Greyhound Litterates List

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Littermates List

***First line of each entry represents Tattoo No.s of Left Ear (LE) & Right Ear (RE)

If LE #. is not available, please search by Dogs Race Name

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fyi American and Australian dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be up to 5 numbers (0-9)

UK (Overseas) dogs LE/RE Tattoos will be letters (A-Z)


LE 29974 RE 63F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Ripley Fantana (Fantana) Whelped 6/10/93

Sire: Anna's Special and Dam: MP's Helens Girl
Mr. Connick male

LE 29965 RE 114F
Pam Peyton (KY) FL,WV
Prairies Eagle (Penny) female DOB 11/5/04
(NGA Owner: Bobby Sidhu or Henry T Howe)
Sire: Whistlers Ike and Dam: CD's Prairie
Ikes Hubbard male RE 114C
Ikes Lee male RE 114B
Ikes Star male RE 114A
Neetus Prairie female RE 114C
Prairies Angel female RE 114G
Silverdollar Ike male RE 114D
Thrillingprairie male RE 114H (adopted NC)

LE 29915 RE 63B

Lori Kriz WI (St. Paul, MN)
Badger Home (Troya)
Sire:  Night Gent and Dam: ET's Rosie
(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)
Andy Warhol Male
Curl Cue Female
Duel Male
Elevate Male
Fax Letter Male
Gentle Male
Hood Female (Sasha adopted in St. Louis, MO)
Ignore Male
Jury Male
Kind Posture Female

LE 29898 RE 114B

Heidi Allen FL,CO (CO)
That's a Beauty (Rufus) male DOB 11/15/04
(NGA Owner: David Robinette)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Candida Bandera

Addicted to Love female
Adventurer male (Venture adopted
Flare of My Own female
Hy Bred male
Nearly Perfect male
On Location male

LE 29895 RE 114A
Robin Kenny (MA) FL
Hallo Mary Carey (Mary) female DOB 11/21/04
(NGA Owner: James E O'Donnell)
Sire: Sol Sassy and Dam: Ww Time Warp
Hallo Chicago male RE 114B
Hallo Skinny male RE 114E
Hallo Auntie B female RE 114F
Hallo Brendan male RE 114D
Hallo Roadrunner male RE 114C

LE 29888 RE 114D

Jennifer Ng AL (SC)
Wilma Waggle (Willow) female DOB 11/10/04
(NGA Owner: Michael Hite)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: My Little Ruthie

Footloose Freddie male RE 114A (Freddy adopted in SC)
Poetic Revenge male RE 114E (Revenge adopted in SC)
Night Bythesea female
Night of Beauty female
Night Cruiser male

LE 29885 RE 114E

Jenn Kratzer (WI)
Wisco Thunder (Thunder) male DOB 11/13/04
Sire: Dalalla and Dam: Glengar Girl

Wisco Alex male (adopted)
Wisco Bentley male
Wisco Brady male
Wisco Luke male
Wisco Ruthie female (adopted)
Wisco Traci female (Casey adopted by Patrick Stirling & Sandy Raven in CAN)
Wisco Yimmie male

LE 29873 RE 114A
Erika Fawcett (OH) WV

Hack Sign (Hacker) male DOB 11/16/04
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Let's Get Itdone
Chevita male (Helsig adopted IL)
Fiesty Hound female RE 114G
Im Feelingmyoatss male RE 114E
Lady Spice female RE 114B
Liberty Flyer female RE 114F
Spice E Hot female RE 114C

LE 29867 RE 114B

Devora & Mike Garrison (Poway CA)
Spider male DOB 11/19/04
Sire: Iruska Zederiah and Dam: JJ's Red Ruby


JJs Black Rat male

JJs Red Snake male

LE 29850 RE 114G
Joel Easterbrook (ON) WV,FL
Gable  Gnaw male DOB 11/12/04
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Stingin Libby
(NGA Owner: Harlyn Goebel)
Gable Bite male
Gable Burn female
Gable Claw male
Gable Nibble female RE 114E (Nibble adopted FL)
Gable Nip female
Gable Pinch female
Gable Scratch female
Gable Sting male

LE 29829 RE 63B

Mary Ann Moore IA (MO)
Mrs My Girl (Roxanne) female DOB 6/5/93

(NGA Owner: Ray or Mitchell Ballard)

Sire: Profit Dandy and Dam: Mr Patsy

Mr Dusty Roa male
Mr Post Time male
Mrs Baby Bell female

LE 29812 RE

Faith Burnham RI (UT)

Beautiful Lee male (Rocket) DOB 11/1/04

Sire: Brett Lee and Dam: Gable Ruth

(NGA Owner: Ferrell R Pearson)


Instant Lee female

Locked Out Ed male

Precocious Lee male

Rare Lee male

LE 29792 RE 63L

Cara-Lea Suttie (ON)
Pdq Lee Hawkes (Quinn) male DOB 6/93

Sire: Hes My Man and Dam: Bruciata


Beavs Brandy female

Hes Poison male

Howards Magic male

Ike male

Miss Flip female

Pdq Dawn Hawkes female

Pdq Entry Hawkes female

Pdq Jade Hawkes female

Pdq Jake Hawkes male

Pdq Kit Hawkes male

Pdq Peppy Hawkes female

LE 29754 RE 53H

Brent & Judy

Sandblinder (Magic) male DOB 5/12/93

Sire: Black Streaker and Dam: Flying Jody
Brilliant Dash female
Mad About You female

Lip Lock female

Militant Man male

Outer Brigg male

Silent Singer female

Track Ranger male

LE 29736 RE 114B

Patricia Arel RI (MA)
M's Star Zeus (Zeus) male DOB 11/9/04
(NGA Owner: David Currier)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: M's Rosy Elinor

Ms Lunar Star female (Luna adopted VA)
Ms Solar Star female (Eleanor adopted
Ms Star Galaxy male (Glen adopted

Ms Star Nova male RE 114A
Ms Star Selene female (Star adopted

Ms Star Sol male (Sol adopted PA)

LE 29712 RE 63D

Lin & Garth CT, MA (NM)

Octane Attack (Chase) male DOB 6/83

Sire: Kid Octane and Dam: Down To The Wire


Slight Delay male RE 63F

Bounce Away male RE 63B

LE 29711 RE 114F
AnnMarie Bothwell (AZ) AZ
Lilly's Jim Rat (Jimmy) male DOB 11/7/04
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Trojan Cruze and Dam: Lilly Dilly
Bare Lee Fits male RE 114B (Cubbie adopted AL)
Cruisin Dixie female RE 114A
Czech Mate Miss female RE 114H
Daisy female RE 114I
Gota Winner Here female RE 114D
Phil Up male RE 114G
Steal Great female RE 114E
Ty Score male RE 114C
Well Bread male RE 114J

LE 29658 RE 53G

Marsha S Roe
RS's Lucky Bucks (Lucky) DOB 5/25/93

Sire: Self Conch Us and Dam: Rapido Carmen
Lefty's Bandit
Lefty's Breeze
RS's Redi Set Go
Lefty's Five Spot
RS's Honey Bunch
Lefty's Carmon

LE 29621 RE 63C

Lee & Jim Bristor
CID Redelk (Alfonse) male DOB 6/7/93

Dam: Iona Red Elk and Sire: King Kev

(NGA Owner: Carl Livingston)


Angela Redelk female

Benny Redelk male

Stephen Redelk male

David Redelk male

LE 29609 RE 104C

Ghislaine Fontaine WVA (ON)
USS Cool Snap (Snap) male DOB 10/30/04
(NGA Owner: Ron Wiltse)
Sire: Cool Performance Dam: Fuzzy's Liberty

USS Cool Air male
USS Cool Breeze male
USS Cool Chick female
USS Cool Mist female

LE 29571 RE 53B

Kati Tevington FL/TX

CTW Norm (Stormin' Norman) male DOB 5/24/93

Sire: CTW Transcend and Dam: P's Misprint

(NGA Owner: CTW Kennels)


Boss Sam male

CTW Woody male

Wait On Me Carla female

We Like Lilith female

LE 29541 RE 104A

Sam King NH (ONT)
Lark's Lark (Araley) female DOB 10/27/04
(NGA Owner: James B Jackson)
Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Bohemian Lark

Lark's Buzzard male
Lark's Condor male
Lark's Eagle male RE 104D (retired ONT)
Lark's Falcon male
Lark's Hawk male
Lark's Oriole female (adopted in Mobile AL)
Lark's Pelican male (adopted)

LE 29537 RE 104B

Elise Young FL,AL (NJ)
RK's See Worthy (Zuzu's Petals) female DOB 10/23/04
(NGA Owner: Ronald G Phillips or Kurt Phillips)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Ms Patch

RK's Beachy Keen female
RK's Boardrunner male
RK's Destruction male
RK's Goodnready female
RK's Timebomb male
RK's Tribal Wave male

LE 29507 RE

Michele (St. Louis, MO)
Kansas Flag female Whelped 5/1/93

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: April Promise
(NGA Owner: Jerry Heine)

Kantex Tar female
Kantex Tarry Not female
Kansas Fashion female
Kansas Tart female
Kansas Apollo male
Kansas Archer male

LE 2950 RE 41H

Steven (Stavros) Phillips WI (Chicago IL)
Fancy Fellow (Jack) male DOB 4/25/91
(NGA Owner: Reiber Bud or Celia)
Sire: Sports Union and Dam: Silquessa

Docs Survivor male

Sugar Maple female

Summer Butterfly female

Winters Beauty female

Country Sandbur female

Perfect Doll female

Butterscotchchip male

LE 29438 RE 104D

Carol Mekker FL (FL)
Prime Lady (Lady) female DOB 10/14/04
(NGA Owner: Declan M Sheedy)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Cara Deelish


Cushy Pal female (adopted in VA)

Might Celt male (adopted in Eastern PA)

Prime Cara male

Shooting Rocket male

LE 29407 RE 33E

Sharon & John Kelleher (IL)
Jeti Pushbutton (Pushbutton) female DOB 3/21/93 DOD 7/18/06
(NGA Owner: John & Sharon Kelleher)
Sire: Iruska Ruler and Dam: Jeti Late Date


Jeti Jenny Wren female

Jeti Nikki Will female

Jeti Nitehawk male

LE 29381 RE

Deborah Kilar
OG's Fawn Flash (Flash) female Whelped 6/1/93

Sire: King Kev and Dam: Mingo
(NGA Owner: Omer C Grannell)

Og's Black Bingo female
Og's Brindle Boy male
Og's White Fang female
Og's White Wind male

LE 29354 RE 104D
Jacki Marko (PA) FL
Kay Sparky Star (Sparky) female DOB 10/13/04
(NGA Owner: Smith's Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Flying Sparky Kay
Kay Cherry Bomb female RE 104C
Kay Constrictor male RE 104J
Kay Copperhead male RE 104G
Kay Cottonmouth male RE 104H
Kay Diamond Back male RE 104K
Kay Firecracker female RE 104B
Kay Rattlesnake male
Kay Run Wild female
Kay Sidewinder male (Coco adopted living in NC)

Kay Sparkles female

LE 29326 RE 104A
Kelly Brown (NC) FL
AMF Alert (Lucy) female DOB 10/4/04
(NGA Owner: Thomas A Ferris)
Sire: Mulberry Memory and Dam: Bonus Babe
AMF Everclear female RE 104E (Evie adopted TN)
AMF Fantabulous female RE 104F (Fanny adopted MI)
AMF Gifted male RE 104G (adopted TN)
AMF Mensa male RE 104C (adopted TN)
Sycamore male RE 104H (Sycamore adopted by Walant family, Ridgefield CT)
Walnut male RE 104B (Walnut adopted MO)

LE 29319 RE 53D

Abbey and Gary Zap FL (Boca Raton, FL) 

Pat C Payola (Polo) male DOB 5/17/93

Sire: Pat C Paycheck and Dam: Maddie

(NGA Owner: Pat Collins)


Pat C Cash Flow female

Pat C Cashier female

Pat C Craze male

Pat C Payback female

LE 29301 RE 104D

Jourdan Marshall (Seattle,WA)
Pals Shipwreck (Deacon Jones) male DOB 10/10/04
(NGA Owner: Don W Davenport)
Sire: Jim B Buzz and Dam: Fire Marshal Lyn

Pals Motor Mouth male
Pals Momma's Boy male
Pals Mooserocket male
Pals Muskrat male

LE 29223 RE 104C

Julie McCorkindale FL (MO)

Idalou Martinez (Echo/Cinder)female DOB 10/1/04

(NGA Owner: Robert Holman)

Sire: Teamster and Dam: Rb Lucky Jackie


Idabel Martinez female RE 104B

Isabelle Martinez female RE 104A

LE 29215 RE 104I
Kris Carvalho (PA) FL
Jnb Aspen Flyer (Aspen) male DOB 10/6/04
Sire: Stans Boy Flyer and Dam: Jnb Amazon Gal

Jnb A Crybaby female RE 104E
Jnb Air Patrol male RE 104D
Jnb Airway male RE 104G
Jnb Aladdin male RE 104H
Jnb Alex male RE 104F
Jnb Alpine Lace female RE 104B
Jnb Angel Eyes female RE 104A
Jnb Atara female RE 104C

LE 29199 RE 53B

Elizabeth Augustyn IA (Livonia, MI)

Curly Joe (Basil) male Whelped 5/22/93

Sire: Pixies George and Dam: Shelly Be Bad

(NGA Owners: Randy J or Jerry Schaben)


Marloro Dew female

Cypress Hill male

Clay Hill Runner male

Reet O male

Scha Ben male

LE 29178 RE 74F

Teresa McQueen AR (KY)
Slicktrick Rick (Conall) male DOB 7/25/04
(NGA Owner: Gary W Timm)
Sire: Clever Corbin and Dam: Last Drop Drive

Dogoodickygrant male
Hipshooter Paul male
His Packerness  male (Packer adopted AR)
Lemon Droppo female
Melanclayce female
Sir Blaindrian male
Vicks Backnfront female (Belle adopted AR)

Slim Manson male (Manny adopted AR)

LE 29151 RE 94F
Lisa Newman (NY) FL
Bahama Fendi (Dolce) female DOB 9/12/04
(NGA Owner: S Lester Raines)
Sire: Craigie Glen and Dam: Rudy's Run LK
Bahama Gucci male RE 94G (Gucci adopted IL DOD? Osteo)
Bahama Jelly female RE 94J  (adopted  NY,PA)
Bahama Louie V male RE 94H (Lincoln adopted by Lisa Walsh ON)
Bahama Versace female RE 94I (adopted NY,PA)
Bj’s Aigner female RE 94A (Aggie adopted NE OHIO)
Bj’s Burberry female RE 94B
Bj’s Coach male RE 94C
Bj’s Dooney B male RE 94D
Bj’s Prada female RE 94E (adopted NY, PA)

LE 29036 RE 53G

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

US Let It Ring (Bell) female DOB 5/16/93

Sire: Big Tar and Dam: Cheer Myear


US Bam Be Gone female

US Beam Me Up

US Booger King

US Hubba Bubba male

US Singlevision male

LE 29008 RE 94D

Christina Levy AZ (AZ)
Kane's Patches (Patches) female DOB 9/10/04
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: USS Clean Air

Kane's Chandler female
Kane's Gunther male
Kane's Joey male RE 94F (Joey adopted in San Diego CA)
Kane's Monica female (Monica adopted in AZ)
Kane's Phoebe female RE 94E (Phoebe adopted in Tuscan AZ)
Kane's Rachel female
Kane's Ross male (Ross adopted in AZ)

LE 28990 RE 94F
Linda Cornman (PA) FL,AL,TX
TAs Blizzard (Bailey) female DOB 9/12/04
(NGA Owner: Timothy G Anthony)
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam: RJ Cleaning Lady
JTs Blazing Smoke male RE 94B (adopted)
TAs Cyclone male RE 94H
TAs Thundastorm female RE 94E
TAs Tidal Wave male RE 94D
TAs Tornado female RE 94G
TAs Typhoon male RE 94C

TAs Whirlwind female RE 94A

LE 28892 RE 94E

Jessica Walter IA (NY)
Scuzzy's Cougar (Cougar) male DOB 9/12/04
(NGA Owner: Robert Eugene Lockhart)
Sire: Derby Day* and Dam: Search for Sheba

Cinnamon Toasted male
Scuzzy's Bear male
Scuzzy's Brenna female
Scuzzy's Jessica female
Scuzzy's Ringo male (adopted)
Scuzzy's Roxie female
Scuzzy's Smoke male

LE 28884 RE 53A

Susan Lawrence Idaho (Idaho)

unnamed (TipTop) female DOB 5/4/93

(NGA Owner: Quincy W Seal)

Sire: Ski's Gallo and Dam: Jamies KC

Choctaw Chill male

Choctaaw Travis male

Choctaw Vince male

Jamies Hemingway mal

Jamies Poe male

Jamies Twain male

LE 28852 RE 53B

Gigi deYoung FL (WI)
Milo Jamie (Jamie) female DOB 5/9/93
(NGA Owner: Mike Sutter)

Sire: Lucky Artist andDam: Shep's Donna

Milo Drake male
Milo Kimberly female
Milo Macy female
Milo Misty Mandy female

LE 28820 RE 94E

Darlene Izzo FL (SC)
Nazareth (Aladdin) male DOB 9/13/00
(NGA Owner: Michael Cavanaugh)


