RE 56A
UMR Prudence female RE 56B (adopted MA)

LE 38911 RE 76A

Gennafer Show WV (PA)
Fuzz Face Boozer (Ava Marie) female DOB 7/28/06
(NGA Owner: Harvey O Maupin Jr)
Sire: Iruska All Star and Dam: GM's Mickey


Fuzz Face Brutus male (Brutus available IL)
Fuzz Face Fatso male (Noch available IL)
Fuzz Face Gamble male
Fuzz Face Lazy female RE 76F (available north-west)
Fuzz Face Lumpy male
Fuzz Face Smokem female (Zoe adopted TN)

LE 38865 RE 59A

Jenny Peterson (WA)
Harvey's Pumper (Mr Tuxedo) male DOB 5/99

LE 38860 RE 76A
Jessica Golembrosky (DE)
Fuzz Face Nickel (Nickie) female DOB 7/20/06
(NGA Owner: Harvey Maupin)
Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: EA Abgel Baby
Fuzz Face Change male RE 76D (adopted PA)
Fuzz Face Coin female RE 76G
Fuzz Face Dime female RE 76B (adopted PA)
Fuzz Face Dollar male RE 76E (adopted DE)
Fuzz Face Penny female RE 76F

Fuzz Face Quarter male (adopted DE)

LE 38828 RE 76A
Stan Wiener (NJ)
French Fortress (Frenchy) female DOB 7/16/06
Sire: Fortress and Dam: Champlain
Fury female RE 76A (Fury adopted CT)

LE 38818 RE 76B
Tonie MonDragon (KY) FL
Kelsos Lazyday (Lacy) female DOB 7/12/06
(NGA Owner: John W Kelly)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: DEA's Hazy Day
E's Ebony Haze female RE 76E
Kelsos Heatwave female RE 76A (adopted PA)
Kelsos Innovator male TR 76F
Kelsos Nemo male RE 76G
Kelsos Ninja female RE 76D (adopted VA)
Kelsos Princess female RE 76C

LE 38808 RE 76H
Kristina Borden (RI)
Crimson Flyer (Hank) male DOB 7/4/06
Sire: Stan’s Boy Flyer and Dam: Raspberry Ghost
Adyson’s Ghost female RE 76G (Gayle adopted LA)
Cranberry Ghost female
Crimson Jenny female RE 76D
Fezas Ghost male RE 76C
Ibelieveinghosts male RE 76F
Magiceal Ghost male RE 76A (Ghost adopted ON)

Mystic Ghost female RE 76E

LE 38787 RE 76B
Lauren Brown (OR) AZ
Dark Power (Remy) male DOB 7/20/06
(NGA Owner: C Don Godby)
Sire: D'S Jakethesnake and Dam: Kiowa Gen Cathy
Dark Crystal female RE 76C (adopted MI)
Dark Express male RE 76A
Dark Lady female RE 76F

Dark Storm female RE 76D

LE 38783 RE 54G

Barb Fields
Miz Black Cat (Kat) DOB 5/5/94

Sire: SM Frank Blue and Dam: Could Boast

(NGA Owner: Champion Racing Team Inc)
Miz Classic female (found)
Hey Bullet male
Miz Boast female
Miz Helena female
Miz Murphy Blue female

LE 38772 RE 64B

Patty Tustin (NJ)

Beverly Crusher (Beverly) female DOB 5/1/94

(NGA Owner: Dorothy or Bruce Caldwell)

Sire: Hbs Commander and Dam: Bossy Lady


Jenice Manheim female

William Riker male

Ensign Ro Laren female

Lt Tasha Yar female

Lt Worf male

Lwaxana Troi female

Counselor Deanna female

Guinan female

Picard male

LE 38759 RE 76D

Sandra Wolven NH (ONT)
Mulberry Sid (Charlie) male DOB 7/9/06
(NGA Owner: Mick Massa)
Sire: Mulberry Memory and Dam: Global Statement

Mulberry Sable female
Mulberry Sam male
Mulberry Simba male RE 76B (Caleb adopted in NY or CT)

LE 38757 RE 76C

Cindy McNealy WV (MD)
Bg Shotgun (Goose) male DOB 7/13/06
(NGA Owner: Michele S White)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Cleo So Good

Bg Shasta female (Grace adopted by Cathy Gruce Cooper)
Bg Shila female RE 76A (retired NC)
Bg Sho Me male RE 76E (adopted by Cindy McNealy MD)
Bg Sholanda female

LE 38726 RE 54C
Carol Pyle MA (Akron, PA)

Wes Independent (Indy) Whelped 5/3/94 DOD 6/4/02
Sire: Lifelong Buddy and Dam: Ms Wispofblue
Wes Class Act
Wes Gettin By
Wes Thrutraffic

LE 38701 RE 44E

Steven (Stavros) Phillips WI (Chicago IL)
CC Champion (Champ) male DOB 4/16/94
(NGA Owner: Dana J Parenzo)
Sire: Kiowa Andrew and Dam: DNC's Lil Fiddle

Fiddle's Love female
Gentle Sam male
Lil Kristian  male
Lil Wendy  female
Baby Cindy  female

LE 38656 RE

Jennifer Fallon
Mohican Whiskey Female 3/10/94

Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: Blue Austria
(NGA Owner: Mi Racers)
Mohican Bourbon Male
Mohican Gin Male
Mohican Liqueur Female
Mohican Rum Male
Mohican Scotch Female

LE 38608 RE 66D
Rachel Nordby (WI) WI
Rdg Janie (Janie) female DOB 6/28/06
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: PK's Honor Roll
Rdg Becca female RE 66F
Rdg Dangerous male RE 66C
Rdg Foxtrot female RE 66A
Rdg Golden Rule female RE 66G
Rdg Honor Roll female RE 66H
Rdg Its a Keepaw female RE 66E
Rdg Simpleton male RE 66I

Rdg What Next male RE 66B

LE 3863 RE 51G

Barb & Terry Hertlein (Belleville, IL)

(Cammie) Velvet Cammie female DOB 5/4/91

Sire: Indian Pride and Dam: Velvet Jubilee

(NGA Owner: Tom Warta)


Ace Go Velvet male

Cat Velvet male

Toro Velvet male

Velvet Buffy female

Velvet Go Easy female

LE 38590 RE 76E

Michael & Noreen Marshall (NY)
Diamond Blitz (Foxy) female DOB 7/6/06
(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)
Sire: Diamond's For Me and Dam: How About Bunz

Bill Paysthebill male RE 76D (adopted FL)
Lares male
Playful female (Felicity)

LE 38574 RE 76D
Donna French (MA)
Fuzzys Grayhawk (Gracie) female DOB 7/1/06
Sire: Spiral Nikita and Dam: Greys Free Bird
Fuzzys Merlin male RE 76A
Fuzzys Condor female RE 76B (Ali adopted PA)
Fuzzys Starling female RE 76C
Fuzzys Pigeon female RE 76E (Pigeon adopted IL)
Fuzzys Oriole female RE 76F

Fuzzys Sandpiper female RE 76H (adopted)

LE 38559 RE 66B

Gigi deYoung FL (WI)
Happy So (Houdini) female DOB 6/18/06
(NGA Owner: Randy E Floyd Or Craig J Tas)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: PNJ's Promenade

Blazing Kiss female
Flipperty Flop female
Lick My Chops female
Max Muscles male
South Sea Pearl female

LE 38497 RE 66D
Rebecca Ruthberg (FL) FL
Flying Eagle (Connor) male DOB 6/27/06
(NGA Owner: Vince Berland)
Sire: Bart's Email and Dam: Happy Ruckus
Flying Seagull female
Flying Falcon male female (adopted Richmond VA)
Flying Hawk female
Flying Peregrine female (adopted Chicago, IL)

LE 38495 RE 66A

Lynne Stec (TN) AR

Bp Olkhama Wind (Jake) male DOB 6/17/06

(NGA Owner: Debra Lynne Perry Stec)

Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Bp Whangdoodle


Bp Doodle Dandy female

Bp Gator Wind female

Bp Kiowa Wind male (adopted MI)

LE 38486 RE 44A

Elaine Cuttiford-Perriman TX (Zephyr, ON)
Bar X Butch (Goliath) male Whelped 4/5/94

Sire: Whisper Wit and Dam: Crystal Hart or Heart

(NGA Owner: Bar X Kennel)

LBs Justice male

LE 38483 RE 66E
Cathy Reaves (SC) FL
LA’s Anthony (Anthony) male DOB 6/23/06
Sire: Dustin The Way and Dam: LA’s Felisha
(NGA Owner: Sharon Williams)
La’s Butch male RE 66C
La’s Alex male RE 66D
La’s Kennedy male RE 66A
La’s Freddie male RE 66B

LE 38460 RE

Pat Tarditi (PA)
Barbie-Jade (Queen-Barbie-Jade) female DOB 5/94

(NGA Owner: Edward Trow)

Sire: Hbs Commander and Dam: Keota Jade


Scooter Jade male

Curly Sue Jade female

Imajean Jade female

Spanky Jade male

Nadeen Jade female

Skeeter Jade male

LE 38451 RE 54C or 54E

Jill Ditton
Edie female DOB 5/3/94

Sire: Jumpin Judge and Dam: Raisin Baby

LE 38435 RE

Linda Pioggia

Kancity Ebbtide (KS) Whelped 4/17/94

Sire: Kancity Pal and Dam: Kansas Glitter
Kancity Riptide?
Kancity Hitide?

LE 38364 RE 66G

Maggie Pona (Ontario)

A Star Blackieto (Bella) female DOB 6/15/06

(NGA Owners: John and Gail Shook)

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: A Star In Black


A Star Bennigan male

A Star Big Time male

A Star Ms Minnie female

A Star Ms World female

A Star N Sweetie female

A Star Red Ruler male

Astar Msuniverse female

LE 38322 RE 44B

Joe & Kay Krug AL (Shelbyville, KY)
Mesa Brian (Brain) male DOB 4/10/94

Sire: Bold Color and Dam: Gemini Gal

(NGA Owner: Mark C Adams)


Smas Orange female

Smas Yellow female RE 44A

LE 38247 RE 44F

Joni Symonds

CC Superboy DOB 4/11/94

Sire: CC Big One and Dam: CC Kayjecka

LE 38235 RE 123F

Susan Peck NH (PA)
Ashtabula (Ashton) male DOB 12/8/93
(NGA Owner: Daniel Rollet)
Sire: San Angeles and Dam: Tetra Delica

General Pao male
CC Catch male

Jin Yancy male

Master Pao male

Sanford Boyle male

Shoulin Miss female

LE 38234 RE 44C

Michele Thompson
SJ'S Crown Prince (Princess) DOB 4/11/94 DOD 5/28/02

Dam: Honeysuckle Rose and Sire: Beaver's Champ
SJ'S Best Champ
Imagine It
Al's Black Hawk
Al's Tumble Weed
Lil TX Tornado

LE 38199 RE 56D
Ericka Davis (FL) FL
Tide The Knot (Tide) male DOB 5/29/06
(NGA Owner: Diane or Paul Paulk)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: USS Montego
Lucky Listener male RE 56C (Lucky adopted by Arlene. He died in 2014 from Osteo)
Child Of Royalty male RE 56E
Cookin With Katy female RE 56B (adopted NH)
Dodgin Hanna female RE 56A

LE 38119 RE ?
Sarah Williams  (AZ) IA
Boc's Roadrage (Hermes) male DOB 6/4/06
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Amazeme Amber
Boc's Obsession male
Boc's On Edge male
Boc's Queen B female
Boc's Swirly Sue female RE 66F (Sue adopted CO)

Boc's Wholeshot female

LE 38111 RE 36D (RE tat# should be 56 not 36)
Linda Cornman (PA) FL
Tanya Sam (Vera) female DOB 5/28/06
(NGA Owner: Marie Amato, Linda Van Nortwick or Glenn Meyers)
Sire: Toxic Rocket and Dam: Magic Izzo
Alexandrew male
Cam's Rocket female RE 36F
Gahtaa Llc male RE 36A (Ichy adopted)
Nan's Rocket female RE 36E
Racy Rae female RE 36C (Rachel adopted NY)

Sweet Baby Page male RE 36B

LE 38101 RE 56B
Wendy Kapucinski(CO) FL/WV
Bone Yard (Bones) male DOB 5/24/06
(NGA Owner: Wayne Strong)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Greys Outrage
Lord of War male RE 56D
Spies Lies male RE 56C (Jed adopted AR)

Stargazed female RE 56A

LE 38024 RE 56G
Lauren Collins (OK)
Ra's Dream On (Caily) female DOB 5/16/06
(NGA Owner: Ross A Amestoy)
Sire: Impossible Dream and Dam: PA' Dada Bonnie
Ra's Dreamweaver male RE 56F
Ra's Night Girl female RE 56A
Ra's Nightmare male RE 56B

Ra's Nightranger male RE 56E

LE 38199 RE 44E

Brian Thomas CT (CT)
Bulz Air It Out (Misty) DOB 4/11/94
Sire: ML Ramses and Dam: DC Lou Jean

LE 38086 RE 46H
Nicole Graovac (ON) FL
 JA's Sneakers (Martin Bernard) male DOB 4/28/06
Sire: GR’s Unlucky and Dam: JC’s High Heels
JA’s Boots male RE 46B
JA’s Crocs female RE 46C
JA’s Flip Flops male RE 46F
JA’s Lucky Shoe female RE 46A (adopted OH)
JA’s Sandals male RE 46E
JA’s Slippers female RE 46D

JA’s Unlucky Tip male RE 46G

LE 38082 RE 44E
Paula Camp (PA)
Hey Boy Colin (Flash) male DOB 4/18/94 DOD 3/31/06
(NGA Owner: Leonard V Wood)
Sire: Anna's Howard and Dam: Runaround Sue
Runaround Carol female RE 44C
Runaround Dena female RE 44D
Runaround Rachel female

Runaround Zina female RE 44A

LE 38078 RE 34C

Blanche Fedor FL (NC)
CU Freebird (Freebird) male DOB 4/17/94 DOD?
Sire: Gotyanow and Dam: OmniAngelica

LE 38062 RE 56F

Lisa Coates AZ (OR)
Oxbow Triple (Triple) male DOB 5/27/06
Sire: Greys Royalcrown and Dam: BF Rachel


Bf Royal Crown male

Oxbow City Crown male

Oxbow Crown Mill female (Millie adopted OR)

Oxbow Crown Vic male

Oxbow Crown West male

Oxbow Crownjewel female RE 56D (Trinity adopted by Tracy & Ramon, Chula Vista CA)

Oxbow Crownpoint male

Oxbow Gold Crown male (Bold adopted OR)

Oxbow Crownroyal female

Oxbow Rose Crown female (Rosie adopted OR)

Oxbow Triple Crown male

LE 38001 RE 44G

Sarah Jones (FL)

Play Mea Windsong (Windson)

Sire: Dusty Didit (Dusty Adopted by Sarah) and Dam: Bashful Brigette


Mariah The Wind female (Mariah adopted by Patti Trakney)

Copper Can Doit (Copper adopted by Don & Paula Mimnaugh)

LE 37992 RE 56E

Celeste Quinn (MI) WI

Diehard Kyle (Kyle) male DOB 5/29/06
(NGA Owner: Kurt Blankenhorn)
Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: Margaree

Diehard Maddy  female RE 56A (Maddy adopted West MI)
Diehard Alma female RE 56F (Tami adopted West MI)

Diehard Brent male RE 56G

Diehard Gabby male RE 56B

Diehard Jack male RE 56H (Jack adopted MI)

Diehard Kate female RE 56C

Diehard Mike male RE 56D

LE 37982 RE RE 46C

Juliette Page AZ (CA)
CRRI Chips (Josie) female DOB 4/18/06
(NGA Owner: Clifford L Robins)
Sire: Pekelo and Dam: Eye of the Eagle

Crri Numba Ten male RE 46F
Awesome Al male RE 46A

CRRI Bonny female RE 46B

Ornery Ester female RE 46E

LE 37949 RE 56E

Sally Chan (KS) AZ

Doby Tyler (Doby) male DOB 5/18/06

Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Smoke N Mirrors

(NGA Owner: Russ McElhinny)


Designer Mirror female RE 56A (Carly adopted by Karen Edgemon WA)

Dodge The Smoke male RE 56D

Dogie Jones male RE 56F

Lavenia female RE 56B

Stacy Catch male RE 56G

LE 37924 RE 56A

Connie King FL (PA)
Drop N Daylight (Spunky) female DOB 5/18/06
(NGA Owner: Andrew Owen)
Sire: Impossible Dream and Dam: Jimbo Blossom

Drop N Demons male

Drop N Devils male

Drop N Double male (adopted)
Drop N Dreams female (adopted)

LE 37902 RE 56E

Brianne Bruns WV (Brick, NJ)
WV's Monitor (Chance) male DOB 5/15/06
Sire: WV's Inwood and Dam: Sendahl Cigi

WV's  Maggie female RE 56B
WV's Miles male RE 56C (Miles adopted by Gerri & Christopher, Monroe Township NJ)

WV's Mitchell male RE 56D (Mitchell adopted by Audrey & Matt, Whiting NJ)

WV's Monaville male RE 56G (Bandit adopted by Cullen family, Hamilton NJ)
WV's Mossy female RE 56A
WV's Myrtle female RE 56F (Myrtle adopted by Meese family, Trenton NJ)

LE 37882 RE 44C

Wendy Sanderlin FL (FL) Dana's Hilda (Dancer) female DOB 4/10/94

(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliott)

Sire: Dog Called Hoss and Dam: My Fan Dana


Hosss Holden male

Hosss Herbie male (Basil adopted by Rachel Warren)

Hosss Hawk

LE 37868 RE 56E
Janice Straight (OR) FL
Penniestodollars (Persephone) female DOB 5/6/06
(NGA Owner: Ronald Weeden)
Sire: Expenses Paid and Dam: Kiowa West
Bestrateofreturn RE 56D female
Emerging Market RE 56G female (adopted)
Imanageyourmoney RE 56H female
Money Miser RE 56C male
My Mutual Fund RE 56F female
Negotiating Whiz RE 56E male (adopted)

