Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermates List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dogs Race Name

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fyi American and Australian dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)


LE 99960 RE 12H

Page Bellanad WVA (OH)

Gils Jes Xpress (Jes) male DOB 1/4/02

(NGA Owner: Steve Gilster)

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: San Tan Roll On


Gil's Agile Anna Female RE 12G (retired)

Gils Blue By U male RE 12C

Gils Fly N Alex male RE 12E

Gils Jolt N Joe male RE 12D (Joe adopted by Brent Ivey SC)

Gils Rhondamama female RE 12A (adopted GA)

Gils Run N Rach female RE 12B (retired)

Gils Zak A Tak male RE 12F

LE 99953 RE 12A

Taylor Hutchinson FL (Orlando FL)
Count's Gin (Gator) male DOB 1/1/02
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Summer Passion

Count's Jane female
Count's Shuffle male

LE 99919 RE 12A

Maryann Moore KS (St Louis MO)
Splendid Mover (Prince Charming) male DOB 1/5/02

(NGA Owner: B Meurer)
Sire: Ashigga* and Dam: Shaja


Adia male RE 12D (adopted)

Aislin male RE 12G (Aislin adopted by Ron & Lisa Burk in MD)

Asha male RE 12 (adopted)

Shajas Aja male RE 12B

Shajas Alia female RE 12F (Alia adopted in SC)

Shigga female RE 12C (adopted in FL)

LE 99916 RE 12C

Rhauna L Bearfield WI (ND)
Kid Cc (Cadee) female DOB 1/8/02
Dam: Cy's Kid Layla and Sire: Shootyz Groove
(NGA Owner: Tim Waller or Gerald Kennicker)
Kid Noah male (adopted in OH?)
Kid Ebony male
Kid Eastman male

LE 99908 RE 12D

Anita Zehm WV (PA)
J's Nate (Nate) male DOB 1/6/02
(NGA Owner:  John & Jean Cargal)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: J's Spasmo

J's Cheetah Boy male
J's Concheeta female
J's Darlene female
J's Karen female

LE 99898 RE

Bruce & Marcia Moore MA (NS)
Inez Kato (Katie Mae) female DOB 12/1/01

Sire: Mankato and Dam: Fox Glove

(NGA Owner: WE Cryer)


Jero female

Dan Glover male

Gracia female

Alman male

Boxer male

Cancato male

Eves Fan female

Hats Off Harli female
Famous Fable female

LE 99890 RE 12E

Jennifer Quintero WV (VA)
Fuzz Face Easy (Emmee) female DOB 1/3/02
(NGA Owner: Jennifer Quintero)
Sire: Mankato and Dam: Leading Lady


Fuzz Face Action male

Fuzz Face Busy female

Fuzz Face Fickle female

Fuzz Face Grand male

Fuzz Face Iffy male

Fuzz Face Critic male

Fuzz Face Danger female

Fuzz Face Harper male

LE 99885 RE 12C

Lesley Atwood AZ (CA)
El Borracho (Shocker) male DOB 1/3/02
(NGA Owner: Charlie Sample Jr)
Sire: Coldwater Guv Dam: Nr's Dutchess

Captain Janxs male
Chrislongdaddy male
Chuckthebutcher male
Detour Dan male (adopted)
Ricole female (adopted)

LE 99881 RE 12G

Shari & Ken Keach (Alberta)
BW's Alias (Ali) female DOB 1/8/02
(NGA Owner: Brian Werner)
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Coldwater Eliza

Bw's Francie female (adopted?)
Bw's J Bristow male
Bw's Misfit female (adopted?)
Bw's Rambaldi male
Bw's Sydney B female (adopted?)
Bw's Vaughn male (adopted?)

LE 99880 RE 12D

Tricia Neves (San Diego CA)
Tuff As Leather (Miles) male DOB 1/6/02
(NGA Owner: Lawrence E Cochran)
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Dee's Lyda

Ashes Ta Ashes female
Dms Rush female
Puff Puff Pass male

LE 99874 RE 121G

Dee Dee Scherer FL (PA)
GLB's Brian (Mason) male DOB 12/23/01
(NGA Owner: Garry L Matthews)
Sire: GLB's Rocketman and Dam: GLB's Casper


GLBs David male

GLBs Ginny female

GLBs Houston male

GLBs Paige female

GLBs Rockette female

GLBs Sarah female

LE 99845 RE 121E

Henry Townsend NH (DC)
Mac's Nazgul (Salisbury) male DOB 12/27/01
(NGA Owner: Patrick McMillon)
Sire: MI Splish Splash and Dam:Bombast

Mac's Balrog male
Mac's Saruman male
Mac's Sauron male

LE 99843 RE 12C

Liz Schubert Cardenas WI (Elgin, IL)
Tell A Story (Story) female DOB 1/1/02
(NGA Owner: Michael Lasky)
Sire: Atomic Dog and Dam: Classic Impact

Buckeye Champs male
Imagination female
Lancelot's Lady female
March of Time male

Every Picture female

LE 99802 RE 12D

Gail Fons NH,MA (MA)
Mc P's Ivalene (Snickers) female DOB 1/4/02
(NGA Owner: Harold Farmer)
Sire: Kid Sayonara and Dam: Mc P's Peanut

Mc P's Woodrow male RE 12C (Mako adopted by Jennifer McCloskey MD)
Mc P's Crystal female

LE 99782 RE 121B

Lynnet McMahon MX (Fallbrook CA)
Hallo Raw Wind (Bonkers) male DOB 12/12/01
(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell Jr)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Kiowa Raise Wind

Hallo Color Me female

LE 99739 RE 12E

Jessica Peek FL (GA)

Its My Money (Tigger) female DOB 1/1/02

Sir: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Gold Clad


Caution Light female

Diaperclad Dandy female

Gold Clad Lady female

Ooga Ooga Bushka female

Tag A Long Kate female

LE 99738 RE 121C

Kim Chasteen (VA)
AMF Rainyday (Rainy) female DOB 12/20/01 DOD 11/28/09
Dam: Bluebonnet Rain


Amf Drizzle male RE 121F

Amf Flood Watch male RE 121G (Colby adopted NC)

Amf Hard Rain female RE 121D

Amf Light Rain female RE 121E

Amf Rainmaker male RE 121I (Rain adopted in DE)

Amf Rainyway male RE 121H

BBs Amanita male RE 121A

LE 99712 RE 121B

Jennifer Hungersford (CA)
RLMs Blast female DOB 12/25/01

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Rlms Detonator

(NGA Owner: Rlms Greyhounds)


Rlms Bang male

Rlms Boom male

Rlms Demolition male

Rlms Dynamite female

Rlms Explosive female

Rlms Nitro male

LE 99681 RE 12D

Jenny Peterson (WA)
Misfit (Misa) female DOB 12/20/01

Sire: Hey Zaffer and Dam: Miz Classy Kate

(NGA Owner: Champions Racing Team)


Miz Kathy Zee female

Miz Wilma female

LE 99673 RE 1201E

Rebecca McIntire WV (NJ)

BJ's Sweet Heart female DOB 12/18/01
Sire: Oshkosh USA and Dam: Canjun Splash

(NGA Owner: Terry D Sayre & Patricia S Slater)
BJ's Blake male
BJ's Can I Run male
BJ's Emily female
BJ's Pop Dunlap male
BJ's Brindlebuddy male

LE 99668 RE 121C

Susan Ehlert (WI)
RJ's Noel (Noelle) female DOB 12/25/01
(NGA Owner: Randy Schaben)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: RJ's Forecast

RJ's Saint Nick  male RE 121D (Anubis adopted in Illinois)
RJ's Holly female RE 121F (Holly adopted in Lake Geneva WI DOD 4/28/10)
RJ's Sugarplum female RE 121B
RJ's Tinsel female RE 121E
RJ's Mistletoe female RE 121G
RJ's Angel female RE 121A

LE 99633 RE 121C
Irene Brewer (WA) CO
Ryan O'Dahy (Cole) male DOB 12/10/01
Sire: Pat C O’Dahy and Dam:  Fickle Cindi
David O'Dahy RE 121D male (adopted NC)
Matt O'Dahy RE 121E male
Keith O'Dahy RE 121B male

Kim O'Dahy RE 121A female (KimmyBumpkin adopted)

LE 99577 RE 121G

Patricia & Don Maxwell WI (IL)
Rx Bad Medicine (Cayenne) female DOB 12/8/01
(NGA Owner: Frank DeFino)
Sire: Wd's Early Lad and Dam: Wd's China Eyes

Rx Poison Ivy female
Rx Gas Hog male RE 121H (adopted)
Rx Flash Back female RE 121F (Flashy adopted by Patrick & Kelly)
Rx Party Hound male 121A (Airborne adopted by Patricia & Don Maxwell IL)
Rx Super Sonic female
Dutch Jay Jay male

LE 99510 RE 121C

Janet Selman KS,FL (PA)
Out For Gold (Gopher) male DOB 12/12/01
(NGA Owner: John D Stidham)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Secret's Out

All Maxed Out male
Out For Glory female
Outforthecount female
Outmaneuver male
Outrage male

LE 99497 RE 121C

Juliana Robertson WI (IN)
Flying DeMotte (DeDe) female DOB 12/15/01
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Messina

Flying Tamarack female RE 121J (adopted by Bonnie & Mark Doyle)
Flying South Bend female RE 121H (adopted by Tom & Kerri Davidson)
Flying Kokomo female RE 121F (had a litter in June 2006 should be close to retirement)
Flying Bristol female RE 121D
Flying Granger male RE 121G (retired through GPA)
Flying Elkhart male RE 121B
Flying Westville male RE 121E
Flying Lafayette male RE 121A
Flying LaPorte female RE 121I

LE 99487 RE 111A

Christie Savage AL (LA)
Y N T Lass (Lass) female DOB 11/12/01

(NGA Owner: Stephen Nolan)
Sire: Lochinvar Chief and Dam: Mye Gosh Episode

Queen Rolexx female
Rockin Lil female
Tour Guide Dave male
Grumpybforcoffee female
Hot Rod Lincoln male
Nick N Rory female
Oliver T Dog male

LE 99425 RE 121D

Lynne Dilsaver MX (CA)
Banner Bonus (Stretch) male DOB 12/5/01
(NGA Owner: Bill Rice)
Sire: WD's Antoine and Dam: Century Shania

Coloma Sunrise female
Dawn Juan male
Going Eddie male

LE 99385 RE 101F

Sophie Liu AZ (CA)
Ef's Adoralaura (Giselle) female DOB 10/26/01
(NGA Owner: Leslie Erwin)
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Rodeo Party Gal

(NGA Owner: Leslie Erwin)


Efs Beattheheat male

Efs Faye Wray female

Efs Maskeddog male

Efs Mygalsal female

Efs Mysweetfeat female

Efs Thundrolls male

LE 99387 RE 121C
Nicole Argue (NY) MA
Four Lightning (Bailey Rose) female DOB 12/8/01
(NGA Owner: David A Goss)
Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: HT Mrs. Robinson
Four Cubs male RE 121E
Four Eyes male RE 121A
Four Robinson female RE 121D
Four Rudolph female RE 121F
Four Streaker male RE 121G (adopted MD)

LE 99368 RE 11C

Pat Hart (ON)
Joes Fast Girl (Sophie) female DOB 11/25/01
(NGA Owner: Joe Recher)
Sire: E J's Douglas and Dam: Clare Patch*


Joes A Fixin male

Joes Bad Boy male

Joes Fancy Lady female

Joes Peekaboo male

LE 99358 RE 111A

Mary LaHam AL (ON)
Albion Minnie (Arlie) female DOB 11/9/01
(NGA Owner: James R Tinney)
Sire22: Flying Nepture and Dam: Lodge Lily*

Albion Ellen female RE 111C (Cassie adopted Forest Johns & Gina Ivey?)
Albion Caroline female RE 111B

LE 99221 RE 111F

Mindy Dicken WV,NH,MA (Maryland)
Iruska Lummis (Lummis) male DOB 11/26/01
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Iruska Randi

Iruska Amorosa female
Iruska Cray male
Iruska Kett male
Iruska Quinlan male
Iruska Tirion male

LE 99202 RE 111C

Lesley Tierney (LA)
Paulie (Paulie) male DOB 11/21/01
(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliot)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: E's Sandy
E's Ellie Belly female RE 111A (adopted)
E's Tuff male RE 111B

E's Sparkle female RE 111D

E's Chad male RE 111E
Bobtail Buck male RE 111F

LE 99167 RE 111E

Emily Streich OR (Olympia WA)
Silliness (Leena) female DOB 11/13/01
Sire: Nebraska Rebel and Dam: Love Letter (Maddie adopted by Terri & Karen)

Broken Image female RE 111F
Can't Hardly Wait female RE 111B
Lost Liberty female RE 111D
Probable Cause female RE 111H (adopted)
Violets Tuition female RE 111C

LE 99134 RE 111F

Kat Klinger (Madison WI)
Red Raptor (Roxie) female DOB 11/16/01
(NGA Owner: Frank J Delfino Sr)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Jnb Almost Red

LE 99132 RE 111B

Laura Lovell FL (GA)
RC Desert Secret (Venus) female DOB 11/17/01
(NGA Owner: Harold E Holding)
Sire: JB Junior B and Dam: RC Misty Bluegal

RC Desert Legend female RE 111A

LE 99128 RE 111H

David & Karrie Roberts AZ (San Diego CA)
Emc Mankiller (Keylee) female DOB 11/16/01
(NGA Owner: Emc Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Iruska Excalibur and Dam: Giddyup Belle

Emc Bellesbeauty female
Emc Black Ice male
Emc Duryea male
Emc Echohawk female
Emc Mariah female RE 111E (Mariah adopted by Gayle Burnside AZ)
Emc Matlock male
Emc Skippy male
Emc Tantivy male
Emc Thunderruner male
Giddyupunclegene male

LE 99124 RE 101B
Gale Hollstein (VA) FL
Forbes Amanda (Taylor-Rose) female DOB 10/30/01
(NGA Owner: Forbes Kennel Inc)
Sire: LPD Makers Mark and Dam: Forbes Milkyway
Forbes Annabel female RE 101F
Forbes Grisu male RE 101A
Forbes Michele female RE 101C
Forbes Onix male RE 101D (adopted in FL)
Forbes Jimmy Dee male RE 101E (adopted in VA)

LE 99097 RE 11B

Angela Eubanks AZ (San Diego CA)
Sapo's Lucy (Lucy) female DOB 11/12/01
(NGA Owner: Marcia & Cletus McMurtry)
Sire: Excalibor Sapo and Dam: I'm Hipp

Sapo's Dobbie male
Sapo's Lily female
Sapo's Magic male
Sapo's Snape male
Sapo's Winky female
Sapo's Zoom Zoom male

LE 99093 RE 101?

Praveen Mutalik
Country Proof male DOB 10/13/01
Sire: Greys Flameproof and Dam: Country Tease

(NGA Owner: Diane or Paul Paulk)

Dust Proof female
Fire Proof female
Flame Proof female
He's Proof male
I've Got Proof female
No Proof female
Tease Proof female

LE 99060 RE 111C

June & Charles Henson FL,CT (GA)
Oats King Cab (Courage) male DOB 11/7/01
(NGA Owner: Wayne Sasser or James E Ray)
Sire: Task Naughty Do and Dam: Snaps Run N Bear

Oats Comin Round male
Oats Crispy Bar female
Oats Honey Bun female
Oats Peanut Butter male
Oats Lil Debbie female
Oats Sostar male
Oats Star Crunch female
Oats Swiss Roll female

LE 99043 RE 101B

Diane Kowalewski FL (PA)
Db's Jubilee (Jubilee, Jubee) female DOB 10/01
(NGA Owner: Mildred D Cook)
Sire: Sma's Roccat and Dam: Db's Blackpearls

Db's Sonofroccat male
Db's Clementine female

LE 99016 RE 111B

Nina Howe KS (Calgary, Alberta)
Hunkaburninlove (Dudley) male DOB 11/20/01
Sire: Its Aclevercatch and Dam: Vida Loca

Its Paulas Catch female RE 111A (adopted living in Sunrise FL)

LE 98986 RE 111A

Gloria Ford

RK's Baby Ruth female (Bunny) DOB 11/10/02

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Patched


RK's Payday female
RK's Milkyway male
RK's Kit Kat female
Rk's Reeses male
Makin Mayhem male

LE 98979 RE 71I

Josh & Becca Baker (IL)
Nitro Tb Rifle (Nitro) male DOB 7/2/01
(NGA Owner: Roy M Piper/Thurman Baird)
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Tb Dakota Dancer


Nitro Tab Visa female

Nitro Tb Agent male

Nitro Tb Berka female

Nitro Tb Disco female RE 71D (adopted)

Nitro Tb Jive female

Nitro Tb Kay female

Nitro Tb Radar male

Nitro Tb Video female

LE 98929 RE 111D

FL Ettlin (WV) MD
Drake Duvall (Drake) male DOB 11/5/01
(NGA Owner: Ronald L Williamson)
Sire: Extreme Heat and Dam: Poo Doo
Brazie female
Extreme Case female
Ima Princess female

LE 98795 RE 101B

Robert Denesha CT (CT)

BB's Earlytorise (Nellie) female DOB 10/27/01
(NGA Owner: Pameula K Bullard)
Sire: FMC's Wake Up and Dam: Hydro Daisey

BB's Earlytobed male RE 101A DOD 12/8/04
BB's Healthy female RE 101D
BB's Makes A Man male RE 101C
BB's Wealthy female RE 101F
BB's Wise male RE 101G (Aidan adopted by Brittney Liddic Waxhaw NC)

LE 98651 RE

Hilary Meehan WV (AZ)
Dodge Challenger (Pete) male DOB 10/16/01
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Kansas Shadow


Bunker Buster male

Dodge Hemi male

Kansas Vandal female

Ranco Dodge Dart female

Ranco Kaylee female

Ranco Kimberly female

Ranco Kristina female

Ranco Quick Kate

Special Ops male

LE 98598 RE 101F

Annette Schoelier NH (ON)
B Bailey Ball (Billie Blue) male DOB 10/17/01
(NGA Owner: Betty Carr)
Sire: Old Bailey and Dam: Jamaica June

B Bailey Baby female
B Bailey Boy male
B Baby Doll female
B Bailey Man male
B Bailey Girl female
Jamaica Honey female

LE 98595 RE 101D

Amy Scarsbrook WV (ON)
Abita Bootlegger (Booter) male DOB 10/15/01
(NGA Owner: John J Bladen)
Sire: Kelsos Kingpin and Dam: Abita Tasha

Abita Glide female
Abita Majestic female
Abita Prospect female
Abita Revenuer male
Abita Soft Gold female
Abita Traveler male

LE 98562 RE 101E
Christine Wilson (MA) FL,CT
System Or Ohmy (Mili) female DOB 10/13/01
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: System O Sadie
System Or Oboe female RE 101H
System Or Omar male RE 101D (Omar adopted SC)
System Or Omem female RE 101B (Stella adopted SC – crossed rainbow bridge)
System Or Orvill male RE 101F (adopted FL)
System Or Oster male RE 101A

System Or Otis male RE 101G (Otis adopted SC)

LE 98558 RE 101A

Tom Wolverton (NH) MI
System Br Badun (Sis or Sissy) female DOB 10/14/01
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: System Ax Beauty

System Br Bradly male
System Br Bravo female RE 101D (retired)

LE 98556 RE 101B

Judy Pfaff KS (MT)
Pico's Toronado (Tory) female DOB 10/12/01
(NGA Owner: LJ Pico)
Sire: Kelsos Kingpin and Dam: Flying Neon

Pico's Hurricane female RE 101A (adopted)
Pico's Thunder female RE 101D (retired)
Pico's Tidalwave male RE 101F DOD 4/20/14 (Picot adopted by Charles Armstrong ON)
Pico's Twister female RE 101C (Isabel adopted by David & Wendy Sturn of Helena MT)
Pico's Lightening male RE 101B

LE 98539 RE 81A

Jason & Kim Rinoldo FL (Oshwego NY)
Wz Volcano (Carter) male DOB 8/25/01
(NGA Owner: Edward Zeroski Jr)
Sire: Mocan Try and Dam: Flying Sunday

Wz Avalanche female
Wz Flood female RE 81F (Paige adopted by Jason & Kim)
Wz Hurricane female
Wz Earthquake female
Wz Tornado female
Wz Wildfire female (Willow adopted)

LE 98470 RE 101E

Saundra Sims

KBs Texas Doll (Halah) DOB 10/05/01

Sire: Craigie Glen and Dam: In Good Hands


KBs Big Jake male RE 101H

KBs Big Traffic male RE 101J

KBs Big Wheel male RE 101I

KBs Marilyn M female RE 101A

KBs Pay Back male RE 101F

KBs Peacemaker male RE 101D

KBs Red Dust female RE 101B

KBs Red Heat female RE 101C

KBs Sweet Alice female RE 101G

LE 98455 RE

Telma & Mike Shaw (Oceanside CA)
Cochise Horse (Avi) male DOB 10/10/01
(NGA Owner: Bill Rice)
Sire: Ole Time Is Out and Dam: Ole Lucky Girl

Cochise Arrow male
Cochise Brave male
Cochise Clear female
Cochise Drums male
Cochise Fan female
Cochise Glenda female

LE 98422 RE 101D

Bev Mackie NH, CT (ON)
Cold B Dontease (Tease) female DOB 10/8/01
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Coldwater Tease

(NGA Owner: Georgia Medis or Pameula K Bu)


Cold B Excite male (adopted)

Cold B Fat Free male (adopted)

Cold B Greatscot male

C old B Greatson male

Cold B Holy Scot male

LE 9840 RE 101H

Barb  & Terry Hertlein (Belleville, IL)

Seltic Drive (Seltic) female DOB 10/09/91

Sire: Zambellis and Dam: Susan Peters

(NGA Owner: David L Brooks)


Slingshot Drive male

Seymore Drive male

Shasta Drive female

Sweet Drive female

LE 98382 RE 101I

Telma & Mike Shaw MX (Oceanside CA)
CND Sandstorm (Sophia) female DOB 10/1/01
(NGA Owner: Cynthia L Payne)
Sire: Coldwater Kosko and Dam: CD's Prairie