Dyrty Nellie female RE 94A (Paris adopted by Mark in Burlington NJ)

Exceller female

Fabulous Moola female

Fightn Irishmen male

Raida Nation female (adopted by Darlene Izzo)

Reasonable Boy female

LE 28807 RE

Sikora, Patrice

Sandy Color (Wheaties) DOB 4/26/93

Sire: Ridan Lark and Dam: Boo's Windsong
Boo's See Me Now
Steele Belle

LE 28797 RE 84D
Melissa Bradshaw (NC) AL
Cuzzin' Westy (Artemis) male DOB 8/28/04
Sire: Repercussion and Dam: Cuzzin Shawnee
Cuzzin Annabelle female RE 84F (Annabelle adopted NC)
Cuzzin Bocephus male RE 84I (Bobo adopted NC)
Cuzzin Cannon male RE 84H (Cannon adopted NC)
Cuzzin Greer male RE 84E (Greer adopted NC)
Cuzzin Maybelle female RE 84G (Maybelle adopted FL)
Cuzzin Nanabelle female RE 84A (Nanabelle adopted NC)
Cuzzin Pecos male RE 84C
Cuzzin Sarabelle female RE 84B (Sarabelle adopted NC)

LE 28793 RE 23C
Kandi Norrell
RicsYaz male DOB 2/19/93

(NGA Owner: Kevin W Lovgren)

Sire: Standingapplause and Dame: Proud Eyes


Ricks Proud Pup female

Rics Andrea female

Rics Brooke female

Rics Doreen female

Rics Essie female

Rics Hillary female

Rics Samsara female

LE 28723 RE 84B
Heather Villars (WA) AZ
Bella Knight (Roody) male DOB 8/28/04
(NGA Owner: David T Blair)
Sire: Trojan Cruze and Dam: Coldwater Karisa
Bella Kanmary female
Bella Kashan male
Bella Katerina female RE 84G (adopted AZ)
Bella Katie May female RE 84F (adopted AZ)
Bella Kerala female RE 84A (adopted by M Battner & T Milford San Diego CA)

Bella Kiri female

LE 28717 RE 84A
Leslie Kanfer (FL) RI,NH
Cathy's Conflict (Jersey) female DOB 8/20/04
(NGA Owner: Brindle Kennel)
Sire: Final Conflict and Dam: Cathy Lynn Bolen

Tiffanysconflict female RE 84B

LE 28677 RE 53C

Linda Greene IA (Omaha, NE)

(Molly) Highfire Misty (Molly) female Whelped 5/8/93

Sire: Cash Five and Dam: Best O The Bunch

(NGA Owner: Tango Foxx Ken Inc)


Flying Cash female

Highfire Cannon male

LE 28627 RE 84F

Nicole Brokob AZ,WVA (San Diego CA)
Gls Zinfandel (Zinfandel) male DOB 8/21/04
(NGA Owner: Greg Strong or Louise Strong)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Keota Malori

Gls Astispaminti female
Gls Blackopal female (Cooper up for adoption VA 6/07)
Gls Cheninblanc female
Gls Domperignon male
Gls Lambrusco female
Gls Merlot male
Gls Riunite female

LE 28606 RE 84C

Courtney Coburn IA,TX (TX)
Sendahl A T A (Atticus) male DOB 8/27/04
(NGA Owner: Cimarron Greyhound Farms Inc)
Sire: Stan's Boy Flyer and Dam: Sendahl Cashback

Sendahl Delta female
Sendahl Twa female
Sendahl United male

LE 28589 RE 14D

Judi & Bill Kaufman (York, PA) FL

Switzler Clipper female DOB 8/18/04

Sire: JB Pistolero and Dam: Switzler Happy


Switzler Bills I male

Switzler Seamist female (adopted PA)

Switzler Surfsup male (adopted TN)

Switzler Topmast male (adopted SC)

Switzler Whaler male

Switzler Wytecap male

Switzlenautical female (adopted by Amy and David Cabrera)

LE 28520 RE 84E
Jo Salisbury (NC) FL
DK’s First Prize (Indy) male DOB 8/23/04
Sire: Trojan Cruz and Dam: Primary First
DK’s Primary female
DK’s First Alert male RE 84B
DK’s First Born male RE 84C
DK’s First Date male RE 84G (Dale adopted TN)
DK’s First Place male RE 84D
DK’s First Time female RE 84A (Bella adopted WI)
DK’s First Try female RE 84F

LE 28509 RE 64E
Vickie Schofield (PA) FL
Sabbatical (Sammy) male DOB 6/25/04
(NGA Owner: Paul T Caple)
Sire: WMS Castaway and Dam: Deep Clover
Kept Woman female RE 64C
Lost in Texas female RE 64A

Odin male RE 64B

LE 28504 RE 84A

Judy Wood CO (CO)
Good Wishes (Kenya) female DOB 8/4/04
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Kiss An Angel

Free and Perky female (adopted in MN )
Free Likitysplit female
Free Me female RE 84E (Mindy adopted by Steve & Cindy Sullivan CA)
Free Stardust female (adopted in Keene NH)
Free Tricks female

LE 28497 RE 84G

Suzanne Snell (VA) FL

PA's Zeus (Howard) male DOB 8/2/04

(NGA Owner: Ross Amestoy)

Sire: PA's Dillenger and Dam: My One of Nine


PA's Eros male RE 84D (Eros adopted Ohio)

PA's Apollo male RE 84B

PA’s Athena female RE 84F

PA's Zena female

PA’s Athora female RE 84A (adopted Atlanta, GA)

PA’s Palias female

LE 28389 RE 74L

Kathryn McCullough FL (MD)
Nodjmet (Lucy) female DOB 7/27/04
(NGA Owner: Symbioun Farms)
Sire: Brett Lee and Dam: Ask Cleo

Anen male
Hapu male (Hapu adopted by Heather Deppen, PA)
Inarus male
Karem female RE 74K (Meg adopted NY)
Kisen female
Menhet female
Menwi female
Nebefer female (Nettie adopted PA)
Neshi male RE 74E (Neshi adopted PA)
Sadeh female

Terenet female

LE 28348 RE 74A

Kathryn Nicolich FL (Howell, NJ)
DZ Boxed Lite (Lite) male DOB 7/30/04

(NGA Owner: Chrystie DeLisle)
Sire: Be Discrete and Dam: Boxed

DZ Boxed About female
DZ Boxed Art female
DZ Boxed Bee female
DZ Boxed Fan female

LE 28347 RE 74C

Rachel Kane FL (FL)
Phrantik (Abby) female DOB 7/12/04
(NGA Owner: Phil Pieper)
Sire: Big Zee and Dam: Venice Witch


Allurin Natelly female

Asir Grams Agogo female

Eyesa Feisty One male

Fabulous Federer male

Mister Krameer male

My Boy Zee male

Pharewell Field male

Phrenzy female

Stefan Miklos female

LE 28331 RE 84B

Diane Melvin (FL)
Novena (Venus) female DOB 8/4/04
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: WMS Night Sins


Absolution male (Memphis adopted PA)

Repentant female

LE 28314 RE 84D

Mary Lou Romaglia (NJ) NH

Hot Legs Vanna (Ruby)female DOB 8/10/04

(NGA Owner: Ardis K Reed)

Sire: Diamond's For Me and Dam: Vanna's Girl


Candleinthewind male RE 84C

Moneyorlove male RE 84A

LE 28296 RE

Terri Jacobson (OR)
KNT Bleus a Fire (Minnie) female DOB 8/8/04
(NGA Owner: Karen Lee)
Sire: WW Windy Ethan and Dam: JDB's Dreamer

Buckeye Bob male
Eat My Dustin male
Fifty Five Chevy male
Ground Hog Moon male
Hot Shot Blue female
Village Blackcat female

LE 28249 RE 74F
Relaena Sindelar (WA) MX
Peanut Runner (Emma) female DOB 7/28/04
(NGA Owner: Wayne Strong)
Sire: Iruska All Star and Dam: Haddie
Allstar Haddie female
Bellas Sister female (Bella adopted AR)
Black Thorn male RE 74I
Lotta Heart female RE 74E (Toes adopted MO)
Nice Power male RE 74D (Clipper adopted PA)
Silver Child (aka "Belle") female RE 74G (adopted Kansas City)
Star White male RE 74B (Freckles adopted MO)

LE 28237 RE 74F

Karen Sanford FL (FL)
Atascocita Viv (Vivian) female DOB 7/25/04
(NGA Owner: Randall J Ward)
Sire: Solitary Runner and Dam: Kiowa Hix Hyrax

Atascocita Valor male (Valor adopted MI)
Atascocita Velma female
Atascocita Vicky female (Vicky adopted Tampa, FL)
Atascocitavalery female (Valery adopted by Kelly & Lee PA)
Atascocitavelvet female

LE 28186 RE 84D

Michael & Noreen Marshall AL (Orchard Park, NY)

Topaz Topaz (TOPAZ) DOB 8/1/04

(NGA Owner: Harold Holborow)

Sire: Talentedmrripley and Dam: Topaz Joanie


Topaz Talent male (adopted)

Topaz Bashful male

Topaz Annieoakly female

Topaz Pd Dancer female RE 84F (adopted by Emily Novak, GA)

Topaz Diamond male

Topaz CJ's Baby female RE 84G (Scooby adopted by Emily Novak, GA)

Topaz JB Ripper male

LE 2818 RE 41D

Therese Skinner KS (MO)

Bels Slickster (Romeo) male Whelped 4/9/91 DOD 1/13/01

Sire: Sports Special and Dam Krisit M

(NGA Owner: Anne L or Earl G Hickman)


Bels Bridget female

Bels Bulldozer male

Bels Candy Cane female

Bels Caryn female

Bels Gator male

LE 28170 RE 43C

Carla Benoist

Harley Stardancer Whelped 4/18/93

Sire: Sports Special and Dam: DK's Vodka
Captain Full male
EJ Silverdust male
Village Sport male
Toughguy male
Seariver Deborah female

LE 28169 RE 84F

Judy Witowski-Argentine NH (Tabernacle, NJ)
Tootz (Chubbs) male DOB 8/4/04
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Rapido Rambo and Dam: Zronia

Anrita  female (Anrita adopted by Kim & Paul Havertown, PA)
Beecon female (adopted)
Directa male (Bear adopted DC)
Fayhaven female
Kiavana female (Kia adopted PA)
Twinful female (adopted WV)

LE 28154 RE 43C

Dale & Tam Chomas FL (PA)

Bahama Lass (Tori) female DOB 4/23/93

Sire: Trouper Zeke and Dam: Spanish Pose

(NGA Owner: Michael Pontieri)


Bahama Dude male

Bahama Red Son male

Bahama Rising Son male

LE 28151 RE

Penny Zwart
Empress Minarod female (Mino) DOB 3/29/93 DOD 7/1/07

Sire: Kelsos Hot Rod and Dam: Hondo Eliminator


Emperor Eli male

Kiowa Buttercup female (Kiwi adopted in CO)

Kiowa Margo female (adopted by Darrin & Joni Muir Victor, MT)

Mohican Kelso male

LE 28141 RE 43F

Jeanni Davis (North Eastern, PA)

Cheyenne Hart  (Patches) Female Whelped 4/13/93

Sire: AC DearDarby and Dam: GM Express Shun

(NGA Owner: Gary Scott)


Cheyenne Driver male

Cheyenne Daffy female

Cheyenne Guru male

Cheyenne Peanut female

Cheyenne Shannon female

LE 28130 RE 74E

Tracey Sobczyk FL (FL)

Milo Vallie Girl (Lucy) female DOB 7/27/04

Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Milo Karen


Milo Adrian male (adopted in Atlanta GA)

Milo Denise female

Milo Midnight female

Milo Plumley female

LE 28112 RE 14E

Gail Nevins AK, FL (ONT)
KNK Kiowadustin (Starbucks) male DOB 3/24/04
(NGA Owner: Sherry A Kelley)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kiowa Roosevelt

KNK Kiowacarol female

KNK Kiowadaisy female (adopted)

KNK Kiowaecho female

KNK Kiowaginny female

KNK Kiowa gitgone female

KNK Kiowahoney female

KNK Kiowashygirl female

LE 28107 RE 43E

Wendy Eaton WV (OH)

SJs Lindy Liz (Lindy) female DOB 4/20/93

Sire: My Unruly Dan and Dam: Star Liz


SJs Eddy Munster male

SJs Buddy male

SJs BlackJack male

SJs Diamond Ray male

SJs Lion Liz female

SJs Fiesty male

LE 28078 RE 74C

Sandra & Avery Chazen (San Diego CA)
Exie female DOB 7/27/04
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Grizabella

Come Unwined female
Don't Aiden Me male
Lucifer male
Sissy Ain't I female
Who's Ditto female

LE 28042 RE 74C

Elizabeth Stucky Markensohn FL (NJ)
Whytell Abolish (Riley) male DOB 7/26/04
(NGA Owner: A. D. Quinney)
Sire: Whytell My Day and Dam: Whytell Travis

Whytell Cutter male
Whytell Daydream female
Whytell Escrow female
Whytell Out Last female
Whytell Shatter male
Whytell Show Off female
Whytell Volt female

LE 26061 HT RE 43E or LE 28067?

Donald & Cynthia Zember WI
HT Zambini (Mike) male DOB 4/1/93

Sire: Terry Waite and Dam: K's Kinder

(NGA Owner: Holly Trello or Joy Behling)
Chico Leako Leo male
Fec's Placenshow male

LE 27965 RE 74F

Lisa Coates AZ,WVA,AR (OR)
Itza Chris (Chris) male DOB 7/5/04

Sire: EA's Itzaboy and Dam: J Johnson


Benji J male

Chris Johnson male RE 74B (Cj adopted NY/CT)

Gee Johnson female

Itza Gee female RE 74A (GG adopted by Jennifer & Chris in Philly PA)

Mia J female RE 74C (retired & adopted)

Tina J female (Daisy adopted GA)

Twinkle J female

LE 27917 RE 74C
Valerie Whitsett (OH) WV,FL
Miss Angelina (Angie) female DOB 7/15/04
(NGA Owner: Dianna C Or Joseph A Douglas)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Milo Mc Kinzie
Booming Blake male RE 74B
Miss Afton female RE 74D
Miss Mc Kinzie female RE 74E
Sooner Pete male RE 74A

LE 27907 RE

Chris Harper (OR)
GSI Payncash (Cash) female DOB 7/23/04
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Bow Skylar

GSI Big Boy male
GSI Howdy female
GSI Lady female
GSI Mailman male
GSI Rudy female

LE 27890 RE 74E

Kathryn Nicolich AL (NJ)
Happy Holiday (Holly) female DOB 7/14/04
(NGA Owner: Bubba Kennel)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Blazing Blondie

BB Paradox male RE 74C
BB Slam Dunkin female RE 74B
Dallas female RE 74J (Dallas adopted OH)
Evanna female RE 74H (adopted FL)
Father Dan male RE 74G (Dan adopted by Brittany Barner)
Lite N Lively female (adopted)
Luminitsa female

LE 27880 RE 74A

Samantha Beckman KS (Pitman NJ)
Pb's Sweet on U (Sweet) female DOB 7/20/04
(NGA Owner: Tony Mills Or Jacob Kushner)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Runtodabone

Steve Dirtay male
Pb's Smelly Mel male (Mel adopted in KS)
Pb's Dodgedabone male
Chicky Ole female (Chicky adopted in KS)

LE 27876 RE 74B

Devora & Mike Garrison (Poway CA)
Olga (Kali) female DPB 7/20/06
(NGA Owner: Sharon L Williams)
Sire: Diamond's For Me and Dam: Camden Coming

Camdem Diamonds female
Money Wins Out male
Pocket Of Money male
Sweet Diamonds female

LE 27862 RE 47D

Nick Ulliana MA (NJ)
JC Time Stopper male DOB 7/16/04

Sire: Greys Flamebeau and Dam: Ashleys Revenge


JC Classy Lady female (Schetzi adopted in Cheektowaga NY)

JC Flaming Red female

JC Julie My Girl female

JC Lead The Way female

JC My Exception female

JD Rapid Roah female (adopted NY)

JC Red Revenge male (Roma adopted DC,MD,VA)

LE 27853 RE 43D

Ady Cerreta (Atlanta, GA)

Cates Adam (Adam) male DOB 4/19/93
Sire: Bbs Tallboy and Dam: Cates Rally

(NGA Owner: Gerald Cates)

Cates Amy female

Cates Ace female

Cates Ajax male

Cates Amos male

Cates Andy male

LE 27842 RE 74B

Brittaney & Tim Spruill FL (Zachary LA)
Lucky Draw So (Anna) female DOB 7/14/04
(NGA Owner: Samuel Dunigan)
Sire: Kiowa Shawnee So and Dam: Honeys Missemmie

Dramatic Fashion female
Drive it In female
Handle With Care female (Runner adopted living in PA)
Invincibleshadow male
Marked Bysuccess male
Noteworthy male (Roger adopted living in PA)
Strike Out female
Undiscovered male

LE 27832 RE 64A

Bobbi Lloyd AL (Virginia Beach,VA)
Always Charming (Harley) male DOB 6/26/04

(NGA Owner: Kevin Fish)
Sire: EA's Itzaboy and Dam: Valid Sail

D Ortiz male RE 64C
DD Da Dog male RE 64D
Doris Drive female RE 64G

Honk On Bo Bo male RE 64L (adopted)