Rateofreturn RE 56A male

LE 37816 RE

Cindy L Beck & Jim Jamieson AZ (CA)

BB Flash (Ginger) female DOB 3/24/94

Sire: Ks Marine and Dam: Nts Other Flash

(NGA Owner: Brett Bouchy)


BB Lil Brett male

Hes Gonadoit male

Late Traveler male

Ms Doubtful male

Ms Mistake female

Ms Sheila Bee female

LE 37808 RE 44I

Pat Middleton

Nodak Tara Rule (Dove) female

LE 37793 RE 44A

Beth Fowers CO (UT)
BG Shanahan (Coach) male DOB 4/10/94
(NGA Owner: Linda Blanch)
Sire: Shiver Me Timber and Dam: BG Linny Blanch

AM Sandman male
BG Boots Cee female
BG Pulp Fiction male
Front By Force male
Zing Zap Zooie female

LE 37788 RE 44B

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Paladins Time (Pal) male DOB 4/2/94

Sire: Guilded Time and Dam: Anitas Frosti

(NGA Owner: Terry J Smith)


Hazelspeggyjoyce female

Graces Coffee female

Rcs Mary Jane female

Laurels Be Be female

Sister Of Pain female

LE 37756 RE 56G

Jessica Muzzarelli WI (MI)

Tyville Twisted (Jade) female DOB 5/10/06
(NGA Owner: Tyville Inc)
Sire: Be My Bubba and Dam: Tyville Moonstar

Tyville Braxton male
Tyville Curves female
Tyville Grady male
Tyville Parody female RE 56B (Parody adopted in Nashville, TN)

Tyville Pert female
Tyville Raton male
Tyville Starlite female
Tyville Sting male
Tyville Tucker male

LE 37744 RE 56D

Lorna Hooley WV (ONT)
Kiowa Thorn (Nik) male DOB 5/12/06
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kiowa Mary Tammi

Kiowa Taff male
Kiowa Tami female
Kiowa Tanna female
Kiowa Teeter male RE 56F (Teeter in Canada)
Kiowal Tina female
Kiowa Toll Free female
Kiowa Tracker male

LE 37736 RE 44G

Sue Edwards FL 

Wright Getit (Gidget) Female Whelped 4/1/94

(NGA Owner: LaRosa Enterprises Inc)

Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: Wright Grace


Wright Appletree Male

Wright Brewer Male

Wright Copy Cat Male

Wright Donate Male

Wright Earning Female

Wright Fuse Female

Wright Hand Gal Female

LE 37642 RE 40A

Kim Briggs WV (VA)
RJ's Andre (Andre) male DOB 4/00
(NGA Owner: Kim Briggs)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Cat Ina Hurry

RJ Ballatore male
RJ Chablis female
RJ Duvee female
RJ Gallo male
RJ Howie male
RJ Trooper male

LE 37631 RE

Cathy Kyle FL (IN)
TA's Donewithyou (Lily) female DOB 5/3/06
(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: DR Tornado

TA's Cream Puff female
TA's Good Lookin male (retired in TN)
TA's Maddog Jake male
TA's Maddog Kato male
TA's Maddog Max male

LE 37615 RE 56G

Jen Gallaher AZ (OR)

Short Time Girl (Tiger-Lily) female DOB 5/2/06

(NGA Owner: James D Claywell)

Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Far Out Ability


I Pick My Time male

Miss Upity female

My First Dreams female

Pull Them Slots female

There No Doubt female

There Too Slow male (adopted)

Wheres Therezoom female

LE 37595 RE 56E

Signe Bowker FL (NH)
Chedda Shadow (Ellie) female DOB 5/3/06
(NGA Owner: Ronald Bond)
Sire: Shadow Ofa Doubt and Dam: Damon Simona

Blakberi Shadow female
Cocoa Shadow female
Foxie Shadow female
Sugar Shadow female RE 56D (Glenna adopted by Megan McElroy ME)
Shadow Boxer male

LE 37584 RE 56A
Kerri Masseo (ON) W VA
Spots Available (Spots) male DOB 5/1/06
Sire: Jumbo Scotty and Dam: Tempo Lizzy
Absolute Friend female RE 56C (adopted MI)
Poker Flats male RE 56B (Flats adopted ON)
Taste of Reality female RE 56D (adopted ON)

LE 37575 RE 44E

Dean and Barbara Dalpe (NH)

Dohfer Estate (Gopher) male Whelped 4/8/94

Sire: Ico Evan and Dam: Ms. Faith
Cold Snap Male
Dohfor Debbie Female
Dohfor Freedom Male
Dohfor Indy Male
Dohfor Jewels Female
Front Row Female
Hole Lota Shaki Female (Adopted Joyce, Brampton, ON)
Ice Pickin Male

LE 37522 RE 46A
Lori Bigler (WA)
BL Five O (Five) male DOB 4/26/06
(NGA Owner: Randall L Botts or Bobby G W)
Sire: Clappin Thunder* and Dam: My Stella Dior
BL Big Ziggy male RE 46B (adopted by L Sisson IN)
BL Get N Split female RE 46C (adopted IA)
BL Hendor male RE 46E (adopted IN)
BL Molly me female RE 46F (adopted IN)
BL Lover Boy male RE 46D
BL Bandbeater male RE 46G (adopted by Mary Huffman IN)

LE 37520 RE 34E

Terri Jacobson IA (OR)
Oneco Reflex (Oneco) female DOB 3/19/94
Sire: Westpark Dive On * and Dam: Dalcash Vixen *

Oneco Buttons female RE 34C
Oneco Carolyn female RE 34F
Oneco Doug male RE 34G
Oneco JD male RE 34A
Oneco Kate female RE 34D
Oneco Nosemarie female RE 34B

LE 37519 RE 125A

Nancy Achiepo (PA)

Ulyssess (Ulysses) male DOB 12/2/05

Sire: Rooftop Ozzie and Dam: Get Around Sue


I Get Around female

Lincoln male RE 125J (Lincoln adopted by the Nearys in MD)

Nimby Bandit female

Nimby Bishop male

Nimby Raquel female

Nimby RocknRoll female

Yo Galynsky female

Yo Spot female RE 125B (Spot adopted by Kevin & Gisselle Moorestown NJ)

You Get Around male

LE 37499 RE 46C
Kim Chasteen (VA) AL
Chrisad's Lad (Chris) male DOB 4/3/06
(NGA Owner: Charles Boulmetis & Kevin Fish)
Sire: Dave The Dog and Dam: PA's Shawneelass
Betitallonblack female RE 46E (Hope adopted FL/GA)
Da Big Guy male RE 46D
Flupascrackerbox male RE 46F
Lady of Dave female RE 46B (deceased)
Quack Attack female RE 46H (Duckie adopted WV)
Redeem male RE 46G

LE 37494 RE 46A
Jason Hancock (NC) FL
John McEuen (John) male DOB 4/9/06
(NGA Owner: Doug Allen)
Sire: Fortress Blue and Dam: Bug Bite
Jeff Hanna male RE 46C (Jeff adopted SC)
Side Out Jill female RE 46B (Jill adopted FL)

Docta Block female RE 46D (Kirsten adopted SC)

LE 37467 RE 46A
Amy Wolf (IN) FL
E's Sweet Alexis (Cheyanne) female DOB 4/06
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: E’s Power Glide
E’s Bad Boy Bo male
E’s Bad Boy Cole male (adopted)

E’s Bad Boy Ed male (Eddie adopted by Charlotte in Orlando, FL)

LE 37447 RE

Jennifer Costa FL (NJ)
Brees The Saint (Cupid) female DOB 4/5/06
(NGA Owner: Phillip Rubins)
Sire: Get Over and Dam: Iruska Gina

Astral Pilot male
Colston male
Deuce the Saint male
Executrix female (Trix adopted in MI)
Falcon Speed male RE 46F (Falcon adopted in MI)
Grant The Saint male RE 46G (Grant AL)
Hard Spun male
Idol Chatter male (adopted in MI)

LE 37437 RE

Manhattan Mack male DOB 3/27/94

Dam: Nancy's Star and Sire: Guy Kirby

(NGA Owners: J Moore & K Van Winkle)


Robbies Rockin female

LE 37406 RE 46F

Claudia Courtney (DE)

Delray Lauer (Dell) male DOB 4/25/06
(NGA Owner: Tyville Inc)
Sire: Get Over and Dam: Tyville Vicki B

Delray Cristina female
Delray Garrity female
Delray Minka female
Delray Prudence female

Delray Riley male
Delray Spindler male

LE 37401 RE

Rebecca Doersam WI (Utah)
Rocksteady Eddie (Eddie) male DOB 1/22/94
(NGA Owner: E.Trow or J King)
Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: Morning Memory

Silver Tongue male
Morning Jade female

Pistachio female
Green Pepper female
Code Fifty female
Bad Example female

LE 37400 RE 46C

Margaret Carney FL (OH)
Kayjay Buckwheat (Buck) male DOB 3/14/06
(NGA Owner: Christine Hoelzel or Jason B Johnston)
Sire: Stan's Boy Flyer and Dam: Kaycar Dorothy

Kayjay Alfalfa male
Kayjay Darla female
Kayjay Spanky male
Kayjay Stymie male

LE 37364 RE 46F

Alison Busnello (ON)
Amazing Thunder ( Amy/Kali) female DOB 4/22/06
(NGA Owner: Michael A Jackson)
Sire: WW Apple Jax and Dam: Coop's Heather

Acrossthearroyo male (Arroyo adopted Kent OH)
Dr Jackel male
Misses Hide female
Paige's Pup female RE 46C (Paige adopted ON)
Staph of Life female (Staphy adopted in IL)

LE 37340 RE 46C
Leah Forster (Utah) FL
Atascocita Blair (Annie Faith Forster) female DOB 4/15/06
Sire: Greys Flamebeau and Dam: Atascocita Bertha
Atascocita Becca female RE 46D (Becca adoption Tampa, FL)
Atascocita Bella female RE 46B (Bella adopted WA)
Atascocita Benny male RE 46A (adopted  Tampa, FL)
Atascocita Bonny female RE 46F

Atascocita Brins female RE 46E

LE 37329 RE 46A
Kelly Gerhart (PA) FL
RJ's Dodgem (Dodgem) male DOB 4/17/06
Sire: Dodgem by Design and Dam: JNB Causeimcute
Rj's Cutie female (Casie adopted OH)
Rj's Design female
Rj's Dodgeball male RE 46F (Dodge adopted CA)
RJ's Evader male
RJ's Imbeautiful female
Rj's Look At Me female

LE 37327 RE 46H
Deb Berkebile (PA) MA
Sarahs Sensation (Sarah) female DOB 4/11/06
(NGA Owner: Symbioun Farms)
Sire: Pacific Mile * and Dam: Ask Cleo
John In The Box male RE 46F
Lawsons Win male RE 46B (adopted)
Maggies Magic female RE 46E (adopted DE)
Roll On Mary female RE 46A (Maisy adopted by Johnson family CT)
Sophies Song female RE 46C

LE 37247 RE 46E
Siobhan Miick (CA) FL
Pal WW Winifred (Madge) female DOB 4/17/06
Sire: Greys Outbound and Dam: Polar WW Pal
Pal WW Walker male RE 46B (Pal adopted OH)
Pal WW Walter male RE 46F
Pal WW Wendy female RE 46A
Pal WW Wilma female RE 46C
Pal WW Winona female RE 46D (Quelinda adopted MD)

LE 37240 RE 34F

Maryjane Warren CT (TN)
SEK Flying Kato (Tater) male DOB 3/11/94
(NGA Owner: William Kelley
Sire: As A Rule and Dam: Curlin Effort

SEK Flying Asma female
SEK Flying Teki female
SEK Flying Tosha female

LE 37211 RE 46J

Karen Kaizer MA (CT)
Mike Needs Gas (Sambuca) male DOB 4/9/06
(NGA Owner: Paul D Savoie or Pameula KB)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Twister Coco

Bob's Broke male
Butchs Bet female
Cimini Can female
Colleens Call female (Colleen adopted in MA)
Pace My Self female
Pam's Pet female
Savoies Joy female

LE 37209 RE 36E

Shannon Sisler FL (SC)
Demon Dancer (Timmy) male DOB 3/31/06
(NGA Owner: D Williams)
Sire: Get Over and Dam: Nothing But Fine

Call Me Casanova male
Keep It Secret female
Mischief Boy male (retired to
Upstate NY)
Money Seeker male
Need a Date female
Racheal Lee
Sheridan Road male

LE 37205 RE

Brent & Judy

Midniteincounter (Buddy) male DOB 3/22/94

Sire: Iza Mop N Time and Dam: Midnight Jill

(NGA Owner: Marsha J Long)
Cnj Midnite Rage Female
Cnj Mo Money Male
Cnj Road
Warrior Male
Cnj Walla Walla Be Female
Midniteatheoasis Female

LE 37191 RE 34C

Carol Gleason (Pembroke Pines, FL)

White Bomb (Radar) male DOB 3/24/94

Sire: Pat C AB's Boy and Dam: Jock's Esprit

(NGA Owner: Fritz Kennel)


White Thunder female

LE 37184 RE 46C

Amy Chantler WI (ON)
GW's Shoestring (Comet) male DOB 4/1/06
(NGA Owner: William L Lockhard or Gary G Rummens)
Sire: Trent Lee and Dam: Duchess of Wails

Gw's Bojangles male
Gw's Flypaper female
Gw's Gymnast female
Gw's Honeycomb female
Gw's Hypotenuse female
Gw's Lee Wails female
GW's Woofie Wag male
Gws Rememberwhen male

LE 37166 RE 24C

Chanda Williams KS (WI)
Flying Shakey (Shakey) female 2/2/94
Sire: Frank Shurden and Dam: Sound Out*
(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)
Flying Breadeaux female
Three Amigos male
Flying Godfather male
Flying Sbarro male

LE 37159 RE 34D

Theresa & Keith Klein FL (IL)

Reko Treacherous (Treach) male DOB 3/21/94

Sire: Killer Diller and Dam: Gussied Up

(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)


Arriba Reba female

Reko Almighty male

Reko Chaka female

Reko Copone male

Reko Dusty female

Reko Mustafa male

Reko Trojan male

LE 37145 RE 46E

Jennifer Cuthbert (Pittsburgh, PA)
Interest Free (Piper) female DOB 4/12/06
(NGA Owner: Loretta M Maupin)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Iruska Camry

Bags O Cash male
Prime Deal male
Tiza Lady female
Trust Fund Baby female
Wuzinyurwallet male

LE 37130 RE 36C

Tom Braunscheidel FL (NY)
Late Choice (Buddy) male DOB 3/5/06

Sire: Cajun Deception and Dam: Awesome Featy


Cool Cat Rob male

Winner Wisdom female

LE 3714 RE

Joanne Ronning (MD's Eastern Shore)
Paulette Whelped 5/8/91

Sire: Pat C Best Yet and Dam: Isa Bahama Momma
Achy Breaky Best male
El Supremo male

LE 37094 RE 34C

Laura Hawkins (CA)
CBK Caesar (Cyrus) male DOB 3/18/94
(NGA Owner: Bennie J Weber)
Sire: Amarillo Cajun and Dam: CB Lori

CBK Carri female
CBK Candi female
CBK Blue Cosmo male
CBK Coral female
CBK Ringneck male

LE 37087 RE 34C

Melanie Gilbert NH (NY)
M's Blondy Heart (Arthur) male DOB 3/8/94
(NGA Owner: Marion Currier)
Sire: Lifelong Buddy* and Dam: M's Hot Potata

M's Buddy Heart male (adopted)
M's Bill Heart male (adopted)
M's Bertha Heart female

LE 37054 RE 34H

Connie & Vic Renz (WA)
SJ's Fast Freddy (Freddy) male DOB 3/94

LE 37026 RE 24G
Becky Comeaux AL (LA)

Boligee Sugababy (Sugar) female DOB 2/26/94
Sire: HBs Commander and Dam: Boligee Pauline

(NGA Owner: T A Greene)
Boligee Arby male
Boligee Delilah female
Boligee Fogle male RE 24F (adopted Penny)
Boligee Jon male
Boligee Samson male
Boligee Torrey male

LE 37019 RE 36D

Carolyn Cho F (NY)
Pal's Goldielocks (Goldielocks) female DOB 3/26/06
(NGA Owner: Don W Davenport)
Sire: Jim B Buzz and Dam: Legs Glow Worm

Pal's Gemstone female (adopted)
Pal's Get Ur Done male
Pal's Ginger female
Pal's Gladiator male
Pal's Gumdrop female
Pal's Gym Monkey female
Pal's Gladys female

RE 37012 RE 24G

Dagmar Bogan TX (TX)

Jun M Esther (Elsie) female DOB 2/28/94

(NGA Owner: Jimmy E Titsworth)

Sire: Trooper Zeke and Dam: Rema Ballmard


June Cleaver female RE 24F

Amf Rambo male RE 24B

Amf Rocky male RE 24E

Black Zeus male RE 24A

Cabelias male RE 24C

Kacy No Toe male RE 24D

LE 37006 RE 24A

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield MI)
Karoline Drive (Nikki) female 2/2/94

Sire: Frontier Outlaw and Dam: Karen Wede
Kaitlin Drive female
Karlie Drive female
Kazmer Drive female
Keenan Drive male
Kingsley Drive male
Kudos Drive female

LE 37004 RE

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Pjs Iron Glass (Bonnie) female DOB 2/1/94

Sire: Ion Torey and Dam: Tonis Glass

(NGA Owner: Paulette J ODonovan)

LE 36909 RE 36B

Anne Myles IA,WI (Waterloo, IA)
B for Beth (Beth) female DOB 3/19/06
(NGA Owner: David Ungs or B D Galbreath)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Happy Conch

Anxious Anna female
JFC Carp male
Jordan By A Nose male
Sassy Ashley female

LE 36896 RE 34C

Elizabeth Guadagno MX (NJ)
Barnaby (Barnaby) male DOB 3/9/94
(NGA Owner: D Gayle Walker)
Sire: VV Country Barn and Dam: Tees Roxette

LE 36894 RE 34F

Susan Humphreys
Ruby's Amor (Amor) female DOB 3/16/94

Sire: Panama Leo and Dam: Panama Ruby

(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)
Ruby's Dingo Male
Ruby's Lily Female
Ruby's Rita Female
Ruby's Sophie Female