Cnd Bonafide male
Cnd Briar male
Cnd Fresh Rain female
Cnd Lightfoot male
Cnd Pina Colada female
Cnd Ruf N Ready female
Cnd Desert Storm female
Cnd Sommersby male
Cnd True Colors female
Cnd Wildflower female (Angelfire adopted by Julia Reed La Habra CA)

LE 98380 RE 101D

Diane Grimes VA (VA)
CJ KeepmeinStyle (CJ) female DOB 10/2/01
(NGA Owner: Carolyn J Gray)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Lil Awesome Ann

CJ Annie female
CJ Awesome Dodge male
CJ Justa Swingin female
CJ Lil Ann female
CJ Lil Diamond female
CJ Pretty N Pink female

LE 98360 RE

Amy Salas TX (TX)
Christie's Pride (Christy) female DOB 9/22/01
Sire: Pioneer Pride and Dam: Taylorandtory

(NGA Owner: David K Cottle)


Rgs Candy female

Rgs Sinful female

LE 98324 RE 91E

Tracy McCullough MA (London ON)
M's Jolly Edith (Raven) female DOB 9/27/01
(NGA Owner: Marion W Currier)
Sire: Iruska Excalibur and Dam: M's Jolly Edie

M's Jolly Sara female (Sara adopted by Deborah Luff)

M's Jolly Wilbur male
M's Jolly Roger male
M's Go Sparky Go male
M's Jolly Sam male

LE 98314 RE 91A

Steven Alfond NH (NY)
Dighton Attitude (Sheeba) female Dob 9/29/01
Sire: Tribute To Dad* and Dam: Jamaican Mama

(NGA Owners: Raymond or Carolyn Thurber)


Dighton Courtney female RE 91C

Dighton Dillon male RE 91D

Dighton Encore female RE 91E (Roo adopted in MD)

Dighton Gigi female RE 91G

Dighton Tribute female RE 19B (Tribute adopted in MD)

Frolic female RE 91F

LE 98310 RE 91D

Joy Carlson Sunde

Non Chalk (Allie) female DOB 9/26/01

(NGA Owner: Brad Grabowski)

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Bahama Wanda

LE 98298 RE

Carol Mitchell (AZ)
Bella Dodge (Ferrari) male DOB 10/1/01
(NGA Owner: David T Blair)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Bella Icecream


Bella Destiny female

Bella Decision female

Bella Delirium female

Bella Difference female

Bella Drama female

Bella Dreamer female

LE 98296 RE 91B

Nina Brooks (Kansas)
GLs Blazinwilly (Will) male DOB 9/28/01
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Rio Black Fox

(NGA Owner: Greg & Louise Strong)

GLs Blazinwilma female
GLs Getnwrinkles male
GLs Wiggleworm female

LE 98238 RE 101B

Pamela Monigold WI,IA,TX (IL)
Hilan Boise (Boise) male DOB 10/1/01
Sire: Mankato and Dam: Flying Delta

Hilan Act male
Hilan Chrissy female
Hilan Dana female
Hilan Eli male

LE 98237 RE 91C

Lisa Packard MA (MA)
Kefinn (Rocky) male DOB 9/20/01
(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnell)
Sire: Great Son and Dam: Kitchawa

Naswurk male RE 91B (Mickey adopted by Lisa, MA)
Ziggurett female

LE 98234 RE 91E

Patricia Arel MA,WV (MA)
Iruska Big Jake (Jake) male DOB 9/23/01
Sire: It's A Lucky Deal and Dam: Iruska Guinevere

(NGA Owner: Riggin Racing Inc)

Iruska Flynndogg
Iruska Jaclyn
Iruska Jo Jen
Iruska Slingshot
Iruska Tait
Iruska Zest
Iruska Willow

LE 98218 RE 91F
Ashley Begovich SC) FL
Wong Way Ryan (Scooby Doo) male DOB 9/19/01
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Tricias Honey
Cassidees Honey female RE 91B
Duzyaluvme female RE 91D
Mels Honey female RE 91E
Tricias Dodge female RE 91C
Wong Way Cory male RE 91G (Cory adopted NC)

Wong Way Trevor male RE 91A

LE 98215 RE 91E

Jonathon & Nicole Fleming AZ,KS (San Diego CA)
Seegold Rayne (Rayne) female DOB 9/22/01
(NGA Owner: Phyliss Mangold or Jack See)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Seegold Star

Seegold Acheva female
Seegold Ginger female (adopted)
Seegold Sable female
Seegold Scoobydo male (adopted)

LE 98206 RE 91A

Kelley Campbell NH (DE)
Inkwire (Roth) male DOB 9/21/01
(NGA Owner: WH O'Donnell)
Sire22: Greystatesman and Dam: Rasslass


Akcount male RE 91H (adopted 6/04 MA/MD)

Carlita female RE 91D

Encina female RE 91C (adopted PA)

Halakwen female RE 91E (adopted)

Jaciro female RE 91F

Neldoor male RE 91B

Yurena female RE 91G

LE 98205 RE

Tiffany Harden FL
Fly Bye Todd male 9/01
(NGA Owner: Alton Thomas)
Sire: Fortress and Dam: Oneco Sky
Fly Bye Brody male (adopted Bailey family)
Fly Bye Jackson male
Fly Bye Ms Emma female
Fly Bye Peggy female (adopted)
Fly Bye Roxie female
Fly Bye Virginia female
Fly Bye Shelby female

LE 98190 RE 91A

Pat Prentice WI (Ont)
Devie's Whistler (Mr "Beau" Jangles) male DOB 9/24/01
(NGA Owner: Mary MacKey)
Sire: Bean Brewer and Dam: Winter Sprinter

Devie's Kamloops male (adopted)
Devie's Nova Scotia female (adopted)

LE 98181 RE 91I

Tonya Au (CT,FL) MS
Scatillac Itildo (Itildo) male DOB 9/18/01
(NGA Owner: Randy Caskey)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Cash Surge

Scatillac Flop female RE 91F
Scatillac Cash female RE 91C
Scatillac Hiball female RE 91H (adopted in TN)
Scatillac Ozzie male RE 91A
Scatillac Pudge male RE 91D
Scatillac Revamp female RE 9G (adopted Evansville IN)
Scatillac Rocker female RE 91E (retired)
Scatillac Surge female RE 91B

LE 98148 RE 71E

Lynda Montgomery FL (NC)
HM Adeline (Jasmine) female DOB 7/19/01
(NGA Owner:  Jed Cardel)
Sire:  Tobacco Road and Dam:  Gypsy Hope

Cad's Gone Wild male
Cad's Qban Cigar male
Hm Agata female
Sheesh female

LE 98105 RE 91A

Irene Ullmann NH (NJ)
Woo Woo Canoe (Paul) male DOB 9/6/01
(NGA Owner: Carl Sarney or Arthur Fo)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Billy Sue Canoe


Dont Talk To Me male

Koo Koo Canoe female

There Goes Fifty male

Yoo Hoo Canoe female

LE 98093 RE 81E

Greyhound Friends of the Gulf Coast AL (LA)
Steeler Fan Jan female DOB 8/28/01
(NGA Owner: Haven Williams or Greg Laird)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Mesa Marolsimage


Dead Wait female (adopted)

Lou Tenant male (Lou adopted SC?)

Luke Skybarker male (adopted)

B Reasonable male

Sha Jar Vigar female

My Cuban Boy male (adopted)

Malibu Blue male (adopted)

Mesa Proud Mary female (Amy adopted VA)

Boogity Roban female

LE 98087 RE 91D

Shannon Talanca FL (PA)
Vs Jake D (Jake) male DOB 9/12/01
(NGA Owner: Vincent Harold Scott)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: My T Winnie

My T Bubba Lee male
My T Fleeta Foot female (Petey The Girl adopted by Dave Rossetti & Jan Avent, CA)
My T Shiney female
Vs Scammer male
Vs Shoutaboutit male

LE 98070 RE 101D

Mark Moran FL (PA)
Lonesome Lambert (Lambert) female DOB 9/20/01
(NGA Owner: Edward J Zeroski Jr)
Sire: Betty N Ed and Dam: Greys Eruption

Lady Lambert female
No Doubt Lambert female
Silent Lambert male (adopted)
Spunky Lambert male RE 91A (adopted by Stan Cowherd Jr Nashville)

LE 98065 RE 91A

Beckie Licwinko NH (PA)
Phoebe James (Phoebe) female DOB 9/18/04
(NGA Owner: Beckie & Ken Licwinko)
Sire: Ardon Tailor and Dam: Dime Or Dollar

Rusty James male (adopted by Beckie, PA)
Brady James male
Danny James male
George James male
Joey James male
Randy James male (adopted MA)

LE 98008 RE 91A

Kelly McKiney (MO)
Reuniting (Maddy) female DOB 10/13/01
(NGA Owner: Wayne Strong)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Flying Ringneck

Reluctant female RE 91C (adopted by Kathy Culvert)


LE 9800 RE 91D

Steven Phillips WI (Chicago IL)

Frenchie Zoo (Frenchie) female DOB 9/28/91 DOD 5/17/04

Sire: Uncle Albert and Dam: Peggy Zoo

(NGA Owner: Ione Sender)


Albert Zoo male

Clinton Zoo male

Miranda Zoo female

Thadius Zoo male

LE 97998 RE 91D

Connie King CT (PA)
System Wc Helen (Helen) female DOB 7/11/01 DOD 3/17/09
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels, Inc)
Sire: System Carl and Dam: Wright Hedge

System Wc Carl male
System Wc Hally female
System Wc Hedge female (adopted Penny)

System Wc Helga female (adopted Penny)

System Wc Holly female

LE 97997 RE

Mark St. Onge AZ (AZ)
KC Wilda Loise (Dusty) female DOB 9/12/01
(NGA Owner: Pam Hamilton)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Yellowstone Lucy

KC Quiet Wyat male
KC Waldo male
KC Widow Wings female RE 91B
KC Wine Spirit female
KC Winters Day female
KC Witchy female

LE 97991 RE 91C

Sue Redensek WI (IL)
Miss Print (Snow) female DOB 9/6/01
(NGA Owner: Gary L Baish)
Sire: Grenade and Dam: Ozark Duchess

Arf Linkletter male
Count Barkula male
Deficit Spending male
Miss Cue female
Miss Fit female
No Free Lunch male
Tax Cut male
Ty Tack male

LE 97971 RE 91C

Denise Mabie FL (VA)
Ctw Motorcade (Jay) male DOB 9/4/01
(NGA Owner: David R Peck)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Cullina Moth*

Ctw Century Moth male
Ctw In Motion male
Ctw Monorail male
Ctw More Please female
Ctw Moth Proof male
Ctw Motocross male
Ctw Motor Mouth female

LE 97969 RE 91A

Carrie Caldewey OR,CO (CA)
Rt's Ecstacy (Meritage) female DOB 9/01
(NGA Owner: Julia E Traphagan)
Sire: Mankato and Dam: Switzler Scurry

Rt's First Try female RE 91C (adopted)
Rt's Long Shot male RE 91D (Kramer adopted by Brin Bassetti CO)
Rt's Nipper female RE 91E
Rt's Trapper male RE 91B

Switzler Trap male RE 91F

LE 97935 RE 71B

Sheryl Clouse WI (MN)
Zipalong (Zippy) female DOB 7/11/01
(NGA Owner: David Cahill)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: TK Jig

Ada Jig female
Zoo Girl female
Jigs Girl Female
Dona Jig Female

LE 97927 RE 91D

Diane Canfield NH (MA)
Onaim Excalibur (Sonny) male DOB 9/7/01
(NGA Owner: Miano Greyhound Racing Kennel)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Rough Diamond

Bohemian Come In male RE 91F
Bohemian Embrace female RE 91H
Bohemian Howdy male RE 91G
Bohemian Salute female RE 91E
Dowry O Diamonds female RE 91B
Onaim Diamonique female  RE 91C

LE 97917 RE 61B

Kelly Boncodin MX (CA)
Hero Spirit (Jack) male DOB 6/25/01
(NGA Owner: Michael L Elfel)
Sire: Dot's Tweety and Dam:  R U Ms Kim B

Dickinson Digity female

Hometown Dolly female

John Boy male

Sweet Abilene female

Jim Earl Walker male

LE 97865 RE 81F

Lesley Tierney AL (Slidell, LA)
Haven Is A Movin (Movin) male DOB 8/20/01
(NGA Owner: Haven D Williams)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: SW Movin Lady

Aushegun Octane male RE 81C (Octane adopted by Lesley Tierney, Slidell, LA)
Boogieb male RE 81D
BW American Idol male RE 81A
Haven's Hotsalsa male RE 81E (adopted in LA DOD 7/9/06)
Aushegun Olympia female RE 81B (Abigail adopted by Carol Rockhold Shoemaker, St Bernard Parish, LA)
Lady Slammer female RE 81H
Sweet Tater female RE 81G

LE 97817 RE 81B

Kathy & Jeff Bocsi NH (Toronto ON)
VS Black Baron (Bacchus) male DOB 8/29/01
(NGA Owner: Vincent Harold Scott)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Red Lady Falcon

VS Lady female (Winnifred adopted Cookstown, ONT; DOD 2/07)
VS Duchess female RE 81A (adopted ?)

LE 97805 RE 91C

Gil Caldwell CT (VA)
Rebs Dimples (Dimples) female DOB 9/3/01
(NGA Owner: RE Humes)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Rebs Carol


Rebs Brook female RE 91H

Rebs Edsel (Edsel) male RE 91D (adopted Essex, ONT)

Rebs Flame female RE 91F

Rebs Nash (Nash) male RE 91E (adopted by Barry Niccolai Pittsburgh PA)

Rebs Paper Doll female RE 91B

Rebs Plymouth male RE 91G

LE 97769 RE 71C

Mindy & Bill Norris AZ (WA)

PAs Dreamcatch (Sydney) female DOB 7/30/01

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)

Sire: Lochinar Chief and Dam: Arjo Braddycake


PAs Dreamweaver female

PAs Spicy Hot female

PAs Sugar Cake female

PA's Tiger male

LE 97738 RE 91C

Lil Tydings NH (MD)
Gemstone (Olivia "Gemstone") female DOB 9/0/01
(NGA Owner: Tydings)
Sire: Great Son and Dam: Elvina
Arebit male RE 91D (Scheafer adopted MD)
Lakia female RE 91G (Virginia Lakia adopted by Lil Tydings)
Orzick male (adopted)
Tchula female

LE 97685 RE 81D

Sue Schrock CT (NJ)
Yopon Blue Boy (Blue Boy) male DOB 8/1/01 DOD 1/16/09
(NGA Owner: Lee Morton)
Sire: Visa Trip and Dam: Yopon Sillytrain


Yopon Stacey female

LE 97665 RE

Amy L Sheneman (Cazenovia NY)
Primary Outlet (Beau) male DOB 8/25/01

(NGA Owner: Clayton J Black)

Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Flying McBride

Digital Doc male
Gift Of Gold female
Golden Showcase male (Turismo adopted by Erin Rae Smith, Wayland MI)
Im Pretty female
Local Access female
McBrides Pride male
She's A Bride female

LE 97631 RE 71G

Beth Buning FL (MI)
Touch N Win (Lolita) female DOB 7/12/01
(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)
Sire: Golden Trader and Dam: Puzzled Look

Brindle Winner male
Goldenwinner female
Hidden Tears female
Jagged Puzzle male

LE 97630 RE 81A

Caroline Vogt CT (PA)
Little Patsy (Sabrina) female DOB 8/6/01
(NGA Owner: Dan Ryan)
Sire: Old Bailey and Dam: Nodak Kool Kitty

Royal Spin male RE 81F (Roy adopted by Judith Brindley, NY NY)
Safari Hunter male RE 81E DOD 3/04 (Safari adopted by John Crane)
Kool Bailey female RE 81C
New Game female RE 81D (Daisy adopted by Norma Kelly NJ)
Old Kitty female RE 81B (Kitty adopted by Deb Kuttroff PA)

LE 97621 RE 81E

Hope Shultz FL (VA)
Jnb Apple Butter (Butter) female DOB 8/18/01
(NGA Owner: Joyce L Burford)
Sire: Rage of Fury and Dam: Apalachicola

Jnb Apple Cake female
Jnb Apple Cider male
Jnb Apple Core male
Jnb Apple Gate female (retired)
Jnb Apple Jack male
Jnb Apple Peel male
Jnb Apple Rotten male
Jnb Apple Sauce female
Jnb Apple Seed female

LE 97566 RE 81G

Cindy McNealy KS,FL (MD)

In A While (Zoe) female DOB 8/21/01
(NGA Owner: Mavis Olson or Robert Cross)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Still Steamed

In A Twinkle female RE 81A (Beezus adopted in Chicago IL)

Itsa Crisscross male RE 81E
Itsa Lady in Red female RE 81C (adopted in Chicago IL)

Itsa Land Ofgold male RE 81F
Itsa Stalker male RE 81B
Itsa Steadyfredy male RE 81D (adopted in Chicago IL)

LE 97559 RE 81E

Cynthia Wilber NH (MD)
PS Katie (Katie) female DOB 8/18/01
(NGA Owner: Patricia G Stover)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: She She

Dora female RE 81D
Toro female RE 81C

LE 97542 RE 81B

Michelle Caillet WV (AZ)
Slatex Shake-It (Riley) male DOB 8/15/01
(NGA Owner: George H Harlan)
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Slatex Shakemeup

Slatex Ann female RE 81I
Slatex Clay male RE 81E (adopted)
Slatex Gerald male RE 81A
Slatex Norman male RE 81G
Slatex Patricia female RE 81D
Slatex Rider male RE 81C
Slatex Sandrina female RE 81H (adopted in MI)
Slatex Take male RE 81F (Taker in CO)

LE 97537 RE 81A

Richard & Elise Woolfort (MO)
Crystal B Fast (Romeo) male DOB 8/19/01
Sire: Crystal Firelite and Dam: Crystal Bermuda

Crystal B Alert female (adopted)
Crystal B Breezy female (adopted)
Crystal B Free female (adopted)
Crystal B Quick (adopted)
Crystal B Rapid  male (adopted)
Crystal B Snappy (adopted)
Crystal B Speedy female
Crystal B Swift  male

LE 97506 RE 81C

Amy Luka NH,MA,FL (Glen Ridge NJ)
Blazing Sam (Sam) male DOB 8/9/01
NGA Owner: Charles H Sabanty)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Blazing Charm

Blazing Bliss female RE 81A
Blazing Casey male RE 81E
Blazing Colin male RE 81B
Blazing Dylan male RE 81D
Blazing Sara female RE 81F

LE 97462 RE 81E

Kelly Murphy AZ,MX (CA)
MLF Sea Biscuit (LilyBird) female DOB 8/17/01
(NGA Owner: Michael L Foster)
Sire: WDS Secreteriat and Dam: WDS Honor Dog

MLF Fast Gas male
MLF Good to Go female
MLF Parliament male
MLF Sir Fin male
MLF Such a Doc male

LE 97455 RE 81B

Therese Skinner FL (MO)

Patrick Martin male (Patrick, Sidewinder or Sidey) DOB 8/14/01
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam:  Nitro Feistycurl 
(NGA Owner:  David F Cahill Breeder:  Alan Piper)
Molly Bawn female RE 81D (died)
Nitro Oh So Hot female RE 81F
Nitro Perky female RE 81E
Nitro Slinky female RE 81C
Nitro Vortex male RE 81A

LE 9746 RE

Mike Cipolla  (Groveport, OH)
Quasky Axl (Axl) male Whelped: 9/28/91

Dam: Fanci Staci and Sire: Rockin' Rock
(NGA Owner: KD Sherrets, Jr)

Quasky Buy Bill male
Quasky Lauren female
Quasky Muppet female
Quasky Sela female
Quasky Spitfire female
Quasky StarJohn Trek male
Quasky Winston male

LE 97445 RE 81C

Sondra Kalcevic TX (CO)
GS Lynette (Abby) female DOB 8/11/01
(NGA Owner: Gary M. Or Sharon L Willis)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Tv Kirby K

Gs Julie female RE 81A (adopted)
Gs Katie female RE 81B (adopted CO)

LE 97418 RE 81E

Malinda Scott CO (CO)
El Sandra (Sandy) female DOB 8/2/01
(NGA Owner: Elly Limmer)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: New Penn Pals

El Arnold male RE 81F
El Cassy female RE 81C
El Monica female RE 81A (adopted in CO)

LE 97381 RE 81A

Abbey Zap FL,AR (FL)
Matthew Edgar (Matthew) male DOB 8/1/01
(NGA Owner: Johnny Hartsfield)
Sire: Show The Way and Dam: Abita Simon
Cassiopeia female RE 81F
Chris the Fish  male RE 81G
Full Afterburner male RE 81C
Ladylike Kyra female RE 81B (adopted in MI)
Letmetellyouwhat male RE 81H (adopted in NC)
Littlebitokelly female RE 81E
Longneck Bud male RE 81I
Touch the Earth female RE 81D

LE 97363 RE 71B

Courtney Lucas (CO)
GM Mr Gardan (Kamin) male DOB 7/23/01
(NGA Owner: Garry F Mace)
Sire: Just Cause and Dam: Beams Sun Dance

GM Beverly Speed female
GM Corina female
GM Doc Collins male

GM Fast Jordan male
GM Miss Penny female
GM Speedway male

LE 97350 RE 71F

Nancy Wright-Korhonen WV (Ontario)
Rc Masquerade (Max) male DOB 7/31/01
(NGA Owner: Roger W Cummings)
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Holland Ila

Boo Lite Special male
Clb Adidas Lee male
Clb Sunshine Ila female
Mc Gallant Guy male
Rm Rock Ola female

LE 97333 RE 81I

Hillary Kalis FL,AL (Duluth GA)
Cash Allowance (Lucy) female DOB 8/4/01
(NGA Owner: David Robinette)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Misirlou

Escape The Crowd male RE 81F

Get the Scoop male RE 81B
Material Gain female RE 81D (adopted)
Propelled to Win male RE 81E
Rare Idea male RE 81A (adopted by Jonathan Trapp GA)
Sharin Tradition male RE 81H
So What If It Is male RE 81C
What Do You Have male RE 81G

