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The following Movies, TV shows, commericals, cartoons & ads have Greyhounds in them!


Please let us know of any other sightings, who they are and pictures of them if possible.



Kali in 2004:

YouTube - Brindle GreyhoundCommercial




Photo by Robert Leahey


Postcard Derby Lane, St. Pete's, FL







Postcard Volusia KC, Daytona Beach, FL








Papyrus Greeting Card



copyright Ann Boyajian




Addison's Cadillac

magazine ad







Car commercial (Grey - El-Aur Trey Of Hearts, CDX, FX) 1996



A Man’s Gotta Do (Actor - John Howard) - 2004



American Revolution – History Channel




TV commercial

Grey - Buffett






magazine ad

Grey -Shiraz aka Valley Aspen







Breakaway Solutions

'Industry Standard' magazine ad






Brittney Spears’ Video


Greys Loki & Cinderella










Calendar Girls (Actors - Helen Mirren & Julie Walters) – 2003




Casper The Friendly Ghost (cartoon)


Charlie Wilson’s War

Greys - Winnie (aka Ch Golightly Brand New Day CD RA NA NAJ JC)

& Mia (aka CJ Golightly I want To Talk About Me CD RN JC)

Actors - Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts







Cheetah (Actors - Keith Coogan & Laura Deakins) – 1989



Children Of Men

Actors - Clive Owen & Michael Caine







Comcast (fast/high speed - commercial) – 2007


Coronation Street (Grey - Monica aka CH Windspiel Northern Sea Dove)

http://www.showgreyhounds.com/DB/windspiel-northern-sea-dove.htm - 1960-2008...



Coupe De Ville (Actors - Daniel Stern & Patrick Dempsey) – 1990



Cutaway (Actor - Stephen Baldwin) 2000




Actors - Ray Barrett & Gus Mercurio





Dark Hazard

Grey - War Cry

Actor - Edward G Robinson


cover book cover & title page tite






David's Trained Greys & Monkeys

Loretta & Charles








Deserving Design with Vern Yip (Grey - Molly Rainbow Bridge 2008 Paul & Devon DeVigne) June 2008



Dogs with Jobs

Grey - Cinderella





Eastenders - 1985- 2007...




'If Gas Prices Go Higher...'

Email Joke

May 2006'






Evelyn (Actors - Pierce Brosnan, Aidan Quinn) 2002



Flawless (Actors - Demi Moore & Michael Caine) – 2008




Ford Greyhound Hood Ornament





Golden Girls (Actors - Bea Arthur, Betty White & Rue

McClanahan) – 1985-1992



Good Will Hunting (Actors - Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Minnie Driver) - 1997



Goodys Headache Powder – (commercial)



Greta the Misfit Greyhound – Disney – 1963




Greyhound Bus Lines

Grey - Lady Greyhound aka Steverino


Lady Greyhound - http://www.tvacres.com/dogs_greyhounds_lady.htm Purebred white and gold (light fawn) Greyhound seen on The Steve Allen Show and other TV appearances in the 1950s (with Jack Benny, Art Linkletter, Garry Moore and Ed Murrow, among others). Born January 28, 1957, in Clay Center, Kansas, Lady Greyhound was the living symbol of the Greyhound Bus Line's "running dog mascot" that first appeared as the company's official trademark in 1930 when the Motor Transit Corporation became the Greyhound Corporation. In 1957, the Greyhound Corporation introduced "Lady Greyhound" as its goodwill ambassador during their sponsorship of NBC's The Steve Allen Show on April 7, 1957 (she weighed only ten pounds). The dog earned the nicknamed "Steverino." Lady Greyhound grew to be 58 pounds and for the next decade the black-eyed beauty appeared at numerous civic events nationwide. Bred by Roy Lee of Clay, Center Kansas, Lady Greyhound's parents were Little Shamrock (Dam) and Happy Yet (Sire). Lady, who later gave birth to nine puppies (all adopted by families with children), was registered with the National Coursing Association in Abeline, Kansas. Lady's canine kudos included being crowned Queen of National Dog Week, founding "Be Kind to Dog Owner's Week"; winning a Bachelor's of Animal Letters Degree at Moravian College; introducing a new dance with Xavier Cugat and Abby Lane; inspiring new beach hat styles for the Millinery Institute; winning an American Humane Society Award, and serving as a symbol for World Animal Day. Roy Lee's grandaughter Betty shared with this website owner, there is a street named after her - "Lady Greyhound Street".