LE 36823 RE 43E

Lisa Swartz (CO)

Crystal's Copen (Cody) male DOB 4/93
(NGA Owner: MI Racers)
Sire: Kelso's Hot Rod and Dam: Pleasant Crystal

Call Me Peaches female
Gail's Born Free male
Cristal's Adam male
Cristal's Brian male

LE 36702 RE 20D

Shannon Malat CT (MD)
DKs Rudolph (Rudy) male DOB 2/11/00
(NGA Owner: Douglas E Keas)
Sire: Forgetful Joey and Dam: Debs Annakarina

Dk's Blitzen female
Dk's Comet female
Dk's Cupid female
Dk's Dancer female
DK's Prancer male

LE 36695 RE 34E

Deborah Williams (PA)

Box's Whitney (Winnie) female DOB 3/4/94
Sire: Brent Review and Dam: Brittany Star
(NGA Owner: Brent Box)


Box's Garvin male RE 34F (adopted Penny)

Box's Greg male RE 34D (adopted Alfred Feliciano (Penny)

Box's Skeeter female

Box's Wiggles female

LE 36688 RE 34C

Jeanne Kennedy (Owensville, MO)
Karlie Girl (Carly) female Whelped 3/1/94

Sire: Adios Tip and Dam Adios Jade

(NGA Owner: TW Miller & Darold Robertson)

Heather McGee female

Hot Roti Jill Bug female

Mooney Pilot male

LE 36685 RE

Tina Kelly FL (ONT)

Its Not Over (Uncle Royce) male DOB 2/18/06

Sire: Get Over and Dam: CM Lil Bit

(NGA Owner: Eric Griffin)


Do It Over female (adopted)

Hanks Talkitover female

Hanks Thinker male (Swifty adopted NC)

It Must Be Over male (retired 11/17/07)

Run It Over female

Take It Over male (Pappa Mudd)

Young Cash male (Chooper adopted)

LE 36614 RE 26D
Tracey Bouchard (NC) FL
KL Dave The Dude (Dude) male DOB 2/23/06
(NGA Owner: Judy Jewell)
Sire: Red Hills Rambo and Dam: KL Boomer Girl
KL Avery male RE 26A (adopted VA)
KL Buddy Boy male RE 26B
KL Cranky Carl male RE 26C (Carl adopted SC)
KL Easy Eddie male RE 26E (Eddie adopted Orlando, FL)
KL Fabulous female RE 26F
KL Golly Molly female RE 26G
KL Helen of Troy female RE 26H

KL Iman female RE 26I

LE 36608 RE 26B
Erin Powell (WA) FL
Kiowa Deli Daril (Dahlia) female DOB 2/27/06
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kiowa About Deli
Kiowa Deli Davis male
Kiowa Deli Denny male
Kiowa Deli Dobbs male
Kiowa Deli Donna female RE 26A (adopted by Mike Callahan KY/TN)
Kiowa Deli Dot female (adopted FL)
Kiowa Deli Drape male
Kiowa Deli Drew male
Kiowa Deli Dry male
Kiowa Deli Duke male

LE 36573 RE 24E

Wendy Case (Syracuse, NY)
Rancho Lady Rock (Keziah) female Whelped 2/21/94

Sire: Rancho Chip and Dam: Red Topper

(NGA Owner: Andrew T Powell)

LE 36547 RE 14C

Wendy Eaton (OH)

Serve An Protect (Heather) female DOB 1/25/94

Sire: Hello Higsbee and Dam: Star Liz

LE 36539 RE 26G

Kim Diccianni (NJ)
SAS War Bird (Cody) male DOB 2/15/06

Sire: Seagold Excell and Dam: SAS Real Quiet


SAS Bank On Me male

SAS County Fair female

SAS Ketchum male

SAS Pop A Top female

SAS Tidal Wave female RE 26A (adopted in SC)

SAS Sharp Shot male

SAS Spice It Up female

SAS Taxi Drive male

SAS Whirlwind male

LE 36523 RE 24I

Susan Lawrence CO (Idaho)

Tipperary (Tipperary) male DOB 2/18/94

(NGA Owner: Elly Limmer)

Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: Jackie Stretch


Smoky Junction male

Vista View female

Wallenda male

Starina Stretch female

Dutch Mill female

Chardel Basil male

Chardel Sage male

Sterling Dottie female

LE 36521 RE 26D
Annie Oakley female DOB 2/18/06
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Quiet Splendor
Abby Lane female RE 26E
Amaretto female RE 26C
Cerviche female RE 26H (Andy adopted PA)
Saint Agnes female RE 26G
War Path male RE 26F

LE 36499 RE 26A
Pamela Garnel (TX) FL
Hotkisses (Autumn) female DOB 2/3/06
(NGA Owner: James R Parker)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Rambo For A Win
Art of a Win male RE 26C
Bram Isda Man male RE 26H (Bram adopted UT)
Misty to Win female
Pru Whistler female RE 26E
Rambo for Linda female RE 26I (retired was a dam)
Ruth Bar female RE 26D (retired was a dam)
Sheila Pleasure female RE 26B
Winning Olga female (retired was a dam)

LE 36492 RE 125D

Diane Carey (PA)
Sheer Desire (Shayna) female DOB 12/5/05
(NGA Owner:  R Samia Inc)
Sire: Stan's  Boy Flyer and Dam: Denise's Dasher

Save Daily female (adopted Media, PA)
Silver Dollar male (Silver adopted
Smokin Doctor male (adopted NY)
So Delicious female (adopted
Sweet Day female (Day adopted

LE 36491 RE 125H

Mary Zerega FL (PA)
So Delicious (Sherri) female DOB 12/6/05

(NGA Owner: R Samia Inc)
Sire: Stan's Boy Flyer and Dam: Denise's Dasher

Save Daily female
Sheer Desire female
Silver Dollar male
Smokin Doctor male
Sweet Day female (adopted Chappells, SC)

LE 36457 RE 16B
Marcy Cloaninger (NC) FL
Brave Huzzar (Jolly) male DOB 1/31/06
(NGA Owner: Christopher J D'ARCY)
Sire: Droopys Kewell and Dam: Valoris
Another Breeze female RE 16A (Breezy adopted by Chris Politis)
Carved Opal male (Hopper adopted NC)
Donegal Prince male RE 16D (Shep adopted VA)
Evening Clouds female RE 16E (Diamond)

Friendly Word male RE 16F

LE 36444 RE 24A

Lisa Alexander MX (Oakland, CA)
Tiffany Express (Tiffany) female DOB 2/17/94
Sire: Where's the Exit and Dam: Angel Has Wings
(NGA Owner: James Haney)


LE 36417 RE 24B

Sheila Armel VA
System Flake (Flake) female 2/6/94
(NGA Owner: Jimmy King)
Sire: Kelso's Critter and Dam: Val's Red Ruby


System Bean female

LE 36375 RE 16B

Jeannette Costa (PA) CT
Pals Janette (Janette) female DOB 1/29/06
(NGA Owner: Don W Davenport)
Sire: Legs Fearless and Dam: Legs Janelle

Pals Juliet female
Pals Jumbo male
RE 16C (Jimmy adopted LA)

LE 36363 RE

Mary Held IA,WI

D And Bs Nino female & D And Bs Dulce female DOB 1/29/94

Sire: Ws Doug Fly and Dam: GHs Adobe

(NGA Owner: Darrell J Dunn)


D And Bs Autumn female

D And Bs Provo male

D And Bs Quince male

D And Bs Proto male

Ws Jay Dunn Fly male

LE 36354 RE 16A
Peggy Christ (NE)
Maize N Blue (Blue) male DOB 1/9/06
(NGA Owner: Walter R Wasik)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Valid Ten Pot
Alyssa's Wind female RE 16B (Alyssa adopted LA)
Chaotic KC male RE 16E (Oreo adopted  ONT)
Continuance female RE 16C
Hawgen Dawgz male RE 16D DOD 12/2/13 (Happy adopted LA/MS)

LE 36310 RE 16I

Karen Ulric NH (NJ)
Googly Spin (Mabel) female DOB 1/1/06
(NGA Owner: Steve Schlachter)
Sire: Cricket Express and Dam: Pigalle Pepper

Beanball Bumper male
Corker female RE 16B
Indipper female
Makin Maddness male RE 16A
Square Cut male RE 16J
Tapped Out male RE 16C
Wicked Jazz male RE 16G
Yorker female RE 16D

LE 36278 RE 16D

Shelley Lake KS (Paola KS)
Flying Quebec (Quebec) male DOB 1/24/06
(NGA Owner: Vince Berland)

Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: USS Award

Flying Chambers male (Sugar adopted in KS)
Flying Havana female
Flying Peoria male RE 16A (Peoria adopted by Shelley Lake KS)
Flying Vasquez male RE 16C (Vasquez adopted by Shelley Lake KS)

LE 36261 RE 24A

Gloria Ray (NY)
Chambray female (Sally-brood mama) DOB 2/6/94
(NGA Owner: Richard Walters) 313 chico tx 76431
Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Socially
Franca female RE 24D
Globetrotter male RE 24C
Provacation male RE 24B
Torrio male RE 24E

LE 36169 RE

Barbara McGuire KS (FL)
Pikes Red Dawn (Dawn) female DOB 1/6/06
(NGA Owner: Bailey)
Sire: Teamster and Dam: Pikes Geico

Pikes Air Time female (retired)

Pikes Auto Pilot female
Pikes Fireball male (retired)
Pikes Money Mike male
Pikes One Shot female
Pikes Triple X male

LE 36134 RE 125B

Laurel Stevenson FL (OH)
TK Burn Rubber (Mariah) female DOB 12/19/05
(NGA Owner: Randy Lori Doubles)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Victoria Dream*

TK Bold Moves male
TK Born Leader  male
TK Full Throttle  male
TK Red Line female

LE 36128 RE 67A

Diane NH (Mendon, MA)
Joe Mannix male

(NGA Owner: Anthony Napolitano Jr)

Sire: EJs Douglas and Dam: Stingin Blondie


Buy My Own Roses female

LE 36095 RE 24A

Terry Overbeek FL (MI)

Hangin In male Whelped 2/1/94

Sire: Wright Equal and Dam: Injun Hattie

(NGA Owner: W E Cryer)


Hangin Out

Hangin Loose

LE 36043 RE 16B
Kristin Beneski (WA) FL
Atascocita Saxon (Milo) male DOB 1/1/06
(NGA Owner: Monica Rigo)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Atascocita Sally
Atascocita Saber male
Atascocita Sara female
Atascocita Selma female RE 16E (Selma adopted through Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions FL)
Atascocita Shira female
Atascocita Smile female

Atascocita Susie female

LE 36020 RE 14A


Kathy FL female DOB 1/94

LE 36015 RE 125???

Donna Behringer NH (PA)
Ah's Ford (Ford) male DOB 12/23/05
(NGA Owner: D Q Williams)
Sire: Dustin the Way and Dam: Ah's Lola


Ahs Angelo male

Ahs Black Day female

Ahs Bonnie female

Ahs Coral female

Ahs Gary male

Ahs Jimmy male

LE 35960 RE 14B

Kati Tevington FL/TX

Doc Zhivago (Doc) Male 1/16/94

Sire: Clyde the Cat and Dam: Frontier Lass

(NGA Owner: David Ledoux)
Lara's Theme Female

LE 35950 RE 14C

Halise & Martha Shrago

Dogwood Bitsy (Betsy) (deceased) DOB 1/20/94

Dam: No Tail Go and Sire: CC Floppy

LE 35939 RE

Sarah Regan Snavely (Morehead, MN)
Lp's Wingman (Kelly) DOB 7/12/93

Sire: Kelso's Hot Rod and Dam: Shelly Lou
Lp's Carrier male
Lp's Flyer male
Lp's General male
Lp's Navigator male
Lp's Pilot male (adopted in 1996)
Lp's Sarge male
Lp's Soldier male
Lp's Tail Gunner male

LE 35933 RE 125H
Eleanor Riley (CA) TX
DLT Bookers (James) male EOB 12/18/05
(NGA Owner: David L Tate)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: KB's Vortex

DLT Basil Hayden male RE 125I
DLT Cointreau female RE 125C (adopted Allentown, PA)
DLT Grandmarnier female RE 125D (Marni adopted Atlanta, GA)
DLT Jack Daniels male RE 125A (adopted Pleasanton, CA)
DLT Jim Beam male RE 125F
DLT Kahlua female RE 125E
DLT Knob Creek male RE 125G
DLT Tia Maria female (adopted Pleasanton, CA)

LE 35872 RE 67H &67C

Tina West (GA)

Nrs Bullet (Bullet) Male Whelped 6/97

Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Chundo


Nrs Big Red

Nrs I Am Ready

Nrs Melinda

Nrs Wally B

Nrs Cherokee (Cherokee) Male RE 67C (Adopted by Tina)

Nrs Ida B female

LE 35814 RE 125C
Michelle Amato (MA) NH
NST Miss Jane (Janey) female DOB 12/8/05
(NGA Owner: C Richard Boring)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Sly Jane
NST Seeyoulater female RE 125B
NST Honest Jim male RE 125D
NST Sledge male RE 125A (Peanut adopted MA)

LE 35805 RE 125D
Emma Cochran (MA) MA,FL
Ragtime Frances (Frannie)female DOB 12/4/05
Sire: Pin Oak Snip and Dam: Yopon Step Up
Ragtime Fanny female RE 125E
Ragtime Felicia female RE 125F (Felicia adopted ON)
Ragtime Frank male RE 125B
Ragtime Freda female RE 125C (Freda adopted MA)
Ragtime Frijole male RE 125A (Freeway adopted MA)

LE 35777 RE 125A

Jennifer Manlapaz NH (MD)
Valid Mark (Chance) male DOB 12/05
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Valid Adversary

Valid Aaron male (Aaron adopted MD?)
Valid Brad male
Valid Possum female
Valid Streak male RE 125C (Streak adopted by the Berzinky family Philadelphia PA)

LE 35759 RE 115A

Margee Wheeler KS (MO)
San Tan Bankroll (Bankroll) male DOB 11/27/05
(NGA Owner: Kenneth or Janet Allen)
Sire: Rooftop Moby and Dam: Tulin Bomber

San Tan Bombaroo female
San Tan Bumpkin female
San Tan Burly male (adopted KS)
San Tan Cotton male
San Tan Moby male
San Tan Tulin female

LE 35719 RE 125I

Gail Wellauer FL (NY)
Nimby Rocknroll (Raquel) female DOB 12/2/05
(NGA Owner: John Stafos)
Sire: Rooftop Ozzie and Dam: Get Around Sue

Ulysses  male RE 125A (Ulysses adopted by Manjo & Alina Willingboro NJ)
I Get Around  female
Lincoln male RE 125J (Lincoln adopted by Trish & Tom Neary MD)
Nimby Bandit female
Nimby Bishop male
Nimby Raquel female (adopted MN)
Yo Galynsky female
Yo Spot female RE 125B (Spot adopted by Kevin & Gisselle Moorestown NJ)
You Get Around male

LE 35702 RE 115E

Linda Grado (TX)
Rgs Kissmenow (Cinderella) female DOB 11/26/05
(NGA Owner: Ricky Sparkman)
Sire: TK Kissmegoodbye and Dam: CTW a Ladies Way

Rgs Kissmeagain male
Rgs Kissmefast male
Rgs Kissmekamie female
Rgs Kissmekrazy female
Rgs Kissmequick male
Rgs Kissoff female

CTW Team Player male

CTW Play My Way female

LE 35667 RE 14C

John & Barb Bradley FL (Lansing, MI)

Over N Back (Bob) male DOB: 1/8/94

Sire: Vision In Blu and Dam: Viv's Unicorn

(NGA Owner: Stan Cowherd)


Zone Trap

Georgina Rose

Scoot For Loot

Shootin Bullets

LE 35640 RE 115C
Carrie Goodfellow (NB)
Kowalla (Kowalla) male DOB 11/27/05
(NGA Owner: W H O' Donnell)
Sire: John's Song and Dam: Sarabeth
Adoo male RE 115G
Caleko male RE 115E
Campain male RE 115D
Luvya female RE 115F (adopted)
Telavize male RE 115A

LE 35629 RE 115D
Misty Overmann (FL) FL
TMC's Fantasia (Fantasia) female DOB 11/27/05
(NGA Owner: Eddie McDonald)
Sire: Dodgem by Design and Dam: TMC's Rallie
TMC's Faithful female RE 115E
TMC's Fallon female RE 115B
TMC's Fanny Mae female RE 115H
TMC's Fastrack male RE 115F (Fastrack adopted by Mike & Jean Goff)
TMC's Fedora female RE 115G
TMC's Flash Back male RE 115J
TMC's Foxy Girl female RE 115C
TMC's Frenchie female RE 115I

TMC's Stormy male RE 115A (adopted)

LE 35608 RE 115D
Allison Little (FL) FL
Mjg Teardrop (Cindy) female DOB 11/25/05
(NGA Owner: Phillip Marsella)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Doctor Denzel
Lonesome Denise female RE 115C (Petals adopted Tampa, FL)
Lonesome Nurse female RE 115A (Sydney adopted by Patricia Saul NE)

MB Teardrop female RE 115B? (Sandy adopted St Louis, MO)

LE 35597 RE

Shannon & Kyle Zemlicka

Fancy Tapper (Tapper) 1/8/94

Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Fancy Angola
(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliott)
Black Lager male
Fancy Sierra

Fancy Tanner female

LE 35564 RE 14H

Lisa Gilmer FL (SC)

Luna Chase (Luna) female DOB 1/24/94

Sire: Big Chase and Dam: Blue Grass Dime

(NGA Owner: Criag J Tasens)


Gemini Chase female

Cadillac Tyler female

Penny Chase female

Penny Chase female

J and Ks B Paw male RE 14C

Scarlett Wizared male

LE 35487 RE 123B

Paula Murff AL (MS)
JJ Willy Nilly (Willbo) male DOB 12/21/93
(NGA Owner: Skywood Kennel Co)
Sire: Awesome Command and Dam: Pro's Hot GT