LE 97331 RE

J Wagar CO (Alberta)
Blitz Princess (Tansi) female DOB 8/10/01
(NGA Owner: Don C Godby)
Sire: Epic Prince and Dam: Leta's Blitz

Clover Princess female
Epic Attitude male
Epic Blitz male
Epic Blur male
Leta's Epic male
Ricky Foxx male

LE 97319 RE 71B

Mandy Crabill AR (AR)
Chachi Moran (Duchess) female DOB 7/15/01
(NGA Owner: Bobby Henry)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Cloud Drifter

Rb's Sinba Star female (Zinda adopted by Michelle Giesey)

LE 97306 RE 101H

Nina Brooks (KS)

Pa's Rachel Bug female DOB 8/6/01

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Rachel's Ladybug


Bks Rush Hour

Bks Santana


Pa's Bug Man

Pa's Dragon Fly

Pa's June Bug

Pa's Lady Molly

Pa's Lady Mov

Pa's Molly Bug

Rapid Ray

LE 97303 RE 81A

Jon Marek AZ (San Diego CA)
Four to Score (Score) male DOB 8/6/01
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Even Flow Glow

Bottom Line Bid male
Glitter female
Joe Somebody male
Miss Fired female
Miss Judgement female

LE 97285 RE 81G

Tammy Adams-Keller TX (TX)
Oban Asmodeus (Simon) male DOB 8/1/01
(NGA Owner: Stonehaven Racing)
Sire: Light of Fire and Dam: Great Cheer

Notable Nicole female RE 81D
Oban Effigy female RE 81F (adopted TX)
Oban Fierna female RE 81B (adopted TX)
Obie's Fire male RE 81C (adopted by Kerri King TX)
Princess Amy female RE 81E
Serendipity Fire female RE 81A

LE 97259 RE 81I
Teresa Luther CO (Cupertino, CA)

CRRI Ivanhoe (Ivan) male DOB 8/1/01

Sire: Pat C Cloudburst and Dam: CRRI Carmen

(NGA Owner: Clifford L Robins)


Crri Burnin It male RE 81B (adopted)

Drri Encore male RE 81E

Crri Game male RE 81G

Crri Hunter male RE 81H

I Challenge U male RE 81C

In A Frenzie male RE 81F

Scremon Demon male RE 81D

LE 97254 RE 81H

Terri Jacobson (OR)
Sandhill Sara (Talley) female DOB 8/4/01
Sire: Starlight Casey and Dam: Starlight Jean

Pnp's Alfey male RE 81C
Sandhill Benny male RE 81E (Benny adopted by Jasonis Family)
Sandhill Cosmo male RE 81A
Sandhill Danny male RE 81G (adopted)
Sandhill Max male RE 81D
Sandhill Saunte male RE 81B
Sandhill Sybil female RE 81I (Nevaeh adopted)

LE 97246 RE 71A

Valerie DeLisle FL (DE)
Fanatic Amonita (Mia) female DOB 7/17/01
(NGA Owner: Francis Bogus)
Sire: Flying Oak-iu and Dam: Shongum Saviour*

Fanatic Elmo male (adopted by Lisa & Scott Lyon WV)
Fanatic Crystal female (Anna adopted by Karen Cavanaugh DE)
Fanatic Beat female
Fanatic Frenzy male

LE 97221 RE 81A

Diane Priggemeier AZ (CO)
Bow Ironman (Dantw) male DOB 8/3/01
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Mystic Storm

DV's Hen Pecked male RE 81F
DV's Peggy female RE 81B (Peggy adopted in KY)
DV's Toto male RE 81D (adopted)
Kgb Starfire Ed male RE 81E (Ed adopted in KY)

LE 97183 RE 71B

Lauren & Scott Graham AZ (Maricopa AZ)
Hyuall (Shelby) female DOB 7/20/01
(NGA Owner: Sandra Gray)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Coldwater Mesa

Feltatingle male
Gottabegone female
Justamoonbeam female
Justamoondance male
Notnecessarilyso female
Allniteallrite female

LE 97151 RE 71C

Laurie Christian CO (CO)
Ogallala Sleeper (Cabby) male DOB 7/21/01
(NGA Owner: Clark Anderson)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Ogallala Bones

Ogallala Casino male RE 71D
Ogallala Nugget male RE 71E
Ogallala Stars male RE 71A

LE 97110 RE 71A

Kathy Johnson FL (IN)
KD El Dorado male DOB 7/23/01
(NGA Owner: Kim or Deb Lafuse)

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Greys Frolic


KD Conquistador male
KD El Diego male
KD Bandit male
KD Brandi female
KD Brigadier male
KD Britni female
KD Diamond male
KD El Matador male
KD Mr Clean male

LE 97101 RE 81B

Leah Standard FL (San Francisco CA)
PHX Downtown (Carmen) female DOB 8/1/01
(NGA Owner: Dennis Thornton)
Sire: Flying Oak-iu and Dam: Marborus Ninya

Phx Dee Ceet male
Phx Dee Nyal male
Phx Doanstop male
Phx Dolcevita female
Phx Dollarbill male
Phx Doubletake male (adopted)
Phx Dr. Phil male
Phx Dru male

LE 97087 RE 71D

Kelleen & Stephen Stinis AZ (Vista CA)
AC Galaxy Evader (Evie) female DOB 7/26/01
(NGA Owner: Angelo Or Christine Tedeschi)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: AC Grand Tara

AC Galaxy Echo female
AC Galaxy Ember female
AC Galaxy Eraser male

LE 97061 RE 71B

Stacey Richardson (WA)
Jnb Leading Star (Gracie) female DOB 7/28/01

Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Jnb Lilcontessa

(NGA Owner: Joyce L Burford)


Jnb Legal Power female

Jnb Legendoftime male

Jnb Lil Bitty female

Jnb Luck Has It male

LE 97015 RE 71A

Jennifer & Jeffrey (Tabernacle NJ)

Nitas Wild Rose (Rose) female DOB 7/21/01

(NGA Owner: Nita Smiley)

Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Nitas Faith


Nitas Bign Ugly male RE 71F

Nitas Caddo female RE 71B

Nitas Run Ruby female RE 71D (Ruby adopted)

Nitas Whitegold female

LE 96988 RE

Mary Ann Tueth

Universalstudios female DOB 7/01

Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Leg Of Tam

(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)


Busch Gardens male (adopted FL)

Cypress Gardens female

Marieland female

Sea World female

Walt Disneyworld male

Ww Silversprings female

LE 96944 RE 71E

Teresa Voorhees KS (WA)
JNB Happy Hound (Max) male DOB 7/18/01
(NGA Owner: Joyce Burford- JNB Kennel)
Sire: JNB Flash Back and Dam: JNB Hard Willed

JNB Happy Champ male
JNB Happy Jack male
JNB Happy Face female

JNB Happy Home female

LE 96925 RE

Lenora Conlon NH (NY)
Dutch Presto (Presto) male DOB 7/15/01
(NGA Owner: Herb Koerner)
Sire:  WD's Early Lad and Dam: Dutch Benita

Dutch Domingo male
Dutch Mercy female
Dutch Neva female
Dutch Pagosa female

LE 96912 RE 71E

Marilyn Williams MA (Rhode Island)
Kerryhills Mint (Reese) female DOB 7/16/01
(NGA Owner: Daniel P Ryan)
Sire: Chick's  Racey and Dam: Epard Sal


Kerryhills Bell female (adopted by Linda & Steve Fanning)

Kerryhills Charm male

Kerryhills Dream female

Kerryhills Spell female

LE 96910 RE 71C

Chrissy Burdette FL (NJ)

Ramin Lad male DOB 7/16/01

(NGA Owner: Michael DeSouza)

Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Petticoat Parton


Bar K Peanut female

Bar K Petulant female

Jackie Lad male

Sim Dugan male

Special Shaker female

LE 96894 RE 71D

Gail Fons NH (MA)
Kees Uncatchable (Aero) male 7/4/01
(NGA Owner: Donna J McKee)
Sire: It's a Clever Catch
Dam: Darlin Dori

Kees Dori Catch female
Luxor Belladona female
Luxor Big Daddy male

LE 96876 RE 71D

Sherry Hester FL (MO)
Blues Chaser (Chaser) male DOB 7/20/01
(NGA Owner: John Dalton)
Sire: Randy Handy and Dam: Asley's Answer

Been There male
Any Wonder female
Forgotten Song male (adopted TX)
Gear Shiftin male
Got It female
Comin On Fast male
Had Enough male
I'm On The Go male (adopted TX)
Melting Away female
Radar Lover male (adopted TX)

LE 96789 RE 71D

Susannah Cooper MA (Tunisia)
Prime Directive (Prime) male DOB 7/14/01
(NGA Owner: Symbioun Farms)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Star of Spring

Dilithium female
Evasive Tactic male
Forward Shield female
Impulse Drive female
Phased Array female
Plasma Conduit male
Space Time Rift male

LE 96779 RE 71G

Jacqueline Gaithe (CO)
Madison Square Garden (Madison) female DOB 7/15/01
(NGA Owner: Jacqueline Gaithe)
Sire: Less Gravity and Dam: Her Chevy Escort

KGB Chevys Boy male RE 71B (adopted by Andrea Weaver AR)
KGB Escorts Last female RE 71D
KGB Final Escort female RE 71E
Sassy Remark female RE 71F
Sly Joker male RE 71C
Trickster male RE 71A

LE 96741 RE 51A

Sharon Bacon WV (NC)
JR'S Francesca (Francesca) female DOB 5/1/01
(NGA Owner:  Rick D Bartley)
Sire:  Fortress* and Dam: Infectious Grove

JR'S Fargo

JR'S Freddie
Tenacious D

LE 96740 RE 71C

Lynn Chatham FL (NC)
Kaq I Win Again (Winnie) female DOB 7/2/01

(NGA Owner: KA kid Quinney)

Sire: Whytell Bocephus and Dam: Whytell Pinky


Kaq Bet On Me female

Kaq Good To Go male

Kaq All Around male

Kaq Miss Rodeo female

Kaq Moving On female

Kaq On The Move female

Kaq Us Marines male

Kaq Why No Me female

Kaq Why Tell You female

Kaq You Tell Me male

Kaq Chestypuller male

LE 96686 RE 71D

Carri Story (Montgomery) (NC)
Ftk Breakout (Guinness) male DOB 7/7/01
(NGA Owner: Steve M Sarras)
Sire: Chick's Racey and Dam: Kiowa Pixy Reed


Ftk Frogger female RE 71A (Cacey adopted by Steve & Carla)

Ftk Jungle Hunt male RE 71B

Ftk Pitfall female RE 71E (retired)

Ftk Turtle Power female RE 71C

Ftk Zelda female RE 71F (Zelda adopted by L & Jenner) DOD 8/15/05

LE 96682 RE 71A

Troy & Laura Hendrickson AZ (CA)
Ali Doll (Gracie) female DOB 7/4/01

(NGA Owner: F D Bunner)
Sire: Grenade and Dam: Dave S Jugete

Ali Gumball female
Braxton Fasttrack male (last race Dec 4/04)
Braxton Lockout female
Braxton Trakter male
Haileys Candle female
Haleys Dancer female

LE 96654 RE

Diane Krall Iowa (OH)

Quasky Zor Fran (Fran) female DOB 7/1/01
(NGA Owner: Kenneth Sherrets Jr)
Sire: Mankato and Dam: Zor Jumper


Quasky Zor Cliff male

Quasky Zor Flow female (adopted by Jennifer Roen Arena WI)

Quasky Zor Sammi male

Quasky Zor Tiny female (Miss Tiny adopted in Dublin OH)

Quasky Garlic female

Quasky Heater female

Quasky Paula Gar female

Quaskychucksimon male

LE 96649 RE 71A

Carol Scarpino Iowa (OH)
JBL's Chevy (Chevy) male DOB 7/4/01
(NGA Owner: Lorber or Henry)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Speedo Sweetie

JBL's Dodge male
JBL's Kia female
JBL's Lovebug female
JBL's Mustang male
JBL's Nova male
JBL's Vette male

LE 96602 RE 61C

Mischa McGehee FL (NC)
Rr Bye Bye John Heath male DOB 6/21/01
(NGA Owner: Richard Reel)
Sire: Kiowa Tina John and Dam: Sit By Me

Rr Really John male
Rr Sound Effects male
Rr Special Dash male
Rr Te Fair Bear female

LE 96555 RE 71B
LaRi Liberty (MO) KS
TJ's Eisenhower (Hunter) male DOB 7/4/01
(NGA Owner: James A Fischer)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: TJ's Sweetpeach
TJ's Firecracker female RE 71A
TJ's Patton male RE 71D

TJ's Skyrocket female RE 71C

LE 96542 RE

Kathy Norris (Edmonton,Alberta)

(NGA Owner: Ricky D Jones)

Sire: Twilite Reward and Dam: Honeys Moving On

HJ's Forty West DOB 6/28/01


Hj's Forty East female
Honeys Reward female

Rhf Black Honey male

Rhf Racey Stacey female

Twilite Harpo male (adopted living in MI)

Twilite Sweet male (adopted living in MI)

Twilite Tote male

Twilite Tyner male

LE 96538 RE 61C

Kathy Claycomb MA (NY)
Bb's Mrs Caring (Cari Elizabeth) female DOB 6/27/01
(NGA Owner: Pameula K Bullard)
Sire: My Mr Peabody and Dam: BB's Spinett

Bb's Mrs. Anybody female RE 61A (adopted in TN?)
Bb's Ms Busibody female RE 61B
Bb's Master Ed male RE 61E (Adopted by Steven M Beare)
Bb's Mr. Firmbody male RE 61F
Bb's Mr. Goodbody male RE 61G
Bb's Mr. Hardbody male RE 61H (Scooby adopted living in Canada )

LE 96526 RE 71F

Marie Hershkowitz

(Pearl) female DOB 7/2/01

(NGA Owner: Carol Cassady)

Sire: Giles Blues and Dam: Brookes Ginger


Brookes Zack male

Brookes Zippy male

Just Love Them male

My Niece Shannon female

LE 96523 RE 71A

Jennifer Schraub TX (TX)

CWT Buffalo Bill (Bilbo) male DOB 7/1/01

(NGA Owner: David R Peck)

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Satharn Fantasy*


CTW Buffalo Robe male

CTW Buffalo Gal female

LE 96443 RE 61C

Connie Hilker FL (VA)
Forbes Nakdaniel (Daniel) male DOB 6/21/01
(NGA Owner: Forbes Kennels)
Sire: Nak for Running and Dam: Forbes Tortuga

Forbes Naktravis male
Forbes Sammy male

LE 96439  RE 51B
Jill Bailey (TX)
C's Sky High male 5/8/01
(NGA Owner: Paul E Carbonneau)
Sire: Ab High Hope and Dam: D's Anna

C's High Babe female
C's High Five female
C's High Fred male
C's High Gal female
C's High Rock male

LE 96434 RE 61I

Kelly Willeford WI (IL)
I Isa Brown Fast (Brownie) male DOB 6/24/01
(NGA Owner: Michael Laskey)
Sire: Jerry Quarry and Dam: Bombers A Flyer

Two Mist Fist female
Tom Patterson male
Seven Behind Me male (adopted)
Sam Occino male
Random Flyer male
No Eight Count male
Key Babe female
Justa Blackflash male
Executive Style male

LE 96430 RE 61E

Jeannine Colpritt KS,FL (ME)

Its Patchwork (Butterscotch) female DOB 6/26/01
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)
Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: Its Natures Call


Its Black Night male RE 61C

Its Dynamic female RE 61A

Its Obilivious male RE 61D

Its Ebony Nite female RE 61F

Its One More female RE 61H

Its Overlay female RE 61G

LE 96415 RE

Kathy Shaiken FL (FL)
Sunday Break (Butterscotch Sundae) female DOB 6/25/01
(NGA Owner: H Hal Gill)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Westmead Fancy

Bill Collector male

Congaree Classic male

Emblem Of War male

Include male

No Boundaries male

Sunday Creek female

LE 96355 RE 61C

Kristin Fiebelkorn TX (TX)
Froggy (Froggy) female DOB 6/24/01
(NGA Owner: John Bassett)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Helena Hopper

Jun M Absolute male
Streakin Gal female
Tupelo male

LE 96353 RE 61F

Pat Gambatese (KS)

Bell Walker female DOB 6/20/01

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Rodeo Kelly


Herky female RE 61E

Joe Bob Walker male RE 61A (Jester in Seattle)

Joe James Walker male RE 61C

Lil Kelly Walker male RE 61D

Rebecca Walker female RE 61B (retired)

LE 96351 RE 61D

Iva English FL (TN)
Lnl Everywhere (Wycheck) male DOB 6/23/01
(NGA Owner: William Luksetich)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Mesa Camino

Lnl Run To You male
Lnl Amazed male
Lnl Its Not Easy female
Lnl Sun Goes Dow male

Lnl Sun Goesdown male

LE 96338 RE 61E

Wayne & Mary Jo (Jome) WI (WI)
Rc Emma Jean (Lexie) female DOB 6/26/01
(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
Sire: Flying Oak-IU and Dam: Rojo Cup

Rc Amelia female
Rc Carabella female
Rc Diamond female
Rc Fine Line male
Rc Hummer male

LE 96322 RE 61D

Mike Horan (IL)
Keystone Lays (Peanut) female DOB 6/24/01
(NGA Owner: Gail Creed)
Sire: Its Aclevercatch and Dam: Mohican Platinum


Keystone Cheetos female

Keystone Doritos fmelae

Keystone Fritos male

Keystone Funyun male

Keystone Pringle male

Keystone Ruffles female

Keystone Tostito female

LE 96305 RE 61C

Lenora Conlon NH (NY)

Sable Doc (Wyatt) male DOB 6/16/01

(NGA Owner: Robert L Seder)

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Gts Hastypudden


Sable Captain Male

Sable Gopher male

Sable Isaac male

Sable Julie female

LE 96304 RE 81D

Diane Grimes VA (VA)
Fly Baby Dodge (Dodge) male DOB 6/17/01
(NGA Owner: Charles Franklin)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Kelso's Pamela

CF's Beancounter male

LE 96289 RE 51D

Steve Reed KS/VA (KY)

PA's Daley Truth (Daley) female DOB 5/27/01

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)

Sire: Pa's Daley Flyer and Dam: Kc True Value


Pa's Caseyflyer female

Pa's So Valuable female

Pa's True Flyer female

LE 96282 RE 61A

Joanne Steffen FL,CT (CT)
Where's Bronztoy (Skylar) female DOB 6/22/01
(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Sire: Lauren Tide and Dam: No Boy's Toy


Wheres Brasstoy male RE 61F

Wheres Goldtoy female RE 61D

Wheres Rustytoy male RE 61C

Wheres Shinytoy female RE 61B

Wheres Tintoy female RE 61E (Mocha adopted by Susan & Lori Pescick-Pierro, NY)

LE 96259 RE 61F

Patricia Howes KS (MO)
JNB Dandy Dan (Danny) male DOB 6/14/01
(NGA Owner: Joyce L Buford)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: JNB Dark Dreamer

JNB Dash For Fun male
JNB Domino male
JNB Dooley male
JNB Dime A Dance female
JNB Dirt Rich male

LE 96251 RE 61G

Sharon Bacon FL (NC)
B Mac's Canasta (Canasta) female DOB 6/17/01

(NGA Owner:  Pauline McMillan)

Sire:  Fortress* and Dam:  Easy Ellie

B Mac's Game Boy
B Macs Holecard
B Mac's Joker
B Macs Pitch
B Macs Poker
B Macs Showdown
B Macs Solitair

LE 96237 RE 61A

Judy Wood FL (CO)
Hit Man Joe (Josie) female DOB 6/18/01
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Cb Sports Babe

Coach Irv male RE 61B
Ja Opening Shots RE 61C (adopted in CO)

LE 96234 RE 61A

Katherine Ryan NH (ME)
BJ's Yogi Bear (Ziggy Bear) female DOB 6/4/01
(NGA Owner: Patricia S Slater)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Cajun Splash


Bjs Grand Slam female (Madison adopted by Gerald Banta NY)

Bjs My My My female

Bjs Nana Booboo female

Bjs Can I Run male

Bjs Blake male

Bjs Emily female

Bjs Pop Dunlap male

Bjs Sweet Heart female

Bjs Brindlebuddy male

LE 96227 RE 61A

Sharon & Larry Hansen AL (LA)
FK Abigail (Abigail) female DOB 6/21/01
(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Fudge Keeper

FK Bonnie Belle female
FK Charlene female
FK Darius male
FK Eldon female
FK Feelin Fine male
FK Gate Keeper male

LE 96217 RE 61G
Laurie Wlaz (PA) FL
Forrest City (Forrest) male DOB 6/17/01
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: HB's Prettywoman
Ashdown female RE 61A (adopted SC)
Caraway female RE 61B
De Queen female RE 61C
Aubrey female RE 61H
Pine Bluff male RE 61D
Rison male RE 61F (adopted Ontario)

Springdale female RE 61I (adopted TN)

LE 96215 RE 60E

Lisa Gilmer FL (SC)
Bad Lavonda (Dance) female DOB 6/14/01
(NGA Owner: Bruce Caldwell)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Bad Pokka Dottie

Bad  Lassie female
Bad Linda female
Bad Lorie female

LE 96197 RE 61H

Larry & Susan Bowersox NH (PA)
PK Spanky (Caesar) male DOB 6/21/01
(NGA Owner: Perry Becker/Keith Fisher)
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Janet Beck

PK Fast Freddie male
PK Glamour Gal female
PK Jessie James male
PK Rusty Rogers male
PK Sherry female

LE 96103 RE 61

Theresa Ratchford FL (SC)
TNT Silver Star (Star) male DOB 6/8/01
(NGA Owner: Melvin Drayton)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Greys Stardust

TNT Bronze Star male
TNT Gold Star male
TNT Red Star male

LE 96080 RE 61C
Pat Lineback (IN) FL
Be Tricked (Trick) male DOB 6/12/01
(NGA Owner: Ronald Beckner)
Sire: System Carl and Dam: Be Demanding
Be Nothing female RE 61G
Be Public female RE 61F
Be Rubbed female RE 61E
Be Swell male RE 61D
Be Vested male RE 61B