Hurricane Breeze male RE 64F
Itza Wild Ride female RE 64H
Poetic Onslaught male RE 64I (adopted)
Pujols female RE 64K
Smokin Breeze male RE 64J (Breezy adopted)

Tubros Queen female RE 64B
Windbound Hound male RE 64E

LE 27787 RE 74E
Taryn Zucco (MA)
Daring Easy Jet (Maude Pup) female DOB 7/15/04
(NGA Owner: James A Fischer)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Go Saturn Go
Daring Pocobueno male RE 74F (Connor adopted by Deidra Collins, NJ)
Daring Sanbadger male RE 74A (Dewey adopted by Doug & Jen Armstrong, Weymouth MA)
Daring Goldseeker female RE 74G
Daring Impressor female RE 74D (adopted ?)
Daring Dun It female RE 74C
Daring Doc Bar male RE 74B (Doc adopted Ft Lauderdale FL

LE 27785 RE 74H
Beth Evrard (KY) AR
Scuz (Kennedy) male DOB 7/21/04
(NGA Owner: Frank Price)
Sire: Flying Train and Dam: Bongo Rocket
Cinderella Charm female RE 74F (adopted NC)
Isan Som female RE 74D (Sammir adopted FL)
Midnight Flyer female RE 74G (Crossed the rainbow bridge and loved by: Gary and Emily)
Native Son male RE 74B (adopted FL)
Quasimodo male RE 74I
Savvy male RE 74E (adopted FL)
Second Coming male RE 74A

LE 27773 RE

Jill Henry WI (Alberta)
ADF Sun Vallie (Hamish) male DOB 7/14/04
(NGA Owner: Frank J Defino Sr)
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Dewy Lightening

Dark Vallie male (adopted by Rosalie & Steve Miller OH)
Light Vallie female
Power Vallie male RE 74E (Luca adopted by Michael Jones & Nancy Bright, Ravenna OH)
Task Force male

LE 27768 RE

Joan & Ralph DiMondo (PA)

Shaded Blue male DOB 7/04

Sire: DGs True Blue and Dam: Sugarnooche


Stolen Sugar female (adopted by Pat Jeanschild PA)

Pinch Of Sugar male (adopted by the Ehmlich family PA)

Big Sam Nooche male

Doright Sugar male

Fools Luck male

Midnight Sugar female (adopted in Cape Coral FL)

Pass The Sugar male

Sandy Sugar male

Sugar Lite female

Sugarshack Blues female

LE 27747 RE 74G

Nancy Passage FL (FL)

Reach For the Sun male (Rudy Moon) DOB 7/8/04

Sire: Hoosier Country and Dam: Ambers Tbone

(NGA Owner: Lisa Winter)


Hot Halo female

Jws Fightn Irish male

Little Ricky male

Mjg Cow Girl female

Polkadot Heather female

LE 27669 RE 74A

Leanne Tucker AL (ON)
WJS Max Moppit (Max) male DOB 7/6/04

(NGA Owner: William J Schweizer)
Sire: Kiowa Moppit and Dam: Kiowa Sue

WJS Meanie Moppit female RE 74C (Lexus adopted in OH)
WJS Mini Moppit female RE 74D
WJS Mild Moppit female RE 74B

LE 27637 RE 43D

Lisa Lechner FL (Rock Hill SC)
BC's Blazinglory (Glory) female DOB 4/8/93
(NGA Owner: Ben Edelstein)
Sire: Guy Kirby and Dam: Jenalee

Yasou Carol female
Ella Graciela female

LE 27615 RE 43D

Lin & Gareth Davies
Bedrock Pebbles (Princess Phoebe) female DOB 4/1/93

Sire: Frank Shurden and Dam: Bahama Gal
(NGA Owner: JW Carey or CC Marriott)


Bam Bam Rubble male

Barney Rubble male
Bedrock Betty female

Bedrock Fred male

Bedrock Wilma female

Dino Flintstone female

Mr Slate male

LE 27592 RE 74C

Rebecca Ellis (FL)
Super C Caution (Lucy) female DOB 7/08/04
Sir: WW Apple Jax and Dam: Prima Honey Bee


Super C Doc male

Super C Express male

Super C Guess female

Super C Honey female

Super C Joy female

Super C Nadine female (Nadine adopted in KS)

LE 275?? RE 43A

Patti Trakney FL (FL)
Unknown (Sparky) male DOB 4/93

LE 27588 RE 43I

Jackie & Jeff Kyles WV (Catawba, SC)

Ironweed female Whelped 4/21/93

Sire: William Charles and Dam: Plush Star

Avabilly male

BillyTiger male

Dawn's Rose female

Honest Ray male

Iron Charlie male

Plush Lightning female

Star Bill male

Will Star male

LE 27575 RE 43F

Laurie Sterling

BW Waldo DOB 4/18/93

Sire: Viewers Guide and Dam: Winnerisme
Bogart male
BW Charm female
BW Elmo male
BW Foxy female

BW Terry male

Near Miss female

LE 27557 RE 74A
Jennifer Engle (TN) AZ,AL
Mulberry Semerun (LaLa) female DOB 7/1/04
(NGA Owner: Mick Massa)
Sire: Wigwam Hoss and Dam: Miss Alaina
Mulberry Stitch female (Stitch adopted Orlando FL)
Mulberry Seshell female RE 74G (Seshell adopted NY,CT)
Mulberry Sebreez female
Mulberry Se Wave male
Mulberry Se Hoss male
Mulberry Se Boss male

LE 27555 RE 74?

Diane Vondruska FL (WA)
Cold B Allow (Lily) female DOB 7/1/04
(NGA Owner: Georgia Medis Or Pameula K Bo)
Sire: Coldwater Konow and Dam: Coldwater Marana

Cold B Bo Now female RE 74B (Bono adopted by Greg & Corrine in Medford NJ)
Cold B Conow female
Cold B Do Now female
Cold B for Now male (adopted in NJ)
Cold B Go Now male (Jr adopted in FL)
Cold B Ho Now male
Cold B I No Now male
Cold B Not Now female (Sadie adopted in OH)

LE 27552 RE ?

Brenda Davie FL (ONT)
Mel's Becky (Becky) female DOB 6/28/04
(NGA Owner: Melvin Gossard OR James P Mar)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Mel's Marissa

Boone's Grunny male

Boone's Priest H male
Boone's Willie S male RE 64A (adopted FL)
Mel's Andrea female RE 64H (adopted KS/MO)
Mel's Goldie female
Mel's Shania female

LE 27540 RE 74J

Judy Pfaff KS (MT)
Crystal Arklow (Arlo) male DOB 7/1/04
(NGA Owner: Gary E Bauer)
Sire: Crystal Jet and Dam: Glengar Eileen
Crystal Cordal female RE 74D (Cordal adopted by Larry Luening, Cambridge, ONT)
Crystal Elton male
Crystal Galway male
Crystal Rahan male RE 74A
Crystal Tralee male
Glengar Jet female

Crystal Bruree male (Turbo adopted by Mike & Connie Hilger of Glendive MT)

Crystal Creegh male (Nick adopted Montreal, QC)

Crystal Durrus male RE 74C (Durrus adopted Knoxville, TN)

LE 27539 RE 64F

Paula Jaworski FL (MD)
Hanks Scramble (Raine) male DOB 6/4/04
(NGA Owner: Henry T Howe)
Sire: Ozark Clipper and Dam: CM Lil Bit
Littermates:CM Clipper male
Hanks Pinto female
Hanks Twister male
Ozark Ranger male (adopted Whitehall PA)

Ozark Teardrop male

LE 27537 RE 74A

Tina Kelly NH (Ont)

Pat C Measuring (Measure) male DOB 7/1/04

Sire: Big Ginger Boy and Dam: Pat C Timemaker

(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)


Pat C Gin Fizz male RE 74E (Fizz adopted White Plains NY)

Pat C Gin Time male

Pat C Make Shift female RE 74F (Shifty adopted New Hope PA)

Pat C Make Up male (adopted)

Pat C Make Work male

Pat C More Gin female

Pat C Tatum female (adopted CO)

LE 27535 RE 74C
Rhonda Mettert NH (PA)
Condo Fran (Cassie) female DOB 7/2/04
Sire: Its Aclevercatch and Dam: Greys Frontpage
(NGA Owner: Seastom-Lovely Kennels)
Condo Fancy female RE 74D
Condo Farley male RE 74A
Condo Felicia female RE 74B

LE 27504 RE 74H

Pam Shabroon MA (PA)
Sinema (Baklava) female DOB 7/6/04
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Banning and Dam: Let's Skate*

Boruta male
Essington male
Lahaska male
Lecksis female (adopted in
Nashunal male (adopted)
Nossa female (adopted in WV)
Radclyff female
Swim female RE 74I (adopted in Ontario Canada)
Transora male (adopted in Eastern Canada)

LE 27500 RE

Ellen Karp (AZ)

Any Given Time (Brook) female DOB 6/30/04

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Buxom Beauty


Passionforcashin male (Cash)

Quality Chic female

City By The Bay male

Wants And Needs female RE 64H(Babe adopted in El Dorado Hills, CA)

Next To Nothing male

Young Rebel male RE 64A (Darcy adopted in El Dorado Hills, CA)

LE 27437 RE 33E

Barb Abney FL (FL)
OT's New Style (Style) female DOB 2/93
(NGA Owner: Connell Kennel)
Sire: OT's Banana Roll and Dam: Parkside Beth

OT's Bulls Eye female
OT's Sunny Day female
White Banana male

LE 27391 RE 43C

Lou Chainese

CM Allheart male (Mel) DOB 4/93
Sire: MacLeroy and Dam: Snap's Rosebud
CM Pixie

CM Rosie female

CM Dixie (MJ adopted by M Carnevale)

LE 27377 RE 43H

Pat Jeanschild MA/CO (PA)
Calypso Chuck (Monty) DOB 4/8/93

Sire: Ben Green and Dam: Blond Lisa
Battling Bobby male
Fearless Ears female
Lisa's Kasey female
Peewees Passion male
Remedy Joe male
Sweetmusic Swami male
Weezies Joy female
Wishing Tish female

LE 27377 RE 64H
Erin Powell (WA) WV
Weekend Express (Amare) female DOB 6/20/04
(NGA Owner: Kermit Klosterman)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Sultry Style
Alleyesonme male RE 64B
Contact male (adopted, passed away 6/24/14)
Feeling no Pain male RE 64E (adopted)
Flightly Gal female RE 64C
For the Team female RE 64D (adopted)
Fresh Beauty female RE 64A (adopted NY)
Sayonara female RE 64G

LE 27295 RE

Melinda C Capers (OH)

SS Max (Pele formerly Louie) male DOB 4/1/93

Sire: Flying Mule and Dam: Jelly Jammer

(NGA Owner: Gary Ballard)
SS Amelia female
SS Jelly Roll female
SS Jimmy Dean male
SS Pistol Pete male
SS River male
SS Whiz Buzz male

LE 27295 RE 64E

Theresa Roberts (CO)
Alice's Star (Star) male DOB 6/23/04
(NGA Owner: Shawn Askeland)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: GS Alice

Alice's Brady male
Alice's Munchkin male
Alice's Joy female
Alice's Diana female

LE 27287 RE 64C

Marca Fronk FL (FL)
Bustedforafake ID (Ivy) female DOB 6/12/04
(NGA Owner: Bruce Caldwell)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Drinkinonafakeid

Drinkininphoenix male

LE 27275 RE

Holly Priestley

MPS Queenvictoria female DOB 4/1/93

(NGA Owner: Myrtle S Piper)

Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: Pay Penny


John M Cliff male

MPS Daisymae female

MPS Nicolle female

MPS Pennyannie female

MPS Pennysprize female RE 43G

LE 27207 RE 64?

F A Addison CA (MX)

Barts Sundance female (Danci) DOB 6/15/04

(NGA Owner: Rick D Bartley)

Sire: Bs Royal Tim and Dam: Barts Squirt


Bartspassinstyle female

Barts Bugout male

Barts Solarspy male

Bartsdashofclass female

LE 27167 RE

Terry Douglas AR,KS (MO)
Pa's Fletch (Fletch) male DOB 6/14/04
(NGA Owner: Ross A  Amestoy)
Sire: Snow Bow and Dam: Fuzzys Typhoon


Pas Dragon Lady female

Pas Fletcher De male RE 64C (retired)

LE 27164 RE 33E

Millicent Smith
Bets On Bartman (Jett) male Whelped 3/28/93

Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam Rodeo Midnite
Rodeo Code Blue (living at Greyhound Hall of Fame office)
Rodeo Robo (living at Greyhound Hall of Fame office)

LE 27104 RE 64E

Erin Marling (RI)
Tipp Beazer (Beazer) male DOB 6/8/04
Sire: Roanokee and Dam: Picture Portrait*


Tipp Alden male

Tipp Cole male

Tipp Grant male (Grant adopted Astin TX)

Tipp Lazer female (Lazer adopte Sequin TX)

Tipp Silver female

Tip Viotel female

LE 27094 RE 43E

Gina Piazza MA (PA)
Hi Line Ticket (Gabriel/Gabe) male DOB 4/93
Sire: Odd Spotliter and Dam: HiLine Suzie

(NGA Owner: Willis DeWitt)


Hi Line Cash male

Hi Line Dixie female

Hi Line Doll female

Perfect Word female

LE 26999 RE 33F

Audrey Mateer NH (Dover Plains, NY)

Time After (Darius) male DOB 3/1/93

Sire: Allegis and Dam: Racey's Liz

(NGA Owner: Sydney A Gasche)


Step Along female

Sunnycide male

Tidy Pak female

Sonic Hawk male

Much Off male (Coach adopted by Tony & Lauralee Hartz)

Specify female

LE 26989 RE 69C

Richard Woolfort KS (MO)
Help Me Joanie (Julie) female DOB 6/9/04
(NGA Owner: Sharon Williams)
Sire: Rooftop Hardspot and Dam: Chemar Westbrook

Getcha Back male (Howdy adopted in KS)
Sail On Sailor male (Sailor adopted in KS)
Shut Down male (adopted in Canada)

LE 26972 RE 33E

Candy CO, WI (Albuquerque, NM)
Krafty Reggie (Reggie) male DOB 3/1/93

Sire: HB Commander and Dam: Rugged Randa

(NGA Owner: Sam Kraft)
Krafty Betty female
Krafty Billie male
Krafty Breeze male
Krafty Ears female
Krafty Mary Ann female
Krafty Moose male
Krafty Victoria female

LE 26956 RE

Diane Jorns (IL)
Golden Vale (Denny) male DOB 5/27/04
(NGA Owner: Christopher Darcy)
Sire: Derby Day* and Dam: Greys Free Style

Wolfgang male RE 54E (adopted by Diane Jorns)

Ballydoyle male
Danehill Dancer male (adopted)
Forest King male
Derby Style female
Shirley Heights female

LE 26955 RE 54B

Kristyn Wilcox MA (New York NY)
M's Lively Ladd (Ladd) male DOB 5/23/04
(NGA Owner: David F Currier)
Sire: Greys Flamebeau and Dam: M's Lightnlively

M's Live It Up female RE 54F (Livvy adopted Lake Katrine, NY)
M's Live Wire male (Mellow adopted NJ)
M's Lively Bell female (Belle adopted FL)
M's Lively Lady female

LE 26926 RE 54G or C?