JJ Sweet Success female

LE 35456 RE 115B

Alison Busnello (ON)
WJS Call Of Duty (Champ) male DOB 11/6/05
(NGA Owner: W J Schweizer)
Sire: Kiowa Sutton and Dam: Devie's Wexford

WJS Burnout female
WJS  Ghost  Recon male

LE 35454 RE 75C
Tracey Rafael (ON) FL
K's Milkyway (Kiki) female DOB 7/21/05
(NGA Owner: Dana Maire Sampsell)
Sire: TNT Northstar and Dam: Where's Wiggy
K's Jupiter Julie female
K's Jupiter Red female
K's Solar Wind femaleK's Spyhunter female (adopted Jacksonville, FL)

LE 35487 RE 105D

Kristin Strunk WI (IN)
Yo My Matlock (Benson) male DOB 10/14/05
(NGA Owner: M Arno)
Sire: Larking About * and Dam: Yall See Me

Yo My Aggie female RE 105J
Yo My Cagney female
Yo My Hitchcock male (Hichcock adopted in
Chicago IL)
Yo My Ironside male (adopted)
Yo My Lacey female (Lacey adopted in MN)
Yo My Ladyblue female
Yo My Magnum male
Yo My Nancydrew female
Yo My Supersluth male

LE 35448 RE 115C

Stacy Heckel FL (FL)
Lamorge Flower (Flower) female DOB 11/2/05
(NGA Owner: M G Porter)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Hammerhead Doris

Lamorge Doris female
Lamorge General male RE 115F (adopted by Stacy Heckel, FL)
Lamorge Market female RE 115D (Markee adopted FL)
Lamorge Streaker female
Lamorge Sweetums female

LE 35393 RE 75F
Michael Velesz (VA) FL,NH
Gooddaystarshine (Beatrix) female DOB 7/12/05
(NGA Owner: Nicholas J Vento)
Sire: Be Discrete and Dam: TNT Star Shine
Highwind Excel male RE 75E
Highwind Diago male RE 75D
Highwind Adonis male RE 75A
Constant Move female RE 75B (Connie adopted CA)
Constant Chaos male RE 75C (Cupid adopted CA)

LE 35325 RE

Cindy Evans

Paunan Favor Female 12/22/93

Sire: CC Big One and Dam: Daring Betsy
(NGA Owner: Nancy L Little)

Paunan Coy female
Paunan Dart female

LE 35309 RE 115E
Jen Beck (NJ) FL,AL
Kiowa True Topsy (Topper) male DOB 11/2/05
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Kiowa Tom Long
Kiowa True Lies female RE 115A
Kiowa True Love female RE 115B (retired)
Kiowa True Tales male RE 115D

Kiowa Truefriend female RE 115C

LE 35268 RE 105D
Scott Garrick (SC)
Pike's Smash Hit (Joy) female DOB 10/8/05
Sire: Rooftop Moby and Dam: Pikes Paradise
Pikes Easy Come female RE 105C (Jodie adopted SC)
Pikes Backlash male RE 105E
Pikes Bad Timing male RE 105F (Jr adopted Kansas City, KS)
Pikes Dirt Cuter male RE 105B
Pikes Replay female RE 105G
Pikes South Paw male RE 105A

Pikes Yakkityyak female RE 105H

LE 35258 RE 123B

Sue Connelly AZ

Coldwater Winna (Winna) DOB 12/20/93 DOD 3/15/06

Sire: Luke's Gem and Dam: Buckeye Larhonda

Coldwater Cowboy Male
Coldwater Duvall Male (River adopted by Dru Marquis-Rall)
Coldwater Gerald Male
Coldwater Irvin Male
Coldwater Suki Female
Coldwater Twiggy Female
Coldwater Valory Female
Sam Wina Male

LE 35242 RE 123E

Annette Mattson (IL)
Kiowa Day Juice (Rhett) male DOB 12/22/93

Sire: Let Loose and Dam: Kiowa A Day
(NGA Owner: Berger, Phifer & Velser)

Kiowa Day Jewel female
Kiowa Day Jolly female
Kiowa Day Jumbo male (stud)

Kiowa Day Job male
Kiowa Day Jazz female
Kiowa Day Jumbo male

LE 35241 RE 123C

Marlynne & David Kitson WV (KY)

X'S Toll Free (Jack Freedom) male DOB 12/23/93

Sire: My Unruly Dan and Dam: X's Stimulus

(NGA Owner: JR Cargal)


X'S Release (Reese adopted by David Sherman)

LE 35207 RE

Lisa (West Palm Beach, FL)

Western Legend (Chief) Whelped 12/16/93

Sire: Costaud and Dam: Pdq Chickadee
Apache Scout
Bill Picket
Colonel Custer
Coyote Canyon
Dancehall Gal
Kit Carson
Mailorder Bride
Nellie Cashman
Saloon Dancer
Silver Ridge

LE 35205 RE 123B

Stacia Ricketts (IL)
Mesa Should Be (Dutchess) female DOB 12/18/93
(NGA Owner: Greg A Schipull)
Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: See Marks Smile

Mesa Imageofmom female (Hermione adopted by Stacia Ricketts)
Mesa Coppertatoo female
Mesa Bobo male
Mesa Redd female
Mesa Ruffstuff female

LE 35200 RE 120B
David Dempsey (IL) FL
Bodo Sugar Train (Sugar) female DOB 12/28/10
(NGA Owner: Robert E Johnson)
Sire:  Kiowa Mon Manny and Dam: Kelsos Silky
Call Me Dusty male RE 120C (Dusty adopted MI)
Charlie B Gosh male RE 120D
Fred Freckle male RE 120A
Mark of Manny maleRE 120E (adopted FL)
Shades of Silk male RE 120F

LE 35176 RE

Arthur & Sharon Stefanski (Chesterton, IN)

JD Stone Pilot male DOB12/1/93

Sire: King Kev and Dam: JD Candy Who (DOD 2/3/00)

(NGA Owner: Jon D Stidham)


JD Cody Who male

JD Doolys male

JD Jenny Jenny female

JD King Pain male

JD Shake Well female

JD Shelby Who female

JD Star Rider male

LE 35132 RE

Jennifer & Jason Cuthbert MA (PA)
Chaffe (Beau) male DOB 10/11/05
(NGA Owner: William H O'donnell Jr)
Sire: Zeznic and Dam: Frugal

Arctic Ice male (up for adoption in PA)
Text Me male
Scratch Off female (Molly adopted in
Meeko's Friends female (Gabby adopted in
Full Ahead male

LE 35114 RE 105D
Heidi Stevenson (MD)
Alon (Horatio) male DOB 10/12/05
Sire: Share Profit* and Dam: Greys Gremlin
Adiva female RE 105A (Addy adopted by Liz & Tim O'Connell of Lockport, Illinois)
Dova female RE 105E (Beth adopted IL)
Hallel male RE 105B
Naysa female RE 105C

LE 35104 RE 123E or F

Nancy Ort (Bellefone, PA)

Kansas Trophy (Buddy) male Whelped 12/18/93

Sire: Kansas Chariot and Dam: April Promise

(NGA Owner: Jerry Heine)


Makin A Promist female

April's Idea female

Inner Circle female

Showin Promise female

Big Blue Ace male

Big Blue Joker male

LE 35067 RE 113G

Merle Carr (Calgary AB)
Ancestor (Annie) female DOB 12/18/93

(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins Or D Figurill)
Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: Primula*


Silvery Sea female

Whisper Liner female

Commanders Cruz female

Festive Light female

Primrose Girl female

LE 35063 RE 105A
Dominique Homiak (TX)
Highwind Zinny (Zinny) female DOB 10/9/05
Sire: Elbony Isambard* and Dam: Miss Wiggles
Highwind Merlot male RE 10B

LE 35059 RE 105B

Linda Grado TX (TX)
SP's Hot Shot (Sabrina) female DOB 10/9/05
(NGA Owner: Sheryl Ann Watt)
Sire: Gable Oscar and Dam: SP's Katie

Sp's Hot Dam female RE 105G (adopted by Cheryl Coke, Grapevine, TX)
Sp's Hot Rod male RE 105A
Sp's Hot Tamale female RE 105C
Sp's Hot Topic female RE 105H
Sp's Hot Wire female RE 105D

LE 35056 RE 55A
Shelley Britt (CT) TX
Starz Logan (Logan) male DOB 5/2/05
(NGA Owner: N J Sherck)
Sire: Solitary Cal and Dam: Lavender Trail*
Starz Lauren female RE 55B
Starz Lethal male RE 55C
Starz Ladonna female RE 55E (Nausicaa-Naus-Nausie adopted)

LE 3508 RE 41B


M'S Thunderbolt (Brie) DOB 4/29/91

Sire: Rudy Vallie and Dam Astracite

(NGA Owner: Marion W Currier)

LE 3505 RE 51D

Jennifer Watkins

Owinko Carmel (Carmel) DOB 5/3/91

Sire: Mayor Of Carmel and Dam: New Stock

LE 34982 RE

Cindy Evans

Akino 12/7/93

Sire: Briggs Stratton and Dam: Shaleen

(NGA Owner: Robert Hardinson)
Briggs Bandit Male
Briggs Flame Female
Briggs Honor Male
Briggs Spirit Female
Destinare Male

LE 34964 RE 95A
Heidi Mattson
Barts Rambone male DOB 9/28/05
(NGA Owner: Rick Bartley)
Sire: B’s Royal Tim and Dam: D’s Black Shadow
Barts Rimshot male
Barts Sabrina female RE 95C
Barts Sheza Star female RE 95E
Barts Skycab male
Barts Sunflower female RE 95H (Sunflower adopted DE/DC/VA)


LE 34964 DOB 9/26/05 (NGA Owner: Rick Bartley)
Sire: B’s Royal Tim and Dam: Bart’s Clove
Barts Cantdenyit male RE 95G
Barts Cashitin male RE 95D
Barts Cha Cha female RE 95I
Barts Cloris female RE 95K (Patti adopted WA/DC/VA/WV)
Barts Cocoamo female RE 95F
Barts Dynomutt male

Barts Schnapps female RE 95B


This unusual litter shares the same LE tat# was born a few days apart, share original NGA Owner, share the same sire but have different dams. RE tat#s combine the litter. Assumption - to be treated as 1 litter (raised & whelped together)

LE 34954 RE 105A

Pauline Burdett FL (ONT)
CTW Road Ranger (Ranger) male DOB 10/1/05
(NGA Owner: Bill Caldwell)
Sire: CTW Range Finder and Dam: Prima Atlantica

CTW Open Range male (Ranger adopted in PA)

CTW Rangette female

LE 34951 RE

Jennifer Sentyz FL (PA)
Cookie Dough (Cookie) female DOB 9/30/05
Sire: Big Zee and Dam: Cmon Chelsea

Ouch male
Got The Munchies male
Cmon Zee To It male
Cmon Crack Me Up male
Cmon I Eat Alot female

LE 34885 RE 123D

Jennifer Jao
Doug's Big Chase (Moose) male Whelped 12/2/93
Sire: Big Chase and Dam: Husker Georgia

(NGA Owner: Carol Abernathy)


Blakes Lightning female

Whosaidicantrun female

Brakes Lightning female

Move Over Please female

Forbes Whisper female

Big Carl male (River Carl adopted by Corinne Shoop)

Catch A Fire male

LE 34854 RE 95B
Diane Melvin (FL) FL
Funny Ace (Ace) male DOB 9/26/05
(NGA Owner: C Dan Godby)
Sire: Naughty Waltz and Dam: Funny Lady
Funny Abby female RE 95E (adopted GA)
Funny Aidan male RE 95C
Funny Aleta female RE 95D
Funny Alma female RE 95G (adopted SC)
Funny Anna female RE 95F (adopted FL)
Funny Atlas male RE 95A

LE 34848 RE 95E

Carol Macherey AL (TN)
BlackStar Rising (Rising) male DOB 9/24/05
(NGA Owner: Carol Macherey/Kevin Fish)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Daydreamer

BeepBeepBeepBeep female RE 95B
Penskes Dream male RE 95C (adopted living in Jackson MS)
Poetic Unity female RE 95D (Unity adopted in KY)
Tim's Hope male RE 95A (adopted in LA)

Beach Polka female RE 95F died

LE 34705 RE 95D

Deborah Jarvis NH (NH)
Season O' Whither (Whither) male DOB 9/12/05
(NGA Owner: Daniel Contillo)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Gretchen


Battle Rages On male

Hard Lovin Woman female

Onya female

Round And Round male

Sharpshooter male (adopted)

Unwritten Law female (Lisa adopted in Orlando FL)

LE 34667 RE 95L

Melanie Inangelo NH (ME)
Kiowa Jo Lynne (Callie) female DOB 9/9/05
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Repercussion and Dam: Kiowa Mysticmink

Kiowa Jaco male
Kiowa Jamison male
Kiowa Jewell female (retired March 2008?)
Kiowa Josephine female
Kiowa Josh male
Kiowa Judgement male
Kiowa Justify male

LE 34663 RE 55H

JJ & Jack Johnson (IN)

Dodie (Poocha) female DOB 5/05

(NGA Owner: Louis Mettille)

Sire: FLying Penske and Dam: Okie Karrie Okee


Bryceman male

Jay Siek male

Mongo Traveler male

Okie Flint male

LE 34631 RE 95B

Kim Diccianni MA (NJ)
Cheap Laugh (Willow) female DOB 9/4/05
(NGA Owner: Henry Chin)
Sire: Oneco Spirit and Dam: Well Chosen


Chip Away Ray female

Test Score male

LE 34627 RE 95C
Susan Henkes (NV) MX
Ronstadt female DOB 9/1/05
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: D’s Country Girl
Aerosmith male RE 95E
Go Go female RE 95F
Joy Division female RE 95A
Mitch Ryder male RE 95D
Queen female RE 95B

LE 34613 RE 95D

Linda Rapattoni WV (Rio Grand, NJ)
WV Finster (Finn) male DOB 9/2/05
(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennels)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: WVs KitKat


WVs Fame female (adopted)

Wvs Frew male

WVs Fanny female (adopted)

Wvs Flipping male

Wvs Flower female (adopted)

LE 34575 RE 21C

Ellen Campbell WV (PA)
RSW Casey (Casey) male DOB 2/23/01
(NGA Owner: Rob Williams)
Sire: Gable Chevy and Dam: RSW Punky

RSW Debit male
RSW Dodge male
RSW Penny female
RSW Zombie male
RSW Glitz male

LE 34564 RE 95C

Michael & Nancy Jones FL (Ravenna OH)
Ditto Nancy (Molly) female DOB 9/6/05
(NGA Owner: Dave Ditto)
Sire: Willowrun Felix and Dam22: Ballylinan Kate*

Ditto Boonsmal male
Ditto Olena female

LE 34547 RE 95F

Anne Howard MA (ON)
Hallo West Gin (Alice) female DOB 9/1/05
Sire: Hallo West Acre and Dam: Kiowa Seminole

Hallo West Start male (Dasher adopted by Anne Howard)
Hallo West Again female
Hallo West Chick female RE 95D
Hallo West Lynn female
Hallo West Mint female
Hallo West One female RE 95C

LE 34539 RE 113E

Maryjane Warren (TN)
John's Rattler (Rat) male DOB 11/23/93
(NGA Owner: John M. Henson)
Sire: Poco Go Bob and Dam: Gimme Kisses

LE 34466 RE 85B

Christine Corbett NH (Clementon NJ)
Rosie No Clue (Rosie) female DOB 8/24/05
(NGA Owner: Don Jairett)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Fanatic Pelican

Rosie O Horse female
Tokyo Rosie female

LE 34443 RE 95A

Roger Pierce  (KY) WV
Uss Fireline (Dugan) male DOB 9/2/05
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Uss Newyear

Uss Fireball female RE 85C (retired)

Uss Firechief male RE 85B (retired)

LE 34441 RE 95C

Sue Bundy (MO)
Show Me (Echo) female DOB 9/05

Sire: Trojan Cruze and Dam: Beyond The Stars

(NGA Owner: David Robinette)

It Means A lot male

Musical Treat female

Playing In Sand female

What Is It Worth female

LE 34432 RE 113F

Barb & Terry Hertlein (Belleville, IL)

(Fox) Cadillac Fox male DOB 11/14/93 deceased

Sire: Rancho Chip and Dam: Della Wydner

(NGA Owner: Jerry Tropf)


Cadillac Bandit female

Cadillac Della female

Cadillac Wild female

Blind McComack male

LE 34404 RE

Kate Shue
Brazocallicowill (Willie) male DOB 11/16/93

Sire: Calico Salad and Dam: P's Flashalot
(NGA Owner: John T Brown)

Brazo Sir Calico male

Brazocalicokid male

LE 34370 RE 85B

Debra Warner FL (PA)
PAK Sgt Pepper (Ringo) male DOB 8/22/05
(NGA Owner: Frick or Mize)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Pak Aberystwyth

Pak Imagine male RE 85A (George adopted in NC)
Pak Let it Be male (adopted)
Pak Penny Lane male

LE 34351 RE 103F

Pat McArdle CT (NJ)

Boligee Bristol (Bristol) male DOB 10/20/93

Sire: Dark Intruder and Dam: Boligee Darcy

Boligee Dixie female
Boligee Duke male
Boligee Lynx female
Boligee Sandy

LE 34299 RE 113C
Pamela Korte NH (Rochester, NY)

S A Lightfoot (Cora) female DOB 11/9/93

Sire: Sports Energy and Dam: S A Melissa

LE 34272 RE 75C

Jennifer Aluni (MN)
Coy Lee (Addie) female DOB 7/27/05
Sire: Brett Lee and Dam: Future Light*


Calm Lee female

Champ Lee male

Light Lee female

Man Lee male

Speed Lee male (adopted KS)

LE 34257 RE 85C
Kelly McIntyre (ON) AR
Dodge srt (Dodge) male DOB 8/13/05 DOD 6/1/09
(NGA Owner: Bradley Green)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Oneco Charlotte
Ct Hot Wheels male RE 85G
Ct Hot Rod male RE 85A (adopted PA)
Dixie Devil female RE 85D
Heads Thunder male RE 85B
Hurricane Tali female RE 85E (Tali adopted FL)
Ugo Haun E Bee male RE 85F