Be Weary male RE 61A

LE 96039 RE 61E

Kelly Topp KS (AR)
Kansas Stampede (Nellie) female DOB 6/5/01

Sire: Flying Oak-Ju and Dam: Kansas Arcade

(NGA Owner: Jerry Heine)


Kansas Splendor female RE 61C

Kansas Sponsor female RE 61D

Sponsor Spring male RE 61B

Sponsor Spur female RE 61A DOD 2007 (Spurzie adopted by Darren & Dina Anderson TX)

LE 96023 RE 61J

Hayley Ryan FL (PA)

PNPs Patty female DOB 6/9/01

Sire: Grenade and Dam: Starlight Kissy


Sandhill Jedi male

Sandhill Skillet male

PnPs Jill female

PnPs Skyler male

PnPs Spurwink male

Little Feen Dog male

Markmadness male

R Two Donnas female

Sandhillcommando male

LE 96015 RE 61A
Lucky To Be Here (Lucky) female DOB 6/4/01
(NGA Owner: Paula L Williams)
Sire: C Monkey Dew and Dam: Commanche Rain

LE 95981 RE 61F

Loretta Hamilton (PA)
Yah (Yah Yah) male DOB 6/10/01 DOD 11/29/05

Sire: Molotov and Dam: Zhanna

(NGA Owner: WH ODonnell)


Mobull male

Mzurree female

Shawklatt male

Zanza female

Zonula male RE 61C (Parker adopted by Erin Patton MD)

Zumthin male

Zwhirla female RE 61A (Scott adopted by Barb Smith PA)

LE 95977 RE 61J

Barbara McGuire (FL)
SAS Brook (Brook) female DOB 6/3/01
(NGA Owner: Stacy Goesch?)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: JB Vanessa J


Callme Dominator male RE 61D (adopted)

Rooftop Bizzy female RE 61E (Gracie adopted by Courtney & Tim Leach WV)

Rooftop Bugsy female RE 61H (Bugsy adopted by Ken Kuznicki WI)

Rooftop Casino male RE 61K (Casino adopted WV)

Rooftop Keno male RE 61I

Rooftop Monk male RE 61G (adopted by Cynthia Hansen Winnipeg MAN)

SAS Claire female RE 61B

SAS Dots Doll female RE 61C

SAS Maggie Mae female RE 61F

SAS War Emblem female RE 61A

LE 95925 RE 31E

Merle Carr FL (Alberta)
Mohican WW Tom (Tom) male DOB 3/31/01
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Flying Tostada

Mohican WW Train female RE 31A (adopted in MI)
Mohican WW Tella male RE 31D (Argus adopted)
Mohican WW Toast female RE 31B (retired)

LE 95906 RE 61E

Dan NH (ON)

Bello Pit Boss male

(NGA Owner: Gerald L Languell or Steve M)

Sire: Bello Cash and Dam: Carrie Fancy


Bello Cash Meout male (adopted by Megan Bein)

Bello Blackjack male

Bello C Note male

Bello Dollarbill male

Bello Full House male

Bello Penny Ante female

Bello Ty male

Bello Royalflush male

LE 95876 RE 61C

Gae Underhill MA (NH)
CTW Feverish (Liam) male DOB 6/6/01
(NGA Owner: David R Peck)
Sire: Rage of Fury and Dam: CTW Buzzin Polly

CTW Feed Back male RE 61B
CTW Feasible male RE 61A (Bailey adopted MA)
CTW Feisty female RE 61H (Sophie adopted TX)
CTW Felicity female RE 61D (Lissy adopted TX)
CTW Femme Fatale female RE 61G (adopted ON)
CTW Festival female RE 61E (Festival adopted TX)

CTW Fetching female RE 61F (Fetching TX)

LE 95863 RE 51G

Terri Jacobson (OR)
Great Blue (Danny) male DOB 5/29/01
Sire: KJ Spike and Dam: Sweet Barbie

Amazin Allyson female RE 51A (Terri & Karen OR)
Blue Gem female RE 51C
ByeBye Blackbird female RE 51B
Cornbread Earl male RE 51E
Fashion Doll female RE 51D
Fraddy Freddy male RE 51F
Hostile Hombre male RE 51H
I'm the Boss male RE 51I

LE 95831

Glory Jacumin
Cmon Tony male DOB 5/6/01 DOD ?

Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Bw Target

(NGA Owner: Alicia or Michael J Fynmore)


Cmon Tito male

LE 95811 RE

Taylor Hutchinson FL (FL)
Kat Vette (Jet) male DOB 5/27/01
Sire: Amazing Andrew and Dam: Homerun Derby

Kat Chevelle female
Kat Coupe female (adopted Ft Lauderdale)
Kat Fairlane male
Kat Galazie female
Kat Sport Trac female

LE 95806 RE 61E

Kathleen Frailey AZ (CA)
Jacks Or Better (Jax) male DOB 6/1/01
(NGA Owner: Susie Packer)
Sire: Tabacco Road and Dam: Evening Storm

Evening Comet male RE 61A (adopted in AZ)

Evening Cupid male RE 61D (adopted by Naslund-Piatt family)

Paris In Spring female RE 61B

LE 95787 RE 51E

Ingrid Jackson CO (CO)
Side Dish (Sadie) female DOB 5/9/01
(NGA Owner: Anna Mary Weber)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: More Baby More

Bizkit's Limp male RE 51A
Got The Motion female RE 51C (retired)
Oh No Baby male RE 51G (adopted Canada)
Perfect Potion female RE 51B
Remind Me To male RE 51F

LE 95744 RE 51A

Peggy Santor Iowa (Ont)

Listen Up Jake (Cash) male DOB 5/28/01

(NGA Owner: David Ungs & Joe Recker)

Sire: Ace A Matic and Dam: Sizzlin Simon


Bookkeeper Mike male

Copper Kettle Al male

Lost Carlton male

LE 95714 RE 51G

Patricia Tustin CT (NJ)
System Ry Rolex (Foppa) male DOB 5/26/01
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)
Sire: RLM's Dugansboy and Dam: Y Knot Timex


System Ry Dangit male

System Ry Chicky female

System Ry Digger male

System Ry Mole female

System Ry Squirt male

System Ry Terra female

LE 95687 RE 51A

Tina & Bob Wiepert NH,CT (NH)

Rnr Cofax female DOB 5/9/01 DOD ?

(NGA Owner: Craig Alan Reynolds or Carol D)

LE 95675 RE 51D

Patti Moylan WI (NJ)
Whishbone Lacey (Lacie) female DOB 5/18/01
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Robins Robin

Wishbone Bingo female
Wishbone Carma female
Wishbone Casper male
Wishbone Clyde male
Wishbone Dodie female
Wishbone Reggie male
Wishbone Robin female
Wishbone Shay female
Wishbone Turk male

LE 95672 RE 51D

Claire McAllister-Gass (ONT)

Ozark Lightning (Chiva) female DOB 5/28/01
Sire: TNT Starwars and Dam: Crystal Daisy

Ozark Clipper male
Ozark Razor male
Ozark Star male

Crystal B Astar female

Crystal B Cosmic male RE51C (Cosmic adopted by Meg Chrislip OH)

LE 95670 RE 51D

Deanna Swartzfager FL (MD)
Say Hey Wren Nay (Wren) female DOB 5/25/01
(NGA Owner: Jerry's Discount Furniture
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Mint Episode

Jerry's Best male
Midnight Mint female
Million Air Joe male
Million Air Mark male
Million Air Matt male
Million Air Nick male

LE 95656 RE 51E

Terri Wykosky FL (PA)
JNB Swift Bums (Blast) female DOB 5/21/01
Sire: JNB Flash Back and Dam: JNB Shotgunannie

JNB Silverbullet male (adopted by Terri Wykosky)

JNB Sawbones male

JNB Silver Spur male

LE 95640 RE

Patricia Peirce MA (NJ)
Reb's Gunner (Gunnar) male DOB 5/24/01
(NGA Owner: RE Hume)
Sire: Grenade and Dam: Reb's Faith

Reb's Bazooka female
Reb's Pistol female
Reb's Rifle female RE 51A(Annie adopted by Debbie Schmidt NY)
Reb's Cannonball female
Reb's Missile female

LE 95637 RE 51F

Heidi Doherty MA (MA)
Mc Lucky (Parker) male DOB 5/20/01
(NGA Owner: Michael Burnam)
Sire: BB's Call Pot and Dam: SJ Dynah

McTryhard female (adopted)
McBow male (Hardy adopted by Madeline Arndt-Cassino)
McCandy female RE 51A (adopted by Lisa Abshire)
McInspired male RE 51B (adopted)
McMaybe female

LE 95599 RE 51C

Jenny Horn AZ (AZ)
Nite to Remember (Methos) male DOB 5/21/01
Sire: Ren's Whiteghost and Dam: D's Bye Bye Baby


Blown Dust Off male RE 51D

I Hope For Gold female RE 51E (adopted by Randy & Jeanne Modlin MO)

Im Long Gone female RE 51A

Nothin I Cant Do female RE 51G

Turn N Saygoodby male RE 51B

You Move Me female RE 51F (Tawny adopted by Bob Kastner & Bridget Moran Richmond CA)

LE 95597 RE 51D

Kelly McKiney KS (MO)
Ranco Popeye (Rocky) male DOB 5/23/01
(NGA Owner: Robert Nelson)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Paris Designer

Ranco Miss Priss female
Ranco Sling Shot female

LE 95571 RE 51F

Beth Ackley CT (PA)
Task Giant Glow (Glow) female DOB 5/13/01
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Task Help Holly

Task Garden Gate male RE 51C
Task Golden Gift female RE 51A
Task Golly Ghost female RE 51E
Task Great Grace female RE 51B
Task Guilty Girl female RE 51D (adopted in IN)

LE 95548 RE 51F

Wendy & Mick Case FL (NV)
Cmon Wilson (Wilson) male Dob 5/17/01
(NGA Owner: Alicia Or Michael J Fynmore)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Who Is It

Cmon Warrior male RE 51C
Cmon Wazzup female RE 51A
Cmon What Now male RE 51B
Cmon Wolfman male RE 51H
Cmon Woman female RE 51E

Cmon Wynona female RE 51D
Cmonwinditupbaby female RE 51G

LE 95535 RE 51A

Tami Backlinie (NC)

Meco Jammer (Shiner) male DOB 5/24/01

(NGA Owner: Donna Miller/Carl Edge)

Sire: jnj Airjam and Dam: jnj Lite Foot


Meco Amy female

Meco White Lite female

LE 95510 RE 51B

Brian & Kristyn Lewis (OH)
WV's Chicklet (Chicklet) female 5/17/01
(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennel)
Sire: Quiet Traveler and Dam: Bombast

WV's Juicy Fruit female
WV's Bazooka male
WV's Teaberry female
WV's Dentyne female
WV's Clove male
WV's Bubble Yum male
WV's Bubblicious female

LE 95468 RE 51D

Jason & Michelle Kroh FL (GA)
Rj's Oats (Vinka Eight) female DOB 5/12/01
Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Rj's Forecast

Rj's Corn female
Rj's Milo female
Rj's Wheat male RE 51A (Palamino, Pam Cloonan NY)
Rj's Soybean female

LE 95449 RE 51B

Debbie Gray FL (NC)
Lady Mae Zima (Zima) female DOB 5/21/01
(NGA Owner: Debbie Gray)
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Kiowa Velta


Bacopa Zeke male

LE 95440 RE 51F

Beth Pastuszak CT (PA)
Fine Catch (Maggie) female DOB 5/18/01
Sire: It's A Clever Catch and Dam: Feature Cuts


Cool Catch male RE 51C

Dream Catch female RE 51D

Elusive Catch male RE 51E

Feature Catch male RE 51A

Glossy Catch female RE 51G

Itsallaboutme male RE 51B

LE 95433 RE 51C

Tracey Spencer MA (MA)
Dg's Daniela (Dani) female DOB 5/18/01
(NGA Owner: Keith Putnam)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Dg's Lucy

Dgs K Paz male
Dgs Patric male
Dgs Shakara female
Dgs Veronica female (adopted by Tracey)

LE 95423 RE 51B

Kristin Trevisan FL (ONT)
Wake Up Rush (Rush) male DOB 5/17/01
(NGA Owner: Diane R or Paulk)
Sire: FMC's Wake Up and Dam: Eltex Lizzy

Givemeawakeup male RE 51A
Wake Me Early male RE 51C
Wake Up Harry male RE 51E
Wake Up Lizzy male RE 51D

LE 95415 RE 51B

Kailee Lappan FL (PA)
Quiet Rain (Rain) male DOB 5/9/01
(NGA Owner: Mona S Carey or M G Porter)
Sire: Ske's Dixie Nick and Dam: TC  Wayward Spin

Quiet Mist male
Quiet Sleep male
Quiet Sound male
Quiet Steps male
Quiet Warrior male

LE 95401 RE 41B

Terry Hoffman FL,CT (RI)

Jeste Brave (Leah) female DOB 5/28/01
(NGA Owner: Stephen C Winchester)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Pro's Panorama

Jeste Apache female

Jeste Apche femeal
Jeste Cree male
Jeste Delaware female

LE 95400 RE 51C

Phaedra Dahl MX (CA)
Cola's Kid (Argus) male DOB 5/7/01
(NGA Owner: Robert V Rider)
Sire: Bart's Cola and Dam: Lil Raisin

Cola's Teddy male
Ur Deb female
Ur Jumper female
Ur Nipper male
Ur Raisinette female

LE 95394 RE 31H
Shannan Meehan (IL) WI
Kiowa Hale Dave (Dave) male DOB 3/9/01
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Flying Oak and Dam: Kiowa Hale
Kiowa Hale Cab male RE 31F (Cab adopted Chicago, IL)
Kiowa Hale Dan male RE 31G (adopted)
Kiowa Hale Hal female RE 31B
Kiowa Hale Han male RE 31E
Kiowa Hale Lyn male RE 31I
Kiowa Hale Oak female RE 31A (Haley adopted by Joan & John Frycki)
Kiowa Hale Tom male RE 31J

Nancy Hale female RE 31D

LE 95375 RE 51B

Leah Standard KS (CA)
Nadine's Effie (Effie) female DOB 5/18/01
(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliott)
Sire: Amazing Andrew and Dam: E's Nadine

E's Cadence male
Not So Sweetie female (adopted)
Sprite female (last race Nov 5/05)
Super Shrek male

LE 95323 RE 51A

Susan Larsen FL (NY)
GNK Sakajawea (Saki) female DOB 5/13/01
(NGA Owner: G A Shook or K M Gaines)
Sire: Ibelieveim Magic and Dam: Marrilyn Manson

GNK Blue Magic male
GNK Pocohontas female

LE 95316 RE 51D

Denise Petrovic FL (IL)
Xl Rocketier (Roxy) male DOB 5/8/01
(NGA Owner: Silvia Sambade)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Streakin' Rocket


XI Cheyenne female RE 51E (retired/adopted)

XI Gypsy female RE 51A

XI Velvet female RE 51B

XI Wiseguy male RE 51C

LE 95315 RE 51B

Cheryl & Steve Cook AZ (CA)
Flying Pagosa (Pagosa) female DOB 5/8/01
(NGA Owner: Vince Berland, Flying Eagles Kennel)
Sire: Flying Oak* and Dam: Flying Moorea

Flying Wolfcreek male RE 51A (adopted by Julie & Dale Fitzpatrick Houston TX)

LE 95290 RE 51G

Terri Jacobson (OR)
Way To Go Joe (Joey) male DOB 5/9/01
Sire: Grenade and Dam: BB Sweet Weesie

Bastrop Bev female RE 51A
Jenna Jacksboro female RE 51C (adopted Sunrise FL)
Texas Bubba male RE 51B (adopted)

Little Ellie female RE 51F

LE 95254 RE

June Jacobs FL (ON)
Fuzzy's Handcock (Tyson) male DOB 5/9/01
(NGA Owner: Joseph M Frenette) 
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Greys Betsy Ross

Fuzzys Bayonet male
Fuzzys Cannon male (active sire)
Fuzzys Concord female
Fuzzys General male
Fuzzys Lafayette female
Fuzzys Revere female
Fuzzys Saratoga female

LE 95241 RE 51E

Vicky Edmondson FL (Ottawa Ont)
BOC's Kaylynn (Cali) female DOB 5/6/01
(NGA Owner: Brad Boeckenstedt or Douglas Templeton)
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Wix Kalena

Boc's Boomer male
Boc's Samson male
Fortified Ernie male
Fortified Whitey male

LE 95216 RE 51G

Pam Lloyd WI (DE)
Pazzo Fannie (Pizazz) female DOB 5/5/01
NGAOwner:     Gail K. Toenges)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Blitzin Lilly


Pazzo Cali female

Pazzo Daquila female

Pazzo Petals female

Pazzo Respect male

Pazzo Ripley male

Pazzo Stella female

LE 95184 RE 51F

Wendy Schuchardt WVA (PA)
Digital Clock (Randall) male DOB 5/7/01
(NGA Owner: Robert Godman)
Sire: Flying Oak-iu and Dam: Watch This One

Atomic Clock male
Bedside Clock male
Chiming Clock female
Electrical Clock male
Fluorescentclock female
Greenwich Clock male

LE 95172 RE 41E

Donna Deskin (QC)
Listowel Charm (Logan) male DOB 4/24/01
(NGA Owner: Daniel P Ryan)
Sire: Abita Simon and Dam: Esquire Tanya

Dundrum Daisy female
Election Special male

Listowel Chick female

Listowel Pride female

LE 95154 RE 51B

Shanna Smith WI (MI)
Withdrawn (Snuffy) male DOB 5/4/01
(NGA Owner: Robert Hardison)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Wisconsin Susan

Winsor Pilates male
Wisconsin Dodger male
Wisenheimer female
Wishful female

LE 95133 RE 51C

Nanette McClary IA (NY)
Loud Logan (Logan) male DOB 5/1/01
(NGA Owner: Bill A Elliott
Sire: Mankato and Dam: E's Amy Sue


Brodie Man male RE 51J (Brodie adopted by Shelly Schultz IN)

Amy Cher female RE 51E
Amy Katie female RE 31A (adopted KY/TN)
Cory Man male RE 51D
Blade Man male RE 51I
Darwinism male RE 51G
Laura Sue female RE 51B (adopted)
Nelson male RE 51H

LE 95086 RE 41E

Cara Nicks WV (Calgary ALB)

Boom Booms Elvis (Elvis) male DOB 4/25/01
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Boom Booms Back

Boom Booms Eden female
Boom Booms Edwin male
Boom Booms Eli male (adopted)
Boom Booms Emma female
Boom Booms Erin female
Boom Booms Eve female
Boom Booms Elaine female
Boom Booms Emilio male

LE 95077 RE 41B

Tracy Painter (Utah CO)
Tested N True (Ladibug/Lady Grey) female DOB 4/29/01
(NGA Owner: C Don Godby)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Flying Pepsi

Classy Miss female
Final Stretch male
First Touch male
Lonely Cry male
Slick Streak male

LE 95040 RE 41?

