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About Us


The Littermates' List was created to assist adoptive families with their search to find their former racing Greyhound's littermates.


In 1999 after adopting my first retired racer, MPS Gideon (pet name ' Champion') I set out on a year-long Internet search to find Champion's

littermates and possibly adopt them.


By July 2000 my fruitless search inspired me to create 'The Littermates' List' and in May 2002 'Littermates' List' was launched.

Five years after launch and three years after Champion passed away would I find his littermates.


As 'The Littermates' List' enters it's 14th year we're proud that our website has been helpful and a resource to adoptive families from:


Australia (NSW)










United States


we've connected adopted families with ex-racers from:



Great Britian



United States


Our Goal...

To find and reunite littermates with adopted Greys.


Raised together for at least 18 months and often until retirement, it's entirely possible Greyhound littermates do not easily forget their littermates

- unlike other breeds (and cat litters) who are separated after 6 - 8 weeks.


Although half-siblings share a common sire or dam, they are not 'littermates' so they are not included in 'The Littermate List' .




The only thing we ask after Registration:

Should you change your email address in the future, please send your new addy to

joinlist@littermateslist.com so we can contact you should we find your Grey's littermates.


A Special Thank you to...


Greyhound Tracks and Parks that promote adoption of retired Greys

Dennis & Claire, from whom I adopted MPS Gideon (pet name 'Champion'- my heart dog) & Duke Mantee (pet name 'Montee' my soul dog).

Michelle & James, from whom I adopted Backwood Cash (pet name 'Cash') and Miss Black Mac (pet name 'Missy'), both of whom I adore!



2016 (C) info@littermateslist.com OR joinlist@littermateslist.com

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