LE 34216 RE 85D
Stacey Hartman (MD) FL
Pals Sargent (Sarge) male DOB 8/12/05
(NGA Owner: Don W Davenport)
Sire: Legs Fearless and Dam: Cheerie Star
Pals Sable female
Pals Sabrina female
Pals Sam I Am male (adopted OH)
Pals Senator male (Senator adopted Boston, MA)
Pals Sizzler male RE 85E

Pals Soda Pop male

LE 34209 RE 85F

Ellen Vukovich AZ
UCME Lazer Tag (Lazer) male DOB 8/10/05

Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: Blazin Lisa


Ucme Blast Off female

Ucme Dashforcash female

Ucme Got Skills female

Ucme Hotnspicy female

Ucme Just Lookin female

Ucme Run U Down female

Ucme So True female

Ucme Tons Of Fun male

LE  34197  RE  85D

Gloria Ford (Somerset County NJ)                          

Athlyn Jean (Genie) DOB 8/1/05

Sire:  Gable Dodge and Dam:  Sista Flora Rita

(NGA Owner:  Claude R. Morin)


Bertman Steve   male  (adopted, in WV)

Little Sista Pat   female  (adopted, in MD)

Tax Man Ray  male  (adopted, in PA) 

LE 34184 RE

Jean Pletl

Hoppy Hoss (Hoppy) DOB 11/8/93

Sire: V V County Barn and Dam: Cheyenne Snip
GM Barn Burner
Hoppie Herman male (Adopted in St. Louis)
Hoppie Hidey Ho
Hoppy Hugo

LE 34155 RE 113C
Robert Frazier & Julie Tucker (Baltimore, MD)
Alvina (Stoney Streak) female Whelped 11/4/93
Sire: He's My Man and Dam: Miss Blum

(NGA Owner:? RD or RD Jr Stonestreet)


My Special Lady female
Stone Street female (Pebbles adopted by Liz Lonsdale ME)
Bon Bon Lass female

Flirtatious Babe female

George Adams male

Hes The Man male

Shes My Sherri female

LE 34142 RE 85A

Dolly Katz FL (PA)
BBR Penske Ruth (Sapphire) female DOB 8/15/05
(NGA Owner: Bad Boy Racing)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Gable Ruth

LE 34080 RE 103B

Wendy Gartz WV (NY)
Bob's Highlight (Lily) female DOB 10/25/93
(NGA Owner: Jackie & Robert Stokes)
Sire: La Bamba and Dam: Bob's Isabella

Bob's Blokbuster male
Bob's Cardholder female
Bob's Northwest male
Bob's Sportline

LE 34077 RE 103C

Lyn Abissi MA,NH (Boston, MA)
Charming Mama (Carla) female Whelped 10/31/93
Sire: Dutch Bahama and Dam: Glamour Charm
(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)


Boston Charm male

Glamour Bahama female

LE 34006 RE 103B

Relaena Sindelar AZ (WA)
Griteye Dutches (Duchess) female DOB 10/29/93
(NGA Owner: Gary Heinzle DVM)
Sire: Gritty Performer and Dam: Ol Red Eye


Griteye Prancer male

Griteye Sally female

Griteye Sara female

LE 33978 RE 75J
Elizabeth Latta-Neary (VA) FL
Kebo Kramer (Kramer) male DOB 7/24/05
Sire: Dodgem by design and Dam: H K's Daisy
Kebo Kabot male RE 75F
Kebo Kaci female RE 75H (Kaci adopted PA)
Kebo Kactus male RE 75E
Kebo Kahlua male RE 75I (adopted NC)
Kebo Kalli female RE 75C
Kebo Kandace female RE 75D
Kebo Kelsey male RE 75B
Kebo Kenneth male RE 75A

Kebo Keystone male RE 75G

LE 33971 RE 75G

Vicki Strykowski WI (IL)
Yo My DIzzy Girl (Dizzy) female DOB 7/27/05
(NGA Owner: Andrea Benedict)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: My Dizzy Liz

Yo My Amanda female RE 75I (Amanda adopted in TN)

Yo My Heartbreak male
Yo My Horsepower female
Yo My Jettty B female
Yo My Johnson male (Jake adopted in LA)
Yo My Kickstart male
Yo My Next Move male
Yo My Redeemer female (adopted)
Yo My Sammi female
Yo My Wildside male (Port adopted in Chicago IL)

LE 33934 RE 75A
Marilou "Lou" Boggs FL (FL)
Pike's Ugly Betty (Betty) female DOB 7/26/05
(NGA Owner: George Baily III)
Sire: Rooftop Moby and Dam: Pike's Fire Fox

Fire Fox Moby male RE 75I
Pikes Chile Dog male
Pikes Cuttandrun female RE 75H (adopted SC)
Pikes Fire Wall female (adopted Ft. Lauderdale FL)
Pikes Fox Trot female
Pikes Luckylouie male (Louie adopted VA)
Pikes Orbit female
Pikes Quietflyer femal

LE 3390 RE 41D

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield, MI)
Wunder Mary (Mary) female Whelped 4/24/91

Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: Copperkettle Kid
(NGA Owner: David Ungs)

Copperkettle Bez male
Copperkettle Tuc male
Copperkettlemary female
Howies Pride female
Lippy Loretta female
Richard Hansen male
Rompin Harry male
Wild Bill Benson male

LE 33893 RE 85E
Denise Myers (IA) IA)
Delray Wildfire (Sirius Black) male DOB 8/1/05
(NGA Owner: TyVille Inc)
Sire: D's Jakethesnake and Dam: Tyville Moonstar
Delray Barbie female RE 85G
Delray Hattie female RE 85B
Delray Ravenscar female RE 85D
Delray Silence female RE 85C (Silence adopted Buffalo NY
Delray Odd Spot male RE 85F

LE 33874 RE 93C

Martha Boiardi WV (MA)
Roogie (Luther) male DOB 9/30/93

Sire: Judi's JT and Dam: She's Everything 

(NGA Owners: Ronald A Vieira & Deane G Anderson)

LE 33868 RE 75D

Reda Jones FL (GA)
Pak Gaelic Night (Ninea) female DOB 7/29/05
(NGA Owner: Jeff Mize/Eric Frick
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Pak Gaelic Snow


Pak Dark Banshee male

Pak Gaelic Sky female

Pak Gaelic Song female

Pack Gaelic Shaker male RE 75G (adopted in ONT)

LE 33859 RE 75B

Donna Logsdon FL,WV (KY)
Ja's Bobber (Bobber) female DOB 7/7/05
(NGA Owner: Janice Abrahamson)
Sire: JC's Boot Scoot and Dam: JC's Sea Bird

JA's Caster female
Ja's Egret male
Ja's Flashy Lure female
Ja's Float female
Ja's Leader female
Ja's Minnow female
Ja's Pelican male
Ja's Sea Gull male
Ja's Sea Hawk male

LE 33847 RE 75A

Gae Underhill NH,FL (NH)
Pa's Bums Rush (Ellie) female DOB 7/25/05
(NGA Owner: George Benjamin)
Sire: Mr. George and Dam: Pa's Bella

Pa's Doodahday male (Doo adopted in MD)
Pa's Personality male

LE 33841 RE 103 F

Jan Russell MA (MD)
Aljo Angelica (Angie) female DOB 10/26/93
(NGA Owner: Aljo Kennels)
Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: Awesome Astra


Aljo Jasmen female

Aljo Marbles male

Aljo Phoenix male

LE 33838 RE


BI Cant Contain female DOB 6/05

Sire: Flying Oak-iu and Dam: Lil Latin Salupe

(NGA Owner: Bobby Woodall or Randal L)


BI Bow Wow male

BI Double Wide male (retired)

BI Fast Forward male

BI Lash Larue male

BI Sassy Lacie female

BI Snookems female

BI Speed Freak female

LE 33823 RE 75A
Darla Dean (AL)
BD's Argent (Argo) male DOB 7/3/05
(NGA Owner: William S Denton)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Chances Are Good
BD's Abba female RE 75F
BD's Adeline female RE 75D
BD's Ali male RE 75B
BD's Andrea female RE 75E

BD's Audrey female RE 75C

LE 338(6?)1 RE 51F

Donald & Cynthia Zember WI
First One Out (Reba) female DOB 5/4/91

Sire: Sunset Swale and Dam: Howling Holly

(NGA Owner: Tim Waller)
Eat My Dust

LE 3380 RE 41D

Jennifer Watkins

Redone (Reida) DOB 4/25/91

Sire: Stoney and Dam: Rustica

LE 33764 RE 65C

Stacey Kolarik WI (MI)
Zelda Uhl (Zelda) female DOB 6/24/05
(NGA Owner: Ronald D Kendig)
Sire: Cayman Went and Dam: Madonna Uhl

Fast Zack male

Kbob male
Mineola Alice female
Mineola Bobbie female
Mint Mark male

LE 33733 RE 75D

Ann Farr WV (MI)
Future Talent (Cajun) male DOB 7/4/05
(NGA Owner: Green Turtle Cay Greyhounds)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Carolinaonmymind


Bebop A Lula female RE 75E (Cookie adopted by Steve & Kim in Ewing NJ)

Blameitonthenite male RE 75 C (Nite adopted by Paul & Anthony in Pitts PA)

Gift Of Phophecy female

License To Chill male RE 75B (Blitzen adopted by Jennifer Costa NJ)

Lust For Life female

Place Your Bets male

LE 33730 RE 75B
Leslie (FL) FL
BBR Motherduster female DOB 7/14/05
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Costly Diamond*
(NGA Owner: Bad Boy Racing)
Bbe Out Ran Ya female RE 75A (adopted living in Prairie Grove, AR)
BBR Boo Ya  female RE 75E (adopted by Tom & Sharon in Egg Habor, NJ)
BBR Outta Here female RE 75C

LE 33685 RE 75A
Sherry Roth (FL) FL
Bakin Jake (Jake) male DOB 7/6/05
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Certify This
Certify Betsy female RE 75B
Quiet Tonya female RE 75C
Gotaonetrackmind male RE 75D
Jack is Back male RE 75E
Carla Baby female RE 75G

LE 33675 RE

Stephanie Lee TX (TX)
Stat Murray (Murray) male DOB 10/9/93

(NGA Owner: Roger L Sifferman or Terry L Creek)
Sire: Robins Jingle and Dam: Rodeo Cash


Rodeo Cashett female

Rodeo Cashflo female

Rodeo Cashier female

Rodeo Duke male

Rodeo Gable male

Stat Frazier male

Stat Jackie female

Stat Martin male

LE 33652 RE 75G

Angela Reda RI (RI)
Spock (Talyn) male DOB 7/05
Sire: Mankato and Dam: Kadees Kwando


Wiki Crapshooter male

Wiki Hard Ten male

Wiki Lady Luck female

Wiki Onthehop female (adopted WV)

Wiki Parlayit female

Wiki Rollem male

Wiki Seveneleven female

Wiki Snake Eyes female

LE 33581 RE 75A

Shari Wagner CO (CO)
Double Shot (Houston) male DOB 7/1/05
(NGA Owner: Byron Legg)
Sire: EM's Mac Attack and Dam: EM's Houdini

Hush Darling female RE 75B

LE 33521 RE 75F

Kristine Jay (WA) FL
JG Esmorelda (Esme) female DOB 7/2/05
(NGA Owner: Joe Gosselin)
Sire: A's Red Rover and Dam: JG Razzie

A's Red Bolero male
JG Amanda female
JG Flashback male
JG Qunicy male
JG Stalker male

LE 33520 RE 75E
Ruth Curtis (OR)
LPH Tuff Stuff (Henry) male DOB 7/2/05
(NGA Owner: Curtis Washburn)
Sire: Che Mar Tuf Boy and Dam: Black Widow
LPH Racing Tuff female RE 75A
LPH Widow Maker female RE 75F (adopted)
LPH Widows Dream female RE 75B
LPH Widows Kiss female RE 75C
LPH Widows Peak female RE 75D

LE 33516 RE 65D

Sandra San Emeterio (NH) MA
Axe Handle (Colby) male DOB 6/9/05
(NGA Owner: James A Ward or Donnie Ward)
Sire: Larking About* and Dam: Quikiss

Brew Crew male (retired)
Duce Is Loose male
Dynamo Humm female
Hanna Montana female (Hanna adopted in Oswego NY)
Jamaican Jerk male (Jamaica available Hopkinton MA)
Mulans Morgan female
Oklahoma Bling female (retired)
Quikiss Kamy female RE 65G (Elly Mae adopted in Burbank CA)
Smokehouse Jim male RE 65E (Zion adopted Altadera CA)
Tanner Man Nick male RE 65H (adopted Ont)

LE 33503 RE 75A

Marisa Licata MA (NY)
Starz Tango (Tango) male DOB 7/6/05
(NGA Owner: N J Sherck)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Sol Tori

Starz Tamatha female (TamTam adopted by Michelle Bennett, MA)
Starz Tammy female
Starz Tori female
Starz Toy female

LE 33435 RE 103C

Debbie Mosier Iowa
AY's Chipper (Chipper) Whelped 10/93

Sire: Carnival Clown and Dam: AY's Bloomer
(NGA Owner: Arthur Yates)
AY's Calamity female
AY's Certified male
AY's Chance male
AY's Calico (Jasmine Adopted in Goetzville, MI not a littermate?)

LE 33351 RE 73A

Joe & Kay Krug KS (Shelbyville, KY)
Mr LeMay (Swift) DOB 7/24/93

Sire: Bartie and Dam: GRV Gorgeousgery

LE 33309 RE 93D

Laurie Drew (Pasadena, CA)

Hungrey Bear (Argus) male

Sire: Unruly Brat and Dam: Barb's Cagun


Wild Whitney

LE 33302 RE 65A

Andrea Orr (Utah)
Dutch Kelso (Kelso) male DOB 6/25/05
(NGA Owner: Greyhound Rescue and Adoption Utah Chapter)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: ICU Daynamite

Dutch Carlotta female RE 65C (Carlotta adopted in AZ)
Dutch Ellianna female
Dutch Faraday male
Dutch Farina female
Dutch Fowler male
Dutch Frenzy female
Dutch Lila Rose female (Rosie adopted in AZ)

Dutch Tempe female

LE 33277 RE 55C

Janet Shaffer FL (ON)
FTH Buttercup (Peanut) female DOB 5/27/05
(NGA Owner: Bill Lambert/Henry Howe)
Sire: Jupiter Conch and Dam: CM Lil Baby

FTH Calamity Jane female (Janie adopted in Oregon)
FTH Lil Sureshot female RE 55H (adopted by Janice Mosher Snoqualmie WA)
FTH Mr Bojangles male (Sammie adopted by Mike & Judy Losey)

FTH Speed McQueen male RE 55D (adopted by Mike & Judy Losey)

FTH Son Of A Gun male (adopted by Mike & Judy Losey)

FTH The Chairman male (adopted by Janice Mosher, Snoqualmie WA)

House Hunter male
Destin to Dream female

FTH Ricochet male

LE 33269 RE 103A

Lynn H Barrett CT (NJ)

Melba (Melba) female DOB 10/2/93

Sire: Lifelong Buddy* and Dam: Rose Theme

(NGA Owner: Philip M Pruett)


Ken Doll male

Kitten Kat female

Julia Jive female

Ivan The Rich male

LE 33260 RE 65E
Denise Levesque (MA) IA
Barts Cranberry (Berry) female DOB 6/18/05
Sire: Greys Flanebeau and Dam: Barts Chillpill
Barts Cash Money female RE 65F
Barts Chill male RE 65C (Barts adopted VA)
Barts Classified male RE 65B
Barts Clockwork male RE 65D
Barts Cocoa female RE 65G
Barts Cutie Pie female RE 65H
Barts Cyclonic male RE 65A

LE 33244 RE 65F

Lucas Lorenz CO (CO)
Redcap (Arrow) male DOB 6/19/05
Sire: Seegold Big Red and Dam: Shezabrickhouse

(NGA Owner: Webber Kennel)

Cranberry Red male (Judge up for adoption CO)
Salon Red female RE 65E (Sage up for adoption
Big Iron male
Blue Bonnet Lass female
Webagent female

LE 33209 RE 65G
Cheryl Cornelius (MI) TX
Doe's Athena (Athena) female DOB 6/10/05
(NGA Owner: Donald Burk Jr and Eps Kennel)
Sire: WW Apple Jax and Dam: Niche
Doe's Achilies male RE 65H (adopted TX)
Doe's Ajax male RE 65D
Doe's Axel male RE 65B
Doe's Bridget female RE 65A
Doe's Lexus female RE 65F (Lexus adopted PA)
Doe's Ruby female RE 65C
Doe's Tara female RE 65E (adopted TX

LE 33187 RE 65D

Sonjalyn Dickson Rine AL (TN)
Double Stuff (Candi Suzanne) female DOB 6/4/05
(NGA Owner: Robert L Donnelly)
Sire: Ethereal Eagle and Dam: Rosalyn

Baby Ava female RE 65G
Ventura male RE 65A
Tampa Tony male RE 65F
Ms Peewee female RE 65E
Cowgirl female RE 65C

LE 33171 RE 65G

Melanie Inangelo NH (ME)
Bay Street Bob (Tucker) male DOB 6/3/05
(NGA Owner: Bobby Sidhu)
Sire: WW Apple Jax and Dam: Eastern Elixer

Bishop Bob male
Bobby's Barbarro male
Cia Shake Up female (living in Argentina?)
Cnd Isaac male RE 65D (Isaac adopted by Catherine in Barnegat, NJ)
Could Be True female
Dusty Beauty female (adopted)
Touch of Quality female

LE 33167 RE 65A

Janice Martin FL (WA)
Raspberry Blush (Bianca) female DOB 6/16/05
(NGA Owner: Weber Kennel Inc)
Sire: WW Apple Jax and Dam: Seville Rose

Just Try Me male
Priority female

LE 33162 RE 65C
Jenny Challis (ON) WV
TNJ Party Girl (Blitz) female DOB 6/6/05
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: KB's Dream Girl
TNJ Cactus Jack male RE 65B
TNJ Cheyenne male RE 65D
TNJ Gabbie female RE 65A (Gabbie adopted UT)
TNJ Gator male RE 65I
TNJ Hurricane male RE 65G
TNJ Lightning male RE 65F
TNJ Roulette female RE 65H (Letta adopted ON)
TNJ Thunder male RE 65E (Thunder adopted AZ)