Kate Fletcher RI,MA (VA)
ColdB Dirtywater (Bocephus) male DOB 4/27/01
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Coldwater Cinia

ColdB Acidwater female
ColdB Bluewater female
ColdB Ebbwater male
ColdB Hotwater male
ColdB Cleanwater female
ColdB Greenwater male

LE 95039 RE 41B

Kate Shue (WV)
My Wheat Angel (Wheatie) male DOB 4/25/01
(NGA Owner: Kate Shue)
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: My Sweet Angel

Tailwaggin Charm female (adopted)
Tailwaggin Chat female (adopted)
Tailwaggin Rambo male
Tailwaggin Tip male
Tailwaggin Tom male (adopted)
Tailwaggin Treat female (adopted)
Tailwaggin Trick female (adopted)

LE 95030 RE 11D

Lillian D Stevenson

Shers Mohawk female DOB 1/28/01

Sire: Smas Boaz and Dam: Holly Hart

(NGA Owner: Sherry Grimard)


Shers Cornallius male

Shers Dip Dip female

Trix Cyclone male

Trix Tornado male RE 11E (adopted Anna Butler)

Trix Twister male (adopted Jerry Calhoun)

Trix Whirlwind female

Hc Hart Of Boaz female deceased (adopted Theresa V Franks)

LE 95024 RE 41D

Mary Murchison FK (NC)
Cc Dancing Queen (Zoe) emale DOB 4/28/01
(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
Sire: Westexes and Dam: CC Coach


Cc Anita female

Cc Baby female

Cc Cricket female

Cc Fisher male

Cc Gena female

Cc Hurricanelily female (adopted by Rick & Amy Grab)

LE 95006 RE 41D

Julie Cook (NH)
BP Night Cruze (Cruz) male DOB 4/11/01
(NGA Owner: Patsy Delisle)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Cobblepot Cruze

BP Cruze Missle male
BP Cruzing On By female
BP Tom Cruze male
Cruzindownaroad female
Cruzindowndaroad female
Cruzinontheriver female (River adopted by Chris & Dave Sheeley)
Justcruzingalong male
Potluckcobblepot female

LE 94986 RE 41I

Jane & Ron Hightower FL (SC)
Wms Slide Away (Slide) male DOB 4/22/01
(NGA Owner: Danny Williams & Harold Miller)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Wms Swept Away

Wms Scoot Away female
Wms Sizzle Away female
Wms Steal Away female
Wms Step Away male
Wms Stow Away female
Wms Stride Away female
Wms Swing Away female
Wms Swirl Away male
Wms Soar Away male

LE 94883 RE 41E
Rachael Roloff FL
WJs Dimetrodon male Whelped 4/3/01
(NGA Owner: William J Schweizer)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Kiowa Sue
Wjs Allosaurus male
Wjs Dimetrodon male
Wjs Diplodocus male
Wjs Eryops male
Wjs Pteranodon female
Wjs Smilodon female
Wjs Stegosaurus male
Wjs T Rex male

LE 94865 RE 41E

Jennifer & Bruce LaPlant (MN)
Mumbling Moses (Moses) male DOB 4/15/01
(NGA Owner: Jennifer LaPlant)
Sire: Mohican Prize and Dam: Pazzo Bermuda

Lucys Legend female
Motley Clinton male sr
Motley Foots male sr
Motley Jenah
Pazzo Ct's Prize male

LE 94835 RE 31E

Shari & Ken Keach AL (Alberta)
Oak Knoll Elton (Elton) male DOB 4/23/01

(NGA Owner: Margarett Melba Foster)

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Oak Knoll Butter


Oak Knoll Badboy male

Oak Knoll Burner male

Oak Knoll Fitz male

Oak Knoll Greta female

Oak Knoll Troy male

Oak Knoll Bton male

LE 94833 RE 41D

Sandy Distefano WI (MI)

WJS Diplodocus (Jesse) male DOB 4/2/01
(NGA Owner: William J Schweizer)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Kiowa Sue

WJS Allosaurus male
WJS Dimetrodon male
WJS Eryops male
WJS Pterandon female
WJS Smilodon female
WJS Stegosaurus male
WJS T Rex male

LE 94828 RE 41E

Ladona Wyatt (TX)
Toad's Scooby (Buddy) male DOB 4/17/01
(NGA Owner: Clarence Rice)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Pbs Mysticrhythm

Molotov Miss female
Roman Empire male RE 41C (Mack adopted in TN by Teri Handel)
Queen By Design female RE 41F
Kgb Mystic Moon female RE 41G
Kgb Rhythm Dance female RE 41B (adopted in TN?)
Dv's No More female RE 41D

LE 94768 RE 41B

Susan Graham NH (MD)
EC Base (BJ) male DOB 4/17/01
(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Cb Ectasy


EC Addie female
EC Confidential male
EC Diplomat male
EC Frequency female

LE 94757 RE 21C

Nancy Shook (Mississippi)
Dancer Zena (Zena) female DOB 2/4/01
(NGA Owner: Midred Fussel)
Sire: Jj Blue Dancer and Dam: VT's Lacie

Dancer Diati female

Dancer Gabriel female

LE 94731 RE 21A

Deanna Swartzfager FL (MD)
Silverhawk Tyler (Tyler) male DOB 2/3/01
(NGA Owner: Tom Thomas)
Sire: Dave's Cruiser* and Dam: Rn's Sampler

Bood Goy male
Silverhawk Alex male
Silverhawk Marty male
Silverhawk Tiara female
WCS Daves Cruzin male

LE 94678 RE 41A

Jamie Atkinson-Deaton (Jackson, TN)
Raxley (Raxley) male DOB 4/9/01
(NGA Owner: Marc Randle)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Habbi


Kuuj male RE 41D

Cabbie female RE 41H (adopted by David & Tippi Taylor)

Plank male RE 42C

Misky female RE 41G

Kanuken male RE 41F (adopted by Jamie & Kevin Deaton Jackson, TN)

Bribz male RE 41B DOD 11/6/09 (Bribz adopted by Kelly Hall TN)

Zef male RE 41E (adopted by Lynn & Mat Reed TN)

LE 94662 RE 41F

Robin Waldman FL (ONT)
USS Treasure (Treasure) female DOB 4/12/01
(NGA Owner: Ron Wiltse)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Alive N Well

USS Temptation female RE 41E (retired)
USS Testimony female RE 41D (adopted)
USS Time Zone male RE 41A
USS Tormentor male RE 41B

LE 94617 RE 41D

Jeanne Pangburn (Anaheim CA)
Ole Peso Kid (Finn) male DOB 4/01
(NGA Owner: Gregory S Wood)
Sire: Ole Time Is Out and Dam: Wigwam Whisper

Ole Lil Safe female (adopted)
Ole My Way Out male
Ole Nice Choice female
Ole Once Again female (Lilly adopted by Michael & Kristina Macal Gilbert AZ)
Ole Stroker male
Ole Takeyourtime male

LE 94607 RE 41E

Robin Willoughby FL (MI)
N's Rowdy Robin (Robbie) male DOB 4/16/01
(NGA Owner: Sandie Axe)
Sire: Santa Fe Rufus and Dam: Just Marvelous

N's Chicklet female RE 41I (Chicklet adopted by Barbara & John Bradley MI)
N's Divine Donna female RE 41D (Di adopted by Dan & Carol Neil, MI)
N's Sassy Stacey female RE 41C
N's Jettin Jaime male RE 41B (Jaime adopted living in MI)
N's Devio Danni female RE 41F (Danni adopted living in GA)
N's Merry Merrie female RE 41A (adopted living in MI)
N's Power Paul male RE 41G (PJ adopted living in MI)
N's Macho Matt male (Matt adopted by Trish, Dawn & Emmett Vanson, Hamilton ON)

LE 94604 RE 31B

Susan Athena Guiliano FL (Iowa)

L A Beauty (Jade) female DOB 3/18/01

(NGA Owner Robert Lorber or D Abernathy)

Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Husker Atlanta


L A Cain male

L A Dirk male

L A Ella female

L A Gus male

LE 94536 RE 41A

Tammy Breckenridge FL (GA)
AMF Rock Bass (Bass) male DOB 4/6/01
(NGA Owner: Thomas A Ferris)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: AMF Go Fish

AMF Barracuda male
AMF Catfish female
AMF Guppie female
AMF Shrimp female (adopted)
AMF Walleye male

LE 94522 RE 41B

Kris Burkel (CA)

RDs Dentyne (Minna) female DOB 4/3/01

Sire: My Mr Peabody and Dam: RDs Lusty Lips

(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)


RDs Bazooka male

RDs Bubble Yum female

RDs Wrigleys male

LR 94517 RE 31D

Janet Psik AZ (CA)
Wb Kissof beauty (Misty Blue) female DOB 1/30/01
(NGA Owner: Lonnie Boyle or Kathleen Y)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Wd's Bouganvilla


Dutch Action male

Dutch Goingaway female

Dutch Guv male

Dutch Robbi female

Wb Butterflykiss female

Wb Kissbyarose female

LE 94503 RE 41C

Carol Benedict MA (MA)
U Too Connie (Cleo) female DOB 4/2/01
(NGA Owner: James Doyle Shepherd)
Sire: Gable Killer and Dam: U Too Cocoa


U Too Aaliyah female RE 41A

U Too Billy Jac male RE 41I

U Too Bobbiegene female RE 41B (adopted by Ed & Sharron Thomas in Troy NH)

U Too Dixie female RE 41D (adopted by Chrissy de Chavers)

U Too Elsie female RE 41E

U Too Florence female RE 41F

U Too Johnny Jac male RE 41G (Jakarta adopted 2/06 MD?)

U Too Trim male RE 41H

LE 94447 RE 41G

DeVon Freilinger (KS)
Randy male DOB 4/1/01
(NGA Owner: Craig Alan Reynolds)
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Serious Inquiry

Abilene Queen female RE 41E
Serious Action female RE 41B
Serious Chase female RE 41A
Zippy Do Pah male RE 41C (adopted)

LE 94431 RE 31B

Theresa Nicholson (PA)
Jr's Breanna (Breanna) female DOB 3/20/01
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Hear What I Say

Jr's Abby Lynn female RE 31A

LE 94424 RE 31A

Darlene Hedrick WI (Dayton OH)
Ljs Chick (Chickers) male DOB 3/30/01
(NGA Owner: Leo J Sullivan)
Sire: Rainier Reactor and Dam: Rita May

Ljs Kristi (adopted)

LE 94393 RE 31H
Janel Ritchie (CA) IA,KS, MX
Whata Power Star (Duncan) male DOB 3/19/01
(NGA Owner: Gail A Or JE Shook)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Destiny N Power
CNC Love Power female RE 31G (adopted)
CNC Power Play female RE 31B (Allie adopted Upstate NY)
CNC Power Plus female RE 31C
CNC Powerblast female RE 31F
CNC Star Destiny female RE 31D (adopted)

LE 94310 RE 31F

Raye Rufty FL (NC)
Abdo Gold Queen (Gracie) female DOB 3/27/01

(NGA Owner: Abdo Racing Inc)

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Greys Gold Mine

Gold Baby female

Gold Girl female

Gold Mine femal

Gold Mama female

Gold Dust male

Gold Boy male

LE 94302 RE 31B

Ann Wennberg FL (Columbus OH)
Autumn Leeza (Leeza) female DOB 3/9/01
(NGA Owner: LaRosa Enterprises)
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Flinthills Leeza

Spring Leeza female

LE 94292 RE 31F

Patrick Nichols (NY)
Gointimeandahalf (Wil) male DOB 3/25/01
(NGA Owner: Richard J Wilhite)
Sire: Bd's Phillip and Dam: Ethyl Drive

Noneedforthelead female RE 31D
Regalideas female RE 31G (adopted by Angela Monteleone?)

Validexpectation male RE 31A
Aintnostoppinme female RE 31B
Alltherightspots male RE 31H
Chicken Legs male RE 31I
Howdareyou female RE 31E
Italladdsup female RE 31C

LE 94268 RE 31A

Andrea Guttman CT,AZ,TX (NY)
RJ August Rain (Emily) female DOB 3/2/01
(NGA Owner: Bruce L Caldwell)
Sire: CJ Pepto Bahama and Dam: RJ Delusive Wag


Rj Body Builder male

Rj Cleaning Lady female

Rj Dynamo Joe male

Rj Empty Pail female

Rj Faint Memory female

Rj Girly Figure female (adopted)

Rj Harrigan male

Rj If I Did female

Rj Jazzy Star female RE 31J

LE 94267 RE 31B

Christy and Tom Stolzer AZ (CA)
Tv Bo Peep (Damsel) female DOB 3/18/01
(NGA Owner: previously owned by Mary Alves)
Sire: Wigwam Go N Whoa and Dam: Tv Mary Mary
Tv Cheerin Kay female
Tv Hula Honey female
Tv Lickin Lilly female RE 301H (Lilly adopted by Bill & Gisele Smith)

Tv Logans Luck male
Tv Raymond male
Tv Salsa Queen female
Tv Surfin Sam male
Tv Tiki Tina female
Tv Wakiki Mandy female

LE 94242 RE 31A

Meredith Dowell MA (MD)
Sendahl Boss (Turbo) male DOB 3/22/01
(NGA Owner: Bob Seelke)
Sire: Aceamatic and Dam: Cleo Hot to Trot


Sendahl Don male RE 31B
Sendahl Babe female RE 31D
Sendahl Mike male RE 31C
Sendahl Sis female RE 31E

LE 94240 RE 31A

Sara Hinze NH (NJ)
B's Lady Grace (Gracie) female DOB 3/24/01
(NGA Owner: Colleen Thomas)
Sire: Pat C Montecarlo and Dam: Sma's Kirbygale

B's Black Prince male

LE 94235 RE 31B

Annette Schoelier NH (ON)Zydeco Canine male DOB 3/23/01
(NGA Owner: Winners Circle Corporation)
Sire: San Tan Savage and Dam: My Miss Lisa

Bacs Miss Lisa female
Zydeco Being male
Zydeco champ female
Zydeco Graduate female
Zydeco Racer male
Zydeco Tyke male

LE 94233 RE 31C

Beverly Ulp WV (PA)
Craigie Pen Real (Riley) male DOB 3/26/01
(NGA Owner: John Boyd)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Craigie M Retell

Craigie Pen Rony male
Craigie Pen Rose female
Craigie Pen Royl male
Craigie Pen Ruth female

LE 94197 RE 11D

Pam Hart (TX)
( Bella) female DOB 1/21/01
(NGA Owner: Curtis Washburn)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Brillant Dash

Cash In The Bank male
Eavesdropper female
Graceful Entry female
Lady In Love female
Liquor Box male
Sparkler female
Starry Eyed female
Welcometomyworld female

LE 94186 RE

Susan Schwarz FL (MD)

Sweet Sassy (Mocha Brown) female 3/14/01

Sire: Tame Game and Dam: Sweet Paula

(NGA Owner: Greyhound Racing Co)


Sweet Sissy female

Tame Buck male

LE 94110 RE 11G

Rebecca & Rob Lariviere NH (London ON)
Ubetyourpaycheck (Checker) male DOB 1/24/01
(NGA Owner: David M Tritz)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Eltex Blue Scoot

Ubet Again male
Ubet the Farm male
Ubet the Ranch female
Ubet Tomorrow female (Tommy Girl adopted in ON)
Ubet Watt male (adopted by Tricia Thain ON)

LE 94082 RE 31D

Jennifer Zanella CO (CO)
Sav's Blizzard (Lacey) female DOB 3/6/01
(NGA Owner: Vincent Savill)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: PF's Bold Peach

Sav's Cyclone female RE 31C (adopted CT)
Sav's Hurricane male RE 31E
Sav's Lightning male RE 31B (adopted
Sav's Thunder male RE 31A

LE 94055 RE 21B
Gloria Ford (Somerset County, NJ)
PMB Hi Risk (Che') DOB 2/21/01
Sire:  Gable Dodge  Dam: Twilite Hi Note
(NGA Owner:  William L Lockhart)
PMB Hi Bid female RE 21D
PMB Hi Class female RE 21E
PMB Hi Jacker male  RE 21A (adopted)
PMB Hi Money female RE 21G
PMB Hi Places female RE 21F (PB Girl adopted Debra & Ed Hay WI)
PMB Hi Times female RE21C

LE 94052 RE 31I

East Tin Cup (Trinity) female DOB 3/8/01
(NGA Owner: Gary Crozier)
Sire: Pat C Dublin and Dam: After Shock


Oceans Eleven male

Rainbow Drive female RE 31E (Piper adopted by Lesley Atwood CA)

Tall Dark Deadly female

Unchained Melody male (adopted)

Both Sides Down female

All Night Long male

Double Deception male

Storm Catcher female

LE 94021 RE 21C

Brian Bailey FL,TX,OR (SC)
KW Aladdin (Bentley) male DOB 2/25/01
(NGA Owner: Carl Ward)
Sire: System Carl and Dam: Celia's Way

KW Color Me Carl female RE 21A
KW Goldie female RE 21E
KW Kwik Buck male RE 21D (adopted)
KW Runaway male RE 21B

LE 94019 RE 31G

Stacey & Randy Dinger FL (PA)
Always Runs (Ronnie) male DOB 3/9/01
(NGA Owner: NJ Sherck)
Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Kiowa Paradise


Condor male RE 31E (Ruby adopted by Stacey & Randy)

Itsa Runner female

Rememberance female RE 31A (adopted by Terri Lamm Burlington NC)

Vocal Boy male

Wended male

His Paradise male

LE 93974 RE 31C
T Staatsmann

Vision Ofthe Art female DOB 3/1/01
Sire: State of the Art and Dam: Awesome Memory
(NGA Owner: Debs Racers Inc or Tom Muntz)


Work Of Art male

Image Of The Art female

LE 93964 RE 21D

Mike Broyles WI (MD)

Tim Thomas (Cosmo) male DOB 2/26/01
(NGA Owner: James A Fischer or Terry Hollar)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Enhance Interest

Big Dog Robinson male
Coach Karl male
Energee Dancer female
Ervin Johnson male
Foyt male
Mase male
Sam Cassell male

LE 93956 RE 11A

Adrianne Iszler FL (IN)
Buster Buttons (Chance) male DOB 1/1/01
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Penny Buck

Mitzi Red female
Snow Sculpture female
Evan B Rev N male
Rolling Bones male
Hey Baker Baker male

LE 93884 RE 21D

Douglas Gitt FL (PA)
Magic Wade (Sophie) female DOB 2/01
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Pennbrooke

Blue Monster male
Magic Izzo female
Tim Ruddy male

LE 93865 RE 21E

Tim Allison AL (VA)
Indus Echo (Echo) female DOB 2/18/01

(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennels)
Sire: Rasta Pup and Dam: Ryan's Flyin

Indus Braveheart male RE 21B
Indus Chick female RE 21C
Indus Delta female RE 21D (Delta adopted by Joseph & Jennifer Bashears)
Indus Flyer female RE 21F
Indus Groovy female RE 21G

LE 93863 RE 21J

Jennifer Gomez FL (NY)
TLC Lorette (Lainie) female DOB 2/19/01
NGA Owner: Scott A Dulohery)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Duly's Lori


Tlc Awesome Jon male

Tlc Bridgett female (adopted by Michelle Kass)

Tlc Cousin Slick male

Tlc Go Granny Go female

Tlc Tj Mac male

Tlc Martin male

Tlc Misty Lynn female

Tlc Unruly Bud male

LE 93862 RE 21G

Rosalie Saunders WV,AL (AL)
Cmon Leslie (Jody female) DOB 2/6/01

Sire: Scott Lee and Dam: Cee Bar Leaha

(NGA Owner: Alicia or Michael J Fynmore)


Cmon Late Night female RE 21D

Cmon Lillian female RE 21A

Cmon Loopty Loop male RE 21E

Cmon Lucky male RE 21H

Cmon Lulu female RE 21C

Cmon Lyle male RE 21B

Cmonleavemealone female RE 21F

LE 93856 RE 21H

Chris Carpenter WV (NC)
WKC Steve (Pre) male DOB 2/25/01
(NGA Owner: Kevin Call)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Grey's Gold Star

WKC Brittany female
WKC Casey female
WKC Chocolat female
WKC Jezebel female
WKC Lannie female
WKC Munchkin female RE 21E (adopted by Matthew Jones & Stefanie Dion)
WKC Sally female

LE 93844 RE 21D

Mileen Keating FL (OH)
Tom's Bubbles (Shady) female DOB 2/16/01
(NGA Owner: Thomas L Bingham)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Legs Scooter

Tom's Bubba male
Tom's Tinker male

Toms Bo male

LE 93839 RE 21D

Jennifer Christianson NH (ON)
R and a Peach (Athena) female DOB 2/13/01
(NGA Owner: Rose M Gonsalves)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: R and a Lady

R and a Apple male
R and A Grape male
R and a Plum male

LE 93835 RE 21D

Joel & Joan Nodelman (Western Canada)

Plane Truth female DOB 2/23/01
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Shiver Me Timber and Dam: Flawlessly

Always There male RE 21E
Ever Wonder female RE 21I
Gordeau male RE 21B
Hidden Passage female RE 21C
Spinmaster male RE 21F (adopted Mark & Erika Jone CA)
Prodigal male RE 21A
Secret Fear female RE 21G
Serta male RE 21H

LE 93774 RE 21C

Rachel Michak FL (VT)
Gile's Count (Giles) male DOB 2/7/01
Sire: Giles Blues and Dam: Riverwood Bessie

Blue's Bessie female
Blue's Donna female
Blue's Flume female
Gile's Attack male
Gile's Express male
Gile's Grinder male

LE 93743 RE 21C

Patti Peterson AL (GA)
Pb's Honey Fritz (Sugar) female DOB 2/12/01
(NGA Owner: Patti Peterson)
Sire: K's Roadmaster and Dam: PB'sIndia

Pb's Arabella female
Pb's Enforcer male
Pb's Finnigan male
Pb's Javada female
Pb's Jet Pac male
Pb's Miss Ollie female
Pb's Opa Luka male

LE 93736 RE 21E

Pat Hart (Ontario)
Sly Arlene (Sarah) female DOB 2/12/01
(NGA Owner: Gary L Scott)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Okie Shanai


Okie Jeanette female

Sly Crystal female

Sly Josh male

Sly Lenita female

LE 93729  RE 125E

Ronda & Jim Corey (WA)

Kiowa Bel Earl (Earl) male DOB 12/20/95

Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Kiowa Belle

(NGA Owner: Kay E Smith)


Kiowa Bel Don male

Kiowa Bel Bill male

Kiowa Bel Chowie male

Kiowa  Bel Frank male

Kiowa Bel Geter female

Kiowa Bel Harry male

Kiowa Bel Isle female

Kiowa Bel Al male

LE 93702 RE 21C

Mitch & Larissa Hughes (GA)
Not named (Rebel) male 2/11/01
(NGA Owner: Dan Fuller or H Hal Gill)
Sire: Cee Jay and Dam: Westmead Chelsea*

Cee Big Rig male (Beeler adopted)
Cee Excell female
Cee Flo Go female
Cee Julia female
Cee Maximus male
Cee of Blue male
Excite Me female

LE 93681 RE 21F

Kristin Harrington IA (Coal Valley IL)
Fantastic Ace (Ace) female DOB 2/5/01
(NGA Owner:  Joe Recker or Brian Hafner)
Sire: Flying Oak and Dam: Clare Sandy*

Fluffed male (adopted)
Fritz Fire male RE 21H (Fritz adopted by Kristin Harrington Coal Valley IL)
Funky male (adopted)
Faith Day female (adopted)
Fabulous Babe female (adopted)

Fancy Angel female
Freckles female

LE 93680 RE 21A

Deborah Marchal Iowa (OH)
Quasky Calob (Riley) male DOB 2/4/01
(NGA Owner: Kenneth D Sherrets Jr)
Sire: Makato and Dam: Bonnie White

Quasky Bets Doll female
Quasky Mad Molly female
Quasky No Slack male
Quasky Quick Kid.male
Quasky Up N Went male (adopted)

LE 93666 RE 21A

Jill Nogle FL (CA)

AH's Hana (Hana) female DOB 2/13/01
(NGA Owner: DQ Williams)
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Flash Rider

AH's Brenda female RE 21G
AH's Joann female RE 21C
AH's Jose male RE 21I
AH's Kristie female RE 21B
AH's Lola female RE 21D
AH's Ramon male RE 21H (adopted)
AH's Ricky male RE 21F
Gonna Get Em female RE 21E

LE 93630 RE 21G

Nicholas Matyevich Iowa (North Tonawanda, NY)

Sharp Asan Arrow (Arrrow) male DOB 2/7/01

Sire: Grenade and Dam: Ion Sister Sandy

(NGA Owner: Adrian H Brown)


Taz Shy Kayton female

Sunset Sue female

Highball Hannah

Madman Morris

LE 93545 RE 11H

Rebecca & Rob Lariviere KS (London ON)
Raisin Holling (Holling) male DOB 1/25/01
(NGA Owner: Frank Price/K Gresham)
Sire: P's Raising Cain and Dam: Bongo Rocket

Action Flyer male

Bathsheba female

Check Mix female RE 11D

Daring Greatly female RE 11A

Eagle In Flight male RE 11E (adopted by Trevers Swoyersville PA)