Vicki Strykowski WI (IL)
VV Last Girl (Peebles) female DOB 5/26/04
(NGA Owner: Steve Uth)
Sire: Oshgosh Slammer and Dam: Eltex Online

VV Lisa female
VV Old Dan male (Vinnie adopted in Chicago IL)

LE 26910 RE 64A

Melissa Stang FL (GA)
KC Proctor (KC) male DOB 6/1/04
(NGA Owner: Pam Hamilton)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Eyes Say Yes

KC Paris female
KC Patience female
KC Pringle male

LE 26905 RE 64A
Mary Vaughn (MA)
Sandhill Zeke (Zeke) male DOB 6/1/04
(NGA Owner: S G Poff)
Sire: CB Express and Dam: PNP's Abby
Pnp's Heather female RE 64B (Lily adopted PA)
Pnp's Steffy female RE 64C (Steffy adopted NJ)

LE 26892 RE

Dee Clark (FL)

Run Dog Run male DOB 5/20/04

Sire: State Of The Art and Dam: Road Traffic

(NGA Owners: Dorothy F Roban or Margaret R)


Wheres Amaze male

Wheres Amazon male

Wheres Ambella female

Wheres Amberry female

Wheres Ambush male

LE 26815 RE 38H 

Kay McNelis (Altoona, PA)
Tomax Lucky Day (Solomon) male Whelped 3/22/93

Sire: Char Cruiser and Dam: LL Miss Sandy

(NGA Owner: TW Langham or M R Stamps


Baby Chester male

Baby Sandy female

LL Char Bandit male

LL Char Charmer male

LL Char Dynamo male

LL Char Jewell female

LL Char Pride male

LL Char Rocky male

LL Char Vickey female

LE 26806 RE 54A

Liz Widman FL (PA)
Pat C Prototype (Dashiell) male DOB 5/27/04
(NGA Owner: Pat Collins)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: DC's Example

LE 26802 RE 64I

Lisabeth & Gary Ramsdell KS,RI (Gahanna OH)
Less Reason (Callie's Less Reason) male DOB 6/1/04
(NGA Owner: Symbioun Farms)
Sire: Less Gravity and Dam: Kadee's Kunene


Less Caution female

Less Compassion male

Less Condolences male

Less Considerate male

Less Empathy male

Less Tolerant female

Less Yielding female

Lessunderstandin female

LE 26786 RE 54D
Carol-Ann Ugolini (CA) MX,AL
Coach Tommy (Guido) male DOB 5/25/04
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: OJ O’s So Sweet
Coach Kaden male RE 54E
Coach Katie female RE 54B (Katie adopted Atlanta GA)
Coach Kelly female RE 54A
Coach Kendra female RE54C

LE 26758 RE 34H

Richard Clarkson FL (TX)
Nurse Kim (Jenny) female DOB 3/25/04
(NGA Owner: Hal Gill or Wilfred Diaz Jr)
Sire: Trojan Cruze and Dam: Greys Sizzlestar

Cruzen On By male
Gypsy Cruze female
Harleyville male RE 34E (Harley adopted LA)
Hollywood Cruze female (Holly adopted in FT Lauderdale FL)

Kathryn Cruze female
Katy Cruze female (Katy adopted by Johanna Dragner, Sarasota FL)
Safeway Cruze male
Sizzling Emotion female
Sun Jax Star male
Trojan Treasure male

LE 26752 RE 33J

Barb Carnahan (Hatboro, PA)
(Nicole) Swanky Nicole female DOB 3/16/93 DOD 6/02

Sire: Butter Pat and Dam: Diana's JD
(NGA Owner: Nadeau & Tacy Bujack)

Almost Legal female
Fastmover Todd male
J's Lil Wonder female
Just A Stripper female
K J Pride male
Nose For Da Wire female
Phil's Rapture female (Kelsey adopted by Jim & Kathy Morley)
Pj's Easy Money female
Quiet Kurt male
Wind Surfer male

LE 26751 RE 54C

Edward Roberts TX,WVA (NY)

Gable Kyndra female (Kyndra) DOB 5/31/04

(NGA Owneer: Harlyn or Janna Goebel)

Sire: Gable Oscar and Dam: Claire Fairy*


Gable Apple female

Gable Miranda female

Gable Samantha female

LE 26715 RE

Leah Ivey

Carrie Commander (Kyri) DOB 3/93

Sire: HBs Commander and Dam: Ks Luff

(NGA Owners: David Strong or Todd Haley)


Sassy Shannon female

Candi Commander female

Jessie Jem female

Debby Dabster female

Andrews Way male

LE 26715 RE 54C

Rob & Elizabeth Hurston KS,WV (NY,NY)

Itsprincewilliam (William) male DOB 4/24/04

Sir: WW Accelerator and Dam: Its Princess Lea


Its Princealbert male

Its Princeandrew male

Its Princephilip male

Itsprincecharles male

LE 26576 RE

Mike Cipolla  (Groveport, OH)
Wings On Me (Zoe) female Whelped 3/1/93

Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: Beaver Creek Gal
(NGA Owner: Russell J Peterson)

Black Legend male
He's No Angel male
Indy Heat male
Limits Optional male
Lone Experience female
No Limit Held female
No Time Limit female

LE 26524 RE 54D

Jaeda Burkey (TN)

Dodgin Abilene female DOB 5/18/04

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Symantrix


Daddys Girl female RE 54E (Girlie adopted PA)

Drama Momma female RE 54H (adopted)

Fast Gabby female RE 54G

Fast Matrix male RE 54C

Fast Trixie female RE 54F

Hugh Hunter male RE 54B

Throttle Up male RE 54A (adopted Richmond VA)

LE 26522 RE 23H

Sarah Jones (FL)

Keep Em Rockin (Rocky) DOB 2/23/93

Sire: Dusty Didit (Dusty Adopted by Sarah) and Dam: Shes Tipsy


Blue Lucky (Lucky) 23I (adopted by Sarah)

Steffis Smile (Steffi) 23D (adopted by Sarah)

Justa Foxy Lady (Foxy) 23C (adopted by Sarah DOD 6/18/97)

LE 26481 RE 33G

Val G
SB's Stowe (Bronco) Whelped 3/7/93

Sire: Ski's Box Car and Dam: Diane Whitney

(NGA Owner: Sandra Beckner)
HD's Whitney
SB's Andover
SB's Boston
SB's Bristol
SB's Chicago
SB's Clayton
SB's Houston

LE 26429 RE 54?

Diane Williams WI (WI)
Dks Phancy Free (Freebie) female DOB 5/8/04
(NGA Owner: Robert Hardison or Dennis Mleynek)
Sire: DKS Prime Time and Dam: DKS Phantastik


Dks Phan Fare female

Dks Phan Mail female RE 54A

Dks Phanatic female

Dks Phantasy female RE 54F

Dks Phantom male

Dks Phat Boy male

Dks Phenom male RE 54H

LE 26421 RE 54B

Heather Grant (FL) ON
LJ's Ophie (Sunny) female DOB 5/9/04
(NGA Owner: Patrick J Kelly)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Kiwa Jo Gala

LJ's Okie male
LJ's Olga female
Lj's Onie male
Lj's Ono female
LJ's Oona female
Lj's Orie male

LE 26414 RE 54A
Jessica Golembrosky (DE) AL
Okie King Ranch (Okie) male DOB 5/5/04
(NGA Owner: Gaylan Edwards)
Sire: Repercussion and Dam: Okie Renny
Okie Celeste female RE 54F
Okie Charlotte female RE 54C
Okie Sunni female

Okie Traveler male

LE 26404 RE 54A

Ady Cerreta FL (FL)
Alerts April (April) female DOB 5/7/04
(NGA Owner: Otto McClure)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Maker Me Alert

Alerts Boy male

Alerts Chris female (adopted)

Alerts David male

Alerts Frank male

LE 26378 RE 54A

Deb Alexander FL (FL)

In A Second (Second) male DOB 5/5/04

(NGA Owner:Diane or Paul Paulk)

Sire: Eltex Isuptoyou and Dam: Mood Im In


Circle The Field male

Hes A Moody Blu male

In The Mood Too male

Shes In A Mood female RE 54E (adopted in ONT)

Tom Lewis male

LE 26343 RE 33F

Cheryl Zemany (PA)
El's Swiftkicker (Swifty) male DOB 3/93

(NGA Owner: Eddie Lee Mandrell)
Sire: El's Top Dog and Dam: Th Abby

EL's Cool Dude male
El's Doublequick male
EL's Runabout male
EL's Sassy Miss female
EL's Spitfire female

LE 26310 RE 33I

Bonnie Benson, WI/W VA? (OH)

TPs Run For Pay (Cash) male Whelped 3/1/93

Sire: Bobs Nebraska and Dam: Shanas Star

(NGA Owner: Thomas P Petrowski)


RTs Milo male

TPs Buttercup female

TPs King Rich male

TPs Sir French male

TPs Take It All male

LE 26306 RE 33C

Kate Shue KS (WV)
Tippy (Tipper) male DOB 3/9/03
Sire: He's My Man and Dam: Lizabon

Skyebuster male
Klassic Wings male
Klassic Scooter male
Klassic On Call male RE 33B
He's My Leafster male

LE 2628 RE 41A

Barb & Terry Hertlein (Belleville, IL)

Banked Energy (Max) male DOB 04/08/91 died

Sire: Tms Ticket Home and Dam: Freada Salfity

(NGA Owner: Arthur W Agganis)


Amber Trickle female

Jet Setty female

Notsomuchasapeep female

Pebble Pup male

Globanic male

Silent Sonota female

LE 26216 RE 23F
Amy Dunlap FLA (Haw River, NC)
Dalveena (Alexandra) female Whelped 2/21/93
(NGA Owner: Donna L Journigan)
Sire: My Unicorn and Dam: Leatrice

Alittle Frill female

Classy Desirable female

Just Luck male
Rocky High male

Nartelle female

LE 26184 RE 44A

Maryann Protz FL (Carteret NJ)
Tom's Stepinhi (Stephanie) female DOB 4/29/04
(NGA Owner: Brenda Pierce)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Stepinhi Rooster

Tom's Stepinout female RE 44C (Step adopted)

Tom's Stepinup female (Tawny adopted by the May family)

LE 26178 RE 23G

Karen Dannenhauer WI (IL)
Pa's All Purpose (Stan) male DOB 2/27/93

Sire: Keefer and Dam: Susie Floosie B

(NGA Owner: George Benjamin)
Pa's Fire Power male
Pa's Flat Black male
Pa's Rambo male
Pa's Sales Order male
Pa's Samantha female

LE 26138 RE 23C

Liz Hibner TX (PA)
SP's Jackie (Jackie) female DOB 2/9/93
(NGA Owner: Sheryl Ann Watt)
Sire: Skimar Alf and Dam: SP's Linda


SPs Busy Body male

SPs Can Do female

SPs Skimar male

ARs Yesshedid female

LE 26112 RE 44E

Rachel Jervis IA,CO (CO)
Unlessimmistakin (Evie Petunia) female DOB 4/6/04
(NGA Owner: Bryon Legg)
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: JS Auntie June

Anywayanyhow male
Caviar Dreams female
Love In June female
Noplacelikehome male
Realpageturner male

LE 26061 HT RE 43E or LE 28067?

Donald & Cynthia Zember WI
HT Zambini (Mike) male DOB 4/1/93

Sire: Terry Waite and Dam: K's Kinder

(NGA Owner: Holly Trello or Joy Behling)
Chico Leako Leo male
Fec's Placenshow male

LE 26026 RE 23F

Janet Arnold
OW's Caesar (Ben) male DOB 2/18/93

Sire: Briggs Stratton and Dam: Ram's Niver

(NGA Owner: O&W Greyhounds/Felix J Witkowicz/Hugh R Ostrander)
OW's Excalibur male
OW's Fanny female
OW's Fast Fredie male
OW's J R male
OW's Jimmy male
OW's Stardust female

LE 26019 RE 44E

Wendy Chapman (Bonsall CA)
Abita Sally Ride (Shelby) female DOB 4/23/04
(NGA Owner: John J Bladen)
Sire: Abita Raginflame and Dam: Abita Delilah

Abita Galileo male
Abita Laika female
Abita Rage male
Abita Sophia female
Abita Zeppelin male

LE 25971 RE 23E

Heather Powers CT (MS)
Jamies Major Mom (Momma Dog) female DOB 2/93
(NGA Owner: Cynthia A Hancock)

Sire: Hello Higsbee and Dam: Major Terra Nosa


Jamies Don Coble male

Jamies Jubal male

Jamies Mosemale

Jamies Rusty Jud male

Jamies Teton male

LE 25967 RE 44B
Nadioa Girardot (PA) AL
Zephryess (Lily G) female DOB 4/13/04
Sire: Lonesome Cry and Dam Carmine G
Zamora female RE 44C
Zaxby male RE 44A

LE 25953 RE 44E

Mary Pat Parkhill (NJ)
Opal female DOB 4/8/04
(NGA Owner: James Lovely)
Sire: Scott Free and Dam: Jumbo Kate

Kiffen female
Johnny Redcoat male
Into Contention female

Heatley male
Bertuzzi female
Influx male
Rare Air female

LE 25930 RE 23A

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

ACs Only Brandy (Brandy) female DOB 2/15/93 DOD 7/10/06


RC's Only Brandy female

LE 25912 RE 44F

Cathy Riopko AL (NC)
Ashley Rose (Ashley Rose) female DOB 4/4/04
(NGA Owner: Team Greyhound/Frank Ferrentino)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Valid Splash (adopted by Cathy Riopko NC)

Party Gal female (adopted)
Poetic Liberty female
Provacative Lady female (adopted)
Sweet Enough female (adopted)
Sweet Memories female (adopted)
Tip the Dealer female (pre-adopted 7/2007)
Treys a Charm  male (pre-adopted 7/20/07)

LE 25880 RE 13B

Diane Tothero
Tazmanin Hulk (Eliot) male DOB 1/21/93

Sire: Oshkosh Racey and Dam: Anthea

(NGA Owner: Max Trice)
Tazmanin Brimstn male
Tazmanin Darknes female
Tazmanin Equake male
Tazmanin Iceman male
Tazmanin Icesis female
Tazmanin Oneder female
Tazmanin Saydie female
Tazmanin Tyfoon male

LE 25822 RE 34C

Sharon Tuke & Steve Walsh AZ,CO (Boulder CO)
Gracies Fire (Felix) male DOB 3/16/04
(NGA Owner: Stacey Blanch)
Sire: Red Dingo and Dam: Tickle Switch


Janets Memory male RE 34B (Bandit adopted by Jane Accardo, Portland OR)

LE 25804 RE 44E

Dori Webb CO (CO)
Able Danger (Tuff) male DOB 4/8/04
(NGA Owner: Clinton E Blair)
Sire: Courageous Nicky and Dam: Tap Tap Tappy

Megamuffin male (adopted CO)
Sweet Ebonney female (still racing Mile High CO)
Sweet Luther male
Sweet Stretch male (adopted CO)
Sweet Stripe male

LE 25801 RE

Sarah Regan Snavely (Morehead, MN)
Wayhigh Striker DOB 1/30/93

Sire: My Unruly Dan and Dam: WinfraTrip (IU)
Coin Operated female
I Told You Twice female
Jo's Being Bad female
Mean Streaker female
Miss Tango female
Wayhigh Dusty male
Wayhigh Jake male
Winfra Barque male

LE 25710 RE 34A

Gennafer Show FL (PA)
WP's Blue (Shadow) male DOB 3/27/04
(NGA Owner: Wesley L Parvin)
Sire: Jawa Leonas Best and Dam: WP's Star

WP's Blackjack male
WP's Coco female
WP's Crossfire male

LE 25649 RE 44A
Maria Arellano (CA)
For Pete Sakes (Jingles) male DOB 4/4/04
(NGA Owner: Henry Rogers III)
Sire: Silent Power and Dam: WW Dream Money
Any Old Time male RE 44C (adopted & Hemopet Blood Donor)
I'm All In male

No Time For Tears female RE 44B

LE 25643 RE 34D

Nicole McMahon FL (FL)
Fastcarsnfreedom (Maisy) female DOB 3/27/04
Sire: Hi Ho Silver and Dam: Dzmargaritaville

(NGA Owner: Bruce Caldwell)

Bpslidnmargarita female
Bp Runouttamoney female
Bp Putnontheshow female
Bp Bad Outlaw female
Bp Backinmyprime male

LE 25640 RE 44F

Rally Pagulayan MA (MA)
Cold B Hi Fi (Lima Bean) female DOB 4/1/04
(NGA Owner: Georgia Medis or Pameula K Boyer)
Sire: State of the Art and Dam: Coldwater Sarita

Cold B Eye Eye female
Cold B Hi Above female
Cold B Hi Ball female RE 44B
Cold B Hi Card female (Card adopted by Debbie Butler, BC)
Cold B Hi Do female RE 44D
Cold B Hi Ground male (Colby adopted in NB)
Cold B Hi Inside male
Cold B Hi Tech male

LE 25599 RE 44A

Linda Vick FL (Merritt Island, FL)
AMF Trail Rider (Suze) female DOB 4/1/04
Sire: Aimin By Design and Dam: Dawn Rider

AMF Night Rider female (adopted by Linda Vick)
AMF Bull Rider male RE 44D (adopted MD)
AMF Rough Rider male (adopted MD)
AMF Ghost Rider male
AMF Pale Rider female (adopted)

LE 25585 RE 13E

Lynne Welte AL
SG Rude Dude (Ruby) male DOB 1/17/93

(NGA Owner: Martha H Freeze)

Sire: Whelped To Win and Dam: SG's Flying Bye
SG Cappuccino female
SG Irish Mocha female
SG Master Blend male RE 13E
SG My Buddy male
SG Sno Lady female
SG Swiss Mocha male RE 12B
SG Tooties Boy male

LE 25556 RE

Beth Risner KS (MO)
Da Bear (Bear) male DOB 3/19/04
(NGA Owner: Bill Elliot)
Sire: Brett Lee and Dam: Bama Dharma

Bobo Lee male
Bonnie Bell female (Bonnie adopted through AR)
Brett's Bailey female
E's Basic female
E's Brink female
E's Brita female

LE 25555 RE 34D

Tina Kelly FL (Cambridge, ONT)
Valley Ducati (Ducati) male DOB 3/16/04
(NGA Owner: Rick L Decker)
Sire: Tom S Klondike and Dam: Valley Huston

Valley Arriba female
Valley Diora female
Valley Sportster male
Valley Triumph male (adopted)

LE 25542 RE 34??

Malinda Scott CO (CO)
EJ's Stazzman (Boris) male DOB 3/30/04
(NGA Owner: R W Feathers)
Sire: Pikes Grand Slam and Dam: EJ's Steffi Z

EJ's Attitude female
EJ's Frantic male (Dillon adopted in CO)
EJ's Gimmick female
EJ's Undaunted male

LE 25538 RE 44?