LE 33151 RE 65E

Elizabeth Bryson (NC)
Motorhead (Junior) male DOB 6/11/05
(NGA Owner: Kristin Block)
Sire: Fortress Blue and Dam: LP's Tiger

Beast male RE 65G
Bokars Red Flyer male
Miss Tiana Rose female RE 65F
Warhammer female (Cherokee adopted)

Treasured Taylor female RE 65I (adopted)

LE 33124 RE 65F

Jennifer Bryant WV (Vincetown NJ)
Wv's Chelyan (Chase) male DOB 6/16/05
(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennel Inc)
Sire: Grey's Flambeau and Dam: RG's Diamondgirl

Wv's Cabot  male (Cabot adopted Rose family in Mays Landing NJ)
Wv's Cambria female
Wv's Cameo  female RE 65E (Cameo adopted Jayne in Spotswood NJ)
Wv's Carmel  female RE 65C (Carmel adopted Anthony & Meredith Brooklyn NY)
Wv's Chambers male RE 65A (Chambers adopted Kate & Caleb Philadelphia PA)
Wv's Charleston male RE 65I (Charles adopted Anthony & Meredith Brooklyn NY)
Wv's Clayton male RE 65H (Clayton adopted by McDermott family Brick NJ)
Wv's Clem male RE 65G (Clem adopted by Hamill family Bloomsberg PA)

LE 33048 RE 55F
Joannie Foster (IA) IA
(Snappy) male DOB 5/11/05 DOD 9/19/12
(NGA Owner: Mickey Canapp)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Gata Raider
Caden's Challenge male RE 55C (Caden adopted by John & Julie Snyder)
Rios Rigor female (adopted - deceased 4/29/12) RE 55H
Randisrisenpower female RE 55G
Buzz Saw male RE 55E (Buzz adopted MI)
Bailey's Break male RE 55D

LE 32971 RE 93F

Phyllis Babyk FL

Foxlee Xotic (Foxy) female Whelped 9/1/93

Sire: He's My Man and Dam: Foxlee Nikki

(NGA Owner: Sardar B Shamshad)


Foxlee Xcalibur male

Foxlee Xit female

Foxlee Xpel male

Foxlee Xquisite male

Foxlee Xray female

Foxlee Xtasy female

Foxlee Xpand female

Foxlee Xtra male (Dakota adopted (died) Lauren)

LE 32966 RE 65D
Larry Luening (ON)
Beam’s Target (Target) male DOB 6/3/05
Sire: Kiona Sweet Trey and Dam: Bohemian Beam
Beam’s Apple female RE 65G (retired)
Beam’s Archer male RE 65E (Archer adopted ON)
Beam’s Arrow female RE 65A (Arrow adopted ON)
Beam’s Bow male RE 65B (Bow adopted ON)
Beam’s Bullseye female RE 65C (Bullseye adopted Ian & Elise Philadelphia, PA)
Beam’s Hunter male RE 65F (Hunter adopted ON)

Beam’s Quiver female RE 65H

LE 32962 RE 65C

Kimberly & Michael Mick KS (Lumberton, NJ)
Rock N Cisco (Cisco/Dash) male DOB 6/3/05
(NGA Owner: Denton G Jones Or James A Fi)
Sire: Larking About* and Dam: Gable Corvette

Rock N Camoflage male
Rock N Candle female
Rock N Centered male
Rock N Champion male

LE 32943 RE 93C
Donna Klein (Holly, MI)
M's Aunt Sadie (Sadie) DOB 9/20/93

Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: M's Bride Sheila

Ms Ms Sheila

LE 32935 RE

Tony and Kirsty Clark FL (SC)
Bay Breeze(Bree) female DOB 5/23/05
(NGA Owner: Walter C Breese)
Sire: Extreme Heat and Dam: Mandy Davis

La Breeze female
GoGo Breeze female
Sundown Breeze female
Getaway Breeze female

LE 32928 RE 55A

Sandy Lloyd FL (Ont)
Charmsil (Charm) female DOB 5/29/05
(NGA Owner: Lester Raines)
Sire: Solitary Cal and Dam: JNB Magic Moment


Firemanmist male (Fireman adopted in IN)

Platinum Perfect male (Sue yes a boy named Sue retired)

Wild Fit female (Wiley adopted in MD)

LE 32907 RE 55C

Susan Knorr FL (NJ)
N Queenie (Onyx) female DOB 5/27/05
(NGA Owner: Cimarron Greyhound Farms Inc)
Sire: Spiral Nikita and Dam: N Eilleen

N Quick male

LE 3290(6?)8 RE

Gail McConnell
Ballys female DOB 09/01/93

Sire: Dutch Bahama and Dam: Taxes
(NGA Owner: AC Graff)

Baron male
Eureka female
Hilton male
Horseshoe female
Imperial Palace female
Trump Towers male

LE 32900 RE 65B
Elizabeth Latta-Neary (VA) MA,FL
Starz Krafty (Bleaker) male DOB 6/1/05
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Kyren
Starz Kina female RE 65A
Starz Kindred male RE 65D (Kindred adopted TN)
Starz Kitten female RE 65C
Starz Kiss female (Kiss adopted Hopkinton, MA)

LE 32888 RE 55F

Faith Burnham RI (UT)
J's Cass (Cassie) female DOB 5/27/05
Sire: Chick's Racey and Dam: JJ's Wanda

J's Hob male
J's Job male

LE 32867 RE 93B

Susan Wheat FL (FL)
Dixie Gray (Dixie) female DOB 9/21/92 DOD 3/13/03

(NGA Owner: Jim Nail)
Sire: Water and Dam: Rinks Indigo

LE 32857 RE 55H
Kathy Fowler (GA) AL
Silver Hornet (Silver) female DOB 5/19/05
(NGA Owner: Charter Kennel Inc)
Sire: Lonesome Cry Dam: Crystal Aurora
Hanks Crystal female RE 55B
Silver Bongo female RE 55A (Zoey adopted FL)
Silver Celtic male RE 55D
Silver City male RE 55I
Silver Cowboy male RE 55F
Silver Dolphin female RE 55G

Silver Patriot female RE 55C

LE 32848 RE 55E
Christi Reagan (TN)
Irish Ty (Tyson) male DOB 5/29/05
(NGA Owner: Ted Mizerak)
Sire: Clappin Thunder* and Dam: Uss Abilene
Brother Derek male RE 55D (adopted ON)
Johnny Magoo male RE 55H
Lord Macho male RE 55C (adopted TX)
Manny Magoo male RE 55B
Sandkicker male RE 55A
Skip Casey male RE 55G
Stash Magoo male RE 55F
Tony Magoo male RE 55I (adopted PA)

LE 32827 RE 55A

Joanne Clark (DE)
Beeson Wv (Diva) female DOB 5/18/05
(NGA Owner: Richard Pierce)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: AB Jimbo's Gift

Bartley Wv male
Baxter Wv male
Beaver Wv male
Beckley Wv male
Belmont Wv female
Belva Wv female
Brooks Wv male

LE 32776 RE 55D

Brittaney & Tim Spruill (Zachary LA)
Lago Dave (Dax) male DOB 5/10/05
(NGA Owner: Diana Calcagno)
Sire: SR's Seville and Dam: Kahlua Kid

Lago Andrew male RE 55A (Andrew adopted in New Orleans, LA)
Lago Bud male RE 55B (Bud adopted living in New Orleans, LA)
Lago Elton male
Lago Fox male RE 55F (Fox adopted living in Walker LA)
Lago Gayla female
Lago Hannah female
Lago Ida female
Lago Judy female

LE 32694 RE 55H
Diane Melvin (FL) FL
Craigie Rapid (Maya) male DOB 5/13/05
(NGA Owner: Steven A Boyd)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Craigie Uptight
Craigie Ultra female RE 55G
Craigie Scotsman male RE 55I
Craigie LL Bean male RE 55D
Craigie Are Lc male RE 55E (Lc adopted PA)
Craigie Balance female RE 55A (adopted IL)
Craigie Calypso female (Callie adopted Delaware)
Craigie Carefree female RE 55F
Craigie Chino female RE 55C

LE 32666 RE 93A

Bubley Bubley (Bubley) female DOB 9/1/93

Sire: Seeinandbeinseen and Dam: Gull's Champagne

(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)
Champagne Chris Male
Champagne Light Female
Champagne O'Hara Female
Champagne Trail Female (Jessie Don Denearing)
Champagne Wally Male
Gina's Boy Bob Male

LE 32657 RE 55CF
Sharon & David D'Amours (MA) FL
Pals Seaweed male DOB 5/16/05
Sire: Legs Patriot and Dam: Barn Burner Girl
Pals Shockwave male
Pals Showtime male
Pals Snicklfritz female
Pals So Sassy female

Pals Sparkles female (adopted FL)

LE 32647 RE 45I

Michelle Thomas FL (IN)

Diamonds Tamara (Tamara) female DOB 4/2/05

(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)

Sire: Diamond's For Me and Dam: Patient Polly


Diamonds Charms male

Diamonds Elk male (retired)

Diamonds Kera female

Diamonds Landy female

Diamonds Marin female RE 45E (adopted by Sam & Mark Call WA)

Diamonds Martha female

Diamonds Selen female

Diamonds Vash male

LE 32638 RE 55E
Trina Grosse
Free Legs female DOB 5/8/05
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: McMahon Helmsley
Free Energy male RED 55A
Free Glider male RE 55D (Omar adopted IA)
Free Outlaw male RE55B

Free Torque male RE 55C (Lenny adopted IL)

LE 32636 RE 93G

Kathleen Helm FL, WI (MI)

Shiney (Suzie) female Whelped 9/2/9

Sire: Troy Leader and Dam: Brymist

(NGA Owner: Richard B Bradshaw)


Bashful Sara Female
Bashful Shadow Male
Bashful Shannon Female
Bashful Shawn Male

LE 32622 RE 55G

Melanie Aitken FL (KY)
Tapco Freeze (Breeze) female DOB 5/11/05

(NGA Owners: Brant or Tom Taplin)
Sire: Fuzzy's Cessna and Dam: Gable Dodge


Tapco Claw male

Tapco Groove female

Tapco Hammer male RE 55F

Tapco Outrage female

Tapco Shooter male

Tapco Slam male RE 55D

LE 32590 RE 55?

Kendra Carson-Stewart (Nova Scotia)
Higby (Higgins) male DOB 5/18/05
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Skiya

Elyria female
Logrollin male
Pazzle female

LE 32588 RE 55D
Karen Makowski (IL) IA/WI
Calibration (Amy) female DOB 5/17/05
(NGA Owner: Joe Lent)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: My Misty Tara (Retired & Adopted)
Avoid Rush female RE 55I
Digital Lazer female RE 55H (Lazer adopted IL)
Earl of Katrina male RE 55A (Scout adopted IL)
Fully Assembled female RE 55G (Tara adopted IA)
Little Dribbler female RE 55E (Mary adopted IL)
Loan Arranger male RE 55C
Silent Weave male RE 55B (Arthur adopted IL)
Tougher female RE 55F
With Ease female RE 55J (adopted)

LE 32584 RE 83H

Cindy Hanson WI (MN)

Hattie (Hannah) female Whelped 8/1/93

Sire: Stouke Whisper and Dam: Day Bright

(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)


Atlee Lee male

Grace Way female

Deal male

LE 32569 RE 55H
Patricia Lanius (Katy TX)
Al E Sam (Leroy) male DOB 5/10/05
(NGA Owner: Gary Ketsdever)
Sire: Rooftop Moby and Dam: Ran D Shebalee
Al E Blue male RE 55C
Al E Kate female RE 55D
Al E Trent male RE 55E
Ran D Rampage male RE 55B
Ran D Respect female RE 55A

Ran D Rompin male RE 55G

LE 32564 RE 35A

Tracey Sobczyk FL (FL)
Gmc Dilly (Lola) female DOB 3/15/05
(NGA Owner: Mac Thompson)
Sire: Lido Shuffle and Dam: Tx's Expression

Gmc Dee Dee female
Gmc Doc male
Gmc Dondi female

LE 32546 RE 83D

Nanette McClary (Hemlock, NY)
Speedo Dynaflo Ginger 8/24/93

Sire: K's Broadway and Dam: Speedo
(NGA Owner: Henry Peace)



LE 32544 RE 55J
Phyllis Schmoller (WI) FL
Hotshot Mojo (Mojo) male DOB 5/5/05
(NGA Owner: Phyllis Schmoller)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Sleek Retreat
Hotshot Bixy female RE 55B
Hotshot Brenda female RE 55A
Hotshot Butch male RE 55H
Hotshot Carl male RE 55D
Hotshot Dixy female RE 55E (Dixy adopted MI)
Hotshot Maloney male RE 55G
Hotshot Pixy female RE 55C

Hotshot Trixy female RE 55I (Trixy adopted ON)

LE 32542 RE 55D
Karen Edgemon (WA) IA
Yo My Shawniesun (Shawnie) female DOB 5/11/05
(NGA Owner: Bobby Woodall)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: FP Sunshine
Yo My Burn Em Up female RE 55F (Burnie adopted MN)
Yo My Burn N Sue female RE 55E
Yo My Sunbeam female RE 55C
Yo My Sunny D female RE 55A
Yo My Sunray female RE 55B

LE 32520 RE 93D

Eileen Saks
MP Suzanna female DOB 9/93

Sire: Bushnell Mickey and Dam: MPS Sundance

MP Keriann Female
MP Mellonie Female
MP Sunnysmegan Female
MP Sunshinekate Female
MP Sunnysfay Female
MP Tobyfinn Male

LE 32503 RE 55B
Kathleen Frailey (CA) AZ
Oswald Steelpot (Oswald) male DOB 5/6/05
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot  and Dam: Steel Maiden

Ucme flipuover male RE 55C
Ucme hardassteel male RE 55A
Ucme  ohsospicy female RE 55D

LE 32493 RE

Tiffany Harden FL
Cy's Kid Spike (Linus) male 8/28/93
(NGA Owner: Gerald R Kennicker)
Sire: Judy's Dollar and Dam: Kid Etta Place


Cy's Kid Apache male

Cy's Kid Devon male RE 83D (adopted by Robyn Prosser Ft. Myers, FL)

Cy's Kid Kelsy female

Cy's Kid Squeak male

Cy's Kid Tia female

Cy's Kid Cheech male

Cy's Kid Pickles female

LE 32474 RE 35G

Suzi Satava (OH)
LB Gangster (Gangster) male DOB 3/28/05
(NGA Owner: Brian Hafner)
Sire: Baci and Dam: Glory Pepper


Lb Ginger female

Lb Git R Done male

Lb Got R Done male

Sierra Lane female

Sierra Ranger male

LE 32468 RE 55C
Jamie Vandover (MD)
Lookmeupsometime (Lovie) female DOB 5/2/05
Sire: Funs Best and Dam: Rudy's Alibi
Baby's Best Bet female RE 55B (Bella adopted)
Friendly Felix male RE 55F
Gabby Gus male RE 55G (adopted)
Happy Anna female RE 55A (Anna adopted OR)
Happy Hank male RE 55H
Vera Best female RE 55D (Daffy adopted OR)

LE 32428 RE 55?

Doreen Peterzak MA (PA)
RHF Dark Shadow (Java) female DOB 5/05

Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: SHK Hey Lucy


RHF Ebony Lady female

RHF Night Vision female

SHK May Fly female

LE 32427 RE 45D
Scott Garrick (SC)
Thagomizer (Freddie) male DOB 4/27/05
(NGA Owner: Rick Logan)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Haunted House
Cruisin Single male RE 45B
Party Patrol female
Silk Shark Susan female RE 45A

Socket Rocket male RE 45E (adopted NY)

LE 32392 RE 83F
Chanda Williams Iowa,WI (WI)
Mike The Tout (Lefty) male 8/1/93
Sir: Right Connection and Dam: Echoing

(NGA Owner: Chanda Williams /Canapp, Charles R)
Casino Red female

LE 32361 RE 55C
Carrie Goodfellow (NB) MA,RI
Related Subjects (Freeman) male DOB 5/5/05 DOD 4/6/13
Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Synanita
Ellers female RE 55E
Lyens female RE 55D
Samways male RE 55A (adopted)
Velajo female RE 55B

LE 32348 RE

Angie Quillin (SC)

RV Runabout (Bobbie Sue) female DOB 8/1/93

(NGA Owner: Robert C Nadort)

Sire: Londford Leo and Dam: Midnight Pearl


RV Classified female

RV Crusader male

RV Don Deal male

RV Forest Gump male

RV Hogans Hero male

RV Kane N Able male

RV Turbo Tactic male

RV Arm N Hammer male

RV Dolly Pearl female

LE 32323 RE 45A

Linda Hunt FL (FL)
Kaias Sweet Anne (Annie) female DOB 4/21/05
(NGA Owner: George D Adler)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Anne

LE 32322 RE 45A
Michelle Browner (MD) FL
Ephesian (Buddy) male DOB 4/19/05
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: LJ’s Babe Z
Corinthian female RE 45B (Corin adopted VA)
Galatian male RE 45D
Judges male RE 45G
Philemon female RE 45C (adopted VA)
Philippian male RE 45H (adopted)
Thessalonian male RE 45F (Fred adopted NY,CT)
Timothy male RE 445E

LE 32297 RE 45B

Elizabeth Sparkes (MA) MA

MJ's Smokin Hot (Smokey) male DOB 4/22/05

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: OHK Zinfandel


CJ’s Newsflash male RE 45C

CJ’s Simple Life female RE 45A

MJ’s Trixie female RE 45E

Wiki Ravenswood male RE 45G

Wiki White Zin female RE 45H

Wiki Wine Lover female RE 45F

Wikiwiki Wino female RE 45D

LE 32296 RE 45F

Heike Hrinishin NH (MA)
C'S Benny (Benny) male DOB 4/25/05
(NGA Owner: Paul E Carbonneau)
Sire: Belle's Darrell and Dam: Summer Music