Grinchmeister male RE 11G

Hacksaw Johnson male

Judge Central male RE 11I

On Any Sunday female RE 11C

LE 93540 RE

Laura Hawkins (CA)

Twm Dodge Dakota (Cody) male DOB 1/8/01 DOD 12/23/07

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Whatever U Need

(NGA Owner: Thomas W Michel)


Teresa Jar female RE 11A (currently brood mamma)

Tim Jar male RE 11B

Twm Dodge Neon female RE 11F (retired)

Twm Dodge Ram male RE 11D (Ram adopted by Annamarie Stowers CO)

Twm Dodge Spirit female RE 11E (retired)

Lil Bit of Class female RE 11G (Miss Lilly adopted by Kim Barbeau St Helens OR)

Lil Bit Lester male RE 11H

LE 93513 RE 11C

Kristi Smith AL (OR)

Chasing Chi (Chase) male DOB 1/25/01

(NGA Owner: Kristi Smith)

Sire: FMCs Wake Up and Dam: Greys God Coast


Gold Cost Rita female

Seaside Freddie male

LE 93458 RE 11G

Sandy Wagenhauser FL (MI)
Movin Bumblebee (Shayla) female DOB 1/10/01
(NGAOwner: Gerald L Kruger)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Sissy Doo Rite

Movin Beachbum male (adopted Druce Family and living in Marlton, NJ)
Movin Blackjack male
Movin Dodge male (adopted Ian & Heather Sklar)
Movin Gable male (retired Tallahasse FL)
Movin Highroller male
Movin Ladybug female

Movin Sharky male (Sharky adopted Jenni Goodwin/ Erik Hamilton)

Movin Sunshine female

LE 93451 RE 11G

Jennifer Zisa CT (NJ)
Shannon Giant (Giant) male DOB 1/11/01
(NGA Owner: Patrick Guerin)
Sire: Fortress and Dam: Shannon Elsie

Shannon Cert male
Shannon Ben male
Shannon Dreamer male
Shannon Easter male (adopted Penny)
Shannon Fortress male

LE 93435 RE

Rhonda Binnebose
Princess female DOB 1/15/01

Sire: Muttley Crue and Dam: AZ Lenapaw

(NGA Owner: Louis Mettille)


LMs Rubican male

Muttley Sue female

Muttley Too male

Tellico male

LE 93431 RE 11D

Kimberly Stem NH (Easton PA)

Algoa On Time (TY) male DOB 1/22/01

(NGA Owner: Maureen Kelley/Heather Morg)

Sire: Evening Memory and Dam: Run On Candy


Algoa On Tap male

Algoa On Top male

Hoosier Action male

Hoosier Ambush male

Hoosier Appeal male

LE 93406 RE 11C

Tracey Rosen CT (CT)

Cata (Morgan) female DOB 1/11/01
(NGA Owner: Phillip Pruett)
Sire: My Boots Bingham and Dam: Fast Randi

Fast Blanca female

LE 93359 RE 11F

JoAnn Cotter & Pat Barney LI (Freeport Long Island NY)

Craigie Helen (Kemo) female DOB 1/12/01

(NGA Owner: Stephen  A Boyd) 

Sire: Craigie B There and Dam: Concord Lite


Craigie Hanna female RE 11B (Hanna, Rob &Loretta Hamilton PA)

Craigie Hope female RE 11A (Hope, Lisa Curran Havertown PA)

Craigie Cozmo male RE 11C (Cosmo, John & Mary Sheahan VA)

Craigie ConAir male

Craigie Concord male

LE 93335 RE 11F

Debbie Davis FL (SC)
Flint Dyer (Flint) male DOB 1/7/01
(NGA Owner: Richard L Houchin)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Dolly Owens

Ernie Dyer male
Amity Dyer female
Brian Dyer male
Cody Dyer male

Doug Dyer male

LE 93326 RE 120D

Nancy Shook (Mississippi)
CR Dexter (Mr Dexter) male DOB 12/29/00
(NGA Owner: C D Anderson)
Sire: P's Skidway and Dam: Sandy Sandpiper

CR Antonia female

CR Beau male

CR Carly female

CR Edie female

CR Fawn female

CR Grady male

LE 93234 RE 11B

Martha Rawles FL (FL)
RD's Timex (Timex) male DOB 1/9/01
(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: RD's Holly Girl


Rds Rolex male RE 11A

Rds Pulsar male RE 11C

Rds Bulova female RE 11D

Rds Seiko female RE 11E

Rds Casio female RE 11F

Rds Movado female RE 11G

LE 93211 RE 11E

Angie Quillin (SC)

(Tango) female DOB 1/301

(NGA Owner: Philip Pruett)

Sire: Cold Water Guv and Dam: Amoretta Gal


Robart male

Moscone male

Sancho male

Adan male

LE 93202 RE 11G

Michele Fleischer CT (PA)
AB Sassy (Sassy) female DOB 1/8/01
(NGA Owner: Ronald W Stewart)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Fresh Dog

AB Cupid female
AB Magic female
Jayz Digger male
Jayz Dollar male
Jayz Happy female
Jayz Uprising male

Uprising male
Jayz Voodoo female
Happy Smoke female
High Top male
Top Dollar male
Voodoo female

LE 93164 RE 11C

Carol Heffer FL (PA)
Magic InTheStars (Magic) male DOB 1/5/01
(NGA Owner: Gail A Shook)
Sire: I Believe In Magic and Dam: Destiny N Stars

Magic Is My Destiny female

LE 93149 RE 120H

Cindy Camp (MI)
GF Native Dancer (Dancer) male DOB 12/20/00
(NGA Owner: Riggin' Racing Inc)
Sire: Mocan Try and Dam: Iruska Avalon

GF Barbie Doll female
GF Big Red male
GF Black Label male
GF Black Lace female

GF Hennesy male
GF Lady in Lace female
GF Monopoly male
GF Point Given male
GF Red Oak male
GF Red Rusty male
GF Round Two male

LE 93118 RE 120B

Jennifer Jao KS (IL)
Winkatastar (Wink) male DOB 12/26/00
(NGA Owner: Patrick J Glavey)
Sire: Greys Outsmart and Dam: Dublin Webb

Beabigstar female RE 120A
Gerry Cooney male RE 120D
Pilot Paul male RE 120C
Winkat PJ female RE 120E

LE 93061 RE 120G

Hannah Roach CT (SC)
Kt's Winnersonly (Incredible) male DOB 12/00
(NGA Owner: Darla S Dolton)
Sire: Rp's Determined and Dam: Cm Lee Nell

Lil Emily Jo (adopted)

Meco Amos male

Meco Andy male

Meco Julie female

Meco Midget female

Meco Tiffany female

LE 93060 RE 120G

Tonya Mackey AZ (WA)
KK's Tamilyn (Tamilyn) female DOB 12/22/00

Sire: Wigwam Go N Whoa and Dam: KKs Salome

(NGA Owner: Kenneth or Kathleen Swetman)


KKs Barbara female RE 120J

KKs Bluebelle female RE 120H (Belle adopted by Sara Montag, CO)

KKs Harry male RE 120F (Sarge adopted in Las Vegas NV)

KKs John male RE 120C (Rocket adopted by Mark D Young? San Diego CA)

KKs Marilyn female RE 120D

KKs Marvin male RE 120A

KKs Nancy female RE 120E

KKs Rick male RE 120B

LE 93042  RE 120E
John & Mary Sheahan CT (Alexandria, VA)

TP Evil Sister (Eve) female Whelped 12/18/00

Sire: Fa Dell and Dam: Rj Bonnie Gofast
(NGA Owners: Joy Martin)
TP Action Packed male RE 120A
TP Bullet Proof male
TP Cool Water female
TP Discreet female RE 120D (Twiggy adopted by Beth Osuch Germantown MD)
TP Gladiator male

LE 92967 RE 119A

Laurie Palmeira & Michael Tabone NH (Milton NH)
Algoa Elway (Winter) female DOB 12/00
(NGA Owner: Heather Morgan Currid or Rickey Joe Traylor)
Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: Be Prude

Algoa Big Sister female
Algoa Farve male (adopted)
Algoa Kelly female
Algoa Marino male
Algoa Stabler male
Algoa I'm D One female

LE 92912 RE 110C

Amy Sytek FL (MI)
Pookie Lou (Chloe) female DOB 11/30/00
(NGA Owner: Stan Cowherd Jr)
Sire: Flying Jupiter and Dam: Deviltry

Baby Stud male
Chasin Jason male
Fanatic Venus female
KG Black Beauty male RE 110B (Quinn adopted NJ?)
Roy's Racer male
Special Ethyl female

LE 92899 RE 120A
Robert Frazier (Fraz) & Julie Tucker NH (Baltimore, Maryland)
Mazzuca (Dewey) male Whelped 12/10/00
Sire: Tuffolo and Dam: Sharyl
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Awauh Male (Blitz) (adopted by Marianne Verpent in NJ)
Fedorova Female
Kahitah Female
Nisala Female (Nisa adopted by Saskia Fagan MD)
Taenia Male

LE 92877 RE 120D

Kent & Lisa Elrod AZ (NM)

Coldwater Titus (Titus) male DOB 12/14/00

(NGA Owner: Oscar Henderson or Georgia Medis)

Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Coldwater Ora


Coldwater Dory female

Coldwater Fala female

Coldwater Gail female (Gail adopted by Patrick & Tonya Mackey WA)

Coldwater Gore male

Coldwater Milo male

LE 92844 RE 12B

Gen Manders WI (MI)
JC's Nataline female DOB 12/11/00

Sire: JCs County Line and Dam: Natalie Blake
JC's Bee Line female

JC's Miss Blake male

Jc's Net Tally female

JC's Odyssey male

LE 92789 RE 110D

Cristine Reitz MA (PA)
PHX Cleveland (Cleveland) male DOB 11/14/00
(NGA Owner: Dennis Thornton)
Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: Mesa Calico Gal

PHX Calhoun male
PHX Cest Lavie male
PHX Classaction female

LE 92788 RE 110?

Lisa Shaffer (PA)
Gf Affirmed (Alfie) male DOB 11/6/00
(NGA Owner:Thomas M Salem)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Iruska Isolde         

Gf Domino male
Gf Here's Karen female
Gf Mizz Brazil female
Gf Pearl Given female
Gf Ruffian female
Gf  Runabout male
Gf Storm Cloud male

LE 92771 RE 120G

Kathleen Folz IA,WI (WI)
Dot's Cracker (Molly Crackers) female DOB 12/7/00
(NGA Owner: Lana Trow)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Dot's Willow

Dot's TNT male RE 120A (adopted in MI)
Dot's Bomb male RE 120D (adopted in MI)
Dot's Dynamite male RE 120B (adopted in MI)

LE 92765 RE 110A

Robin Fichtner WI,MX (CA)
Who Dat Earnedit (Ulla) female DOB 11/22/00
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: WW Earned Income

Doneit Earned It female
Dontcha Earn It male
Whodiditearnedit female

LE 92758 RE 110F

Amanda Trisdale-Rundell CO (CO)
Al E Amarilo (Ammo) male DOB 11/1/00
(NGA Owner: Al Earl)
Sire: Tenthill Man and Dam: Bok Tower


Al E Austin male

Al E Gold Digger female

Al E Marble female

Al E Misty Dawn female

Al E Sandblaster male

Al E Side male

Al E Sneaky Pete male

LE 92735 RE 120F

Christopher Grieb MX (San Diego CA)
Dutch Cheddar (Sequoia) female DOB 12/8/00
(NGA Owner: Herb 'Dutch' Koerner)
Sire: Solution and Dam: Dutch Abby

Dutch Chateau female
Dutch Creampuff female
Dutch Echo male
Dutch Hoosier male

LE 92727 RE 110H

Becky Williams CT (Richmond VA)
JR's Smooth (Maddie) female 11/17/00
(NGA Owner: Mitchell Ballard)
Sire: Jr's Proud and Dam: Jumpin Crystal

JR's Snazzey (adopted by Becky Williams)
JR's Spice (Hannah adopted Nova Scotia)

Jrs Sooner male

Jrs Sentry male

Jrs Sierra female

Jrs Sissy female

Jrs Sonic female

LE 92681 RE

Pat & Sandy Cassella CT (CT)
Nickel Creek (Nick) male DOB 10/1/00
Sire: Beastwithtobacks and Dam: Flying Oriole

Change of Fate female
Faithful Flight female
Rumor of Angels female

LE 92674 RE 110F

Nancy Webb MS (AR)
PA's Onecotalent (Billy) male DOB 11/22/00
(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)
Sire: Grey's Statesman and Dam: Oneco Cera


Oneco Sarah B female RE 110G

Oneco Audra female

Oneco Beverly female

Oneco Charlotte female

Oneco Mariacalas female

Oneco Pavarotti male

PAs Oneco Man male

PAs Onecoripley male

LE 92628 RE 120B

Nancy Scott FL (IN)
Lil Excitesme (Bobbi) female DOB 12/3/00
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Gottagetthecash

Lil Dirty Image female
Lil Sacred Seven female
Lil Tiger Talkn female
Where's Recheck male
Where's Reclose male
Where's Reopen male

LE 92619 RE 120A

Sharon Barons OR (BC)
Tyville Woody (Ava) female DOB 12/1/00
(NGA Owner: Carol L Bean)
Sire: Flying Oak and Dam: TLC From Me

LE 92609 RE 110A

Jennifer LaPlant WI (MN)
Devie's Circus (Paco) male DOB 11/4/00
(NGA Owner: Cyndi Faircloth)
Sire: Flying Bookie and Dam: Jumprope

Devie's Acapulco female
Devie's Patrick male (retired)
Devie's Regency female
Devie's Tara female
Devie's Toronto male (retired)
Devie's Victory female

LE 92608 RE 100G

Sherri Willson MX (CA)
Pikes Popeye (Panther) male DOB 10/4/00
(NGA Owner: Pikes Peak Kennel)
Sire: Pikes Grand Slam and Dam: Pikes Piggy Bank

Pikes Dixie female
Pikes Gravytrain male
Pikes Hoe Train female
Pikes Pixie female
Pikes Scarecrow male
Pikes Swordfish male
Pikes Unicorn male

LE 92601 RE

Joan Kozel WI (WI)
Odd Quest (Quest) female DOB 2/1/91
(NGA Owner: Jim or Linda Jones)
Sire: Mac Leroy and Dam: Odd Pattie

Odd Christa female
Odd Temper female
Odd Mac male
Odd Jim male
Odd Anthony male
Odd Socrates
Odd Vanilla

LE 92580 RE 110H
Maryellen Sailors (WA) WV
Dutch Laser (Spencer) male DOB 11/25/00
(NGA Owner: Herb Koerner)
Sire: Bean Brewer and Dam: Dutch Monique
Dutch Alleycat female RE 110C
Dutch Berretta male RE 110E (adopted)
Dutch Bobcat male RE 110B
Dutch Bubbly female RE 110I
Dutch Devereaux male RE 110F
Dutch Emmy Lou female RE 110K
Dutch Milano male RE 110J
Dutch O’Leary male RE 110A (Dutch adopted by Michelle Halton, PA)
Dutch Peggy Sue female RE 110D
Dutch Senora female RE 110G

Dutch Whisper female RE 110L (adopted by Barb Hockett)

LE 92570 RE 110B

Terri Jacobson OR (OR)

Begger Bounty (Clancy) male DOB 11/19/00
Sire: KJ Spike and Dam: Destiny Dixie

Asteroid Archie male RE 110E
Detour Deb female RE 110D
Moon Blossom female RE 110C

LE 92569 RE 110C

Jason Eberhard NH (NY)
Collateraldamage (Cody) male DOB 11/19/00
(NGA Owner: Gary A Benson)
Sire: Mark McGwire and Dam: Bee's Prettyside

Dahecome Dahego male (Buck adopted?)
NNR Patches male (adopted by NGA Owner: Peter Maurer)
NNR Glacier male
NNR Glister female
NNR Nate's Fate female RE 110H (adopted David F Foster)
NNR Serendipity female
NNR Sporty female

LE 92483 RE 100D

Bonnie Baron AZ,MX (CA)
Aloha Rotozip (Bandit) male DOB 10/2/00
(NGA Owner: Lonnie/Robert Miller)
Sire: Wigwam Winston and Dam: WD's Rainey


Aloha Phneumatic female

Aloha Scunci female

Aloha Thunderbit female

LE 92478 RE 110 C & D & H

Melissa (Southbend IN)

AMF Bishop male & AMF Queen female & AMF Pawn female DOB 11/17/00

Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: AMF Suzie Q

(NGA Owner: Thomas A Ferris)

AMF Rook male RE 110E (adopted SC)

AMF Knight male RE 110K (adopted SC)

AMF Castle male (adopted CT)

AMF Checkmate male (adopted by Laren NFLD)

AMF En Passant male (adopted in CT)

AMF Gambit female RE 110B (adopted in FL)

Bb's Freedom male (adopted NY)

AMF King (died 2004)

LE 92440 RE 110E

Darell & Brenda DeWaele Iowa (IL)
Mickey Deez (Mickey) female DOB 11/9/00
(NGA Owner: Robert Hardison)

Sire: Twilite Reward and Dam: Plum Ripe


Captain Quigley male

Cruel Rule female

Manawa Marni female

Settle Down Now female

Sunshine Sue female

Twlya female

LE 92396 RE 110D

Lori Ritchie FL (FL)
SMA's HOTORNOT (Catie) female DOB 11/7/00
(NGA Owner: Henry T Howe)
Sire: Extreme Heat and Dam: SMA's Shescores

Sma's Heshot male
Sma's Embers female
Sma's Hot female
Sma's Hothothot female
Sma's Yourhot female
Sma's Yournot male

Cats Quick Pick? female?

LE 92389 RE 110

Barbara Brooks CO (NC)
Mps Dreamme (Addi) female DOB 11/00
(NGA Owner: Myrtle I Piper
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Mps Brittany

MPS Best Prize female
Mps Dakotaappeal male
Mps Shesanoactor female
Mps Sizzling Hot male
Mps Valid Appeal male

LE 92347 RE 110F

Julie Lane (CA)
WR Shakeitrossie (Jillian) female DOB 11/7/00
(NGA Owner: Wil Rogers)
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Crystal Latasha

Crystal Tresca female
JD's Rock On male
EDP's Player male

LE 92344 RE 110B

Lesley Tierney AL (LA)
Oshkosh Tessie (Tess) female DOB 11/15/00
(NGA Owner: Larry Pollard)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Oshkosh Affair

Oshkosh Terrific male RE 110A

LE 92305 RE 110E

Sheila Armel (VA)
RMJ Lady Lizz (Mouse) female DOB 11/10/00
(NGA Owner: Mary Jane Miller)
Sire: Asti Four Alarm and Dam: Rmj's She's Hot
Rmj Hey Hector
Rmj She's Cool
Rmj Lucky Louie
Rmj Alarm's Gal
Rmj Five Alarm

LE 92274 RE 110H

Diane Melvin IA,TX (FL)
Part Time Brett (Benn) male DOB 11/3/00
Sire: Bart's Cola and Dam: Specorama


Little Spec female (Isis adopted IA)

Lucky Luann female RE 110A (adopted ON)

Pops Entas male RE 110E (retired)

Princess Jamie female RE 110G

Punky Lewis male RE 110C (Harley adopted by Cindra & Kenneth German IA) Rigorous Pace female RE 110B

LE 92255 RE 100B

Carol Connelly FL (NC)
Mainline Mitch (Mitch) male DOB 10/24/00
(NGA Owner:  Kirk Schaffer)
Sire:  Flying Missile and Dam:  Blue Canoe

Tv Tom male
Brunos Boy male
Do You Canoe female
Lighten Up male

LE 92240 RE 100C

Shari & Ken Keach AZ/KS (Alberta)
Flying Ken (Chance) male DOB 10/25/00
(NGA Owner: Flying Eagles Kennel)
Sire: Flying Oak-iu and Dam: Flying Wilma


Flying Barbie female RE 100H (Barbie adopted by Shari & Ken)

Prima Ms Lynne female

Prima Oak male

Prima Sir Toney male

Primco Ash female

Primco Birch female

Primco Elm female

LE 92189 RE 100A

Amy Smith-Van Patten WI (OH)
Quasky Row Carol (Callie) female DOB 10/1/00
(NGA Owner: Kenneth Sherrets)

Sire: Cc Chandler and Dam: Quasky Bet Ya


Quasky Row Cecil male RE 100A (Cecil adopted by Tina Ricca WI)

Quasky Row Cee female

Quasky Row Chad male

LE 92177 RE 90A

Lesley Tierney AL (LA)
Reko Ahmad (Ranger) malel DOB 9/30/00
(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)
Sire: Abita Simon and Dam: Reko Afiya

Reko Ben male RE 90I
Reko Ivonne female RE 90C
Reko Langston male RE 90H (Cadillac adopted in NC)
Reko Mirinda female RE 90E
Reko Murray male RE 90F
Reko Tarzan male RE 90B
Reko Tesia female RE 90G
Reko Tonya female RE 90D

LE 92171 RE 1101A

Cindy Stellute (Salisbury NC)
Reko America female DOB 11/1/00
(NGA Owner: Reko Enterprises Inc)
Sire: Horton's Express and Dam: MWs Isabelle Guy

Reko Frosty male
Reko Investor male

Reko Ultimate male

LE 92166 RE 100A

Lisa Parran NH (MA)
Black Onyx (Onyx aka Nixxie) female DOB 10/26/00
(NGA Owner: Parran)
Sire: Skimar Mitee and Dam: Skimar Mai Tai

Gaslight male
Island Skipper male
Night Skipper male
Princess Anne female
Robs Sebastion male
Three Degrees male

LE 92156 RE

Suzi Wrona

Ocala Georgia (Georgia) Female 1/1/91

Sire: Redd Fella and Dam: Sweet Doddie

(NGA Owner: JoAnn Dixon)
Ocala Ira Male
Ocala Jerry Male

LE 92146 RE 100D

Pat & Garry Thomson (Toronto ON)

MPS Dixie Dude (Darcy) male DOB 10/28/00

Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: MPS Fancy Shopper

(NGA Owner: Myrtle Piper)