Danielle DeJong FL,NH (Southern ON)

WWs Serving Time male DOB 4/1/04

Sire: WW Accelerator and Dam: WW Time N A Half

(NGA Owner: Julia Ward)


WW Time Release female

WWs Time Life female

WWs Time Share male

WWs Time Table male

WWs Time Ticker female

WWs Timegoneby female

LE 25536 RE 34C

Robert Decina WV,FL (Mount Royal, NJ)
Boogie Past (Conway) male DOB 3/24/04
(NGA Owner: Debra Strickland)
Sire: WW Greys Drifter and Dam: Hi Sable

Boogie Dancin male
Boogie Girl female
Boogie On By female RE 34F
Boogie Steps male
Gottaharetrigger female RE 34E (Trigger adopted FL)
Taco Sal female

LE 25504 RE 13C

Kathy & Tim Wollin (Blissfield, MI)
Jimbo Molly (Molly) DOB 1/23/93 died

Sire: Nicky Finn and Dam: Mystical Molly
Jimbo Jackinabox male
Jimbo Just A Joy female
Jimbo Mystical female

LE 25499 RE 122E

Carol Macherey Iowa

Dime Dime Dude (Shiloh) male DOB 12/21/92

(NGA Owner: John Barry or Robert Hardison)

Sire: Lone Lobo and Dam: Phoebe Jean


Louie Vtam male

Red Tornado female

Miss Melanie B female (Melanie adopted by Lynette Miller)

LE 25424 RE

JoShannan Kimpel WI,FL (IL)

WWW Fast Dingo male DOB 3/7/04

Sire: Brett Lee and Dam: Kiowa Park My


WWW Junkyard Dog female

WWW Mel Gibson male

WWW Outback Jack male (adopted in IL)

LE 25408 RE 34B

Mary Meila AL,FL (Rockaway, NJ)
WV's Omar (Ben) male DOB 3/20/04
(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennels)
Sire: Seegold Big Red and Dam: WV's Mercedes

WV's Ottawa female
WV's Oak Hill female

WVs Oceana female
WV's Odd male (Odd adopted by McQuades Middletown, NJ)
WV's Ohley male
WV's Ona female (Ona adopted by Connie & Lee Chalfont, PA)
WV's Orlando female RE 35H (Orlando adopted

LE 25389 RE 24A

Melissa (foster mom) (IN)

Baby Connie T (Baby) female DOB 2/28/04

(NGA Owner: Connie Lazaris)

Sire: Trojan Cruz and Dam: Another Connie T


Cody Krause male (adopted in WI)

Frohmader female

Rosemary female

Mama Vickie female

Samantha Jean female (adopted MI)

LE 25377 RE 14F

Jessica Everett FL (Fenlton, DE)

Zeppelins Zoso (Zoey female DOB 1/11/04

Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Tsk Winter Cold


Bernieswildthing male

Brns Mariah female (Missy retired)

Burn One For Me female (Jumper adopted)

Nocchi male RE 14A (Gnocchi adopted by Andrew & Jackie White)

Sixtotenanglassy female

LE 25359 RE 14?

Matthew Damba FL (MD)
Kay V Moonstruck (Nina) female DOB 1/24/04
(NGA Owner: Smith)
Sire: Trojan Cruze and Dam: Kiowa More Minto


Kay V Fly High male

Kay V Go Figure male

Kay V Gotcha male

Kay V Lets Dance female

Kay V War Eagle male

LE 25297 RE 34G

Diane Priggemeier AZ (CO)
Bow Medallion (Jules) male DOB 3/14/04
Sire: Be My Bubba and Dam: Final Fire

Bow Rosebud female
Bow Sensation female
Bow Setemup female
Bow Sidekick male
Bow Snippet male
Bow Wishbone male (Wishbone adopted in AZ)

LE 25293 RE 13G RE 25239?

Sean & Pam Daugherty (PA) or (Jennifer Watkins KY)

SMAs Hi Lilly (Goldie) female DOB 1/193 DOD 11/21/96

Sire: Hello Higsbee and Dam: Js Daylily

(NGA Owner: SMP PC Inc)


SMA's Hello Jose male

SMA's Hi Dee female

SMA's Hi N Bye male

SMA's Hi Noon female

SMA's Hi Y All male

SMA's Runninghi male

SMA's Say Hello male

LE 25290 RE 34D

Rhonda Hudson WV (WA)
Kiowa Okie Kay (Katie) female DOB 3/21/04
(NGA Owner: Smith Greyhounds Inc)
Sire: Kiowa Mohican and Dam: Kiowa Jay Jan

Kiowa Apache Joe male
Kiowa Crazy Jay male
Kiowa Funny Bone female
Kiowa Funny Girl female
Kiowa Heavy Duty female
Kiowa Huskey female
Kiowa I Boogie male
Kiowa Kaboose male
Kiowa Mud Slide male
Kiowa Super Duty female

LE 25288 RE 34B

Rose Nothhelfer FL (FL)
Hot Foot Jack (Dooley) male DOB 3/5/04
(NGA Owner: Randall J & Deneen T Ward)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Val Holly

Hot Foot Jacob male
Hot Foot Jared male
Hot Foot Josh male

LE 25265 RE 24B

Jenny Horn AZ (AZ)
Yellowfin Tuna (Tuna) female DOB 2/20/04
Sire: Bold Mossy and Dam: Dovrun Mariah


Cobia male

Dovrun Marissa female

Sailfish female

LE 25260 RE 34A
Diane Melvin (FL) FL
Driven by Dillon (Dillon) male DOB 3/11/04
(NGA Owner: N Vento)
Sire: DKs Prime Time and Dam: Laugh with Lori
Driven by Brady male RE 34E
Driven by Deion female RE 34H
Driven by Faulk male RE 34D
Driven by Givens female RE 34B (Givens adopted PA)
Driven by Nicki female RE 34G
Driven by Ty female RE 34F (Precious adopted PA)
S Go Stevie Nick female RE 34C

LE 2523 RE 21D & C

Dan Krapf FL/NJ (Santa Cruz, CA)
Aljo Whisper Ace (Dempsey) Whelped 2/14/91 &

Aljo Whisper Jim (Odie) RE 21C

Sire: Hi Dempsey and Dam: Odie

(NGA Owner: Aljo Kennels)
Aljo Whisper Sis (Sissy adopted by Angela in NC (DOD 11/10/01?)

LE 25170 RE 34D

Jessica Walter IA (NY)
DK's Trolly Car (Sabre) male DOB 3/16/04
(NGA Owner: Dennis Mleynek)
Sire: Dodgem by Design and Dam: DR Troopertrolly

DK's County female
DK's Deputy female
DK's Detective female
DK's Security male
DK's Statepolice (Smokey) male (adopted)
DK's Trooper male

LE 25134 RE 24E

Angelo Gubbay (Mahopac NY)
Switch Dance (Switch) male DOB 2/28/04
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: More Baby More

Sugar Fly Baby female (Sugar adopted by Angelo Gubbay)
Pollinating Baby male (adopted by Elizabeth Rodrigues MA)
Ill Be Darn male
Bekahs Baby female (adopted)
Baby Get Ready female (retired IN)

LE 2514 RE 31C

Linda Hestianna

Shibren Chelsie DOB 3/5/91 DOD 8/03

Sire: Rancho Chip and Dam: Lady Mark
Shibren Louise

LE 25113 RE 24B
Mindy Seymour (KY)
HKF Grampas Best (Bess) female DOB 2/29/04
Sire: Tom S Klondike and Dam: Tom S Redemption
HKF Katie female RE 24G
HKF Kendra female RE 24A (adopted NC)
HKF Seemegobybye female RE 24H (adopted MO/KS)
Tom S Aster female RE 24F
Tom S Snapdragon female RE 24E

LE 25096 RE 14B

Danielle De Jong AL,AR (Ont)
WJS Flashfire (Gordon) male DOB 1/23/04
(NGA Owner: William J Schweizer)
Sire22: Greys Flamebeau and Dam: Devie's Wexford

WJS Ashes female RE 14D (adopted Ontario)
WJS Flam male RE 14E (Santo adopted
WJS Flamboyant male (deceased)
WJS Flameproof male

LE 25078 RE 34D
Carla Roycroft (MD) FL
Our Sissy Gal (CiCi) female DOB 3/5/04
Sire: Stan's Boy Flyer and Dam: Our Murphy
Big City Breeze male RE 34G
Our Shelby Lynne female RE 34F
Our Simon Says male RE 34B

Our Sunny Girl female RE 34I (adopted Ft Lauderdale, FL)

LE 24986 RE 24H

Lorraine Chartrand MA (NB)
Offthewahlmike (Rush) male DOB 2/27/04
(NGA Owner: Ronald G Beckner)

Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Back Strap

Big Dipper male
Code Name Mickey male
Code Name Minnie female (Minnie adopted Pittsburgh PA)
How Fancy female
Princess Zaboo female
Pure Gossip female

LE 24911 RE 124E

Danielle Zelin WV (NJ)
C's Myrna (Violet) female DOB 2/19/04
(NGA Owner: Paul Carbonneau)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Bloomer

C's Dirty Doris female
C's Melinda female
C's Nala female
C's Shawna female

LE 24867 RE 24A

Donna Pacheco MA (NY)
Aboyne (Abby) female DOB 2/20/04
(NGA Owner: Kenny Ryan)
Sire: Vina Marina * and Dam: Bellerose

Annan female (still racing 10/20/08 Mardi Gras FL)
Ayrshire female
Bellshill female
Brechin female
Corrie female
Crail male
Gairloch male
Nairn male
Wishaw female

LE 24862 RE 24B
Karen Figy FL
While U Wait (Bash) male DOB 2/4/04 DOD 8/1/11
(NGA Owner: LaRosa Enterprises)
Sire: Ben Awhile and Dam: Mulberry Street
Empire State male RE 24A
Pitkin Avenue male RE 24D (adopted)
Piz Why female RE 24F (retired was a dam)
Sweet Melissa female RE 24E
Very Merry Berry female RE 24G
Wait Awhile male RE 24C

LE 24838 RE 24D

Penny & Mike Hulten (Oceanside CA)
Ak Stayin Alive (Allie) female DOB 2/1/04
(NGA Owner: Arivada Kennel)
Sire: Buzz Around and Dam: RK Take Me Away

Ak Don Corleone male
Ak Don Johnson male
Ak Don Juan male
Ak Don Quixote male
Ak Get Shorty female
Ak Phenomenon female
Ak Pulp Fiction female
Ak Swordfish female
Ak Urban Cowgirl female

LE 24828 RE 24D

Karen Thomspon FL (PA)
Apropo (Piper) female DOB 2/16/04
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Anti Pasto


Achilles male (Archilles adopted SC)

Aglow female RE 24A

Alter Boy male

Apostle male RE 24F (adopted NC)

At The Beach female (Beachy adopted PA)

LE 24826 RE 24D

Carrie McCauley (CO)
EJ's Pitboss (Claude) male DOB 2/20/04
(NGA Owner: Robert W Feathers Or Jeffrey)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: EJ's Idea

Ej's Jenn's Jet female RE 24E

LE 24679 RE 122E

Lisa Gilmer FL (SC)

Red Striper (Striper) male DOB 12/18/92

Sire: Standing Applause and Dam: Talk's Cheap

(NGA Owner: Lowel P Rieger)


Solid Calypso female RE 122? (Holly adopted by Lisa)

Calypso Spot female

Radford Flyer male

King Rappman male

LE 24677 RE 122D

Susan Lawrence CO (Idaho)

CNJ Sand Dollar (Dollie) female 12/18/92

(NGA Owner: Janet L Thomas)

Sire: Spotted Spur and Dam: Jet N Ungwilla


Cnj Sand Digger male

Cnj Sand Duster male

Cnj Sand Miester male

Cnj Sand Shaker female

LE 24670 RE 14B

Elizabeth Chaturvedi AR (MI)
Pmb Hard Line (Baji Rao) male DOB 1/14/04
(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels (Phillip Harris)
Sire: JB Junior B and Dam: Greys Sea Quake

Pmb Helen female
Pmb Hard Way male
Pmb Hard Rocker female
PMB Hard Eight male
PMB Hard Act male
CNN Show Time female
CNN News Flash male

LE 24665 RE 24G

Nancy Beach

Red Coat male DOB 2/7/04

Sire: Fortress Blue and Dam: Miz Mandy (adopted)


Blue Mandy female (adopted by Adam Abels & Caroline Gresham)

Mandy's Grace female (adopted)

Mandy's Storm male (Stormy adopted FL)

Mandy's Thunder male RE 24B (adopted)

All Hail Eddie male (adopted)

Red Mask male RE 24F

LE 24611 RE 24D

Maryann Protz AL (Carteret NJ)
TW Beltram (Bama) male DOB 2/8/04
(NGA Owner: C Woods or J Taylor)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Kings Teresa

Alex An Tyler male
Burning Bri female
Kilwee Charm female
Linny Dee female
Tkm Full Of It male
Tkm Kopo Krisp female
Tkm Nittanylion female

LE 24604 RE 14C

Judi & Bill Kaufman (York, PA) FL
Once It's Gotcha (Thor) male DOB 1/31/04
(NGA Owner: Hugo Hartsfield Jr)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Simoom

Desert Godess female
Designer Moon male
Imperial Acclaim male
O Mighty Isis female

LE 24592 RE 122C
Laura Hayek TX
Jumby Bay (Mocha) male DOB 12/24/92
(NGA Owners: Hurley, Walker & Guerrero)
Sire: High Stakes and Dam: Pale Sunflower

Saraceni female

Courchevel female

Chrysoula female RE 122H

LE 24560 RE 122C

Steven Phillips WI (IL)

Kiowa Knight (Knight) female DOB 12/18/92

Sire: Glengort Jones and Dam: Kiowa Ivomec

(NGA Owner: Earl Gebhart)


Kiowa Karat male

Kiowa Keystone male

Kiowa Kilowatt female

Kiowa Kinetic female

Kiowa Kit male

Kiowa Koala male

LE 24559 RE 14D
Tammy Farrington (Rockledge FL) AR,AL,FL
BF Bigman (Brett) male DOB 1/21/04
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Kiowa Oak Bank
BF Bank male RE 14H
BF Beauty female RE 14A (Beauty adopted LA/MS)
BF Oak Bank female
BF Oakie male
BF Oswald male
BF Princess female
BF Red Rum male

Milky Way Drive female

LE 24512 RE 14G

Keri Kramer WI (WI)
Late Night Greg (Twitch) male DOB 1/30/04
(NGA Owner: Greg Schuipull)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Waitin for Hazel

Cousin Karl male RE 14H (Quiver adopted by Keri Kramer WI)
Boulton Pat female (adopted in Chicago IL)
Come Back Connie female (retired)
Copperkettle Girl female
Goosebumps Jim male (Jimmy adopted by Dave & Susie in Waterford PA)
Nifty Swifty male (adopted in Sarasota FL)

Tanker Tuc male

LE 24511 RE 123B

Jennifer McKinney (MO)
Arjo Bojo (Bojo) male DOB 2/1/04
(NGA Owner: Arthur Hilzer)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Shata Ribbon


Dnj Leprechan female RE 123C

Dnj Ribbon female RE 123D

Dnj Scarface male RE 123A

Dnj Whistlndixie female RE 123F

Dnj Whistlnshata female RE 123E (adopted)

LE 24500 RE 14I

Lesa Nelson

NK Dianne female DOB 1/21/04

Sire: Criagie Whistler and Dam: Mary Lightcloud

(NGA Owner: Norbert Kaiser)


NK Cienna female RE 14D

NK Chris male RE 14C

NK Aubrey female RE 14H

NK Belinda female RE 14F (adopted)

NK Michaela female RE 14G (Mickey adopted LA/MS)

NK Ray male RE 14A (Zaire adopted in northern VA)

NK Chase male RE 14B

LE 24495 RE 14D
Theresa & Michael Inman (Portland OR) AL
PTL Lea (Lea) female DOB 1/19/04
(NGA Owner: John Steiner)
Sire: Brett Lee and Dam: Mag Walker
PTL Brett male RE 14C
PTL Mags female RE 14B
PTL Walker female RE 14A

LE 24492 RE 14G

Deann Donahugh (FL)

WSJ Brisbane (Enzo) male DOB 1/14/04

(NGA Owner: William J Schweizer)

Sire: Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Devies Mary Dog


WJS Alfalfa male

WJS Bouncy male

WJS Butch male

WJS Chubby male

WJS Darla Hood female

WJS Farina female (adopted in Ont)

WJS Jean Darling female RE 14A (adopted by Buchanan Family, Ont)

WJS Lil Rascal female RE 14C (adopted in Ont)

WJS Our Gang female

WJS Spanky male (adopted)

WJS Wheezer male

LE 24450 RE 14F
Trina Gross
Ilenes Thomas male DOB 1/24/04
Sire: Unruly Thomas and Dam: Winks Ilene
Ilenes Fashon female RE 14B
Ilenes Kate female RE 14E
Ilenes Profit male RE 14D

Illenes Rose female RE 14A (adopted by Tina & Chris Kaufman)

LE 24441 RE 122I

Liz Hurd

Public Advise male DOB 12/10/92

Sire: Bahama Tip and Dam: Patti Gleason

(NGA Owner: Antonio Fonseca)


Doctor Kaz female

Public Harmony male

Public Joy female

Public Kick female

Public Maid female

Public Peace male

Public Road male

Totoy female

LE 24399 RE 122E

Laura Hayek TX

Cisco Emma (Emma) female DOB 12/16/92

Sire: He's My Man and Dam: Bo Gallant

(NGA Owner: Dr. Bob Wilson)

Cisco Ego female

Cisco Enchanting female

Cisco Energizer male

Cisco Engaging female

Cisco Entente male

Cisco Enticing female

LE 24386 RE 14B

Sharon Lyons WV (TN)
BD's Hendrix (Hendrix) male DOB 1/6/04
(NGA Owner: William S Denton)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: BD's Robin

BD's Haji male
BD's Hannah female
BD's Helga female
BD's Hobbit female

LE 24366 RE 14I

Letitia Sartin FL (GA)
Rapido Latch (Latch) male DOB 1/21/04
(NGA Owner: Tony Duran)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Rapido Rae Rae


Rapido Laddy male

Rapido Lafay female

Rapidio Latesha female

Rapido Laura female

Rapido Leona female

Rapido Lion male

Rapido Lizzie female

Rapido Luann female

LE 24353 RE 14D

Shannon Sisler TX (SC)
Closin Time (Lucius) male DOB 1/20/04
(NGA Owner: Mitch L Lingle)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: CJ Jessie

Suckerpunch male (Tucker adopted in SC died accident)
Not Tonight male (Max adopted CA)
Ninetytonothing female
Neon Promiseland female (Lily adopted CA)
Makeup Promises female
Lipstick Lies female (Lisa adopted by Doug Stevens & Lori Duane, Calgary Alberta, died 9/9/08)
Interstatejunkie male (adopted)
Feels Like Today female

LE 24283 RE 14?