C'S Becky female RE 45B (adopted)
C's Chad male
Springs female RE 45C (Springs adopted through KY)
C'S Theo male

LE 32295 RE 83G

Cheryl Johnson FL (IN)
Vie Louie (RudyRoo) male DOB 8/25/93
(NGA Owner: Lois Smith)
Sire: Bigelow and Dam: Michael's Cue

Vie Ely male

Vie Eric male

Vie Jay male

Vie Tay female

Vie Troy male

LE 32292 RE 55B (litter RE s/b 45B)
Sara Davis (CT) KS
KT Britta (Bella) female DOB 4/29/05
(NGA Owner: Kenneth P Le Febvre)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Grey's Star Torch
KT Brady male RE 55C (Brady adopted VA)
BT Brian male RE 55D
KT Duff male RE 55E
KT Nadas male RE 55A

LE 32252 RE 45A

Angel Ayson IA,WI (Toronto, ON)
Midwest Merlot (Kilo) male DOB 4/15/05
(NGA Owner: Andrew J Owen)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Nebo Capricorn

Midwest Mako male
Midwest Mardigra male
Midwest Mascot female
Midwest Mezanine female (adopted)
Midwest Mile female (adopted MI)
Midwest Missy female
Midwest Money male
Midwest Mulder male (adopted MI)

LE 32238 RE 63F

Suzanne Ricci

Rancho Daisy Whelped 6/20/93

Sire: Redroadster and Dam: Even Heat


Rancho Beaudean male

Rancho Comeaux male

Rancho Cooldaddy male

Rancho Happycat male

Rancho Rojo female

LE 32225 RE 83B

Maryann Protz (Carteret, NJ)
Roro Misty (Royal) Whelped 8/24/93 DOD 6/28/06

Sire: Tuff Champ and Dam: Roro Highlite

(NGA Owner: John G Schultz or Gerald Rodman)
Roro Wildcat male RE 83I
Roro Flashing By female RE 83F (Jessie adopted by Kurt Dustan)

Roro Debby female RE 83D

Miss Chickadee female RE 83C (adopted)

Roro Getinbetter female RE 83G

LE 32218 RE 45A

Christine Washington (ME)
Shendal Eve (Heidi) female DOB 4/21/05
(NGA Owner: Cimarron Greyhound Farms Inc)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Vanity

Shendal Eli male RE 45D (Eli adopted Denver CO)
Shendal Edie female
Shendal Elsie female
Shendal Elton male
Shendal Esther female RE 45C

LE 32162 RE 45

Lesley Tierney FL (LA)
Softhearted Hana (Hana) female DOB 4/15/05
(NGA Owner: Stacie A Castells, Dorty Lee)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Amf Troublemaker

Eva Woman female RE 45A
Gone Troppo male RE 45E (adopted TN)
Karmel Chameleon male RE 45C (Karmel adopted LA/MS)
Portobello Belle female

LE 32156 RE 45E
Karen Clohecy (MA) FL
JD John Boy (John Boy) male DOB 4/11/05
(NGA Owner: J Dickensn or J Warren)
Sire: Betty N Ed and Dam: Slammer's Sassy
JD Cindy Woo Hoo female RE 45B (retired was a dam)
JD Guy Somebody male RE 45C
JD Jack Be Quick male RE 45A
JD Ring My Bell female RE 45G
JD Speedtospare female RE 45F (adopted)
JD Suzy female RE 45H (adopted)
JD Tommy Boy male RE 45D

JD Bailey male RE 45I

LE 32143 RE 83D

Kay McNelis (Altoona, PA)

(Rachael) Bahama Blonde Whelped 8/23/93

Sire: Dutch Bahama and Dam: Ginger Blonde
Meg (found)
Spicey (found)

LE 32133 RE 44D

Tim Allison NH (VA)
Tailteann Frost (Frosty) female DOB 4/15/05
(NGA Owner: Jane M Brosnan)
Sire: Roanokee and Dam: Tailteann Penny

Tailteann Crow male RE 45
Tailteann Dove female RE 44C (Dove adopted
Tailteann Eagle male RE 45
Tailteann Hawk male RE 45
Tailteann Rain female RE 45
Tailteann Robbin male RE 45
Tailteann Sky female RE 45
Tailteann Star female RE 45
Sonny male RE 45G (adopted)

LE 32113 RE 45D
Elizabeth Allen (RI) RI
Js Exploding Roo (Roo) male DOB 4/15/05
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Bellerose
JS Atoughofglitz female RE 45C
JS Blade Runner male RE 45E (adopted?)
JS Classic Case female RE 45A (Paige adopted PA)
JS Deadeye Dirk male RE 45H (adopted CAN)
JS Kit Kat Chat female RE 45J
JS LIzzylonglegs female RE 45I (adopted MI)
JS Red Pulse male RE 45B?
JS Two Time Tart female RE 45F
Mystic Force male RE 45G

LE 32101 RE 93

Susan Knorr FL (NJ)
CTW Holly Blues (Holly) female DOB 8/23/93
(NGA Owner: David Peck)
Sire: VV County Barn and Dam: Petro Bluereview

CTW King Cool male
CTW Layla female

LE 32093 RE 45C
Rachell Douglas (CA) FL
Ok Vern (Vern) female DOB 4/17/05
(NGA Owner: Gabino Lopez
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Greys Penny Lane
OK Joseph male RE 45A

OK Raquel female RE 45B

LE 32020 RE 83E

Mark & Deborah Hope (Idaho)
Petro Oreo (Shasta) female DOB 8/14/93

LE 31983 RE 35B

Kristen Taylor (Levittown PA)
Heather Lynn (Heather) female DOB 3/28/05
(NGA Owner: Thomas R Wagner)
Sire: Spishin Vallie and Dam: Unruly Midgee


Roto Wag male

Roto Wanda female

Roto Wanita female (adopted living in OH)

Roto Wendy female

Sarah Rose female

LE 31965 RE 83G

Diane Canfield MA (NH)
Hi Tech Popandgo (Willow) female DOB 8/9/93
(NGA Owner: Phillip Saulters)
Sire: Calico Salad and Dam: Maypop


Hi Tech Showtime male

Hi Tech May Day female

Hi Tech Upanatem female

Flashdance Image female

Calico Image male

LE 31959 RE 45A

Michelle Norton AL (OH)
SNS Sarah (Sammy) female DOB 4/12/05
(NGA Owner: Steve D Nelson)
Sire: San Tan Riffraff and Dam: Coldwater Wacile

SNS Angus male
SNS Bratz female
SNS Brody male
SNS Deadeye male
SNS Kim Possible female
SNS Rebel male
SNS Samantha female
SNS Sissy female
SNS So Raven female

LE 31952 RE 45E
Erin Shore (NJ) TX
Tipp Twinkle (Twinkle) female DOB 4/9/05
(NGA Owner: Pat Dalton)
Sire: Spiral Nikita and Dam: Flying Keota
Tipp Brownie male RE 45C
Tipp Cookie female RE 45G
Tipp Duval male RE 45A
Tipp Reese male RE 45B
Tipp Shortcake female RE 45F

LE 31882 RE 45C

Galin Brown (OR)
Flatout Quade (Dooney Bourke) male DOB 4/10/05
(NGA Owner: Dale Miner)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Snakeskin Boots

Flat Out Quinn male RE 45E (adopted)
Flat Out Queenie female
Flat Out Quenby female

LE 31880 RE 45F

Jan Gittings WV (Easton, PA)
Bohemian Buckle (Bella) female DOB 4/5/05
(NGA Owner: Jo Ann Holomek)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Bohemian Quiver

Bohemian Brace male
Bohemian Bundle male
Bohemian Curl Up female
Bohemian Nestle male

LE 31869 RE 83F

Kathe Fritz WV (VA)
Nita's Dixie (Zoe) female DOB 8/10/93
(NGA Owner: Nita Smiley)
Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Nita's Blusmokem


Nitas Buster

LE 31867 RE 83F

Lisa Swartz (CO)
RC's Bumper Blue (Bumper) male DOB 8/93 DOD 6/19/01
Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Rcs Meagan


Rcs Big Rip male

Rcs Kuntry Gent male

Rcs Pearl Girl female

Rcs Power Hug male

Rcs Runaway Meg female

Rcs Secret Grin female

Rcs Flying Toes male

LE 31826 RE 45F
Lisa Brencis (ONT) WV,AL
Coach Standifer (Summer) female DOB 4/7/05
(NGA Owner: Gregory Geter)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kiowa TSS Show
Coach Davis male RE 45D
Coach Delucia female RE 45H
Coach Hogan female RE 45E (adopted CT)
Coach Jones female RE 45I
Coach Kruziak female RE 45G
Coach McDowell female RE 45A
Coach Seagraves female RE 45C

Coach Stockstill male RE 45B

LE 31820 RE 25A
Gina Boyd (SC)
Stubborn Charm (Gold) male DOB 2/26/05
(NGA Owner: Sharon Williams)
Sire: Goldust Memory and Dam: Talk N Doing
Chasen Tail male RE 25D
Goldust Olympia female RE 25B
Making Bail male RE 25E (Bail adopted OH)
Scandalous female RE 25F
Think Rich male RE 25C

LE 31809 RE 45B

Hope Shultz WV (VA)
Sams Rooty Pooh (Nod) male DOB 4/5/05
(NGA Owner: Mountaneer Racing Kennel)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Ion Miss Muffet (adopted by Hope Schultz)

Sams Scooty Pooh female (Blinkin adopted in VA)

Sams Tooty Pooh female (Winkin adopted, DOD 11/07)

LE 31732 RE 35E

Danielle Ring FL (VA)
Barts Frisky (Gracie) female DOB 3/27/05
(NGA Owner: Rick Bartley)
Sire: Grey's Flamebeau and Dam: Flare Favorite

Barts Fiona female

LE 31708 RE

Kristina Jacobson FL (CO)

Nitro Kayla female DOB 4/1/05

Sire: Rooftop Hardspot and Dam: Nitro Frisky


Nitro Max, male

Nitro Axel male

Nitro Carol female RE 45G (Carol adopted KY)

Nitro Claire female (last race April 5/09 Naples-Fort Myers)

Nitro Dorris female RE 45C (Dori up for adoption Montana)

Nitro Nate male (Nate adopted Wichita)

Nitro Old Yellar male (Yellar adopted by Carfizzis Delmar NY)

Nitro Shannon female (adopted Northern CA)

LE 31690 RE 35H

Jan Lanier AR (TN)
Poetic Snowdance (Snow) male DOB 3/22/05

Sire: Fortress Blue and Dam: Musical Bean


Hanks Bluebell female

Hanks Viktor male RE 35C (Viktor adopted by Stacy Marvin FL)

Kisskissbangbank female RE 35A (Hottie adopted in SC)

Meet The Creeper male RE 35B (adopted)

Missa Pippi female RE 35G

Myst Of Avalon female RE 35E (Ava adopted in TN)

Stoli Elite female RE 35F

LE 31679 RE 35A

Linda Grado (TX)
Kiowa Happy O (Alexa) female DOB 3/26/05
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kiowa Hix Harrie

Kiowa Bashful O female
Kiowa Dopey O male
Kiowa Grumpy O male
Kiowa Sleepy O male
Kiowa Sneezy O male

LE 31639 RE 35B

Stacey Hartman FL (MD)
MN's Anna Marie (Marigot) female DOB 3/18/05
(NGA Owner: Stavros Racing Inc)
Sire: Asti Axel and Dam: Hi Candy Cain

MN's Double Shot female
MN's Ranger Rick male
MN's Deputy Dan male

LE 31592 RE

Amanda Altman (IN)
Whytell Marycass (Mary) female DOB 3/15/05
(NGA Owner: A D Quinney)
Sire: Whytell Snowman and Dam: Whytell Brooke

Whytell Brady male
Whytell Donna S female (adopted by Amanda Altman IN)
Whytell G Bush male
Whytell Govern D male
Whytell June Q female (adopted in NJ)
Whytell Levine male
Whytell Yantz male

LE 31578 RE

Brian Bailey FL,AR (SC)
Takenatfacevalue (Lacie) female DOB 3/20/05
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Bsgollymissmolly

Credible Threat female
Spoken Softly male

LE 31572 RE 73F

Shelley Lake KS (Paola KS)
Durango Bandit (Boston) male DOB 7/22/93 DOD 1/9/05
(NGA Owner: Ronald Richeal)
Sire: Brat  A Tat and Dam: Profits Dream

Deegee male RE 73K
Givin To Win female
Go Alice female
Heplayone male
Kirleen female
Quicken female
Raja Ruler male
Terrian male
Total Dream female

LE 31570 RE 35F

Shalea Rhodes (NC)
Easton West (Gryphon) male DOB 3/20/05
Sire: Fuzzys Cannon and Dam: Flying Neely


Ima Red Hat Girl female

Let Me Shop female

Request male

Royal Ranxom male

Whos The Girl female

Woke Up Dreaming male

LE 31531 RE 73A

Ronda & Jim Corey (WA)

Kay's Wish (Kay) female DOB 7/26/93

Sire: PJ's Derby Wish and Dam: Little Bessie

LE 31520 RE 35D

Diane Vondruska AZ (WA)
Ret to Play (Jack) male DOB 3/8/05
(NGA Owner: Donald S Freedman)
Sire: Teamster and Dam: Lost The Plan*

Hanks Plan female
Hanks Teammate male
Ret to Fly female (Lilo adopted in New Hope PA)
Ret to Go male
Ret to Run female

LE 31519 RE 73C

Melissa Galernik WI (Rossford, Ohio)

Zekes Honor (Zeke) male 7/26/93

Sire: Trouper Zeke and Dam: Meagan Elizabeth

(NGA Owner Lonnie D Haden)


Zekes Courage

Zekes Heat

Zekes Image

LE 31468 RE 35E

Sue Clausen FL (PA)
Scram (Tessa) female DOB 3/14/05
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Trojan Cruze and Dam: Em's All Aboard

Ambitious Plans female
Equivalent male
Frosty Manner female
Ice Cold Wind male (adopted)
Lookintomyeyes female

LE 31465 RE 35F

Lindsay Allen CO (CO)
Springwaterjordy (Jordy) male DOB 3/11/05
Sire: MacFarlane and Dam: Jordan's Ride


Springwater Dcon male

Springwater Duel male

Springwater Fire male

Springwater Only female

Springwaterjared male

Springwatersmoke male

Springwater Sing male (adopted by Allan Fiscus, RN?)

LE 31464 RE 83A

Cindy & Kerry Montgomery
Fear Factor (Lacey) female DOB 8/3/93

Sire: Right Connection and Dam: Tell Tail Sign

LE 31435 RE 35E
Ellen Partridge (MA) AL
Zms Miss Menace (Penny) female DOB 3/1/05
Sire: Impossible Dream and Dam: PA's Miss Story
ZM’s Mischief male RE 35B
Zms Misconduct male RE 35C
Zms Misdemeanor male RE 35F (Burlap adopted in AR)
Zms Miss Torment female RE 35D
Zms Miss Trouble female RE 35A

LE 31434 RE 35F

Bobbi Lloyd KS (Virginia Beach, VA)
Juxon (Juxon) male DOB 3/7/05
(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)
Sire: Just Kickin It and Dam: Breezy Betty

Breezy Amelia female

Breezy Gino male
Breezy Guni female
Breezy Karen female
Breezy Mary female
Lord Byron male RE 35B (Byron adopted
Lord Henry male
Lord Thomas male

LE 31432 RE 35E

Lesley Tierney FL (LA)
Hello Bingo (Electra) female DOB 3/8/05
(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)
Sire: Bingo I Win and Dam: Hello Onogoodbye

Good Show Holmes male
Hello Windstar female
Holly Adele female
Sherlock Holmes male

LE 31415 RE 25F
Larry Luening (ON)
AMF Court Jester male DOB 2/25/05
Sire: Craigie Mo Town and Dam: Dawn Rider
AMF Chuckles male RE 25B (Chuckles adopted NJ,PA,DE?)
AMF Funny Bones male RE 25C (Bones adopted ON)
AMF Giggles female

AMF Prankster female RE 25E

LE 31378 RE 15A
Terrie Jenkins (LA) FL
Prime Sample (Sami) female DOB 1/20/05
(NGA Owner: Diane or Paul Paulk)
Sire: DK'S Prime Time and Dam: She Rules
Prime Example male RE 15D
Undisputed Rules female RE 15B (Rules adopted IA)

Wet N Wild Momma female RE 15C (Mia adopted Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

LE 31363 RE 73A

Terry Overbeek FL (MI)

WMS Candy Colors female Whelped 7/15/93

Sire: JRs Calvin and Dam: Gold Wonder


WMS Camille female

WMS Chloe female

WMS Conspiracy male

WMS Courageous male

VMS Crown Royal male

LE 31352 RE 35C
Kara Rudgis (MA) FL
Polish Norm (Norm) male DOB 3/6/05
(NGA Owner: James C Abernathy)
Sire: Stan's Boy Flyer and Dam: Husker Atlanta
Atlanta Flyer male RE 35B
I'm a Cruiser male RE 35A

LE 31341 RE 35C ???