Guinness Book of World Records, (1979 edition?) a greyhound record for the fastest mile and a quarter. The dog’s name was Ladylike, who was Tim O'Brien's grandmother’s dog. Tim's grandmother was Owen Patrick Smith's daughter (In 1921 Smith invented the mechanical lure to greyhound racing to the US).



Hiberian Insurance (Actor - Kevin Dunn) (commercial) – 2003




Greys - Loki & Snow

Actors - Luke Wilson, Jimmy Buffet






IKEA (catalog) 2006?




John Adams

Greys - Kulee & ?

Actors - Paul Giamatti & Laura Linney







Jumping For Joy (Actor - Stanley Holloway) - 1956






Greys - Cinderella , Emily, Phoebe, Tasha, Monique





Kingdom Come (Actor - Whoopie Goldberg) – 2001



Kingdom Of Heaven (Actors - Jeremy Irons & Liam Neeson) - 2005



Landy Congnac






Lord Of The Rings – Return Of The King (Actors - Kate Blanchett & Orlando Bloom) – 2002



Lost and Found (Actors - David Spade & Jon Lovitz) - 1999



Man About Dog

Grey - Cerberus

Actors - Pat Shortt, Allen Leech, Ciaran Nolan 2003





Miami Vice (Actors - Don Johnson & Philip Michael Thomas) – 1984-1989



Moondance (Grey's name - Girlie; Actor - Ian Shaw, Marianne Faithful) – 1995



Moving Up (TLC) - 2007



Mrs Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter (Actors - Herman’s Hermits) – 1968



Mutts - May 1/08 - by Patrick McDonnell

Grey - Chai


http://www.muttscomics.com & www.kingfeatures.com & CHAI's Page




Net 10 (commercial)



Oceans 11 (Actors - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Elliott Gould) – 2001



PC Richards

TV commercial

Grey -Shiraz aka Valley Aspen








Plunkett and Macleane (Actor - Robert Carlyle, Live Tyler & Jonny Lee Miller) – 1999


Post Card

Actor - Rudolf Valentino with a grey at his feet 1920s





Pride and Prejudice (Actor - Colin Firth) – 1996



Race For Survival - Disney - 1978



Sally Hemmings: An American Scandal  (Grey - Mask; Actors - Sam Neil, Carmen Ejogo) – 2000 http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1297261



Silent Partner (Actors - David Field & Syd Brisbane) 2001



Skeletons In The Closet (Grey - Michele's Egypt; Actors - Treat Williams & Linda Hamilton) 2001



Spanish Mint Stamp






Southwest Airlines Commercial



Steptoe And Son Ride Again

Actor - Wilfred Brambell






Sunshine State (Actors - Jane Alexander, Timothy Hutton, Mary Steenburgen) - 2002



Supernatural (on T-Shirt of character Sam) -2005



Top Gear

Grey - Mama Tina

Actor - Richard Hammond








Wild Boy

Grey - Mick The Miller









The Castle (Actors - Michael Caton & Anne Tenney) - 1977



The Family Guy (Cartoon - Grey - Sea Breeze) 2008



The Firm (Actors - Tom Cruise & Ed Harris) – 1993



The Gay Dog

Actors - Wilfrid Pickles & Douglas Ives






The Getaway (Actors - Kim Bassinger & Alex Baldwin) - 1994



The Grey Hounded Hare – Merrie Melodies/Warner Bros (cartoon) (Actor - Buggs Bunny) - 1949



The Honeymooners (Actor - Cedric The Entertainer) – 2005



The Mighty Celt

Grey - Sally

Actors - Robert Carlyle, Gillian Anderson & Tyrone McKenna







The New World (Grey - Snow; Actors - Collin Farrell, Christopher Plumber) - 2006



The Odd Couple


Grey -Ch. Aroi Beachcomber Blues

Actors - Walter Mathau, Jack Lemon









The Outcast (Actors - Leslie Fuller & Mary Glynne) - 1934



The Reaping (Actor - Hillary Swank) 2007



The Runaway

Grey - St Mike

Actor, Cesar Romero



http://www.tcm. com/tcmdb/ common/archivePo pup.jsp?contentI d=212997
















The Simpsons – Two Dozen & Two Greyhounds – 1995



Un Crime (Greys - Myron & Fred; Actor - Harvey Keitel) - 2006



Celebrity Look-a-Like:
David Brenner

Breed: Greyhound

Owner: Tammy, CA


Celebrity Look-a-Like:
Helen Mirren

Breed: Greyhound
Owner: Diane Tothero, PA





Album covers & Songs:

Days Like This

Album cover


Van Morrison & girlfriend Michelle Rocca



Three Men From Carntyne

(Traditional Irish Folk Song/ Iain C. MacKintosh / Tony Harris) Tune: One Man Went To Mow

Three men frae (from) Carntyne went to join the parish (apply for unemployment support)
Three men frae Carntyne went to join the parish

Three men frae Carntyne and a bottle of wine
Went to join the parish

Three men frae Carntyne and a bottle of wine and five Woodbine (cheap cigarettes)
Went to join the parish

Three men frae Carntyne and a bottle of wine and five Woodbine
And a big black Greyhound dog named Bob
Went to join the parish

Three men frae Carntyne and a bottle of wine and five Woodbine
And a big black Greyhound dog named Bob (from near by) frae up oor close
Went to join the parish

Three men frae Carntyne and a bottle of wine and five Woodbine
And a big black Greyhound dog named Bob frae up oor close
And (little Agnes) wee Agnes (who works at the dairy) oot the dairy who's been (hurting since the) skelly since the Milanda boy
Hit her on the heid (head with a breadboard) wi' a breidboard
Went to join the parish

Three men frae Carntyne and a bottle of wine and five Woodbine
And a big black Greyhound dog named Bob frae up oor close
And wee Agnes oot the dairy who's been skelly since the Milanda boy
Hit her on the heid wi' a breidboard and went (out and didn't shut the door) oot an' didnae shut the door
And forgot to apologize
Went to join the parish

And it was shut (closed)!


I Love My Dogs

Album cover


Stan R Young


Gonna take a ride across the coast

With my two friends they are the most

We'll drive for hours in my green van

When we get there we'll start again

My two boys are covered with hair I take them both most everywhere because you know they are just slobs, that's ok they are my dogs

I love my dogs and I hope you do too but it really doesn't matter cause it's not up to you I love my dogs

When I got home from our joyous ride my wife stood there with a gun by her side she wasn't happy she called me a slob but it's ok I love my dogs


Born Slippy

Album cover



(Title was the name of "a greyhound we won money on" Karl Hyde)


Greyhound - 'Born Slippy's' page:





Arms: — Arg. three greyhounds current, in pale, Sable.
Crest: — A greyhound, current, Sable, seizing a hare, Proper.
Walsh of Ormathwaite, 1804. — Sir John Benn Walsh, who, in 1794, took the name of Walsh by the King's sign manual, pursuant to the will of his wife's uncle, is descended from the Benns of Moor-row, in Cumberland, and son of William Benn, Esq. who married the grand-daughter of the late Dr. William Brownrig, of Ormathwaite, near Keswick. Sir John Benn Walsh is the present proprietor of Ormathwaite, but does not reside in Cumberland.




Arms: — Or, a fesse between three greyhounds, current, Sable.
Crest: — On a mount Vert, a stag current, Proper, hoofed and attired, Or,
Pattenson of Melmerby. — The ancestor of the Reverend Thomas Pattenson, now of Melmerby-hall (being of a Westmorland family) settled at this place about a century ago, in consequence of his marriage with the heiress of Threlkeld.




Arms: — Arg. three greyhounds current in pale, Gules, collared, Or.
Wybergh of St. Bees. — William Wybergh of this place married the heiress of Engayne of Clifton in Westmorland in the reign of Edward III. In the visitation of 1665, the family were described as of Clifton and St. Bees. Thomas Wybergh, Esq., the representative of this ancient family resides at present at. Brayton in Cumberland as guardian of his son Wilfred, as yet under age, who inherits the Lawson estates, under the will of the late Sir Wilfred Lawson Baronet, whose name he has taken.



Joseph Turner's painting "Dawn After The Wreck 1841"


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