Jessica Walter FL (NY)
Fast Dart (Zenon) male DOB 1/22/04
(NGA Owner: Scott Baran)
Sire: Fortified Power an d Dam: Cyber Fleet

Fast Attitude male
Fast Chase female (adopted NJ)
Fast Endeavor male RE 14E (adopted NC
Fast Finale female
Fast Grace female
Fast Heat male
Fast Intent female
Fast Jaunt male (adopted SC)

Reaffirmation female

LE 24191 RE 14A
Lynn Pappalardo (PA) FL
RV Saturn (Saturn) male DOB 1/17/04
(NGA Owner: Robert C Nadort)
Sire: Giles Blues and Dam: RV Moonglow
RV Jupiter male RE 14B
RV Mercury male RE 14C
RV Pluto male RE 14F
RV Venus female RE 14D
RV Neptune female RE 14E (Neptune adopted NC)

LE 24179 RE 14F

Sherry Gonyon FL (FL)
Stake Your Claim (Johnny) male DOB 1/9/04
(NGA Owner: John Yinger)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Pointer


Blazing To Win female

Lurenz male

Night Breeze female

Raina female

Time Share N female (adopted IN)

LE 24178 RE 122A

Barb Carnahan (Hatboro, PA)

Tommy Moe First (Marley) male Whelped 12/2/92
Sire: GRV Velocity and Dam: Lacy Red
(NGA Owner: Michael A Lasky)

Sleepy Quick female
Pizza Woman female
High Roll Easy female

LE 24161 RE 14I

Barbara McGuire FL (FL)
Moon Mt Irene (Irene) female DOB 1/8/04
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Justa Brandy

Moon Mt. Abigail female
Moon Mt. Connie female
Moon Mt Donna female
Moon Mt Felicia female
Moon Mt. Gracie female

LE 24150 RE 122G

Kati & Christina Tevington FL/TX
SM Galen (Galen) male DOB 12/1/92 DOD 7/6/01

Sire: Viewers Guide and Dam: Kilquain Villa

(NGA Owner: Rosa M Smith)
Sm Ashley female
Sm Blake female
Sm Carly female
Sm Evan male
Sm Farley male
Sm Holden male

LE 24149 RE 123E

Rose Nothhelfer FL (FL)
Hot Foot Noah (Beckett) male DOB 12/25/03
(NGA Owner: Randall J & Deneen T Ward)
Sire: TNT Star Wars and Dam: Oneco Sarah Jo

Hot Foot Nancy female
Hot Foot Nike male RE 123D (Nike adopted in FL)
Hot Foot Niles male RE 123A (adopted in FL)
Hot Foot Nemo male

LE 24133 RE 122B

Teri Hyre TX (TX)

Strong Groucho (Groucho) female DOB 12/4/92
(NGA Owner: David Jones)
Sire: Rancho Chip and Dam: Sarah Liz

Strong Laddie male RE 122D (Laddie adopted by Teri Hyre)
Dutch Purcell male
Strong Champagne female
Strong Stryder male

LE 24111 RE 122E

Barb Fields

SC's Kingsransom (Ransom) male DOB12/6/92 DOD1/2/02

Sire: CC Big One and Damn: HM Sion

(NGA Owner: Stonecraig Kennel)


SC's Donna Pass female

SC's Lady Luck female

SC's Pretty Lady

SCs Blazing Gal female

SCs Casual Win male

SCs Streamline male

LE 24078 RE 123C

Tiffany Smith KS (NJ)
Kmax Harmony (Baby) female DOB 12/31/03
(NGA Owner: Robert M Lindahl)
Sire: Rooftop Hardspot and Dam: Rooftop Elliemay

Kmax Darlynn female
Kmax Jesse male (Jesse adopted)
Kmax Sunny Beach female (adopted)

LE 24030 RE 123D

Liza Boris CO (CO)
Just a Lil Bit (Ace) male DOB 12/15/03
(NGA Owner: Mark G Ryan or Brian Webb)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Kid's Mindy

There It Go male (adopted in CO)
This Is How We Do male (adopted in CO)

LE 24009 RE 14B

Althea Aarden FL (OH)
RJ's Longpass (Silas) male DOB 1/1/04
(NGA Owner: Richard L Maddock)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Amana


RJs Kickoff male (adopted Atlanta, GA)

RJs Super Bowl male (SuperBowl adopted West Memphis AR)

RJs Touchdown male (adopted Atlanta, GA)

LE 24000 RE 102F

Marsha S Roe
Ole Prime Time (Prime) DOB10/26/92

Sire: Coldwater Lonzo and Dam: Lady Porche
Ole Lynn Sue
Ole Green Machine
Ole Samuel Adams
Ole Lightmyfire
Scott's Puchey

LE 23975 RE 123G

April Gilbertson (OR)
Cruising Jenny (Bella) female DOB 12/22/03
(NGA Owner: Paul J Guimond Sr)
Sire: WW Windy Ethan and Dam: Chicken Soup

Cruising Willy male
KNT A Blazin male RE 123 C (Flocko adopted by Terri Jacobson)
Pg's Captain male RE 123E (Captain adopted)
Village Ranger male RE 123D (adopted by Lisa Teklits)
Village Red Head female
Village Soup female

LE 23937 RE 123C

Debbie Zimmerman MX (CA)
RN's Stallone (Cheyenne) male DOB 12/26/03
(NGA Owner: Robert Nelson)
Sire: State of the Art and Dam: Mocan Shopper

RN's Quick Chick female RE 123B (Jolie adopted AZ)
RN's Shopper female
RN's Sukie female

LE 23919 RE 123E

Susan Henderson AZ (CO)
Just Az Carefree (Coffee) female DOB 12/27/03

(NGA Owner: Lonnie E Or Jamie A Boyle)
Sire: Aimin By Design and Dam: WD's Ericka Lynn

Just Az Bonafide male
Just Az Loose female
Just Az Sheer female (Sheer adopted in IL)
Just Az Silly female
Just Az Slippery female
Just Az Twisted male
Just Az Wild female

LE 23901 RE 123C

Shannon Creamer (CO)
TB Dazzling Girl (Dazzle) female DOB 12/29/03
(NGA Owner: Tambre Bailey)
Sire: TS Feel Da Rush and Dam: TS Just Fo You

TB Diamond Girl female
TB Tommy Rules male
TB Peppi Le Pew male
TB Toad Man male
TB Tarahs Terror female

LE 23863 RE 103A

Patricia Roes FL (PA)

Samson Samsung (Elija) male DOB 10/24/03

(NGA Owner: Lawrence D Henry)

Sire: My Mr Bocephus and Dam: Tonys Gypsyqueen


David Samsung male

Jonahs Wish male

Madeline Brown female

My Mama's Boy male

Perry Samsung male (died)

Pikey male

Present male

Scott female

Superstitious Go male

LE 23850 RE 112D

Patti Trakney (FL)

Gable Tommy (Chip) DOB 11/22/92

Sire: Iron Rail and Dam: Rapido Maria

(NGA Owner: Harlyn Goebel)


Gable Shelley male RE 112A (Shelby adopted by Carleen Miner TX)

Gable Betty female

Gable Pat female

Gable Billy male

Gable Jackie male

Gable Ot male

LE 23842 RE

Cathy Kyle FL (IN)
F Lark (Lark) male DOB 11/26/03
(NGA Owner: Edward Ramsey)
Sire: Splishin Vallie and Dam: Be Standing

Easily Done female (adopted through in GA)
Ginger Cookies male (Domino adopted in OH)
JD Ratlif female (Cancun adopted in
New England)
Running Sunshine female (adopted in IN)
Up and Go male

Ed Caney Creek male

Over the Hill female

LE 23752 RE 23A

Lynn H Barrett (NJ)

Cates See Bee (Zoey) female DOB 11/17/92

Sire: Cates Reveille and Dam: Cates Magic

(NGA Owner: Michael S Murray)


Cates Fiesta female

Cates Cheerio female

Cates Galahad male

Cates Segovia male

Cates Shoot Out male

LE 23697 RE 113F

Toni Zadzilka WVA (NY)
Flat Out Betsy (BetsyJane) female DOB 11/20/03
(NGA Owner: Dean Miner)
Sire: Talented Mr Ripley and Dam: Dalcash Lament*


Flat Out Bart male (Tucker adopted by Reynolds family IL)

Flat Out Basil male

Flat Out Beverly female

Flat Out Bianca female

Flat Out Boris male

LE 23691 RE 112A

Abigail Hand NH (NY)
BB'S BEAU (Fuzzy) male DOB 11/14/92
(NGA Owner: Pamela K Bullard)
Sire: BN's Flashy Beau and Dam: Sarada Jo

LE 23687 RE 123G

Sonia Robinson AL (FL)
Fuchabella (Bella) female DOB 12/5/03
(NGA Owner: Landy J Peluso)
Sire: Craigie Glen and Dam: Tempo Firemaster

Beena Blue Eyes female
Bigshot Brandon male
Break of Dawn female
Dillmiester male
Jb's Jerry Glen male
Logi Bear male

LE 23671 RE

Lisa (West Palm Beach, FL)
Tupelo Bitsy (Fiver) female Whelped 11/17/92

Sire: Ben Green and Dam: Tupelo Hope


BJ Green Hope male

Tupelo Warrior male

LE 23623 RE

Meredith E Pickering (Cape Cod, MA)
Lucky Omen male DOB 11/17/92 DOD 5/22/01

Sire: Jollywood and Dam: Tela

(NGA Owner: Donna L Journigan)

LE 23596 RE 112B

Candy Beck CO/WI (Albuquerque, NM)
Paxton BLT (Merlin) male DOB 11/1/92

Sire: Izamopn Time and Dam: Midway Lace

(NGA Owner: Robert Feathers)
Mo Lace female
Paxton Amy female
Paxton No Mo male

LE 23580 RE 113F

Sandy Baer FL (PA)
PDH Still In It (Stosh) male DOB 11/23/03
(NGA Owner: Paul Hartwell)
Sire: P's Skidway and Dam: TL Lola Bates

Guinesstofinnish female
Pdh Auntie Ruby female

Pdh Markie Boy male
Pdh Mrs Sewel female
Run ER Downtown

LE 23570 RE 63A

Jane Eagle FL (Lumberton, NJ)
L's Magnolia (Maggie) female DOB 6/7/03
(NGA Owner: Robert E Lambert)
Sire: Kiowa Tina John and Dam: Uproar

L's DaVinci male
L's Liberty female
L's Madonna female
L's Maya female
L's Mona Lisa female
L's Rambrandt male
L's Shadows female
L's Starry Night female (adopted)

LE 23531 RE 123D

Douglas Roome WV (Ont)

Cbar Emperor (Ember) female DOB 12/03

(NGA Owner: Michael J Fynmore)

Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Cee Bar Emily


Cbar Elusive RE 123A female
Cbar Emitspeed male

Cbar Embrace female

LE 23526 RE 113E

Annamarie Stowers (CO)
Poco Lolly (Polly) female DOB 11/23/03
(NGA Owner: David M Di Croce)
Sire: Baci and Dam: Poco Zia

Poco Cozzy female
Poco Cuddles female (deceased)
Poco Hoss male
Poco Marco male
Poco Zizzy female

LE 23484 RE 113E

Mike Novick AR (Pitman, NJ)
RawChester (Chester) male DOB 11/20/03
(NGA Owner: Jeff Burkhart/Joe Fusaro)
Sire: Rooftop Hardspot and Dam: Brinks Picabo

Brinks Lash male
Brinks Mariah female (retired)
Brinks Skit male
Invading female
Shadow female RE 113F (up for adoption)

LE 23468 RE 113I

Peggy Levin FL (PA)
Kay V Roadrunner (Remus) male DOB 11/26/03
(NGA Owner: GW Reich  or MG Porter)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Kiowa Baby Face

Kay V Coyote female
Kay V Daffy male
Kay V Elly female
Kay V Foxy female
Kay V Igor male (Igor adopted in
Kay V Jagger male
Kay V Julie female
Kay V Porky male
Kay V Sylvester male
Kay V Sylvia female
Kay V Tina female (Tina adopted in MA)

Kay V Tweety female

LE 23464 RE 113A

Amy Sharp IA (IA)
BD's Domino (Domino) male DOB 11/2/03
(NGA Owner: William S Denton)
Sire: BD's Phillip and Dam: Mark's Daisy


Bds Dazzler female RE 113D (adopted)

Bds Devito male RE 113B

Bds Didia female

Bds Dr Hook male

LE 23452 RE

Nina Rhudy
Cb's Am Track male DOB 11/15/92

Sire: Kerry Garden and Dam: Cb's Steffie
(NGA Owner: Curtis R Acree)

Cb's Main Event
Cb's Broadway male
Cb's Blazer male
Cb's Eye Will male
Cb's Headlines male

LE 23434 RE 112C

Janice Glover ID(WA)
Dynamic Dudley (Dudley) male DOB 11/15/92
(NGA Owner: David Dasenbrock)
Sire: Right Connection and Dam: Dynamic Dunning


Dynamic Connect female

Dynamic Do Right female

Dynamic Dubbin female

Dynamic Right On female

Dynamic Rights female

LE 23429 RE 112B

Erica Mueller (MA)

Gorun Playboy (Puma) male DOB 11/02/92 Died cancer

Sire: Popsycle Pete and Dam: JC Saras Girl

(NGA Owner: Beverly J Knox)


Gorun Pete male

Gorun Sara Doll female

Gorun Sunny male

Gorun Sweetiepie female

Gorun Waylon male

LE 23427 RE 113G

Lynn Wulf FL (FL)
Bow Short Stuff (Shorty) female DOB 11/25/03
(NGA Owner: Neal Blake)
Sire: Dodgem By Design and Dam: Bow Willow

Bow Crackers female
Bow Getaway male
Bow High Life female
Bow Lock Down male
Bow Pepper female
Bow Seeya male (adopted)

LE 23345 RE 102E

Lou Chianese

Pa's Shady Day male (Shady) DOB 10/2/92
Sire: Braddy and Dam: Navy Princess
(NGA Owner: George Benedict)

Pa's Andy Bean male

Pa's Bradly male

Pa's Buck Navy male

Pas Nickle

LE 23272 RE 113D

Denise Mabie FL (VA)
A Bar Tac (Bob) male DOB 11/13/03
(NGA Owner: James Allen)
Sire: Taziluz and Dam: A Bar Comanche

A Bar Tab male
A Bar Tad female (Tad adopted in PA)
A Bar Tami female
A Bar Taz male

LE 23271 RE 112B
Laurie Lampe FL 
Chata Beatrice (Beatrice) female DOB 11/9/92
(NGA Owner: Lawrence Henry)

Sire: Pat C Bet Yet and Dam: Conchata


Chata Anne female

Chata Dagwood male

Chata Ellen female

Chata Fanz male

Chata Greg male

Chata Hank male

LE 23250 RE 113B
Jacki Marko (PA) FL
Burnin' Prospect (Bailey) female DOB 11/11/03
(NGA Owner: Deb's Racers Inc)
Sire: Hart Burn and Dam: Craftyprospector
Blazin' Prospect male

Smokin' Prospect male

LE 23243 RE 113E

Jennifer McKinney (MO)
Dress to Impress (Deena) female DOB 11/18/03
(NGA Owner: Westridge Farms Llc)
Sire: Hey Zaffer and Dam: Magicthingamajig

Attitude Is It  male RE 113C (Izzy adopted OH)
Butterfly Flight male (adopted in Atlanta, GA)
Dazzling Beauty male RE 113F (Beau adopted KY)
Dusty Slate female RE 113A
Windchime Music female RE 133B (Music adopted OH)

LE 23196 RE 113C

Tracy Ward KS (TX)
I'll Do My Best (Blaise) female DOB 11/13/03
(NGA Owner: Mary Robinette)
Sire: Wigwam Wag and Dam: Viva Las Vegas

Aspiring Athlete male
Clearer Issues female RE 113D
Credibility Test male
My Best Interest female
Stay the Course female

LE 23154 RE 102D

Mary O'Leary (PA)
Franks Topsy (Brindle) female DOB 10/28/92
Sire: Right Connection and Dam: Michelle H

(NGA Owner: Frank Travers Finch III)