Mps Silver Buck male

Mps Thistledown male

Mps Two Punch male

Mps Rapid Ryan male

Mps Fancy Desire female

Mps Mister Bett male

Mps Flying Angel female

Mps Pinkcaddy female

LE 92132 RE 100E

Leah Snyder FL (PA)
Twilite Sugar (Sugar) female DOB 10/10/00
(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels)
Sire: Kolas Moneymaker and Dam: Nf fancy

Twilite Money Mo male RE 100C (Mo adopted Connie Nicholson-Price VA)
Abdo Fancy male (adopted by Jeff & Natalie Woods NC)
Twilite Al Bundy male
Twilite Keytowin female
Twilite San Lily female
Twilite Top Cop male

LE 92128 RE 110A

Patty Heath FL (FL)
Shilo Dundee (Shilo) female DOB 11/00
(NGA Owner: Dennis E Switzer)
Sire: Molotov and Dam: Shilo Fullmoon


Shilo Dexter male

Shilo Dizzy female

Shilo Pinup Girl female

Shilo Rowdy Gal female

Shilo Silencer male

Shilo Voyager male

Shilo Wisechoice female

LE 92118 RE 100C

Janel Ellsworth WI (IL)
Dodge Rambo (Rambo) male DOB 10/21/00
(NGA Owner: Michael Poff)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Nervous Time

Lj Holland male
Lj Timberland male

LE 92114 RE 100E

Marcina Grimberg CO (CO)
Handsome Hound (Wyatt) male DOB 10/24/00
(NGA Owner: Ann Y Occhino)
Sire: Tenthill Man* and Dam: Speed Raider

Chakka Khan female
Chica's Chewlace female
Zigzagn Zorro male

LE 92108 RE 110C

Gina Sciortino FL (ON)
Cp's Mackie (Oreo) male DOB 11/1/00
(NGA Owner: Eddie Plesa)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Cp's Super Chunk
Cp's Alvie male
Cp's Barney male
Cp's Bit O Honey female
Cp's Mr. Chunk male
Cp's Shyann female

LE 92105 RE 100A

Mary Shank MA,NH (VA)

Splash McBones (Splash) male DOB 10/30/00
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Jahda Fox

Monty McBones male

Bash Mcbones male

Brophy male

Buffy Mcbones female

Old Time Hockey male

Skinny Girl female

Puttin Onthefoil male (adopted)

LE 92099 RE 100E

Linda Prehoda FL,AL,TX,AZ (Vista CA)
BB's Egg Pot (Shelby) female DOB 10/30/00
(NGA Owner: Pameula K Bullard)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: BB's Spinett

BB's Aluminumpot female
BB's Boiling Pot female
BB's Dusty Pot female
Bb's Gravy Pot male

LE 92055 RE

Al Dash TX (Raleigh, NC)
Hud's Tequila T (Wolfie) female Whelped 1/25/91

Sire: Hondo Monopoly and Dam: Unbelievable Ms
(NGA Owner: Maurine Lueck)

Hud's Look Out female
Hud's Raw Burner male
Hud's Slip N Git female

LE 92055 RE 100F

Michelle Allen OR (OR)
ICO Fiona (Fiona/Noni) female DOB 10/28/00
(NGA Owner: Bobby Harlan)
Sire: Flying Windsor and Dam: ICO Shapiro

ICO  Annabell female
ICO Barbara female
ICO Casey male
ICO Daphne female
ICO Eddie male
ICO Grady male

LE 92022 RE 100F

Nanette McClary FL (NY)
Farley Cruz (Farley) male DOB 10/16/00
(NGA Owner: Richard L Houchin)
Sire: Trojan Cruze and Dam: Dixie Vale


Bart Cruz male

Caitlin Cruz female

Dale Cruz male

Earl Cruz male

Gale Cruz male RE 100G

Hal Cruz male

Abe Cruz male

LE 92019 RE 110C

Anne Pfaff NH,CT (NC)
Sly Lisa (Precious) female DOB 11/1/02
(NGA Owner: Charles & Anne Pfaff)
Sire: My Boots Bingham and Dam: Cheyenne Andrea


Sly Bobo male RE 110A (adopted in MA)

Sly Callie female RE 110G (adopted in MA)

Sly Chica female RE 110B

Sly Cosmo male RE 110E

Sly Eagle male RE 110H (adopted by Patti Gardner in Toronto)

Sly Spur male RE 110F (Sirius adopted by B Earl in WA)

Sly Sting male RE 110D (Sting adopted by Patti Gardner in Toronto)

LE 92016 RE 100A

Claire Anderson FL (PA)
Jimbo Shack (A-jax) male DOB 10/14/00

Sire: Unruly Storm and Dam: Jimbo Cherish

(NGA Owner: Harold Fisher)


R And A April female

R And A May female

R And A November male

R And A October female

Jimbo Dixie male

Jimbo Winn female (adopted Penny)

Jimbo Cato female

LE 92001 RE 100C
Sharon Bright
Lidia Paranoid male DOB 10/21/00
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Lidia Pineapple
(NGA Owner: Edward Trow)
Lidia Perpetrate male RE 100D
Lidia Petite female RE 100A (adopted)

Lidia Pistachio female RE 100B

LE 91932 RE 100C

Sheryl Clouse AZ (MN)
WW Ruths Cowgirl (Kyra) female DOB 10/26/00
(NGA Owner: Wayne Ward)
Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Emily Ruth

WW Ruths Callie female
WW Ruths Carrie female

LE 91927 RE

Kevin Mynatt MX (OR)
Ww Didya Inbloom (Lucy) female DOB 10/18/00
(NGA Owner: Wayne Ward)
Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: Roses In Bloom

Dont Roses Bloom female
Ww Darby Inbloom male
Ww Dawsoninbloom male
Ww Dejavu female
Ww Dune In Bloom male

LE 91924 RE 100A

Sharon Barons (BC)
Valley Dumbledor (Griffin) male DOB 10/24/00
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: Fuel Flyer

Valley Grifindor male
Valley Hermione female
Valley Percy female
Valley Slytherin male
Top Marble female

LE 91923 RE

J Wagar CO (Alberta)
Nanny's Girl (Jamaica) female DOB 10/21/00
(NGA Owner: Don C Godby)
Sire: LPD Maker's Mark and Dam: LPD Nanny

Prayer Belle female
Highway Marker male
Mark One male

LE 91915 RE

Lena (Newby) Hall

(Gryffin) Pat C Trapdoor male DOB 10/17/00
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Blackwidow

(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)


Pat C Tangerine female

Pat C Ez Slider male

LE 91898 RE 1001
Krista Sean & Katelyn Leigh N Frame WI (MI)
I'm Illuminated Female DOB 10/20/00
Sire: P's Skidway and Dam: Imajean Jade
(NGA Ower: Edward Trow)

I'm Ignited Male
I'm Intruder Male
I'm Illustrius Female
I'm Impulsive Male
I'm Incognito Female
I'm Incomplete Female
I'm Inspired Male
I'm Intrigued Female
I'm Irritated Male

LE 91894 RE 100C

Lorraine Storms AZ,CT (Reading PA)
KW Stratton (Stratton) male DOB 10/21/00
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennel Or Carl E Wa)
Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Please Cathy

KW Jim male
KW Ginger female
KW Bob male (adopted

LE 91873 RE 100D

Christina Newsome WV (NC)
FP Hercules (Sir Waldo) male DOB 10/15/00
(NGA Owner: Shawnie D Evans)
Sire: My Black Star and Dam: My Charmin Robin

Fp Black Star male
Fp Buttercup female
Fp Catchmewendy female
Fp Firecracker female
Fp Jasmine female
Fp Red Star

LE 91860 RE 100I

Jane Walker NH (MD)
Redda (Greta) female DOB 10/17/00
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Dark Danger and Dam: Keeway

Adeway male
Erdos male
Estra female
Kahless male
Sahanna female
Seagle male
Sheyea female
Sycamo male

LE 91825 RE 11D

Barbara Greene (MD)
Ready to Roam (Roam) female DOB 1/11/91 DOD 12/04

Sire: He's My Man Dam: Ready to Roar

(NGA Owner: Mickey Lansburgh)

LE 91825 RE 90B
Kevin & Kelly McKiney (MO)
CM Blondie (Molly) female DOB 9/11/00
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: MD Camaro

(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)

CM Adios female
CM Charles male
CM Disguise male
CM Executive male
CM Finance male

LE 91779 RE 100E

Vanitha Sankaran (CO)

TemperTimeofFury female (Zola) DOB 10/12/00

Sir: Rage Of Fury and Dam: WW Time A N Half

(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)


Taras Timeoffury female RE 100B

Torys Timeoffury female RE 100C

LE 91740 RE 100E

Nina Howe CT (Calgary, Alberta)
Jr's Blazin (Blazin) male DOB 11/14/00
(NGA Owner: Mitchell R Ballard)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Genuine Genius

Jr's Desire male RE 100C
Jr's Genius female RE 100A
Jr's Genuine female RE 100D
Jr's Neon female RE 100F (adopted)
Jr's Nitro male RE 100B
Jr's Notice male RE 100G

LE 91739 RE 100F

Jimmy Williams FL (GA)
Musical Marilyn (Marilyn) female DOB 10/10/00
(NGA Owner: Jeffrey L Goree)
Sire: Ohkosh Slammer and Dam: Mesa Should Be

Bigevs Scoundrel male
Farmer Lee male
Flat Out Flying female
Jammin Jenna female
Tea Time Alice female
Ten Pin Ron male
Tonight's Show male
Total Domination male

LE 91730 RE 60C

Janet Selman (PA)

RSW Bring It On (Beaker) male DOB 8/1/00
(NGA Owner: Rob Williams)
Sire: San Tan Whammo and Dam: WD's Amherst

RSW Wagner male
RSW Destiny female
RSW Chancie female

LE 91707 RE 100B

Angela Eubanks AZ (San Diego CA)
Ward's Luckycharm (OJ) male DOB 10/6/00
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)
Sire: Minaki Zeke and Dam: WW Luck Bea Lady

Wards Lucky Dog male
Wards Luckybrake male

LE 9169 RE 91E

Dodi O'Shea Idaho (OR)
Beck Bob's Sunbird (KC) female DOB 9/01

LE 91668 RE 90C

Nora Cameron NH (DC)

It's Blue Chip (Oz) male DOB 9/1/00

Sire: Brs Blue Chip and Dam: Lovie Bowman

(NGA Owner: Darold Robertson)


Spirit O Cody male

LE 91653 RE 100C

Demetra Shelton NH (MA)
Twilite Runlovee (Lovee) female DOB 10/7/00
(NGA Owner:  Twilite Kennels LLC)
Sire: RC's Grabthegold and Dam: Ars Lovee

Twilite Tyson male
Twilite Lennox male

LE 91641 RE 100A

Juanita Curnutte (OH)
WVs Goggin (Marley) male DOB 10/3/00
Sire: Greys Flamebeau and Dam: Cleo Hot Tamale

(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennel)


WVs Butter female RE 100B

WVs Tammy female RE 100C

LE 91637 RE 100E

Catlin & Al Struelens AZ (San Diego CA)
JNB Mohawk Dream (Maeve) female DOB 10/6/00
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Mohican Witness

(NGA Owner: Joyce Burford)


JNB Mohawk Magic male

JNB Mohawk Power male

JNB Mohawk Wind male

Witness Babe female

LE 91622 RE 90C

Diane Lamoreaux FL (NC)
Kaias Dictator (Disco) male DOB 9/23/00
(NGA Owner: Dick Adler or Thomas Curcie)
Sire: Circulate and Dam: Grandma's Toto

Kaias Shamrock male (Deceased)
Kaias Trademark male
Kaias Taylormade male (adopted)

LE 91586 RE

Emily Miller AL (Mississippi)
Crusin Waboo (Edgar) male DOB 10/3/00
(NGA Owner: Gary L Heinzle)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Crusin Peachie

Crusin Biddy female
Crusin Honey female RE 100H (adopted IL)
Crusin Ten female
Crusin Wahoo male

Crusin Waboo male (adopted)
Crusin Wazzup male
Crusin Winnie female RE 100G (adopted IL)
Crusin Wonderboy male
Crusin Woozie male
Crusin Wytewater male RE 100D (Jazz adopted by Whitney Goodson NC)

LE 91540 RE 90A

Amy Sytek FL (MI)
Garys Mister Gee (Sammy) male DOB 9/29/00
(NGA Owner: Randy Doubles)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Angel Passing

Calorie female (adopted)
Hammer's Deb female RE 90C (retired as a brood)
Another Good Win male
Msk Wakeup Angel female

Shine For Me female RE 90B

LE 91535 RE 90F

Gary Dunwell FL (NC)
I Had To Pay (Paige) female DOB 9/21/00
(NGA Owner: La Verne Hibbs)
Sire: Devilish Episode and Dam: Robojo Bandit

Robo Devilish female
Robo Aunt Carol female
Robo Jake male
Mimi's Nick male
Robo Faultline female

LE 91515 RE 100G

Emily Gleason FL (MI)
RK Pressing News (Press, Presley) male DOB 10/2/00
(NGA Owner: David Robinette)
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Impress Me Much

RK Fulcourtpress male
RK Goin Topressu female
RK Press It Home female
RK Press It Up female
RK Press On By female
RK Press Release female
RK Pressbybutton female

LE 91510 RE

Cara Vacchiano MA (CT)
DG's Toro (Chance) male DOB 10/2/00
(NGA Owner: Keith Putnam)
Sire: Kelso's Kingpin and Dam: TH Daisy Mae

DG's Emotion female
DG's Dream On female
DG's King Bud male
DG's Whatever female

LE 91464 RE 90D

Theresa Dulinsky KS (MO)
Crystal Araphoe (Feather) male DOB 9/27/00
(NGA Owner: Robert M Childs)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Crystal Penny

Crystal Apache female
Crystall Cherokee male
Crystal Cheyenne female
Crystal Choctaw male
Crystal Navajo male

LE 91424 RE 21B

Karen Dannenhauer Iowa (IL)
Hi Cath (Maggie May) female Whelped 12/20/90

Sire: Bob's Dash and Dam: Bonnie Shamrock*


Hi Spinner female

LE 91412 RE 90A

Susan Prepejchal Iowa (Iowa)
Twilite Merlin (Wizard) male DOB 9/23/00
(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels LLC)
Sire: Homspun Rock and Dam: WR's Kylie

Twilite Gleam female
Twilite Gunther male
Twilite Kylie female
Twilite Mayday female

LE 91407 RE 90A

Amy VanDemark Iowa (NY)
Greys Lite Shoes (Shoes) male DOB 9/14/00
(NGA Owner: Ernest J Butler)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Greys Liberty

Greys Lite Beam male
Greys Lite Breez female
Greys Lite Burst male
Greys Lite Foot male
Greys Litefinger male RE 90E
Greys Liteoffire female

LE 92232 RE 110F

Katie Davidson AR (TN)
Princess Joslyn (Josie) female DOB 11/11/00
(NGA Owner: Bill Elliott)
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Princess Josie


Castor Abner male

Castor Tate male

Es Tab male (adopted TN)

GoodOleBoyRoy male RE 110A (adopted by Robin E Ciskowski)

Princess Cassie female

Princess Jayden female

Randy Travers male

LE 91390 RE 90E

Katie Davidson AR (TN)
Jankz (Jankz) male DOB 9/22/00
(NGA Owner: Marc Randle)
Sire: Azler and Dam: Monica Ann


Azmon male

Kaji female

Majedda female (adopted in TN)

Wild Thane male

Zaj male

LE 91358 RE 90E

Karen Sarkisian WI (IN)
My Lady Ann (Annie) female DOB 9/17/00
(NGA Owner: Gary MacDonald or Norma J Aspedon)
Sire: Beam's Full Moon and Dam: She's My Reba

My Lady Elizabet female
My Lady Katrina female
My Lady Margaret female
My Lady Marion female
My Lady Mary female
My Sir Arthur male
My Sir Phillip male

LE 91336 RE 90D

Josh & Becca Baker (IL)
Lucky Strike (Lucky Strike) male DOB 9/9/00
(NGA Owner: Randall or Deneen Ward)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Phantom Silk*


Moanin Lisa female

Moneta female

Pablo Picasso female

Renior male

Smooth Goin female RE 90A (Sydney adopted by Heather & Becky Bryd FL)

Whistlers Mother female

LE 91303 RE 91B

Lesley Tierney (LA)
Miss Bojangles (Bo) male DOB 9/18/00
(NGA Owner: Hazel Helen Ille)
Sire: My Mr. Bochephus and Dam: Cash Fantasy

Big Friendly male RE 91A
Ille's Fortune male RE 91C (adopted)

Mitch's Pick male RE 91D
Ille's Wingin It male RE 91E (Wilson adopted in FL)

Miss Challenger female RE 91F

LE 91276 RE 90C

JoAnn Cotter & Pat Barney NH (NY)
Sally Said (Mavis) female DOB 9/20/00
(NGA Owner: Betty Allen)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Puffin Betty

Blazin Erika female
Bug Eyed Bully male
Puffer''s Request female
Share the Risk male
She's Stone Cold female
Smoke Um Anna female (adopted)
Tick Tock Tick female

LE 91272 RE 90B

Meredith & Jess Pickering-Holderbaum RI (MA)
Deco Bullahead (Bull) male DOB 9/5/00
(NGA Owner: David or Barbara Hays)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Marque Fort Snow

Deco Amyhead female
Deco Cutahead male
Deco Ducahead male
Deco Evahead female
Deco Goahead male
Deco Hammerhead male

LE 91270 RE 70E

Marsha Roe (AZ)
Balkan Orbiana (Pixel) female DOB 7/22/00
Sire: Balkan Express and Dam: Rileys Marymary


Balkan Botev male

Balkan Thunder male

LE 91225 RE 90F

Nancy & John Burt FL (NJ)

Pa's So Feddan (Ruby) female Whelped 9/9/00

Sire: Feddan Flash and Dam: Flying Freeport

(NGA Owner: Pierre Amestoy)


Pa's Thunderport male

Pa's Flash Cash male

Pa's Rumbleport male

Pa's Free Flash female

Pa's Free Fallen female

LE 91220 RE 80C

Diane Wainwright NH (MD)
Maisy Ann (Maisy) female DOB 8/8/00
(NGA Owner: Brenda Maxim or Aljo Kennels)
Sire: Great Son and Dam: Heather Ann

Bella Ann female
Dazzling Son male
Daisy Ann female
Macy Ann female
Pepsi Ann female
Chelsea Ann female
Glittering male
Kara Ann female
Saturns Ring male

LE 91195 RE 90D

Jennifer Heater WI (MI)

Cs Gate To Plate (Gate) male DOB 9/13/00

Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Che Mar Rider


Cs Capturingmore male RE 90B

Cs Freedom Flyer male RE 90I

Cs Mark Of Power male RE 90C

Cs Persistent male

Cs Sassy Sue female RE 90H

Cs Super Coup male RE 90G (Cooper adopted by Bob in Twin Cities MN)

Cs Sweet Success female RE 90A

Cs Take The Cash male RE 90F

Cs Tyvan male RE 90E (adopted in Calgary Alberta)

LE 91148 RE

April McCrea

Yukon Saskatoon (Dusty) male Whelped 9/13/00

Sire: Mohican Prize and Dam: Enchanted Liz

(NGA Owner: Armand Faber)


Motley Jet male
Motley Mystery female
Motley Patty female
Motley Sandy female (Harold Laird in MI?)
Motley Skippermale
Motley Zig male
Loop Hole Prize male
Yukon Wilderness male (adopted CO)

LE 91147 RE 90A

Ashley Capps FL (SC)
Yer My Pick (Ace) male DOB 9/11/00
(NGA Owner: Cahill & O'Conner Kennel Inc)
Sire: He's Poison and Dam: Eskimo Sue

Cheeko female
Cignifyin Sam male
Dirty Dougie male
Orfey Goodlove female
Reel Nauti female RE 90G (adopted)
Scarecrow female

LE 91137 RE 90D

Heather Herttna FL (OH)
unknown (Duncan) male DOB 9/00
(NGA Owner: Randall Ward)
Sire: Bara Buzz and Dam: Freejack

Big Percy
Big Thomas

LE 91135 RE 90A

Carole Buckman FL (KY)
JAMS Aleya (Ava) female DOB 9/2/00
(NGA Owner: Joe or Martha Rothenberg)
Sire: MN'S Mr. Jersey and Dam: JAMS D Lasseter

JAMS Connie female (adopted)
JAMS Elena R female (adopted)
JAMS Jmcthird male (adopted)
JAMS Milburn male (adopted)

LE 91087 RE

Kim Coyle KS (Great Falls MT)
Okie Tony T (Tony) male DOB 9/5/00
(NGA Owner: Gaylan L Edwards)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Okie Amber

Okie Mackenzie female (adopted)
Okie Mirage male
Okie Schuyler male RE 90B (Schuyler adopted by Fred Cossell Indianapolis)
Okie Taxi male
Okie Trysta female RE 90A (Trysta adopted by Lisa Mahler Wilmington NC)

Okie Liz female

LE 91071 RE 90A

Carole Buckman FL (KY)
JAMS America female DOB 9/4/00
(NGA Owner: Joe or Martha Rothenberg)
Sire: JAMS Cal V and Dam: JAMS Butternut

JAMS Barbara BD female
JAMS Chris BD male

LE 91056 RE 90E

Telma & Mike Shaw AZ (Oceanside CA)
Janabeth (Mirah) female DOB 9/3/00
(NGA Owner: Joetta Vaughn)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Tami McGehee

Brianna Angel female
Chantilly Shan female
Don Gulden male
Jassey female
Trish female

LE 91049 RE

Janet Ansert CT (NJ)
NRs Damascus (Gus) male DOB 9/8/00
(NGA Owner: Nadine E Riggar)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: NRs Fancy Girl

NR's Madagascar male
NR's Mustang male (adopted)
NR's Nokia female (adopted by Tammy Brewer)
NR's Robert Ford male

LE 91047 RE 90A

Marina Greene NH
Easy to Trace (Trace) male DOB 9/6/00

Sire: Big Boy Baggio and Dam: Beezo
(NGA Owner: Darold Robertson)


