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ADOPTION in the early 1930s


Harcunda* & Victor Gates



Harcunda* & Emma Gates


I remember my grandparents' stories about their beloved adopted greyhound Harcunda and how fondly my grandmother, in particular, spoke of him.

You see she didn't care for dogs. Then again, Harcunda wasn't a typical 'dog'. He was a Greyhound! †

The story goes... a friend of theirs brought his retired racer & stud to their home in Burlington Ontario asking them to give Harcunda a home.

They could not race him, nor could they breed him and he was never to be allowed to run free. Harcunda was to be kept as an indoor pet.

Initially, grandmother was not pleased at the thought of having a dog in her house - but since grandfather was a wonderful man who didn't ask much she could see by his response to the dog and the request that she really had no say in the matter.Within no time Harcunda was my grandmotherís heart dog.

Harcunda slipped out the back door one bright sunny day and ran from my grandparents' home down the road about 1/2 a mile to the western shore of Lake Ontario where my grandfather's younger sister finally caught him.

Many years after my great aunt passed away I was going through a box of old photos and found the two photos above. In my grandfather's handwriting, written on the back, each photo was identified. Unfortunately undated but I recognized my grandparents' garage.


Researching Harcunda's name on the Internet I couldn't find any trace of him so I posted to Globalgreyhounds' forum, sharing what little information I knew.

A couple of people searched old stud books and found his records for me!


I then shared this information with Greyhound-Data. They inturn did some additional research and discovered Harcunda had a female littermate named Wilwinit (pet name ' Haroona')! Harcunda & Wilwinit's family tree can be viewed at:


Who would have thought 70+/- years later I would adopt my first grey... a dark brindle like my grandparent's.

I too would fall head over heals for this breed! Now 80+ years after Vic & Emma adopted their Grey, I'm still adopting Greys!




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