Megan Donelson (CO)
(Callie) female DOB 3/95

LE 31327 RE 73F
Gloria J Dorn (IN)
Rainier Ready (Freddy) male Whelped 7/24/93
(NGA Owner: Joseph J Sullivan)
Sire: Aus Ready Fredd* and Dam: Rainier Rollick


Rainier Ragtime female

Rainier Rascal male

Rainier Reatta female

Rainier Rebecca female

Rainier Rhythm female

Rainier Riviera female

Rainier Rodeoroy male

Rainier Rumble male

LE 31325 RE 25G

Michael, Debbie & Ashley Gottardi (Vineland, NJ)

Iruska High Tide (Tyler) female DOB 5/05

Sire: Iruska Cal Gal and Dam: Lauren Tide

(NGA Owner: Riggin Racing Inc)


Iruska Baby Face female

Iruska Camo female

Iruska Closecall female

Iruska Crossfire male

Iruska Jet Black male

Iruska Promise female

Iruska Wild Side female

LE 31278 RE

Susan Schrock FL/AL (NJ)
Kidal female DOB 7/3/93

Sire: Mr. Speedbuster and Dam: Cimarron Gal

(NGA Owner: John C Fritz)
Kaoan female

LE 31275 RE 25C
Scott Garrick (SC)
Paycheck Friday (Paycheck) male DOB 2/25/05
(NGA Owner: Mitch Lingle)
Sire: Rooftop Hardspot and Dam: Fabled Taylor
Juicy Lucy female RE 25B
Jumpin Anyhow male RE 25D

Lone Starry Nite female RE 25A

LE 3127 41F
Deborah Alexander (Ormond Beach FL)
Telemygirlfriend (Telly) female DOB 4/1/91 DOD 4/17/07
(NGA Owner: George Benjamin)
Sire: Zambellis and Dam: Frontier Lass

Felicia Forestor
Fergie Of York
pa's Fudge
Lord Fuskey
Fuji Film
Fancy Reba
Lead Mine

LE 31266 RE 35I

Cathy Munro

WWW Shark Tale (Daisy aka Jumpy) female DOB 2/22/05

Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Greys Amber Bay

(NGA Owner: David K Cottle)


WWW Chris Rock male

WWW Rita Cosby female

WWW Gregs Mom female

WWW Jimmy Neutron male

WWW Monty Python male

WWW Neuman Award female

WWW Snoop Dog female

LE 31247 RE 25E
Patrice Brewington (IL) WI
BOC's Pinstripes (Connor) male DOB 2/22/05
(NGA Owner: Brad Bockenstad)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Beams Sweetnsour
BOC's Yankee Man male
BOC's Oreo Queen female RE 25F (Molly adopted MN)
BOC's Sourdough male (Zeek adopted MI)

LE 31235 RE 25G

Debbie Gottardi KS,WV (NJ)
Iruska HighTide (Tyler) female DOB 2/25/05
(NGA Owner: Riggins Racing)
Sire: Lauren Tide and Dam: Iruska Cal Gal


Iruska Baby Face female

Iruska Camo female

Iruska Closecall female

Iruska Crossfire male RE 25F (adopted)

Iruska Jet Black male

Iruska Promise female

Iruska Wild Side female

LE 31231 RE 73C

Stacia Ricketts (IL)
Cute Chrissy (Missy) female DOB 7/19/93
(NGA Owner: Jo Ann Dixon)
Sire: Line Of Money and Dam: Pincay


Galla Gwen RE 73G female (Gwen adopted by Mary OLeary PA)
Evelyna female

Fateful Fanny female

Miss Delightful female

LE 31210 RE 37F

Judy Parsons FL (CO)
O's J P (J P) male DOB 7/24/93
(NGA Owner: John P Ortega)
Sire: W County Barn and Dam: Penrose Abigail

O's Apple female
O's Ed  male
O's Jay Jay male
O's Licorice female
O's Priss female
O's Sammy male
O's Shadow female
O's tomas male

LE 31163 RE 25A

Marsha O'Neil NH (MA)
Don't Confuzer (Connie) female DOB 2/15/05

Sire: WW Windy Ethan and Dam: Rebecca Rum

(NGA Owner: Gayle Shriver)


Dinky Jean female (in Canada)

Barkbark male

Late Nite Louie male

Village Bently male

Wild Waikiki male

LE 31161 RE 25A

Cristy Sigworth FL (MD)
Wicked Ickyextra (Wiki) female DOB 2/14/05
(NGA Owner: Paul Briggs)
Sire: State of the Art and Dam: Jetstar Journey

Dungarees Memory male RE

Jetset Art male RE 25C
Wicked Fat Boho female RE 25B
Wicked Hammahead male
Wicked Madhatta male (still racing Hinsdale)
Wicked Shelby female RE 25 (Shelby adopted Philadelphia)

LE 31134 RE 73K

Sue Groh (CO)
AJ's Minto Flats (Stretch) DOB 7/14/93

Sire: Spiral Step and Dam: Oui Nifty Nancy

(NGA Owner: Anne L Williams)
AJ's Jessup Step
AJ's Nifty Step
AJ's Spiral
AJ's Step On By
AJ's Tundra (Tahoma) male (Adopted by James & Tonya McGraw Co Springs CO DOD 1/22/04)
AJ's Nifty Kazan
AJ's Tahoma
LP's Sir Douglas
PG Spunky Spiral

LE 31077 RE 15A
Melissa Spiering (CA) MX
Tyville Kazan (Ghia) female DOB 1/27/05
(NGA Owner: Tyville Inc)
Sire: Cayman Went and Dam: Tyville Jody Ann

Tyville Boone male RE 15F
Tyville Nick male
Tyville Perfect male (Pefect adopted in IA)
Tyville Stoker male
Tyville Went male
Tyville Wood male (Woody adopted in IA)

LE 31060 RE 25C

Bobbi Lloyd (Virginia Beach, VA)
Nimby el Cid (Sid/Gomer) male DOB 2/5/05
(NGA Owner: Barbara Stafos)
Sire: Seattle and Dam: D'S Firefly

Nimby Hazel female

Nimby Coco female
Igo Pretty Cool male
Igo Pretty Big male

LE 30963 RE 93A?

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield MI)
Burmar New York (NY) female 7/1/93

Sire: Elias and Dam: Burmar Shyann

(NGA Owner: Burmar Kennel)


Burmar Craffite female

Burmar Manhattan female

LE 30908 RE 124I
Susan Snell
Kite Rider (Possum) male DOB 12/24/04
Sire: Rooftop Hardspot and Dam: Kansas Honey
Hd’s Haily female RE 124D
Kalamazoo male RE 124F
Kimono female RE 124B
Knock About male RE 124H
Know How male RE 124G
Penrose Softspot female RE 124A
Rd’s Hope female RE 124C

Rd’s Steve male RE 124E?

LE 30882 RE 15B

Shelly Schultz FL (IN)
Whytell UGO girl (UGO) female DOB 1/27/05
(NGA Owner: A D Quinney)
Sire: Whytell Snowman and Dam: Whytell Gogirlgo


Whytell Melinda female

Whytell Gun male

Whytell Irene female

Wytell Jantzen male

Wytell Joshlynn female

Wytell Kacie female

Whytell Monty male

LE 3087 RE 41H

Jeanni Davis (North Eastern, PA)
Boligee Sy (Sy) Male Whelped 4/27/91

Sire: Bryant Gumble and Dam: Boligee

(NGA Owner: Doris Greene)

LE 30844 RE

Kim Meyer (Belmont, MA)
PW's Nate Dogg (Nate)

Sire: GRV Velocity and Dam: Greys Delilah
Greys Solomon
Pw's Here I Go
Pw's In The Mix
Pw's Roc Head
Pw's Rocking
Pw's Smoking

LE 30840 RE 15D

Shelby Theodorovich (IN) AL
Blue Eyed Taylor (Taylor) female DOB 1/18/05
(NGA Owner: Jeffrey Goldstein)
Sire: Dogem By Design and Dam: Flying Ryobi

Carol June female RE 15I
Char Kemah female RE 15A
Char Treasure female RE 15C
Instant Choice female RE 15F
Kessler Blacktea female RE 15H
Sukawa Sandi  female RE 15G
Table Rock female RE 15E
Windycity Storm female RE 15B

LE 30794 RE 15B

Shelley Lake RI,KS (Paola KS)
Pikes Dodge Ball (Dodge Ball) male DOB 1/12/05 DOD 2/25/08
(NGA Owner: George Bailey III)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Pikes Mama Mia

Pikes  Altitude male
Pikes Big Mama Z female
Pikes Draft Pick male

Pikes Mulligan male RE 15D (Mully)

Pikes Star Gazer female
Speedy By Design male

LE 30776 RE 73E

Tricia and Joe Adkins (Proberta, CA)

Temprano DOB 7/6/93

Sire: Stouke Whisper and Dam: Dutch Essence
(NGA Owner: Keith W Sutton)
Buena Suerte
Por Avion

LE 30725 RE

Jean Pletl

Archilles Lighter (Selene) female DOB 6/25/93

Sire: Hang on to Win and Dam: Greenback Dollar
(NGA Owner: H or E W Hartsfield)

Halifax Scorcher male
Basso Sox female
Alberta Lass female
Isflyingpast female
Select Express
Chessi Prentis female
Alegro Hussi
Hocus High Flyer male

LE 30672 RE 15D
Theresa & Michael Inman (Portland OR) FL,IA,MA
Sol Flasher (Elliott) male DOB 1/8/05
(NGA Owner: N J Sherck)
Sire: Ronco and Dam: Flashy Doll
Sol Fara female RE 15A
Sol Finish male RE 15B
Sol First male RE 15C

LE 30646 RE 15G
Carolyn Bayer Broring FL
MJ’s Lemons (Trixie) female DOB 1/2/05
Sire: Fortress Son and Dam: Happy Go Lucky
BJ’s Torah male RE 15C
Have A Good Day male RE 15B
MJ’s Milkshake female RE 15F (adopted FL)
MJ’s Underwood female RE 15H (Raita adopted MD)

LE 30632 RE 124G & 124
Joyce Gun (MD) MA
Rykert (Ryckert) male DOB 12/17/04
(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnell)
Sire: Historean and Dam: Sastee
Hyas male RE 124A (Archie adopted by Joyce Gun, MD)
Apptoo male RE 124E
Eldee female RE 124D (Eldee adoptedWV)
Elfrida female RE 124H (Mitzie adopted UT)
Haleta female RE 124B (Tela adopted by Daryl & Pamela Thrasher)
Russlor male RE 124C (Russlor adoptedWV)

Wymar female RE 124F (Daisy adopted WV)

LE 30631 RE 124E

Lorraine Chartrand MA (NB)

Eldara (Belle) female DOB 12/13/04
(NGA Owner:  W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Eyecar and Dam: Majella

Dreyfis male
Eyad male (Baxter adopted Pittsburgh PA)
Phonak male
Zentree male

LE 30614 RE 15C
Debbie Toro (FL) FL
JA's Loafer (Jane) female DOB 1/1/05
(NGA Owner: Janice C Abrahamson)
Sire: JC's Boot Scoot and Dam: GR's Metallica
JA's Hushpuppy female RE 15B (adopted FL)
JA's Clog female RE 15D
JA's Mall Walker female RE 15A
JA's Moc Toe female RE 15E

LE 30569 RE 73B
Kandi Norrell
Earth Tone (Tony) male DOB 7/3/93
Sire: Randy Handy and Dam: Twice Shy Babe
(NGA Owner: Robert Hardison)
Ramstein male
Unique Babe female
Untamed Pride female
Highly Educated male

LE 30544 RE 73A

Theresa Bobst

Ts Vivian  (Miss Vivian) Female DOB 7/2/93

Sire: HB's Commander and Dam: Red Aunt

(NGA Owner: Emerald Greyhounds Inc or E Trow)


Ts Body Language female

Ts Charge Card male

Ts Crank Case male

Ts Dream Time male

Ts Livewire male

Ts Native Son male

Ts Polly Wog female

Ts Powder Keg female

LE 30518 RE 75D

Matt & Amy Barnett KS (WA)
RSW Bo Honesty (Honesty) female DOB 7/5/03
(NGA Owner: Rob Williams)
Sire: Ion Pay Dirt and Dam: Setari


RSW Bo Jackson male

RSW Bo Diddle female

LE 30506 RE 73E 

Carol Gleason (Pembroke Pines, FL)

Expert Quality (Nexus Lexus (Lexy) male DOB 7/5/93

Sire: Ben Sure and Dam: Go N Tell

(NGA Owner: Bernie Collette)


Early Action male

Bud Break male

Overly Rich male

Muscle Tone male

LE 30494 RE 124D

Betsy Ethington WI (MI)
G's Guerrero (Oliver) male DOB 12/26/04
(NGA Owner: Michael Green)
Sire: Iruska All Star and Dam: Greys Kickapoo

G's Crawford male (adopted)
G's Derosa female  (Betsy Ethington is adopting her)
G's Griffey female (Alice adopted MI)
G's Hawpe male (adopted OH)
G's Matthews female (adopted MI)
G's Wells female (adopted)
G's Wilkerson female

LE 30468 RE 124?

Katie McIntyre FL (DE)
Kiowa See Me Run (Seamus) male DOB 12/28/04
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kiowa Al See Ya

Kiowa See Me Fly male (Fly adopted in AR)
Kiowa See Me Jan female
Kiowa See Me Kay female
Kiowa See Me Pat female
Kiowa See Me Sal female
Kiowa See Me Sue female
Kiowa See Me Win male

LE 30461 RE 104E&A

Derek Dean RI (ONT)

Doe's Bruciebaby (Brucie) male DOB 10/24/04
(NGA Owner: EP's Kennel)
Sire: Nita's Sly Ely and Dam: Heather Rose

Doe's Bumper, male RE 104A (Bumper adopted by Derek Dean)
Doe's Outoftime female
Doe's Blake male
Doe's Hugginrose female
Heathersattitude female

LE 30411 RE 124A

Cathy Munro (WA)

WW's Grand Slam (Slim)  male DOB 12/16/04

Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: WW Way Out


WW Sharpshooter female

WW Top Dog male

WWs Dragonheart female

LE 30397 RE 63F

Sarah & Bill Krouse (Green Bay, WI)

Da Shadoe (Gunnar) male Whelped 6/1/93

Sire:  Butter Pat and Dam:  Bob's Maria

(NGA Owner: Marvin Turner)


Saygoodnitegracy  female

Dave Travis  male

Ann's Taz  female

Keith Gille  male (Keats adopted by Marjie Carr-Oxley)

LE 30373 RE 124E

Sam King WV (ONT)
Run For Me (Dexter) male DOB 12/16/04
(NGA Owner: James B Jackson)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Runit

Run All Day male
Run For Fun female (adopted in ONT)
Run For Glory female
Run For Love female
Run For Pride male
Run For The Boss male
Run To Home male
Run To It female

LE 30285 RE 124B
Norah Hansen (MA)
Royal Riddle (Royal Riddle) male DOB 12/2/04
(NGA Owner: Janice George)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Royal Dream
Royal Reverie male RE 124C
Royal Ruffles female RE 124A

LE 30248 RE 124A
Diane Freundel (PA) KS
AA's Caroline (Skye) female DOB 12/1/04
(NGA Owner: Arthur Yates)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: AA's Chance
AA’s Certified male RE 124B
AA’s Cicero male RE 124D
AA’s Cindel female RE 124I
AA’s Classic male RE 124C (Classic adopted KS/MO)
AA’s Closer female RE 124H
AA’s Combackid female RE 124G
AA’s Cruise male RE 124E               

AA’s Cruncher male RE 124F (Cruncher adopted by Sherm family, Woodbury Heights, NJ)

LE 30246 RE 63A
Lisa Welk Connecticut (PA)
Onna (Lucy) Female 6/4/93
Sire: Video Signal and Dam: Kim's Nifty*
(NGA pet registered to Lisa Welk)

Switkis female

Dysart female

Kitchawa female

Rosanetta female

Syrah female

LE 30233 RE 63D

Deborah Hope (Idaho)
Moon In Miami (Shadow) male DOB 6/14/93

LE 30229 RE 124B

Nina Howe FL (Alberta)
District Judge (Judge) male DOB 12/7/04
(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)
Sire: San Tan Whammo and Dam: Scarlet

Attorney male (retired)
Defendant female
Legal Lawyer male (Legal adopted by Samuel Moore in PA)

LE 30212 RE 63C

Cathy & Jack Munro ID (WA)
Petro Fast Kat or Pedros Fast Cat (Lil Bit) female DOB 6/1/93 DOD 12/4/08

LE 30192 RE 124D
Kathleen Lincoln (CT) RI
BM Lumpy (Piper) male DOB 12/5/04
(NGA Owner: Richard L Carbone)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: All A Twitter
Big Al B male RE 124E (adopted CT)
Chamillionaire female RE 124B (Tasha adopted VA)
Jessica B female RE 124C (Jessica adopted by Glennis & Carole Wisdom, KY; DOD 3/22/10)
She's All Talk female RE 124A

LE 30184 RE 73A

Mary Jayne Mele (Newtown PA)
JCK Atilla (Jack) Whelped: 6/23/93

Sire: Seeinandbeinseen and Dam: Coupon Peggy
JCK Red Crystal
JCK Bon Bon

LE 30174 RE 63A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Pecoe Whelped 6/20/93

Sire: BJ's Justin and Dam: Sweet Sweets

(NGA Owner: Jeff Zappin)
Silent Legacy

LE 30164 RE 63G

Rebecca Doersam FL,AL (Utah)
G's Baby Kirby (Kirby) female DOB 6/18/93
(NGA Owner: Greyco Investments Inc)
Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: G's Baby Girl

DV's Jesse male
DV's Julio female
DV's Letta female
DV's Lupe female
DV's Paco female
G's BadInfluence male

LE 30151 RE 63D
Connie Caputo (NY) NH
Sharp Curet (Beanie) female DB 6/19/93 DOD 7/25/02
(NGA Owner: Gerald D Marten)
Sire: Rancho Chip and Dam: Dutch Bouquet
Can't Lasso Me female
Che Mar Bosco male
Che Mar Boyhowdy male
Che Mar Tabasco male
Ginsing female
Hitch Me Up female
Lingualena female
Snaparay female

LE 30119 RE 114I
Joel Easterbrook (ON) AR,TX
Laylo Lisa Jane female DOB 11/17/04
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: C J Senadenos
(NGA Owner: William L Lockhart or Stacy K)
Laylo Dexter male RE 114E
Laylo Gus male RE 114D (adopted NC)
Laylo Herman male RE 114B (Herman adopted TX)
Laylo Jack male RE 114C (Jack adopted OH)
Laylo Jacy female RE 114F (Lacy adopted OH)
Laylo Jasper male RE 114H
Laylo Lulu female RE 114G (Lulu adopted OH)
Laylo Newt male RE 114A

Laylo Tori female RE 114J (Tori adopted TX

LE 30034 RE

David Wells MA (New Brunswick)
Sheroot (Hobbes) male DOB 11/30/04
Sire: Courageous Nicky and Dam: Gwynedd

LE 30011 RE 114C

Michael & Nancy Jones (Ravenna OH)
Nancy's Jill (Jill) female DOB 11/04
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Oh Nancy

Nancy's Redhead female


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