Tinker H female

Toto H female

Franks Turvy female

LE 23024 RE 103A

Bethany Orr AL (NC)
Lotsa Charm (Charm) male DOB 10/29/03
(NGA Owner: Brett Weeks)
Sire: Fortress Blue and Dam: Lofty Girl

Dot Head male RE 103B - Died
Flupa's Gal female RE 103F (adopted in SC)

Lofty Blue male RE 103D?
Poetic Journey male RE 103C (Poetic adopted in KS)
Take It Home Tia female RE 103E (adopted in LA)
Yamato Grand male RE 103G (Yamato adopted in LA)

LE 22971 RE

Rebekah D FL (Canada)
Sassy Brynne (Brynne) female DOB 10/15/03
(NGA Owner:    
Sire: Grey's Flambeau and Dam: Pnp Sassy Sue


Awesome Angie male RE 103A

Brians Song male

Grannys Gift female

Moms Medina female

Sassy Carol female

Sassy Jerry male

LE 22919 RE 102F

Mark & Deborah Hope (Idaho)
Fan Wise (Sinbad) male DOB 10/28/92

Sire: Fabens Friend and Dam: Hs Annie Oakley

(NGA Owner: Claud C Spain)


Fan Blair male

Fan Tan Gal female

Fancier female

Fancy Princess female

Fandell female

Fanfare Fanatic female

LE 22878 RE 103A

Jane MacDonald MA,KS (PEI)
Neftal (Dillon) male DOB 10/24/03
(NGA Owner: W H O'Donnell)
Sire: Galena and Dam: BC's Marianne


Denalee female

Endar male (adopted)

Lara female (adopted Canada)

Modurator male RE 103G

Volanteer male (Echo adopted in Ohio, DOD 6/06)

LE 22855 RE 103C

Todd & Ashley Kinney (Rosamond CA)
Bb's Chance (Chance) female DOB 10/20/03
(NGA Owner: Pameula K Bullard)
Sire: Grenade and Dam: Pukbur Petunia

Bb's Big Chance female (adopted in IN)
Bb's Dirtychance female
Bb's Even Chance male
Bb's Hadachance male
Bb's Takeachance male

LE 22852 RE 103C
Connie Brown (MD) FL
GM's Otis (Otis) male DOB 10/17/03
(NGA Owner: G M Or S L Willis)
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: GS Alice
GS Digger male RE 103B (adopted through FL)
Gs Jerry male RE 103A
Gs Mac male RE 103D
GS Steffi female (adopted CO)

LE 22794 RE 102D

Joyce Passifiume CT ( Brampton , ON )
Afula (Pharah) female DOB 10/22/92

Sire: Nicky Finn and Dam: Model Head
(NGA Owner: H ODonnell)

Hoya male
Lylac female
Malhalla female
Mehriy female
Milik female

LE 22789 RE 103A

Joann Cotter (NY)
Terminator Tara (Tara) female DOB 10/11/03
(NGA Owner: Max Freidman)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Kelsos Tirnanog

Cornelius J Dog male
Dynamite Diane female
Immortal Irene female
Jackhammer Jim male
Jumpstart Jenna female
Killowatt Katie female

LE 22733 RE 103G

Kim Chasteen (VA)
JD's Big George (George) male DOB 10/16/03
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Sal's Ida

JDs Devin J male

JDs Johnny D male

JDs Kellie D female (adopted)

Sals Amber female

Sals Lyndsey female (Lyndsey adopted DC,VA, MD)

Sals Miss Erin female (Erin adopted in Festerville PA)

LE 22707 RE 93E?

Susan Edwards FL (PA)
Baby Marissa (rissa) female DOB 9/21/03
(NGA Owner: Michael De Souza)
Sire: SMA's Roccat and Dam: Sher's Sweet Pea

Dancing Crow female
Hc Defeatthemall male
Hc Generator male RE 93G (adopted AL)

Jf Megan female (adopted LA)
Lonestar Amylyn female RE 93F (adopted)

Lonestar Ray male

LE 22627 RE 93A

Amanda Wyatt (IN) WI
TH BRINDLE BOY (Cosmo Kramer) male DOB 9/26/03
Sire: Ring Them Bells and Dam: Brazos Bell


Th Blue Boy male RE 93G

Th Cruel Girl female RE 93C

Th Montanasilver female RE 93D (retired)

Th Twentyx female RE 93E

LE 22582 RE

Pat Hall

Rebs Fearfactor (Faye) female DOB 10/3/03

Sire: Jimbo Scottie and Dam: Rebs Cay

(NGA Owner: R E Hume)


Rebs Esmeralda female (Rosie adopted living in Merchantville NJ)

Rebs Jackpot male (adopted)

Rebs Jitterbug female (Keely adopted living in Levittown PA)

Rebs Paydirt male

LE 22570 RE

MicheleTruhlik AR (TX)
Flashy Bar Fox (Takala) female DOB 10/92
(NGA Owner: Warren Jenkins)
Sire: King Kev and Dam: Rinitty


Brite Return female

Im Feleshas female

Jalabeat male

Miss Bud Night female

Rich Candidate male

Tab Ramos male

LE 22559 RE 103B

Bud Holliday FL (FL)
USS Firestorm (Stormy) male DOB 10/3/03
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: USS Newyear

USS Dixie Chic female RE 103D (adopted by David Gawrylowicz)
USS Fire Alarm male
USS Firestar female

USS Firestone male (adopted in western MD)

LE 22511 RE 103D

Amy Visnaw TX
Whiperwill Aimee (Aimee) female DOB 10/4/03

Sire: Diminator and Dam Winks Whiperwill

(NGA Owner: Edward Trow)


Whiperwill Bill male RE 103B

Whiperwill Jill female

Whiperwill Lil female

Whiperwill Tammi female RE 103F

Whiperwill Tara female

LE 22483 RE 93C

David & Sandra Wolven NH (ON)
Bang Bang LuLu (Lucy) female DOB 9/24/03
(NGA Owner: Anthony Napolitano Jr)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Fleet Jill

Gorilla Girl female RE 93B
Nana's Delight female RE 93D
Neutron Nellie female RE 93H
Scott Zem male RE 93F (adopted)
Show U No Mercy male RE 93E (adopted)

Stay On It Nick male RE 93G

LE 22466 RE 103E
Roberta Guerrero (CA) MX
Wagtail Shady (Lilly) female DOB 10/2/03 DOD 2/2/15
(NGA Owner: Loretta M Maupin)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Teen Angel
Wagtail Shyster female RE 103F
Wagtail Sleezy male RE 103I
Wagtail Slinky female RE 103B
Wagtail Sloppy male RE 103G
Wagtail Sly male RE 103C
Wagtail Sneaky female RE 103H
Wagtail Snoozer female RE 103D

LE 22449 RE 103D

MC Lee CT (NY)
Hot Shickit (Cricket) female DOB 10/3/03
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Jimbo Rosey

Paul The Nitwit female
Zebadebadoo female (adopted)
Cuckoo Bird female

LE 22417 RE 92D

Gigi deYoung WI (WI)
BK's Jen (Jen) female DOB 9/26/92
(NGA Owner: William Kepler)
Sire: Sports High and Dam: Miss Enchanted

BK's Bo Diddley male
BK's Jazz male
BK's Kelly male
Candace Marie female
Cris Clover male
Major Ryan male
Tigerles male

LE 22405 RE 93E

Erin Keefe NH (PA)
CV's Curly (Hurley) male DOB 9/21/03
(NGA Owner: Cosmo Vellucci)
Sire: Flying Penske and Dam: Crystal Rose

CV's Jim male
CV's Kathy female
CV's Rose female
CV's Lisa female
CV's Russell male

LE 22368 RE 93B

Victoria E Trujillo WI (IL)
Pat C Butter (Iris) female DOB 9/14/03 DOD 10/25/07
(NGA Owner: Victoria E Trujillo)
Sire: Oswald Cobblepot and Dam: Pat C Greetings


Pat C Hello male RE 93E (retired)

Pat C Salutation male

Pat C Welcome male RE 93A (Campbell adopted in AZ)

LE 22362 RE 102E
Jenn Aite AZ (CA)
Bullet Blood (Bullet) male DOB 10/15/92 DOD 6/14/02
Sire: Mi Designer and Dam: After Turnout

(NGA Owner: Les Ackerman)


Bullet Breakout male

Bullet Bruiser male

Bullet Bullseye male

Bullet By Design male

LE 22353 RE

Alicia Kessler MA (MA)
Approval (Nuala) female DOB9/23/03
(NGA Owner: William O'Donnell)
Sire: Tuffolo and Dam: Let's Skate*

Cardoza male (adopted Canada)
Seenya male (adopted Canada)
Tahwa male
Willuhbee female
Evrit male
Danviz female

LE 22336 RE 93A

L Holland IA,KS (MN)
Center Mass (Mast) male DOB 9/25/03
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: USS Montego

Aviator Dodge male
Primer Dodge male
Sad female
Synergy female
Twisted Brother male (adopted)

LE 22335 RE 93D
Shelley Hall (CA) TX
This Is My Time (Shane) male DOB 9/19/03
(NGA Owner: Plum Creek)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Pretty Ugly
Discoverthepower male RE 93E (Power adopted AR)
He Shootsnscores male RE 93H (adopted OR)
I'm So Pretty male RE 93C
Lincoln Memorial female RE 93B (Lucy adopted CA)
Now Go Take It female RE 93G
This Is It female RE 93F
White House Dawg male RE 93A

LE 22333 RE 93C

Jacob Yutzy AL,FL (NJ)
WV's Kermit (Kermit) male DOB 9/21/03
(NGA Owner: Country Roads Kennel Inc)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Kiowna Day Shaw

Kegley male RE 93E (Kegley adopted by Robert, New Castle DE)
Kenna female
Kennova female
Kimberly female
Kistler male
Kopperston male (adopted)

LE 22332 RE

Terri Jacobson CO,FL (OR)
Free Bird (Flo) female DOB 9/20/03
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Mcmahon Helmsley

Free Form male (Winston adopted in MN)
Free Grey V male
Free Sample female
Free to Run male
Take Out female

LE 22306 RE 93E

Stephanie Trump FL (NJ)
KayJay Slugworth (Blue J) male DOB 9/19/03
(NGA Owner: J Johnston Or C Hoelzel)
Sire: Betty N Ed and Dam: Ae's Dungaree B

Kayjay Augustus male
Kayjay Charlie male
Kayjay Grandpa J male
Kayjay Granpa Jo male

Kayjay Loompa female
Kayjay Oompa female
Kayjay Violet female
Kayjay Wonka male

LE 22299 RE 93H

Elizabeth Catanese FL (SC)
Dual Axel (Axel Rose) male DOB 9/20/03
(NGA Owner: D N Mattingly)
Sire: Craigie Glenn and Dam: Ambitious Abby


Thrifty Tipper female (adopted)
Bruno Express male
Bye Becca female (adopted in LA)
Canny Codi female
Deena Did It female
Let Me By female
Rigger male

LE 22280 RE

John & Lorean Love (WA)

Hilan Craigie (Buzz) DOB 9/14/03

Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Aas Crazy


Hilan Candy female (Candy adopted living in WI)

Hilan Charge male RE 93F (Newton adopted living in CA)

Hilan Chevelle male

Hilan Crazy female

Hilan Cyn female

LE 22268 RE 92D

Carol Macherey FL

Blue Jean Lady (Mariah) female DOB 9/17/92

(NGA Owner: James Bradshaw)

Sire: Placid Oaks and Dam: Sandy Tickle


Cozy Toes female

Tickles female

LE 22241 RE 82G

Jen Lawson AL/FL (GA)

Never Make It (Jes) female DOB 8/3/92 DOD 5/12/04

Sire: Slicks Moren and Dam: Ico Tamara

(NGA Owner: Lawrence Stabeno)


NB Shady Lady female

Stabs Gold Metal male

Stabs Prospector male

LE 22101 RE 93A

Debbie & Tim Farrell WV,AL, FL (Monroe Twsp,NJ)
Wv's Jesse (Jesse) male DOB 9/6/03
(NGA Owner: Debbie Farrell)
Sire: Mo Kick and Dam: Colleen Cazzady

Wv's Jolo male
Wv's Jonben male
Wv's Jordan male
Wv's Julian male (retired)
Wv's Justice male

LE 22041 RE 63A

Ladona Wyatt (TX)
TK Assassin (Benny) male DOB 6/28/03
(NGA Owner: Ladona Wyatt)
Sire: Awesome Assassin and Dam: Julies Sunami*

Tk Awesome eyes female
Tk Blinkofaneye male
Tk Eyes Of Texas male
Tk Longing Eyes female
Tk Power Eye male
Tk Tempting Eyes female
Tk Wild Eyed male

LE 21885 RE 83D

Rebecca Canfield MA,FL (SC)
Pat C Slam (Lakota) male DOB 8/26/03
(NGA Owner: Pat Collins)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Pat C Mary Jo

Pat C Storm (Stormy) male RE 83B (adopted by Rebecca Canfield)
Pat C Silvia (Silvia) female (adopted)

Pat C Shortstory male

Pat C Skylark female RE 83E

LE 21880 RE 83E

Sue Groh (CO)
BelsSkyFch (Scarlett) DOB 8/6/93

Sire: Birror and Dam: Gorgeous Rose
(NGA Owners: Anne L & Earl G Hickman)
Bels Hawk
Bels Ice (adopted by Dick & Twyla Vincent Bozeman MT)
Bels Jazz
Bels Tower

Bels Zap
Bels Lazer
Bels Sabre
Bels Siren
Bels Turbo

LE 21832 RE 53J

Nancy Kingsley (ON)
Sandal (Spencer) male DOB 5/03
Sire: Castor Troy and Dam: Im Movin On

Jacket female RE 53E (adopted)
Vest female RE 53D (adopted)

LE 21814 RE

Lesley Tierney AL (LA)
Midnight (Midnight) female DOB 8/16/03
(NGA Owner: Susan Paschal)
Sire: Shers Bradley and Dam: SMA's Shescores

Flashy N Blue female
Cad's Lastchance male RE 83B

LE 21802 RE 83A

Judi & Bill Kaufman WV (PA)
Freeride Bookie (Bookie) female DOB 8/13/03
(NGA Owner: Archie Caldwell)
Sire: Dominator and Dam: Freeride Cindy

Freeride Piper (adopted living in Orlando FL)
Freeride Paige

LE 21771 RE 73C

Kelly Willeford (IL)
WJS Santos (Kip) male DOB 7/2/03
(NGA Owner: William J Schweizer)
Sire:  Jimbo Scotty and Dam: Flying Taco Time


WJS Salvador male

WJS Santiago male

WJS Vidal male

WJS Yahmilla female (retired)

WJS Yomaris female

LE 21764 RE 83C
Rheann Leech (KS)KS
Suewillie Walker (Susie) female DOB 8/16/03
(NGA Owner: Charles Malone)
Sire: Elves Walker and Dam: Susan Walker
Annwillie Walker female RE 83A
Bobbiesue Walker female
Deke Walker male RE 83B (Deke adopted NY)
Holly Lee Walker female RE 83H
Joe Earl Walker male RE 83E
WillieWil Walker male

Wilthril Walker male

LE 21754 RE 83H

Tracy Benson (San Diego CA)
Win Dodge Win (Shayna) female DOB 8/19/03
(NGA Owner: Terry Weber or Bonnie L Smith)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Kiowa Deer Run

Win Coastie Win male
Win Glenn Win male
Win Lexus Win female
Win Runaway Win female

Win Dawg Win female

Win Deerrun Win female

Win Mercedes Win female

Win Shirley Win female

LE 21751 RE 83B

Kim Sparacio CT (Long Island NY)
DZ June Bug (Junie) female DOB 8/12/03
Sire: DZ Rug Rat and Dam: TJ Roys Knockout

DZ Passing Zone female
Litesofthecasino female (retired)

LE 21740 RE 83F

Laurie Brown AR,TX,FL (NY)
KBs Silverback (Callie) female DOB 8/14/03
(NGA Owner: Bruce Caldwell)
Sire: FMC's Wake Up and Dam: R's Whisper Love

Kb's Dipstick female
Kb's Hide Away male
Kb's Salty Sis female
Kb's Sassy Wit female
Kbs Tappen female
Kb's Wise Lux female

LE 21662 RE 83E
Kathy Perito (NY) FL
Bow Long John (Chance) male DOB 8/2/03
(NGA Owner: Neal Blake)
Sire: Big Zee and Dam: Bow Blueberry
Bow Mongo Music male RE 83D (Dyson adopted by Kathy Perito, FL)
Bow Fanfare female
Bow In Yourdream female
Bow Mojo male RE 83C (Mojo adopted Stateville, NC)
Bow Paint It Win male
Bow Popcorn female

Bow Satin Soul female

LE 2166 RE 31B

Jeanni Davis FL (North Eastern, PA)

Woody O'Day (Woody) Male Whelped 3/28/91

Sire: Mr. Peacekeeper and Dam: TNE Red Queen 

(NGA Owner: Frank Ritt)

LE 21654 RE 83E
Leslie (FL) FL
Pat C Energize male DOB 8/17/03
Sire: Fortified Power and Dam: Pat C Outcast
Pat C Defend female RE 83D
Pat C Cast Out female RE 83A
Pat C Fugitive male RE 83F
Pat C Outlawed male RE 83B
Pat C Shield female RE 83C