Well Wisher male

Sp's Choice female

Did I Do It male

Drifting Away male

Special Impact male

LE 91046 RE 90C

Trisha Housman FL/CT (NJ)
Square Pants (Emma) female DOB 9/7/00
(NGA Owner: Steve Schlater)
Sire: Rapido Rambo Dam: Miranda Jean


Blue Jean female

Pilchard female

Shady Lane female

Squidword female

Squid Sailor male

Surface Skimmer male

LE 91029 RE 90H

Allison Carey FL (MI)
TW Simon Says (Simon) male DOB 9/4/00
(NGA Owner: Charles Woods)
Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: U S Peace Symbol


TW Gota Clue male RE 90I (Clue adopted by Allison Carey MI)
TW Bingo male RE 90J (Bingo adopted by Pete & Dawn Najorka, Farmington Hills MI)
TW Domino male RE 90D (Domino adopted living in MI)
TW Uno female RE 90C (adopted by Shirley Trusky & Britanie Jacobs, Canal Fulton OH)
TW Jenga female RE 90A
TW Blackjack male RE 90F (adopted living in Howell MI)
TW Monopoly female RE 90B
TW Outburst male RE 90G
TW Twister female RE 90E

LE 91022 RE 90A

Monique LaBenne WI (MI)
AA's Admiral (Admiral) male DOB 9/2/00
(NGA Owner: Monique LaBenne)
Sire: Fortress * and Dam: First N Last

Aa's Buttons male RE 90B (adopted in OH)
Aa's Chelsey female RE 90C
Aa's Daunte female RE 90D

LE 90953 RE 80C

Robyn McGee Ark

Greys Song Star female DOB 8/30/00

(NGA Owner: Ernest J Butler)
Sire: My Saturn and Dam: Greys Shootnstar
Greys Disco Star male
Greys Dixie Star female
Greys Music Star male

Greys Opera Star female
Greys Stage Star female

LE 90969 RE 80C

Kevin Ryan (Florida)

C's Chico Kevin (Seven) male DOB 8/31/00

Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Cisco Emma

NGA Owner: Paul E Carbonneau


C's Chico Emma female RE 80A (Emma adopted by Raymond Smith, Winchester, NH)

C's Oh Poncho male RE 80B

LE 90948 RE 80H

Karin Czaplicki FL (PA)

Reading Rocket male DOB 8/18/00

Sire: Loxahatchee and Dam: Gabes Software

(NGA Owner: Norman Rader)


Berks County male

Left Hand Whiip male

Lightining Lane female

Pressure Player female

Off The Schneid male

LE 90937 RE

Laur (Canada)

Mcp's Leo (Jacob) male DOB 8/24/00

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Mcp's Echo

(NGA Owner: Harold Farmer)


Mcps Shady female

LE 90879 RE 80F

Mary McNally FL (MO)
RW'S Francine (Frannie) female DOB 8/23/00
(NGA Owner: Roy G White)
Sire: Coldwater Guv and Dam: Kelsos Flutter

Kelsos Governess female
Native Empress female
Rw's Don't Tell female
Rw's Matters Not male RE 80D (Trax adopted by Patricia Kubicek)
Rw's Mischief female

LE 90858 RE 80E

Jennifer Nerl CT (NJ)
CZ Downdirty (Brewster) male DOB 8/22/00
Sire: Leo's Midas and Dam: Sweet Senoritas

CZ Handsome Stud male RE 80C (Rocky adopted by Jennifer Nerl)
CZ Crawlnagain female
CZ Ice Tea female
CZ Memory Lapse female
CZ Miss Piggie female
CZ Now Hiring male
CZ Jimbuck Jules male

CZ DownNdirty male

LE 90845 RE 80B

Krista Sean & Katelyn Leigh N Frame WI (MI)
BF Prime Time Male DOB 8/26/00
Sire: Cousy and Dam: DD's Miss Minge
(NGA Owner: Frances Moffatt or Bennie Griggs)

BF Captive Hart Female
BF Done Gotta Go Male
BF Feeling Free Female
BF Goodby George Male
BF Haticol Hatte Female
BF Lady Agnas Female
BF Popeye Male

LE 90822 RE 80C

Danielle Perreault IA (ON)
Millennium Cali (Cali) female DOB 8/20/00
(NGA Owner: Sydney A Gasche)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: In March


Millennium Mona female

Millennium Rhett male

Millennium Sugar female

LE 90812 RE 80?

Greyhound Friends of the Gulf Coast AL & AR (LA)
Miss Elliot female DOB 8/19/00
(NGA Owner: Shana Jackson)
Sire: FMC Wake Up and Dam: Joels Ree Ree


Joels Keeper male

Blinky female

Joels Wakeupnow male

Penrose Francis female

LE 90773 RE

Cindy Wightman

Rts Clay male DOB 8/00

Sire: WW Time Warp and Dam: Solid Gold Tip


Rts Sydney female

Rts Randi female

Rts Cathy female

Rts Brianna female

Billy The Wheel female

LE 90771 RE 80G
Joe & Laurie Lampe KS (MO)

Miracle Marble (Marbles) male Whelped 8/19/00
(NGA Owner: James L. Morgan)
Sire: My Thane and Dam:  Sommer's Rose


Simba Umgowah male

Sommers Reign female

Babe Of Sommer female

Jet Pack Jill female

Jet Pack Julie female

Rosesripplecreek female RE 80C (Nibby adopted by Anielia Eaden MO)

LE 90734 RE 70D

Shanna Smith Wisconsin (MI)

Fern Mc Cain (Fern) female DOB 7/10/00

Sire: Delatite Boy and Dam: Flo Profit

(NGA Owner: Holman Racing Greyhounds)


Flo Mc Cain female (MI?)

Florina Mc Cain female (MI?)

Freddy Martinez male (MI?)

LE 90728 RE 80A

Chris Harper TX, MX (OR)
Kid's Copper (Copper) male DOB 8/17/00
(NGA Owner: Mark Ryan)
Sire: Bomb Threat and Dam: Kid's Cry Baby

Kid's Billie RE 80B female
Kid's Kenneth RE 80C male
Kid's Dr Dre RE 80D male (adopted in Canada)
Must Bethe Money RE 80E male
Kid's Snoop Dog RE 80F male
Kid's Nate RE 80G male

LE 90695 RE 80C

Diane Canfield NH (NH)
Kelsos Metaphor (Matty) male DOB 8/10/00
NGA Owner: Raymond C LeBlanc)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Kelso's Movita

Kelsos Chat Room female (adopted)
Kelsos Glamor female
Kelsos Hiatus female
Kelsos Knowitall male
Kelsos Lanskey male (Lanskey adopted by Donald Healy NJ)
Kelsos Motto male
Kelsos Post Man male (Kasey adopted by Rebecca Spear NJ)
Kelsos Road Trip male

LE 90693 RE 80E

Kirstin Johnson CO (CO)
Java Jordan (Jordan) male DOB 8/17/00
(NGA Owner: Daryl Brumage)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Miti Mint Julip
Java Jill female
Java Joon female
Java Jasmin female
Java Junior male
Java Jerilee female
Java Jason male
JB Julip female

LE 90687 RE 70B

Robin Wittner WI (MI)
Bk's Twister (Twister) male DOB 7/24/00
(NGA Owner: Cassandra Sonnemann)
Sire: Gable Chevy and Dam: Bk's Charmer

Bk's Wild Rose female
Bk's Hot Chile female

LE 90644 RE 80C

Wendy Edwards CO (CO)
Poco Mikey (Mikey) male DOB 8/11/00
(NGA Owner: David DiCroce)
Sire: Tenthill Man and Dam: Mg's Poco Polly

Poco Candy female RE 80A
Poco Kirgey male RE 80D
Poco Pixie female RE 80E
Poco Thunder male RE 80B

LE 90638 RE 80A
Kathy Campbell (PA) FL
Bridge of Faith (Annie) female DOB 8/9/00
(NGA Owner: Stan Cowherd Jr)
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Greys Nightmare
Conquering Storm male RE 80D
Lady Desire female RE 80G (adopted NC)
Majesa female RE 80C (Jessie adopted FL)
Oval Princess female RE 80B
Sure Kelly female RE 80H (Kelly adopted NC)
Tourist female RE 80F
Tycam Handful male RE 80E (adopted)

LE 90630 RE 80E

Sarah Zimmerman FL (SC)
Miss Ella F (Ariel) female DOB 7/30/00
(NGA Owner: Eustace Thomas)
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: MR Dolly Gal

CF's Pied Piper male RE 70G DOD 6/06 (Piper adopted in NB)
Dulcinea female RE 70B
Mully Gully female RE 70D
Safari Back Lot female RE 70A
Safari Overland male RE 70C DOD 11/19/07 (Sailer adopted by Ian Jessop)
Safari Secrets female RE 70H
Safari Side Bet male RE 70F

LE 90623 RE 80E

Brenda Stacy (FL)
JB'S Mac (Max) male DOB 8/2/00
(NGA Owner: Jason Haynes-Lessee or Brad Boechenstedt)
Sire: Fortress* and Dam: Jet Set Scram


Jbs Thebigunit male

Jbs Honkytonk female

Jbs Honkytonkin male

Jbs Little Kate female

LE 90614 RE 80A

Jim & Cindy Jaimeson AZ,KS (Bonsall CA)
RD's O Yeah (Jack) male DOB 8/11/00
(NGA Owner: Gloria Dorsey)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: RD's Valeria

RD's My O My female (Maya Louise adopted living in Las Vegas NV)
RD's O Boy male
RD's O Golly female
RD's O Righty female RE 80E (adopted by Terri Fischer)

LE 90613 RE 80C

Michele Fleischer FL (PA)
Kelsos Reality (Ringo) male DOB 8/11/00
(NGA Owner: Christopher J Palmieri Jr)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Kelsos Marzipan

Kelsos Ella female
Kelsos Teaser female
Kelsos Baroness female
Kelsos King Cash male
Kelsos Red Eric male
Kelsos Shady Bill male
Kelsos Story End female
Kelsos Gleaming female

LE 90610 RE 80B

Joan Johnson NH (NC)
RT's Fric (Willow) female DOB 1/8/00
(NGA Owner: Russell LeRoy Traphagan)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: RT's Alana


RTs Frac male (Frac adopted by Peter Farrand)

LE 90575 RE 80H

Tami Wood KS,WI (MN)
Hotshow Rocket (Rocket) male DOB 8/16/00
(NGA Owner: Michael A Lasky)
Sire:  Jerry Quarry and Dam: Speed Buzz


Ammo Vic male

Rapid Ryan male

Rumble Express male

Soft Option female

Undisputed Champ male

X Factor male

LE 90571 RE 80G

Gloria Ford (Somerset County, NJ)

(Garbo) female DOB 8/11/00

Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Kimber Lil

(NGA Owner: Norman L Rader)


Rubberband Legs male RE 80C
Snail male
Tattoo Em male
Chatters Car female
Two unnamed registered females RE 80D & RE 80F

LE 90513 RE

Lynnet McMahon AZ,MX (Fallbrook CA)
Ole Bee Close (Savannah) female DOB 7/12/00
(NGA Owner: Kathleen Collins)
Sire: Century Chase and Dam: Ole Lucky Girl

Ole Red Rover male
Ole Suerte Man male
Ole Pueblo Nuevo male
Ole Hot Noche female
Ole Light Onluck male

LE 90494 RE 70H

Robin Vaughn FL (FL)
Honeys Warrior (Henry) male DOB 7/31/00
Sire: Sorrento Warrior and Dam: Cleo Gotcha

(NGA Owner: Barbara A Torbett)

Honeys Stampede male (adopted?)
Honeys Johnathon male
Honeys Stinger

Honeys Jessica female

Honeys Brent male RE 70B (Brent adopted by Robin)

LE 90466 RE 80G

Susan Lawrence CO (Idaho)

unnamed (Flying Fred) male DOB 8/5/00

(NGA Owner: C Don Godby)

Sire: Flying Jupiter and Dam: Flying Pepsi


Champ Bailey male

Coming Home male

Home Body female

Model Home female

LE 90429 RE 80D

Monica Fett AZ (San Diego CA)
Pathway to Profit (Sunny) male DOB 8/5/00

Sire: Scs Mask Rider and Dam: Ballroom Blitz


Dayton Rains female

Legion Of Doom male

Peter North male

LE 90401 RE

Kathy Darfler

Cds Legend male DOB 11/24/90 DOD 8/15/01

Sire: Lucky Artist* and Dam: Suke Damson

LE 9038? RE 91A

Cindy & Kerry Montgomery
Wally Tot (Willy) male DOB: 9/17/91

Sire: Secret Opal and Dam: Hottentot Trece

(NGA Owner: Ordean V Autio)
Precious Tot female

LE 90377 RE 70G

Brittaney & Tim Spruill AL,FL (Zachary LA)
Kiowa Gal Berry (Berry White) male DOB 7/31/00
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: RI Fashion Gal

Kiowa Gal Bladen female RE 70B
Kiowa Gal Blair female RE 70A
Kiowa Gal Box male RE 70E
Kiowa Gal Bragg male RE 70F
Kiowa Gal Brill male RE 70C
Kiowa Gal Burk male RE 70H

LE 90376 RE 80C

Janet Psik MX (CA)
Money Well Spent (George) male DOB 8/1/00
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Kiowa Ert's

(NGA Owner: NJ Sherck)


Kiowa Omaha male

Kiowa Ojibwa male

Kiowa Illinois female

LE 90370 RE 80E
Rick & Shannon Lorenz AZ (Mesa, AZ)

Cangelosi (Half Pint) female Whelped 8/3/00
(NGA Owner: Kenneth Pritsker)
Sire:  Molotov and Dam: Caliente Style


Swoboda female (Lula adopted by Sharon Gould AZ)

Bevacqua female

Apodaca female

Gagliano male

Drabowski male

Francona female RE 80G (Frannie adopted by Sarah Gleason AZ)

LE 90355 RE 70C

Ghislaine Fontaine NH (ON)
Zip Time (Zip) male DOB 7/22/00
(NGA Owner: Michael M Meadows)
Sire: Flying Neptune and Dam: TM's Merry Pace

Zip About male
Zip It male
Zip On female
Xl Red Spotlight female
Xl Lightning female
Xl Delta Dagger female

LE 90350 RE 70F

Laurel Joudrey (NS)

AB Flying Virgo (Judi) female DOB 7/00

Sire: Flying Highball and Dam: Martins Garage


AB Flying Aries female

AB Flying Gemini female

AB Flying Libra female

AB Flying Taurus male

LE 90337 RE 70H

Kathy Marggraff FL

EMC Anna (Anka) female DOB 7/1/00

Sire: My Mr. Bocephus and Dam: Vals Izod

(NGA Owner: Evelyn M Casalino)


EMC Jason male

EMC Quin male

EMC Skylar male RE 70D (Luke adopted by Wendy Knutson CA)

EMC Zod female

EMC Bristro male

EMC Mary Dee female

EMC Shy Guy male

EMC Zane male

LE 90327 RE 80D

Karen Sarkisian WI (IN)
B's Suzy Q (Suzie) female DOB 8/1/00
(NGA Owner: William L Thomas)
Sire: My Rooster and Dam: Sma's Kirbygale

B's Barbarella female
B's Coslo male
B's Iron Horse male (Alvin)
B's Jackie O female
B's Molly Brown female (adopted in West Virginia)
B's Sally Jo female
B's Scandler male

LE 90296 RE 80E

Michele Simon NH (NY)
Easy's Cheko (Tonic) male DOB 8/3/00
(NGA Owner: Julie Yearling Jr)
Sire: Westexas and Dam: JR's Tenderhelen

Easy's Bulungi female
Easy's Buraha female
Easy's Busara female
Easy's Chagina male
Easy's Chasiri male

LE 90294 RE 70A

Lisa Quast KS (MN)
Zoom Esperanza (Gracie) female DOB 7/23/00
(NGA Owner: C Don Godby)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Zoom Lady

Creek Lady female
Expresslane Emy female
Jungle Express male
Rare Lady female
Security Blanket male
Win Valerie female
Zoom Esther female
Zoom Estrella female

LE 90287 RE 70E

Lynne Sanders AR (Pocatello ID)

Mad's Ranee (Rainy) female DOB 7/17/00

Sir: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Miz Susie York

(NGA Owner: Sabrina Norris)


Mad's Ms Granger female RE 70B (adopted MI))

Mad's Miss Holly female RE 90A (Holly adopted by Christina Gilardi, FL)

Mad's Otto male RE 70D

Mad's Sir George male RE 70G

Mad's Sir Comet male

Mads Sir Albus male RE 70C (Albus adopted in GA, DOD 2006)

LE 90285 RE 60G

Kristen Bartell AZ,TX (Garden Grove CA)
Gable Republic (Argus) male DOB 6/23/00
(NGA Owner: Harlyn or Janna Goebel)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Gable Express


Gable Allegiance female

Gable America male RE 60H (Merlin adopted by Beth Parry & Mark Markley San Diego CA)

Gable Glory female

Gable Hallelujah female

Gable Honor female RE 60B (Honor DOD 10/15/05)

Gable Patriot male

Gable USA male

LE 90252 RE 70D

Wendy Smith CO (WA)
System Gb Bowman (Atticus) male DOB 7/23/00
(NGA Owner: Hermitage Kennels Inc)
Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Bellasera

System Gb Belly female
System Gb Belter male
System Gb State male

LE 90240 RE 70B

Diane Cienki AZ (Oceanside CA)
WW Evenin Yahoo (Renee) female DOB 7/30/00
Sire: EJ's Douglas and Dam: Evening Colors

Evenin Yes Man male
Evening Yoga female
Eveningyardstick male
WW Evenin Yoohoo female
WW Evening Yeah female
WW Yummy Evening female
Yamin the Evenin male

LE 90175 RE 70B

Debi Wilson TX (TN)
Quannah Rain (Quannah) male DOB 7/28/00
Sire: Betty N Ed and Dam: Sioux Rain

(NGA Owner: Richard Weitner or Clay Irwin)

Cochise Rain male
Cynthia Ann Rain female
Geronimo Rain male
Lone Tipi Rain male
Ten Bears Rain male

LE 90116 RE 70K

Barb & Terry Hertlein (Belleville, IL)

Snowflake (Snow) female DOB 7/19/00

Sire: Molotov And Dam: Gifted Christy

(NGA Owner: Allen E Pratt)


Kansas Hank male

Kansas Jackie O female

Spunky Kansas female

Kansas Chris male

Kansas Duke male

Kansas Gusto male

Kansas Thomas male

Kansas Thriller male

Kansas Adam male RE 70J (Adam adopted by Terri Long OH)

LE 90096 RE

Colleen Bellehumeur NH (ON)
BL Car (Riley) male DOB 7/19/00
Sire: Broadway Joe and Dam: Acadia

BL Mooncall male (adopted)
BL Sunshine female
BL Trucker male
BL Super Star female

BL Roundball female

Bacs Cookiedough female

Bacs Oneeyedjoe male

BL Fan female

BL Hotdog female

LE 90090 RE 70A

Pat Hart (Ontario)
O H K  Rapids (Spencer) male DOB 7/20/00
(NGA Owner: Michael W Strodtman)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: OHK Sapphire


O H K Brookfield female

LE 90086 RE

Lori Blantin (Sarasota FL)

Family Cocoa Whelped 7/21/00

Sire: Okie Kail and Dam: Coffee Achiever

(Owner: Robert C or Roger L Lorber)

Family Chocholate female

Family Mocca male

Family Cocktail female

Family Coffee male

Family Cream female

Family Kalouha (Kahlua) female RE 70A (adopted by Carol Connelly NC)

LE 90076 RE 70G

Sam & Mark Call CT (WA)
BL Moon Call (Moon) male DOB 7/19/00
(NGA Owner: Edward G Le Roux Jr)
Sire: My Broadway Joe and Dam: Cajun Acadia

BL Roundball female
Bacus Cookiedough female
Bacs Oneeyedjoe male
BL Car male (adopted ON)
BL Fan female
BL Hot Dog female
BL Sunshine female
BL Super Star female

BL Trucker male

LE 90033 RE 30E

Alan Jensen CO (WA)
Valley Quaffel (Tigger) male DOB 3/24/00 DOD 4/12/08
(NGA Owner: Rick Decker)
Sire: Adobe Ridge and Dam: Fuel Flyer

Adobe Flyer female RE 30D
Valley Bludger male RE 30C
Valley Hagrid male RE 30B
Valley Hedwig female RE 30G
Valley Quiditch female RE 30F
Valley Snitch male RE 30A

LE 90028 RE 70B

Jenny Korytkowski FL (IN)
Fanatic Blaze (Blaze) male DOB 7/8/00
Sire: Blazing Desire and Dam: Airdale

Fanatic Desire female
Fanatic Energy male RE 70E (Reggie adopted by Laura Earl; DOD 12/21/06)
Fanatic Flash male (Apollo adopted by
Dianne Shadle, Harrisburg PA)
Fanatic Jiggs male
Fanatic Oreo male (adopted by Jenny Korytkowski IN)

LE 90017 RE 70A

Nancy & John Burt FL (NJ)
Kass Love (Kassie) female DOB 7/7/00
(NGA Owner: Stacey Kates)
Sire: Loxahatchee Dash and Dam: Twilite Fineline

Kass Red Dash male RE 70C (Dash adopted by Tabitha Brooks Atlanta GA)
Kass Blackjack male

LE 90011 RE 70B

Dixie & Cameron Campbell TX,AZ (Jamul CA)
WW Free Slice (Nike) female DOB 7/18/00
(NGA Owner: Wayne R Ward)
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Pleasure Seeker

Saturn Seeker male
Seekin a Scandal male
Seekin a Spare male
Siren Seeker female
Ww Seekinscatter female
Ww Sly Seeker female

LE 90004 RE 70C

Heather Droen WI (MN)

SE's Dirty Doris (Lacey) female DOB 7/15/00

(NGA Owner: Steven A Ward)

Sire: Greys Statesman and Dam: Crystal Speedy


Se's Rotten Randy male

Se's Rotten Roy male

Se's Dirty Dee female

Se's Dirty Doll female

Se's Dirty Donna female

Se's Dirty Deb female

Ses Rotten Ron male

Ses Rotten Rob male

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