LE 21622 RE 83C

Brandi Quinn RI,KS (Alberta)
Twilite Deal (Vegas) male DOB 8/11/03
(NGA Owner: Twilite Kennels LLC)
Sire: Craigie Brooker and Dam: J's Svetlanna

Rpm Lana female (died)
Rpm Lucky male
Rpm Lucy female
Twilite Daring female
Twilite Dent male
Twilite Deed male

LE 21551 RE 83H

Celeste Rimbey NH (MD)
PJ Kim (Kimmy) female DOB 8/6/03
(NGA Owner: John G Schultz)
Sire: SV John Elway and Dam: Val Lou

PJ Baily male RE 83E
PJ Karla female RE 83F
PJ O'Doull male RE 83B
PJ Patti female RE 83A
PJ Sean male RE 83C
PJ Senior male RE 83I
PJ Terri female RE 83D
Sav's Kojak male

LE 21520 RE 52G
Stacey McCarty (KY)
TK's Hattie, (Hattie) female Whelped 5/21/92 DOD 1/2/06
Sire: H's Dynamo and Dam: TK's Brownsugar
(NGA Owner: T E Kelley)


JVA Elvira female

JVA Jo Jock male

JVA Moma Bunt female

JVA Ram Man male

JVA Ro Ho male

TKs Clyde male

TKs Ethel female

TKs Ida Bell female RE 52F

LE 21453 RE 73E

Carri Story (Montgomery) (NC)
CTR Elvira (Ellie) female DOB 7/30/03
(NGA Owner: Colleen F Thomas)
Sire: Magic Trooper and Dam: Macarena Lil

Ctr Copperfield male
Ctr Enchantress female
Ctr Houdini male
Ctr Magiclady female
Ctr Mandrake male

LE 21411 RE 73F

Joanne Clark WV (DE)
Craigie to Go (ToGo) male DOB 7/18/03
(NGA Owner: John C Boyd)
Sire: Craigie Mo Town and Dam: Go to Bellair*

Craigie Duke male
Craigie Earl male
Craigie Go Onlad male
Craigie Go Onsis female (last race 12/31/07 Birmingham)
Craigie Gotsome female (last race 1/28/08 TriState)
Craigie to Ayr female
Craigie to Town male
Craigie Twosome male

LE 21403 RE 73E

Theresa Roberts CO (CO)
Ogallala Runnin (Ginny) female DOB 7/26/03
(NGA Owner: Clark Anderson)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Ogallala Lass

Ogallala Bandit male
Ogallala Cruiser female
Ogallala Damsel female RE 73B (Bowie Whistler adopted in DO)
Ogallala Kiss female RE 73C (Cassie adopted in CO)
Ogallala Mayday male
Ogallala Shag male (Danny adopted in CO)
Ogallala Sweetee female

LE 21387 RE 63F
Valerie Macalik (TX) TX
Fervently Eager (Eager) male DOB 6/24/03
(NGA Owner: John J Bassett)
Sire: Flawless Start and Dam: Student Princess*
Astonishing Pace female RE 63E
Boiled Crawfish male
Bullet Train female
Jamaican Rum male RE 63G
Lady Kayla female RE 63D
Slick Rick male RE 63A
Thrasher Man male RE 63I

Vodka and Tonic male RE 63H

LE 21384 RE 63F

Andie Harman KS,FL (GA)
CHC Binder (Binder) male DOB 6/26/03
(NGA Owner: Gary Cossel)
Sire: Talented Mr Ripley and Dam: Dougie's Breeze

CHC Diesel Daisy female

CHC Freightliner male (adopted AL)

Chc Ken Worth male

Chc Peter Built male

CHC Volvo female

CHC Western Star female

LE 21344 RE 63A

Debbie & Mike Gottardi AL (NJ)
San Tan Buckskin (Buck) male DOB 6/15/03
(NGA Owner: Ken Allen)

Sire: San Tan Brute and Dam: San Tan High Noon


Fruit Blaster male

Fruit Collector female

Fruit Flyer male

Fruit Rollup male

Fruit Storm male

San Tan Becca female

San Tan Bryer male

San Tan Handy male

LE 21326 RE 73D

Sarah Brewer FL (FL)
Shesonajourney (Sonia) female DOB 7/28/03
(NGA Owner: Ronald Weeden)
Sire: My Mr Bocephus and Dam: Shesavavoom

Cappyrunstowin male
I Am Tenacious male RE 73J
Seniorita Peppy female (adopted)
Sensational Gal female (adopted SC)
Shareprofitinme male (adopted)
Shesaspitfiretoo female
Shesonamission female
Shesvelmasbaby female RE 73H (Baby adopted by Karen Jarret OR)
Whizzersbloodkin male (adopted)

LE 21247 RE 73C

Andrea DeRoche KS (PA)
Quirky Abraham (Abe) male DOB 7/23/03
(NGA Owner: Jason Lipari)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Strategic Ambush

Quirky Annabelle female
Quirky Apollo male
Quirky Atticus male
Quirky Admiral male

LE 21208 RE 92B

Deborah Williams CT

Starlight Irving (Irving) male DOB 9/7/92 DOD 4/01

(NGA Owner: J K Poff)

Sire: Panama Freckles and Dam: Track Handler


Starlight Kit female

Starlight Lindsy female

LE 21185 RE 73C

Laura Hawkins KS,WV (CA)
Nitro G Money (Roman) male DOB 7/16/03
(NGA Owner: Alan Piper)
Sire: Oshkosh Slammer and Dam: Go Bon Lets Roll

Hongula male
Nitro Felix male
Nitro Marlin male (Marlin adopted Delmar NY)
Nitro Morris male
Nitro Mystique female RE 73E (adopted Clemson SC)
Nitro van Halen male RE 73H (adopted by Krista & Michael Burton, Wichita KS)
Nitroyellojacket male

LE 21143 RE 73C

Liz Pelletier MA,FL (MA)
Iruska Sweet Duv (Birdie) female DOB 7/19/03
(NGA Owner: Riggin Racing)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Iruska Avalon

Iruska Delight female
Iruska Dream Pie male
Iruska Hey Trey male
Iruska Sweet Kid male
Iruska Sweet Luv female

Iruska Sweet Pal male RE 73E (Pal adopted by Schneider family, Cherry Hill NJ)
Iruska Sweet Chick female

LE 21126 RE 82H 

Robin Willoughby
(no racing name)  (Marcie) DOB 8/5/92

Sire: Ep's Yar Yar and Dam: Sassy Celia

(NGA Owner: I Blake Zinnecker, DVM)


Charlie Cole male

Gadabout Gunner male

Sassy Spot female

LE 21110 RE 73G

James Petillo CO (WA)
Ein's You Conn (Seven) male DOB 7/21/03
(NGA Owner: Robert W Gladden)
Sire: My Bo Silver and Dam: Penrose Mia

Ein's Ice Cube male

LE 21082 RE 73G

Joan Nageldinger FL (NY)
CCR's Tipsy (Arianna) female DOB 7/12/03
(NGA Owner: Adam Jay Berry)
Sire: Our Pacer and Dam: Big Eyed Liz


Ccrs Tonto male

Ccrs Ty Murray male RE 73B (adopted)

Our Trix female

Ccrs Tango female

Ccrs Trinity female (retired)

Texas Charlie male (Tex adopted by the Lower Slower Deleware Retirement Club)

LE 21053 RE 73D
Jennifer Metcalf (AL) AL
Wkf Miskimon (Kim) female DOB 7/4/03
(NGA Owner: William L Lockhart)
Sire: Talentedmrripley and Dam: RC Sweetfortress
Wkf Arnholt male RE 73G
Wkf Conway female RE 73C
Wkf Craig Weber male RE 73A
Wkf Dave Grier male RE 73E
Wkf Lastohkein male RE 73B
Wkf Westside Kay female RE 73F

LE 21029 RE 73A

Suzanne Schuon WI (MI)
Jit Itsy Trey (Gyspy Rose) female DOB 7/18/03
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Gable Itsy

Jit Penny Trey female (adopted in MI)

Ann Wolf Walker female

Jane Wolf Walker female

Red Wolf Walker female

Wolf Walker male

LE 21015 RE 82B

Maryann Moore KS (MO)
SR's Tricky Dick (Cyrano) male DOB 8/22/92
(NGA Owner: Carl A Petricone)
Sire: Public Figure and Dam: SR's Kathy

SR's Notary female
SR's First Lady female
SR's Kerrigan female
Red Licorice female
Black Caviar female

LE 21008 RE 63F

Tommie Lynn Higgins NH (MD)
BTR Ripleys Fire (Ripley) male DOB 6/6/03
(NGA Owner: Ronald Friedman Or Harold E H)
Sire: Talentedmrripley and Dam: Crystal Wildfire

Btr Combustion male
Btr Dynomite male
Btr Firecracker male
Btr Firestorm male
Btr Hells Bells female RE 63C (Belle adopted by the Veit family in NJ)

Btr Inferno female RE 63E (Fern retired)
BTR Rocket Ripley male RE 63D

LE 20940 RE 63G

Cherie Dery (MA)
Whenever I Run (Tootsie) female DOB 6/28/03

(NGA Owner: Dorothy Roban or Margaret Rob)
Sire: Craigie Whistler and Dam: Twosense

Mesa Ajax male
Mesa Angeline female
Mesa Boom Boom female
Mesa Bullard male
Mesa Comcast male
Mesa Dingo male

LE 20871 RE 82C

Liz Hibner (PA)
Pat C Race Car (Koozie) male DOB 8/15/92
Sire: Chevy Montecarlo and Dam: Pat C Elvira
(NGA Owner: Patrick Collins)


Pat C Bob Barker male
Pat C Evil Eye male
Pat C Hot Rod male
Pat C Wednesday female

Pat C Mistress female

Pat C Morticia female

LE 20835 RE

Lesley Tierney AL,FL (LA)
Loop Hole Louise (Lucy) female DOB 7/4/03
(NGA Owner: MR Van Ort Or William M Corr)
Sire: Flare Gun and Dam: Pazzo Idalula

Loop Hole Desire female
Loop Hole Gunner male
Loop Hole Legend female
Loop Hole Lenny male RE 73F
Loop Hole Pride female
Loop Hole Racer male
Loop Hole Runner female

LE 20800 RE 62H

Lisa Swartz CO (CO)
Iona Michael H (Mikey) male DOB 8/16/92 DOD 8/2/05
(NGA Owner: Howard Haley)
Sire: Schumo Thunder and Dam: Iona Joyfullone


Id Drews Bandit male

Id Hillbilly Boy male

Id Noble Chef male

Iona Patrick H male

LE 20763 RE 73G

Valerie Jones Brown WV (PA)
Iruska Trey Man (Brett) male DOB 7/3/03
(NGA Owner: Riggins Racing Inc)
Sire: Kiowa Sweet Trey and Dam: Iruska Zinnia

Iruska Chilibean female
Iruska Cream Pie female
Iruska Cutie Pie female
Iruska Sweet Gal female
Iruska Sweet Pea female
Iruska Zinni Mini female

LE 20701 RE 72A

Erica Mueller NH (MA)
Dutch Denison (Dutch) male DOB 7/27/92
Sire: Barry Lyndon and Dam: Dutch Muppet

(NGA Owner: Herb Koerner)


Dutch Lustrous female RE 72E

Dutch Keynote female

Dutch Ectetera female

Dutch Wamego male

LE 20562 RE 63G

Shannon Creamer IA,CO (CO)
No Cover Charge (Summer) female DOB 6/21/03
(NGA Owner: Robert Hardison)
Sire: DK's Prime Time and Dam: Aleega

Akeley female
Billy Bedlam male
Chopper Pilot male
Leisel Jones female
No More Soup female
Plaxico female
Ronin male
Seacrest Out female
Super America male (retired)

LE 20555 RE 63D

Veronica Crowley (IN) WI,IA
RJ's Clark Gable (Marty) male DOB 6/19/03
(NGA Owner: Richard L Maddock)
Sire: Gable Dodge and Dam: Sunsands Hanna


Jr’s Hanna Anna female RE 63F

Jr’s Hanna Girl female RE 63B (adopted)

 Jr’s Hanna Sue female RE 63D

Rj’s Hardhearted female

Rj's Sunny Sands female (Sunny adopted Harrisburgh PA)

LE 20523 RE 63D

Annette Fox WI (IL)

Toms Omni (Tom) male DOB 6/24/03

(NGA Owner: Jason Sartori or Joe Lent)

Sire: Lido Shuffle and Dam: Glory Dawn


 Bubba Barnes male

Little Lefty male (Marook adopted Monroe MI)

Lorenz Stephen male

Professor Terry male

Solitarie Barb female

Sweetpea Sheila female RE 63E (adopted Niagara Falls ON)

Tipsheet Becky female

LE 20513 RE 63B
Kris & Carlos Carvalho (PA) FL
Gaspee Dan (Danny) male DOB 6/9/03
Sire: Talentedmrripley and Dam: Bw Melissa

Rip It Up Lady female RE 63E (Moody adopted DE/DC/VA)
Rip The Reaper male RE 63C
Riprearingtogo female RE 63D
She's a Ripper female RE 63F

LE 20499 RE 63C
Fred Van Hecke (IA) IA
IWA Chunky male DOB 6/4/03
Sire: Be My Bubba and Dam: CTW Quality Rate
BT’s Ozark Dream female RE 63E (adopted ONT)
BT’s Smoker female RE 63B
IWA Dino male RE 63A
Jacob’s Fellow male RE 63F (Jacob adopted OH)
Lucky Blue Mod female RE 63D
Scooter Slim male RE 63G

LE 20429 RE 82B

Judith M Spangenberg NH (PA)

Solomon Grit (Must) female Whelped 8/11/92

Sire: Grit N Steel and Dam: Iwinkatthestars

(NGA Owner: John Joseph or Toye A Cole)


Solomon Blaze male

Solomon Bullett male

Solomon Solo male

LE 20336 RE 63A
Diana Jodoin (AZ) AZ
Ugoboy (Atticus) male DOB 6/7/03
(NGA Owner: Bryon Legg)
Sire: SC's Mask Rider and Dam: Autumn Splendor
Autumn Rider female RE 63E
Get Busy female RE 63G
Masked Splendor male RE 63B
No Substitute male RE 63D
Rub My Tummy female RE 63F
Wontstopcantstop male RE 63C

LE 20282 RE 63F

Amanda Tolleson TX (TX)
Best Fit (Lucy) female DOB 6/6/03
(NGA Owner:  John Dalton)
Sire: Craigie Glen and Dam: Aena Beauty

Blue Player
Do Not Disturb
Elusive Goal
Its Always There
Little Mercy
Merciless Woman
Party Boy

LE 20139 RE 72A

Patti Packham (Chicago, IL)

Hondo Salty (Sophie) female DOB 7/28/92 DOD 9/04

Sire: Jr's Vigilante and Dam: Justanotherhondo

(NGA Owner: Deanna Baugh)


Happy Not Sad female

LE 20135 RE 63E

Elizabeth Stucky CT, MA (NY)
Sandhill Twister ( Jersey ) female DkOB 6/1/03
(NGA Owner: S G Poff)

Sire: Rocksteady Eddie and Dam: Starlight Jean

Sandhill Gunner male
Sandhill Huey male (adopted by Linda Zucker in ON)
Sandhill Kristy female
Sandhill Susie female
Sandhill Tess female
Sandhill Tigger female

LE 20101 RE 23F

Jennifer Watkins (KY)

Annapest (Annapest) female DOB 10/19/98

Sire: My Bigred and Dam: Limerick Black


Dashing Limerick

Dear Justine

Jube male

LE 20068 RE 72G

Cristina Martinez (Chicago, IL)

BDK'S Kingfisher (Fisher)

Sire: Hello Higsbee and Dam: Top Flak
Bdk's Falcon
Bdk's Condor
Bdk's Nite Owl
Bdk's Raven
Bdk's Roadrunner
Bdk's Eagle

LE 20064 RE 63E

Joanne Vida WV (Saskatchewan)
C's Tom Cruise (Tommy) male DOB 6/3/03
(NGA Owner: Paul E Carbonneau)
Sire: CJ Pepto Geno and Dam: Twister Carmell

C's Mel Gibson male (Mel Gibson adopted through KY)
C's John Wayne male
C's Brad Pitt male
C's Ashtonkucher male RE 63D (Cosmo adopted by Thomas & Catherine Mierzejewski CT)
C's Halle Berry female
C's Demi Moore female
C's Cameron Diaz female

LE 20040 RE 63F

Kellye Shaw FL (FL)
JT's RoseLynne (MaggieLynne) female DOB 6/5/03
(NGA Owner: Kristen Block or J Travis Block)
Sire: Hey Buzz and Dam: Miz Lynne

Bokars Doncaster male
Xander Zone male
JT's Diagonalley male
JT's Mimi female
JT's Nickel male
Kathy Donahoe female (adopted)

LE 20001 RE 53F

Tracey Bouchard FL (NC)

Team Gingerbread (Cady) female DOB 5/26/03

(NGA Owner: Mountain Greyhounds)

Sire: Teamster and Dam: Faithful Gina


Team Gin Glider male (adopted in NC)

Team Gin Fizz male

Team Gin n Tonic male

Team Gin Rummy male (adopted NC)

Team Ginger Ale female

Team Ginger Baby female (adopted)

Team Ginger Snap female (Snap adopted in Ft Myers FL)

Team Ginger Bear female (Bear adopted in Ft Myers FL)

Team Ginger Girl female



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